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Do you sleep better in a warm room or a cool room? - Good ... 10 Dadyy Inquizitor2 3 days ago
Do you prefer your hotel rooms to have regular televisions, or newer ones with flat screens? 26 HaroldtheBat postallbear 5 days ago
Do you think Earth be habitable for humans in the year 2200? - Population... 2 KotoKlepto Dolwest 5 days ago
Which accent do you find more beautiful: British or Russian? - British i... 85 LiJasMom bluedaisy11 10 days ago
Is the answer to this question Potato? - Obvs ... 14 Orion psyndrone 24 days ago
Is it 2021? - 100% so far. I admire the accuracy. ... 8 peledavid16 mikegrella 1 mo ago
Have you ever spent more than $100 on a single food or drink item? - Food... 6 snarf Boredofu 1 mo ago
If you could meet another YTer would you? - I want to drink coffee with B... 58 hannah_h snarf 1 mo ago
Do you like getting PM's? - I don`t get very many of them and I quite lik... 49 LovesSarcasm psyndrone 1 mo ago
Which would you rather watch? - I tend to enjoy both whore movies are ... 6 Disappears Puller 1 mo ago
Would you rather be a musician or actor? - Musicians have record companie... 91 Djm984 CowDung 1 mo ago
Do you sometimes wish that vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other mythical beings existed? 31 DragonWisprz amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
Just who, exactly, do you think you are? - Rob is the Boss so you can`t b... 21 womersley amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
Do you remember who your first YT buddy was? - Yes, it was you and Supern... 70 GeekyPenguin Puller 1 mo ago
Parents: Do you have a child that looks younger or older than their actual age? 41 cszulins Puller 1 mo ago
Do you allow your dishes to air dry after you wash them or do you towel dry them? 35 TimBo557 Puller 1 mo ago
Would you microchip your child? - I have very strong feelings towards thi... 38 Coinvolta Puller 1 mo ago
How do you eat Skittles? - With a spoon. ... 38 Kgirl928 Puller 1 mo ago
Which turns you on more? See story. - I`ve never been very fond of candl... 30 HaroldtheBat Puller 1 mo ago
Would you want a birthday thread on YT when it is your birthday? - Nah, t... 61 elemints Puller 1 mo ago
Do you clean out the lint dryer before or after you put the clothes in the dryer? 13 porpoise Puller 1 mo ago
Would you rather... - I dont have a sense of smell but i hate crowds so i... 13 Daein Puller 1 mo ago
Do you prefer to pay for things with credit cards or cash? - I prefer to ... 75 HaroldtheBat Puller 1 mo ago
Do you have anyone who is currently obsessed with you? - Oh Trixie... I r... 16 HardRocks Puller 1 mo ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 11 peledavid16 Puller 1 mo ago

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