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More than one of us are at this precise external location - Just got to s... 34 orangefanta orangefanta 6 days ago
Facebook fundraisers - So fb asked if I want to do a bday fundraiser And... 14 WonderLand42 Orion 6 days ago
I'm going to Canada! - No really...I`m taking a weekend trip next weeken... 37 prettyluckyg Orion 6 days ago
Im not a sociopath - Right .like wouldnt i be way more f*cked up... 16 HylianNinja Spratacus 6 days ago
Oveeeeeeeeeeeeer it. 36 NarcoticNico NarcoticNico 7 days ago
Trying to keep myself busy and distracted - I think I pinched a nerve in... 20 luckystar107 luckystar107 7 days ago
WATCHING MOVIES ON MY LAPTOP - i remember many years ago, when the intern... 25 skyfish HylianNinja 8 days ago
Poisoning my husbands work folk, hotel hunting, job searching, and other random things. 11 NicolesLove birdsong4j 8 days ago
I’m in the hospital right now - Breathing troubles came back full f... 33 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 10 days ago
so I met this dude oh Fb - He`s a liberal as well as I. We are both from... 8 tulip tulip 10 days ago
All these years later and I’m still cringing. - No one in my life e... 29 petitefleur SleepyJean 10 days ago
There is this dude on YouTube i really like - He rarely uploads, but when... 1 Orion Orion 10 days ago
I confess I was lost in the pages 47 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 11 days ago
i don't feel like shouting into the reddit void - so imma do it here inst... 35 Disappears CowDung 11 days ago
your favorite cenobite - i only watched the first hellraiser film but the... 32 shakonomics EhFahQ 12 days ago
Time for my yearly journal! - I love these old school emojis on here. Cut... 17 JulesDash Spoonerism 13 days ago
Sometimes before I fall asleep, I just lie in bed and think about how weird it is that anything exists. 43 cpayne kateummslala 13 days ago
Edited for bad words: Baby daddies suck - Asked my baby`s dad to take him... 47 DoYouWash DoYouWash 13 days ago
DRAKE TONIGHT - ITS MY BDAY, NEW YEARS, XMAS ALL ROLLED IN TO ONE DAY I w... 14 racmoron racmoron 13 days ago
- Just want to meet the man who can empathize & consider my feelin... 88 orangefanta LordGolden 14 days ago
i found a broken screw in my bowl of fruity pebbles... i wonder if i can finesse my way into getting free pebs 4 lyfe out of this... (also kitten pics) 16 mysocks kateummslala 14 days ago
what the poo - I`m bored, you guys we are learning binary math right now ... 49 NarcoticNico skyfish 14 days ago
Deactivated my Facebook last night - Drunken decision, but i think a heal... 18 Orion catchall 14 days ago
No matter how I look at it, I really should kill myself - I will never co... 17 Loptr Loptr 14 days ago
What should i bake? Help! - My husband has a work picnic thing. Im suppo... 26 NicolesLove NarcoticNico 14 days ago

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