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Psychological update... Pandora makes me crazy. - Today was kind of long... 59 Wolf_In_Jar amaqdrinker 12 days ago
How much does mental illness lend itself as an excuse for not getting a job? and various ramblings. 39 Kraken Kraken 13 days ago
Do you like elbow macaroni in your chili? - Avocado? Cinnamon roll? Cornb... 54 petitefleur catchall 13 days ago
Help me price cupcakes. - A co worker of husbands wants 4 dozen panda and... 96 NicolesLove needs_ammo 13 days ago
idk why but a bunch of perfume samples got sent to my house - but the kin... 8 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 13 days ago
I always have trouble finding a movie - Just want something that will be ... 12 FoolsConvert Wolf_In_Jar 13 days ago
Overalls for Grown Men - One strap or two? What do you wear under them? W... 34 cpayne HylianNinja 14 days ago
A line from a Twilight Zone episode - "Ethel, you are a potato panca... 23 shakonomics mousepelled 14 days ago
Fun Day Time to Relax - Hello Everyone, busy week isn`t over yet but a l... 11 cutewthbrain skyfish 15 days ago
yall - who ate all the cheese dip... 10 lemontootie shakonomics 15 days ago
Is my job asking me to do illegal shxt? - Sales job, i sometimes take cas... 29 Orion Rag_Doll_ 16 days ago
i ain't no antidentite - i actually did miss my appointment last week. i... 15 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 17 days ago
How many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink. Eat too much and you’ll get sick. Shrimps are pretty rich 23 CRA-Z_HEART Orion 17 days ago
New Love You All - Hello Everyone xx I`m new to this site so please text ... 3 cutewthbrain CuckingFunt 18 days ago
in a little while i'll look ridiculous. - i`m just going to do a bit of a... 77 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 18 days ago
What are you old bastards up to? - Funny how when we feel lonely, we visi... 42 Wasp. NarcoticNico 18 days ago
Lets snuggle xx - It`s so freezingggggg.... So basically, I wasn`t sure i... 6 strummerette strummerette 20 days ago
Ah, my leg - [image] I`ve been really sh*tty at getting back to everyon... 28 shakonomics shakonomics 20 days ago
Too many choices - My kid asked what my favorite villain song or theme is... 16 WonderLand42 Spoonerism 20 days ago
can't be bothered to do anything - the plan when i got home was: >exer... 175 skyfish CowDung 20 days ago
Skyfish Appreciation Thread - Hey man youre pretty cool. This isnt even s... 18 HylianNinja Spoonerism 21 days ago
I loose my purse, I find my purse, repeat. 24 Socio Socio 21 days ago
Things that irritate me - Calling midnight `the witching hour` Couples dr... 61 WonderLand42 NicolesLove 21 days ago
The hollow-wieners are coming - Today from 3-5pm our office is letting ev... 13 CuckingFunt Rag_Doll_ 21 days ago
My job breeds laziness.... 7 Socio Socio 22 days ago

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