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The semantics of sandwiches and other RANDOM things - [image] ... 512 CRA-Z_HEART snarf 6 hrs ago
Complaint Thread - Our favorite pastime. Aaaaaaand go! ... 519 CuckingFunt womersley 16 hrs ago
The Actual New Trump Meme Thread - You can post anti-Trump stuff, you can... 207 theshak birdsong4j 2 days ago
CHRISTMAS PRESENTS THREAD - a. who are you buying for? b. what are you... 182 skyfish HylianNinja 4 days ago
happy birthday MECHA-LENIN - peace, bread, and land my friend. have a ver... 11 racmoron theBSR 6 days ago
Podcast Recommendations - What podcasts do you listen to? ... 45 Spoonerism Noldor 6 days ago
Secret Santa round up thread. Who got what? - What did you get? Did it ar... 10 Mizu slinky0 7 days ago
NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS - What are yours? If you don`t make them, j... 55 mousepelled skyfish 10 days ago
Dad Jokes - Post em. Did you hear about the guy that fell into the... 55 EhFahQ WigglesFT 16 days ago
Favourite cuisines - What are your favourites and least favourites if yo... 70 Spoonerism hamletsghost 16 days ago
Heya - I just joined this forum, nice to meet all, pretty retro forum if ... 7 SkittlesCat cola 22 days ago
Favorite Christmas Carols and Songs - Let`s share our favorites (and leas... 57 birdsong4j Boredofu 23 days ago
at what amount of money do you question if you really need something? - f... 59 Disappears Avant-garde 27 days ago
Christmas tree thread! - [image] ... 59 Rag_Doll_ NicolesLove 29 days ago
Present help thread - A few of these have popped up so maybe a dedicated ... 10 WigglesFT petitefleur 1 mo ago
Side characters more interesting than main characters - I was having a c... 45 Avant-garde Mizu 1 mo ago
Complaint department - [quote]On Friday 6/16/17 - 8:16:17AM Snarf wrote: ... 1000 Ahmed CuckingFunt 1 mo ago
Vipassana - I need a bit of wisdom on a subject I know very little about.... 11 Foxish photon 1 mo ago
Qualities necessary to be a good lawmaker - The Roy Moore thing has me w... 24 Spoonerism Inquizitor2 1 mo ago
The Autumn Thread - This is partly inspired by Hammy`s flower thread and ... 60 luckystar107 Avant-garde 1 mo ago
Annoying/Unwanted nicknames - We all have them. We have all heard them ti... 19 EhFahQ Sammy 1 mo ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY UBER - [image] ... 7 sleepyhollow Spratacus 1 mo ago
Common things that have never happened to you. - Or you haven`t done. ... 216 EhFahQ snarf 1 mo ago
Desktop/Background thread - I can never find the damn thread, so here`s a... 10 Rag_Doll_ Abzurd 1 mo ago

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