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Baking/ Boobs/ Dreams/ Skype/ Tv shows Non scary Halloween movies - Its W... 38 NicolesLove shakonomics 5 days ago
Some guys can be way too concerned about how women look and think they can interrupt us. 46 skirtgirl2 Rag_Doll_ 5 days ago
telluride salmon run - of all the things to forget... two things. one. ... 53 amaqdrinker Spoonerism 5 days ago
So I’m not getting the position I interviewed for - GM wants someon... 14 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 5 days ago
Oh my. - THERE REALLY HASN`T BEEN ANY NEW MEMBERS TO THIS WEBSITE! I don`... 59 Dankeon64 SterileMary 6 days ago
My day so far - Woke up at noon. Cleaned up my back porch so the pupper a... 39 needs_ammo peddlefish 6 days ago
I'm having a bad day - I could really use a good cry and scream but i don... 26 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 6 days ago
Babies - What emotions do you have in the presence of a baby? Mine = indi... 69 shakonomics Sonita888 7 days ago
Turn and face the strange - Ch ch chaaangesss My restaurant is closing ... 42 Liag needs_ammo 7 days ago
the probes... oh god... they poked everything... - okay that was just a f... 116 amaqdrinker Spratacus 8 days ago
Are there things you like because of YTers? - Because a YTer mentioned it... 118 shakonomics WigglesFT 8 days ago
The growing frustrations with my job continue. - I asked for next Friday ... 17 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 9 days ago
strictly come dancing journal - in this thread skyfish talks to himself a... 261 skyfish HylianNinja 9 days ago
Birthday/ Cakeballs/ BSCC/ Halloween treats/ Pumpkins - Its my birthday!... 75 NicolesLove NicolesLove 10 days ago
Painting rocks with my mom... - She`s really into it. It`s fun. I`m proud... 24 needs_ammo amaqdrinker 10 days ago
I typed a whole journal out on my phone - That went over 900 characters,... 13 Spoonerism mousepelled 10 days ago
flight of the bumblebee or moth to a flame... - serious quandary. so la... 53 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 10 days ago
is this inappropriate workplace banter? - so today i went to go make myse... 33 skyfish skyfish 10 days ago
hold your head up, you silly girl // contradictions - Started learning th... 5 orangefanta Abzurd 10 days ago
two soul crushing disappointments - only gonna tackle one of them in this... 21 racmoron racmoron 10 days ago
i feel sick to my stomach - i was supposed to go on a date with someone y... 17 cola JulesDash 11 days ago
oh man. really? can't we all just disappear forever? - i left here kind... 29 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 11 days ago
I was watching a British show.... - Seems to be your variant of House Hun... 3 FoolsConvert Spoonerism 12 days ago
So what's wrong? 'Cause even the devil finds love 168 Rag_Doll_ Spoonerism 15 days ago
Holy Smokes - I don`t know why but good ol YT popped into my mind the oth... 5 CuCuMbEr CuckingFunt 15 days ago

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