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Finally renewing my passport! - [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [... 8 shakonomics shakonomics 11 days ago
What I like about you - Post in here and I`ll tell you what I like about... 90 Spoonerism Spoonerism 11 days ago
Three questions I ask, replying's not that hard of a task, come in and poor yourself a drink.. inquiring minds want to know what you think!! 20 Krymson snowbdr88 12 days ago
YT MEETUP OCHARLEYS - be here within 15 minutes to join im going camping... 24 cola Rag_Doll_ 12 days ago
No matter how many times i see this, it always throws me for a loop - ... 15 Orion birdsong4j 12 days ago
Gift thoughts - I don`t know what x to get my boss for his birthday For x... 19 WonderLand42 kateummslala 12 days ago
Moving away from Alaska for the first time ever. Like, woah. - Moving fro... 47 Krymson Krymson 12 days ago
My housemates are having a 'domestic' - It`s the one girl I don`t like (t... 10 birdsong4j birdsong4j 13 days ago
An amazing person sent me a package!! - Thankyou so much Lucky! :-D You`r... 5 hamletsghost luckystar107 13 days ago
Answer me... these questions 3! - Stressed out from the move, bored and l... 40 Krymson postallbear 13 days ago
I did a thing today...and im proud of it - My life is basic, common and m... 12 Orion EhFahQ 14 days ago
Feeling like a vampire - A guy was like, "hey you in the green shirt... 16 shakonomics _Ghoul_ 15 days ago
i was supposed to commit crimes but i chose to become a photographer - ... 7 shakonomics shakonomics 15 days ago
Scumbag - Thanks dude who rear ended me on the freeway and ran. Really ap... 51 EhFahQ Abzurd 16 days ago
Get a load of these gams. - [image] [image] All new for that hot `summ... 14 SleepyJean slinky0 16 days ago
It makes me sad how seriously people take life - Like I don’t get i... 11 CRA-Z_HEART CowDung 16 days ago
pink rabbits again - i decided to book the next two days of work for no p... 42 skyfish Abzurd 17 days ago
bubble bath Brad - I`m soaking in my "new" bathtub. My last ... 13 Cali_Brad michrich 17 days ago
I have today off - And I needed it. Sent commty partners my farewell las... 20 orangefanta birdsong4j 18 days ago
Do you believe in ghosts? - I don`t know if I do. I can never decide. Som... 32 sleepyhollow EhFahQ 18 days ago
I believe I am having an allergic reaction to my deep conditioner - I hav... 17 LoraHereWeGo BocoCGI 18 days ago
Do you think "sleep debt" is a real thing? - I do, in fact I fe... 34 michrich michrich 18 days ago
I'm laid up and in pain. But bored. And restless. And cold. - Cold from ... 11 NicolesLove peddlefish 20 days ago
CA to CA - So the best thing ever just happened: [image]... 53 EhFahQ Oreo- 20 days ago
I accidentally deleted my old journal. - I’m sorry! Um... to summa... 57 petitefleur mousepelled 20 days ago

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