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We are in santa fe - We`ve been here 3 hours. And it`s been an AMAZING 3 ... 8 NicolesLove NicolesLove 13 days ago
There's a t-rex (DUN NUN NUN) in the neighborhooooood.... - Today is a fa... 45 sleepyhollow brandon00 13 days ago
homoerotica dreams - Okay cool. Now that I grabbed your attentions. I`m ... 8 69x brandon00 13 days ago
Welcome - Hi...I am new here, I hope to make friends and have fun. ~Rozet... 4 RozettaMist RozettaMist 13 days ago
youthinkers with tarot cards - pull me a card just 1 thanks... 17 j2moneyj2d2 snarf 13 days ago
America - Sick of the media echo? So are we. We made this lyric video bec... 5 EhFahQ EhFahQ 14 days ago
School - Ive been back at school for 2 days and people are already drivin... 5 LittleLeslie CuckingFunt 14 days ago
I need help with a survey - So, I`m a student taking a RMIII psych course... 98 IQ IQ 15 days ago
tumblr has found me in the real world! - I came across this at the thrift... 3 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 15 days ago
I need some advise 27 Sonita888 Sonita888 15 days ago
a good day - today at work, our main operating system broke first thing i... 56 skyfish HylianNinja 16 days ago
So I’m likely going to wake up to the news that my grands is dead. 37 CRA-Z_HEART Rag_Doll_ 16 days ago
No Sleep - Cant sleep. New Years night and on couch watching alien little... 4 LittleLeslie brandon00 16 days ago
AIM might have died, but I'm glad to see that YT still exists. - I can`t... 15 pandora_03 chips2001 16 days ago
limbo - this weird period between christmas and new years it`s not really... 98 skyfish chips2001 16 days ago
i ate too many chocolate covered banana slices - my stomach hurts bc i at... 3 j2moneyj2d2 brandon00 17 days ago
Guess who's going to get electric shock therapy? - Me and a doctor finall... 31 Loptr CuckingFunt 17 days ago
Front and back door usage. - I was having a conversation over the weekend... 50 petitefleur le_berger 17 days ago
anyone remember this YTer? - [image] i found this saved on an old thing... 23 shakonomics le_berger 18 days ago
Like the champion that I am, I have locked myself out of my apartment. 15 SleepyJean mousepelled 19 days ago
gotta love when bad things happen to bad people 31 mysocks Abzurd 19 days ago
I can finally relax - I finished my move. I did almost all of it myself, ... 8 EhFahQ Abzurd 19 days ago
frustrated in every possible way - [image] sexually time-wise life univ... 24 shakonomics CowDung 19 days ago
I have a hair question - The back of my head, crown maybe?, the hair is ... 6 NicolesLove SleepyJean 19 days ago
How are you going to ring in the new year? - I am going to be soaking in ... 65 SleepyJean luckystar107 20 days ago

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