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ain`t a damn thing funny

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14 days ago - Tuesday 11/27/18 - 12:12:24 PM EST (GMT-5)

so muscle bound weight lifting men in leotards tossing barrels back in forth while happily swigging vodka are hanging an axe above my head yet again. because they won't cash my check yet. and i can write a million checks if they don't cash them.

and about the beginning of that youtube video... it is perfectly punctual to have such a thing represented there. and i'm not sure if it's intended to mock the listener or the artist or neither. but shamrock hip hop yo.

but astronomical was the snow tires, he said in passing. cost mucho dinero. but on top of that. it was a declaration that my front upper control arms are "shot", as they say in the biz.

so what i'm getting at is...

i'm low on gravy

or... i am facing the same old wall

14 days ago - Tuesday 11/27/18 - 12:53:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
So I tried calling the old employer. They haven’t even sent a receipt of the check I sent them. I think they’re on lunch break.

I need a receipt and some knowledge of their banking practices. Otherwise my bank account will disappear. I had the money when I wrote the check.

Probably I should have asked all these things when I delivered the check. But hopefully they’ll provide this information today and I can plan accordingly.
14 days ago - Tuesday 11/27/18 - 1:13:13 PM EST (GMT-5)
Maybe this business will answer their phone at 2?
14 days ago - Tuesday 11/27/18 - 1:36:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
correspondence accomplished. the pigeon has landed. more contact information was exchanged. email has been established as a reliable form of communication.

my explanation of "i had it when i wrote it and then car stuff" was responded by "i understand, you gotta know your cash flow". so while i attempt, in my infinite insecurity, to paint the picture of hapless man at the whims of an eternally vengeful universe, this gentle hearted man has gifted me as an entity with something as profound as a system of "cash flow".

open lines of communication. i hope. will entail open negotiations to procure their money and my financial well being on agreeable terms.

the upper control arm business is now the pressing matter. will my car fall apart whilst commuting ten minutes to work? probably not. will my wheel fall off going eighty miles per hour down i90 this weekend if i go to boston? maybe
14 days ago - Wednesday 11/28/18 - 1:01:59 AM EST (GMT-5)
So... it should be fine. There are parameters in play that help control the outcome. I’ll swing it one way or another. But I received a compliment today and I’d like to share...

So the devices that we use, both in machining and in measuring, operate in what is essentially a three dimensional zone. I mean yes. So does everything. But what I mean is that the machine operates based upon an understanding of a position suspended in space.

The tools on the mills use a location to move into around or through pieces of metal. The machine has no idea what it is doing. It’s just spinning and moving into a position. The measuring device does the same thing. Kind of. It does know more than the machine what should and should not happen. But it just pokes the location and lets the software do the rest.

But my boss said I’m good at thinking in 3D. He said not everyone is able to do that
14 days ago - Wednesday 11/28/18 - 1:16:43 AM EST (GMT-5)
I learned that by learning math.

Isn’t that neat?
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 1:27:57 PM EST (GMT-5)
so i reached out to another business man. today. he promptly answers the phone of the business he owns. gives you his professional opinion as if it were the time of day. there is no safety issue that my tire will fly off. but... he said it could make my car eat tires.

so la di da. i was just like yip a di do dah. but then i thought about it. and he changed what he said. i could have sworn he said upper arms not lower arms. but anyway.

anyone know anything about control arms?

the price is either one or two grand. one to replace both front upper and two to replace both lower. he said it's not a safety issue. no wheels falling off. oh, did i show anyone this?

12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 1:31:39 PM EST (GMT-5)
that's what sidelined my last vehicle. i think that's the lower control arm on a saab in that picture right there. and i believe that's the ball joint which failed.

i'm assuming issues with the lower control arm could lead to ball joint failure. but he said for the time being it's more of a proactive maintenance activity to consider.

for now i have to worry about the juggling snake charmer with a tutu who demands payment or immediate lacerations to my face.
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 1:42:22 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, I'd say that ball joint failed alright.
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 1:49:11 PM EST (GMT-5)
Probably from rust. Look at all the salt on that motherf*cker.
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 1:57:43 PM EST (GMT-5)
yeah. 93. the car told itself... this is too much man. i got to kill something in me. so it had eaten its own clutch to the point that it would lumber along.

so me. for a couple eight hundred dollars or so. put a new clutch in it. and it was fast again! and a five speed!

but the old girl, i probably just about just lost the rear axle from rust, she said she'd had too much. don't know where she run off to these days.

i reckon she's moved along somewhere. don't see her lyin in those parts where what i had her towed to.

rust in the northeast. yikes.
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 2:01:51 PM EST (GMT-5)
Rust kills northeastern frames. And mufflers. Salt on the roads in the winter. It’s crappy but whatever.
12 days ago - Thursday 11/29/18 - 2:03:05 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah, I used to live up there. Every car gets rust cancer.
11 days ago - Saturday 12/1/18 - 4:26:08 AM EST (GMT-5)
It’s end of the month when they process accounts receivable apparently.
10 days ago - Saturday 12/1/18 - 10:51:28 AM EST (GMT-5)
so yeah. had to rearrange some things. apparently you can make a one time instant transfer from a credit card with online banking now. last time i had this problem it required actually going to the bank. so there's that positive discovery i made.

but at one point i thought maybe i'd be able to make these fourteen hundred dollar payments on my own. but i think i actually need two months to recuperate to that point. so, i will be asking my parents to let me use the money they've set aside, which i have given them thinking that it was a rent payment.

it's okay. i'll survive. i have enough in the account now for a trip. just can't go on any extravagant shopping adventures while i'm there.

i calculated it and it's a steep bill for this month on top of student loans. i should get four full paychecks but that puts me just about at the amount i'd need without any spending. stupid

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