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hey - you guys are great and I know I delted but those that did reply, th... 14 NarcoticNico NarcoticNico 6 days ago
What do I do with these? - [image] Playing card for scale They were a ... 12 SleepyJean NarcoticNico 6 days ago
I guess everyone hates me now - Not everyone. I am being dramatic, which ... 49 DoYouWash SleepyJean 7 days ago
vent - ignore, don`t, I don`t care it`s not like I can stop you i... 4 puckleknuck puckleknuck 7 days ago
why me - theoretically let`s say I had the choice to go to ANY college in... 70 puckleknuck puckleknuck 7 days ago
48 hours until lower 48 bound! - Holy sh*t, North Carolina, this Alaska g... 12 Krymson Orion 7 days ago
That time when Oreo meet EhFahQ. - So this is going to be my favorite jou... 173 EhFahQ Oreo- 7 days ago
Santa Monica? 58 Rag_Doll_ Cali_Brad 7 days ago
And now she's mad at me - Okay guys. My best friend`s son is my son`s be... 40 WonderLand42 orangefanta 7 days ago
just sold my ps4 - about to sell my tv too my old roommates kinda fu-ked ... 40 cola cola 8 days ago
subject - i turn 18 next month what else should I do besides buy a pack o... 44 puckleknuck puckleknuck 8 days ago
Voodoo - If you are in public and you run into someone who is high or dru... 10 Damsel luckystar107 9 days ago
Parenthood - [image] I`m now the proud father of a cryptid... 16 shakonomics Damsel 9 days ago
I celebrated July 4 for the first time as an adult - I beboped all around... 30 Liag Liag 10 days ago
My wife says i need to talk to somebody - You`re the lucky ones. I don`... 20 Orion lizzywizzy 10 days ago
back in the U AS U R - Proceed. ... 1002 Oreo- cpayne 11 days ago
And the seventh thing I hate the most about you... - I`m in a strange moo... 341 sleepyhollow Orion 11 days ago
Starting to feel like myself again! - Put the eyebrow ring back in... and... 7 Krymson postallbear 11 days ago
Packing/ shiny skin/ dreams/ july 4th - About a week left to pack. Which.... 26 NicolesLove Orion 12 days ago
COME ON IN FOR A CRAZY STORY - Okay guys, this JUST HAPPENED TO ME. So I ... 27 sleepyhollow Spoonerism 12 days ago
also - should I change my pic to something of me or just change it in gen... 8 puckleknuck HylianNinja 12 days ago
im not dead - hi im not dead just been super depressed and started a job ... 7 puckleknuck puckleknuck 12 days ago
As mentioned yesterday: - 1) It was an incomprehensibly sh*tty day, and 2... 17 cpayne racmoron 12 days ago
It's the 4th of July and it won't stop raining. - :-( Where`s the flag w... 12 LoraHereWeGo Damsel 12 days ago
Moving Season - It must be moving season. I know a few of you on here ha... 5 Damsel Damsel 12 days ago

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