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Do you p*rnounce the biscuits Nice like the French city or the concept of kindness? 4 peledavid16 Abzurd 35 mins ago
When you make a lowercase "t" do you give it a tail? - I starte... 17 thisone1 mrsgiggles 1 hr ago
If your significant other cheated on you, would you dump them? - I don`t ... 3 skirtgirl2 skirtgirl2 1 day ago
Why do you hate Trump? - Because he`s the pied piper. His song get... 19 snarf mrsgiggles 4 days ago
Why do I like someone who is a jerk? - Dude that used to be me I’m so... 1 McKenzie123 McKenzie123 5 days ago
If someone doesn’t go to college are they going to fail in life? - Colleg... 13 snowbdr88 mrsgiggles 6 days ago
Is it okay to be gay,trans,bi - How can it not be? ... 7 CowDung mrsgiggles 6 days ago
How do you feel about Drumph calling everything "Fake News"? - Inspired b... 25 womersley skyfish 8 days ago
Can we trust Amaq? - I don’t know what this means. Do you want me to co-... 8 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 10 days ago
Do you ever feel jealous that everyone finds cartoon characters more sexually attractive than you are? 5 Eesolett ThunderRain 11 days ago
Can you post the next natural number in the chat, or will you instead post a picture of a potato? 5 peledavid16 Mat 14 days ago
Has the Democratic Party turned into the anti-Trump party? - By the same ... 6 _Ghoul_ Abzurd 15 days ago
Cheez Whiz: Yes or No? - Weeeellllll.... ??? ... 20 Tazwert McKenzie123 20 days ago
Is McKenzie123 just an ALT for Spratacus? - Come on really Did you ha... 50 McKenzie123 McKenzie123 27 days ago
If the 2020 election comes down to Trump vs. Sanders, who would you rather have as president? 12 sneaker31 Eesolett 30 days ago
Are mass shootings an acceptable by-product of the right to bear arms? 87 amaqdrinker Eesolett 30 days ago
Is it worse to be on a date with someone who is boring or dumb? - Hmm...w... 36 KikiPeepers orangefanta 1 mo ago
Should Modbot be banned from YT for being under 13 years old? - His age i... 12 chips2001 CowDung 1 mo ago
Are you a bastard? - i dont know, am i?... 49 sizzlie6 Puller 1 mo ago
Have/would you try the Twinkie Dog? - No, and it sounds disgusting. ... 14 YellowStar Mat 1 mo ago
Which dessert do you prefer: Cake or pie? - My favorite is cheesecake.. ... 22 starflame Wolf_Boi 1 mo ago
Is mailbot your best PM buddy? - Mailbot is practically the only one who ... 33 RaynDrop Wolf_Boi 1 mo ago
Do you drink alcohol? - Of course. In fact, I could go for a beer right... 39 HaroldtheBat Wolf_Boi 1 mo ago
Have you been addicted to a person? - Yes. I obsessively stalk them onlin... 17 Smelly_Queef Wolf_Boi 1 mo ago
Of the four ''Star'' franchises, is -gate your third favorite? - Trek, Wa... 12 Electric Wolf_Boi 1 mo ago

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