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The last time I posted here I was turning 18. 3 weeks ago I turned 28. 50 LostMarbles Mr Bungle 17 mins ago
hmm spotify - so i got a new phone and this one doesn`t have a memory car... 43 skyfish skyfish 2 hrs ago
How the gentle wind beckons through the leaves; as autumn colors fall. 1 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 2 hrs ago
my drunken weekend journal - Day 1: At the bar. Waiting for friends. 2 PB... 9 mousepelled postallbear 3 hrs ago
Soon within my tapestry along the rutted road, He sat down on a river rock and turned into a toad 40 NicolesLove NicolesLove 3 hrs ago
If Someone Slipped On A Banana Peel... - and landed on their butt...like ... 4 Damsel Puller 4 hrs ago
Blank journal entry. - So is this really what I should do? It’s la... 2 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 4 hrs ago
George Takei - My hero https://www.facebook.com/stories/8337777 10159971/... 1 smoke_sucks smoke_sucks 4 hrs ago
in which we don't spam. - Today, I decided to try to publicly log the tim... 98 orangefanta Disappears 5 hrs ago
If You Ever Want To Buy A Car Super Easily... - Use Carvana. Wow. We st... 35 Damsel Damsel 8 hrs ago
ugh - we had to get rid of that guy not the chilled out ghana guy fortuna... 37 skyfish skyfish 9 hrs ago
So my dad is dead - I usually refer to him as my sperm donor. Last spoke ... 39 Spoonerism Abzurd 11 hrs ago
I just wanna say thanks - I read through my journals starting summer 2013... 24 Liag chips2001 18 hrs ago
Any other nerds get sucked back in to World of Warcraft Classic? - Yeah..... 7 Krymson Spoonerism 1 day ago
Burritos, gorditos, tortas, oh my! (Help) - I live in the land of Mexican... 41 NicolesLove mousepelled 1 day ago
snazzy sophomore year - I started my sophomore year of college over a mon... 7 Catbug Catbug 1 day ago
North Carolina has scary bugs and snakes and hurricaines... - ...But its ... 35 Krymson Krymson 1 day ago
Ytober - Guys I am having way too much fun Here`s my first 5 [image] [ima... 23 WonderLand42 Kraken 1 day ago
I get to the bottom and I go back to the top of the slide. - I’m mo... 32 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Hi. It's been 226 days - Hi. Missed you guys. I`m a wrecK. With a hard K.... 57 EhFahQ Kraken 3 days ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 437 cola bgraham23 3 days ago
Less Than 12 Hours... - A vehicle is supposed to be delivered to us from ... 46 Damsel Damsel 3 days ago
Have you ever adopted an animal via a relationship?! - Hi. New here. Mo... 12 PubSop michrich 4 days ago
Bake Sale ideas and prep, and Skyping with my Family for my Birthday. - I... 31 NicolesLove hamletsghost 4 days ago
Spartacus has been banned. - Spratacus has been permanently banned for th... 402 ModBot _Ghoul_ 5 days ago

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