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I tried waterboarding - I got in my swim suit and in the bath tub and we... 8 mousepelled Mizu 4 days ago
I'm super proud of myself right now - So today I went out to eat with my ... 14 Spoonerism Rik_Khaos 4 days ago
Gentlemen, I put it to you: the worst tapioca pudding is better than the best pudding of any other flavor. 30 TWiseboober Spoonerism 4 days ago
ama? - i’ve started the new job. campus safety officer. currently w... 63 Dirt_ Dirt_ 4 days ago
We're in the money - I just found £65 in my shirt pocket. The money ... 3 Boredofu Boredofu 5 days ago
Small world over chamomile - 1. Pharmacy w/in walking distance from work.... 12 applefanta Abzurd 5 days ago
It has been a month since the last journal. - OK, almost. Soooo... In the... 16 Sonita888 Sonita888 5 days ago
What a beautiful day for a drive through the mountains. - This weekend wa... 18 birdsong4j applefanta 5 days ago
Say it in public, you piece of sh*t - You want to call me a whore and sha... 339 SleepyJean NicolesLove 5 days ago
Wesley - Cool!... 4 WesleyGames mousepelled 5 days ago
Is it just me? - So last night I went and got some Ramen. [image] And i... 10 LoraHereWeGo SleepyJean 7 days ago
Why are men such f*cking pansies? - It`s like every damn one of them is *... 26 SleepyJean catchall 7 days ago
a bottle of the fancy wine a box of the fancy chocolates - and i was wear... 80 skyfish Spoonerism 7 days ago
I wish we had an edit option here - But that it was limited to a small am... 15 Rik_Khaos catchall 7 days ago
What is this called again? - Where people take popular songs and make a (... 18 CuckingFunt Abzurd 8 days ago
Checkbook registers?? - I don`t use checks. I pay all my bills online. I ... 90 CuckingFunt blankorangut 8 days ago
So she says... - As of my last appt, the midwife told me the baby was sti... 3 Spoonerism slinky0 8 days ago
Did I ever tell you - When I was in high school, there was this new kid n... 6 WonderLand42 Sonita888 8 days ago
this looks like PLG with DYW and j2 (if j2 were less attractive) in the background 30 shakonomics CowDung 8 days ago
I'm freaking out, i'm freaking out, i'm freaking out - I just sent an ema... 10 NicolesLove slinky0 9 days ago
There's a t-rex (DUN NUN NUN) in the neighborhooooood.... - Today is a fa... 44 sleepyhollow CowDung 9 days ago
Pseudo-Weekend - I`m off work until Wednesday afternoon! After working 15... 10 Cahauburn BeastlyJ 10 days ago
I moved 2000 pounds of clay on Friday, it was a ton of work - My arms are... 14 FoolsConvert catchall 10 days ago
Week on Holiday - This week has been a big focus on the holiday given ret... 6 red2 TWiseboober 11 days ago
Oh sh8t, ya bois got the bronch. - So I went to work on Monday and have s... 15 CRA-Z_HEART Cahauburn 11 days ago

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