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I’m sunburned. - Social distancing was less stringent for me this w... 156 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
Why is YouThink dying? - I am sad if it does die. It was a fun place to d... 53 skirtgirl2 amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk... 257 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 2 hrs ago
Too Much - There is too much homework this week. Two of my classes are s... 725 Damsel CowDung 6 hrs ago
My CA- RO- NA - Might as well journal this since I`m not going anywhere f... 194 postallbear Sammy 9 hrs ago
Religion seems useless and confusing - My parents wanted me to go to chur... 27 skirtgirl2 amaqdrinker 16 hrs ago
Safe spaces - This site is a safe space. No one knows who I am or what I... 1 CroJu CroJu 1 day ago
I really *REALLY* need help with Kiyoko - So do you guys remember Kiyoko.... 12 Emogirl1314 pickthecoupo 3 days ago
I need love advice - Hi, I’m not going to use my real name, so you ... 72 Kyung-Jun Emogirl1314 5 days ago
I am so wise - I am so wise... 13 10000cats Emogirl1314 5 days ago
I need help - So she knows I like her now and well let’s just say ... 2 Kyung-Jun Emogirl1314 5 days ago
I was here in high school. - I`m surprised to learn that this website sti... 4 wingdcatgrl Emogirl1314 5 days ago
Stalkers - I have what I`d call a "subtle" stalker. It`s flag... 8 CroJu Emogirl1314 7 days ago
hi - does anybody know how to delete your account... 3 JungleVibe postallbear 8 days ago
Shameful crushes - I have a crush of which I am ashamed. That conservativ... 8 CroJu Inquizitor2 9 days ago
I can not sleep - I hate having the nights where I can`t sleep. I can fee... 2 Rik_Khaos Spoonerism 9 days ago
I see Buddy never updated the security on this site. My browser is saying 'Not Secure'. 11 Pickle.Juice postallbear 13 days ago
Ok so I need a little help/advice in a situation - Ok so theres this girl... 10 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 16 days ago
Getting dried cum stains out of my clothes - I tried using Monster energy... 13 Chowaniec skyfish 17 days ago
Umm.. Oops! - I "Went To Bed" at about 8:10-ish PM. I look at t... 5 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 20 days ago
LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR MONTH 3 OF QUARANTINE - Classes ended a few weeks ag... 4 Catbug Emogirl1314 20 days ago
F*ck this - So I have been having long issues since late Jan. Pneumonia ... 39 tulip CuckingFunt 20 days ago
it's corona time again - you know it`ll ALWAYS win In all seriousness, I ... 10 Catbug Rag_Doll_ 21 days ago
Math Time - Halp? For her phone service, Jane pays a monthly fee of $15, ... 102 Damsel Damsel 21 days ago
Good morning - Hello... 17 10000cats amaqdrinker 21 days ago

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