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My least favorite thing about people over 40 is that - When they contact ... 61 CRA-Z_HEART womersley 12 days ago
did anyone else play this - [image] [image] [image] [image] someone sai... 32 shakonomics EhFahQ 12 days ago
I'm going to meet Mick Foley tonight. Your Weekend plans? - The weekend i... 40 EhFahQ womersley 12 days ago
Okay baby. - Soy Rosa. Yo bebo leche. Yo hablo ingles y español. T&... 62 womersley womersley 12 days ago
PHOTOSHOOT PICTURES - I told y`all I would show y`all so here ye go :) al... 68 puckleknuck puckleknuck 12 days ago
You're a piece of sh*t - where should i travel next: - scotland to explor... 25 shakonomics slinky0 12 days ago
Vote for me for YT president - I nominate Oreo as my running mate My plat... 65 sleepyhollow Disappears 13 days ago
It's that time of year again (angst) - When I find myself struggling to c... 120 mousepelled mousepelled 13 days ago
Help me, yt, you're my only hope. 90 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 14 days ago
U AS U R - I don`t see a new thread and i want to photowhore so here we ... 1000 Oreo- Disappears 14 days ago
today i learned about tarrare - did you ever hear of tarrare? let me expl... 20 skyfish Spoonerism 15 days ago
goodnight - goodnight everyone!! hope you guys have a wonderful night/day... 5 puckleknuck CRA-Z_HEART 15 days ago
my parents are thinking of moving - if they move out of their current hou... 35 skyfish petitefleur 15 days ago
I'm Not Even Going to Turn my Phone Back On. - So, I think I mentioned he... 28 _Ghoul_ _Ghoul_ 15 days ago
Day off! - Wake up and wish your nose zit good morning! Dress for a nice ... 16 orangefanta orangefanta 15 days ago
things i've never had - - a manicure or pedicure or any of those cures - ... 180 shakonomics womersley 15 days ago
Yall. 12 NicolesLove puckleknuck 16 days ago
selfie thread? - i just thought maybe it`s time to show my face idk if i`... 72 puckleknuck Disappears 16 days ago
Is this site dying? - So many of my older buddies on here aren`t active a... 21 ULBGaming womersley 16 days ago
plus and minus about the person above you - you know how it works shut up... 117 cola womersley 16 days ago
short version - insomnia. my eyes hurt. very straining, very stressful. u... 9 shakonomics WigglesFT 16 days ago
Oh god I'm so high. 10 SleepyJean CuckingFunt 17 days ago
Greetings A-holes. It's been a while - I can`t believe this place is stil... 9 AceBobcat AceBobcat 17 days ago
Well I'm back on my original account finally - Well I haven`t been activ... 36 ULBGaming womersley 17 days ago
90s thing - Do you remember that 90s thing with the chihuahua and “... 18 petitefleur womersley 17 days ago

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