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How do you say Caramel - Car-mall ... 17 snarf Abzurd 16 days ago
Have you ever changed political party affiliation? - I have never had a p... 15 CowDung niccole 19 days ago
Have you seen a psychiatrist lately? - Mine rescheduled, so I had to wait... 12 QueenBurns bluedaisy11 20 days ago
Are people with '69' in their names more likely to be sl*ts/perverts? - I... 68 electric bluedaisy11 20 days ago
Women: Would you be a surrogate mother? - For those who may not know, a s... 12 womersley bluedaisy11 20 days ago
Are mass shootings an acceptable by-product of the right to bear arms? 88 amaqdrinker bluedaisy11 20 days ago
If you knew a YTer had cheated on their drug test, would you report it to their work? 57 HaroldtheBat bluedaisy11 20 days ago
Do you prefer hamburgers or chicken burgers? - A`ll eat mah way through a... 36 The King TartarSauce 23 days ago
Are meatballs better on a sandwich or on spaghetti? - I`ve never been ver... 33 HaroldtheBat Bigoldmike 26 days ago
Do you prefer indie or mainstream stuff generally? - I`m a major Beatle`s... 19 samsprinkle Shockwire 26 days ago
Have you ever gone above the 100th floor in a building over 100+ stories tall? 7 CowDung Abzurd 1 mo ago
Do you know what it feels like being alone? - Song lyrics? ... 10 HaroldtheBat CowDung 1 mo ago
Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers? - A hamburger without cheese is like a day w... 46 , jvzuuk CowDung 1 mo ago
Do you put bacon on your grilled cheese sandwiches? - Isn`t that the best... 37 falconwing CheeseLover2 1 mo ago
Have you been addicted to a person? - Yes. I obsessively stalk them onlin... 19 Smelly_Queef PwrPlantBoy 1 mo ago
Pro Wrestling Fans....which is the better product? - My ass! ... 6 sexwithmydad Haroldthecat 1 mo ago
Do you p*rnounce the biscuits Nice like the French city or the concept of kindness? 6 peledavid16 Puller 1 mo ago
Can you post the next natural number in the chat, or will you instead post a picture of a potato? 7 peledavid16 snarf 1 mo ago
Have you lost or gained more than 100 pounds after turning 18? - Since bi... 20 snowbdr88 Puller 1 mo ago
Which turns you on more? See story. - I`ve never been very fond of candl... 28 HaroldtheBat Sawfan_1982 1 mo ago
Should the age for getting a driver's license be raised to 18? - The driv... 47 Platypuss postallbear 1 mo ago
Do you think we can predict the future with reasonable accuracy? - Depen... 3 Platypuss CunningLing 1 mo ago
If a topic is enough within the rules to be discussed in Generals, shouldn't it also be considered enough within the rules to be made into a Question? 32 Electric CunningLing 1 mo ago
Catholic or Protestant? - Buddhist. But I`m from a Catholic famil... 5 Sean_Chaos CunningLing 1 mo ago
Do you think that when a newbie leaves their last post at 69, they are trying to say something? 60 kingconan92 CunningLing 1 mo ago

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