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what are weird things you’ve googled that don’t exist - fan f... 19 racmoron HylianNinja 1 min ago
yet another journal because i want to complain about gender neutral bathrooms 27 shakonomics petitefleur 60 mins ago
Guys I am at the airport super early - Because I am very worried about be... 47 luckystar107 CowDung 1 hr ago
martin shkreli - you guys know who he is right? i had a meeting at work y... 28 skyfish kateummslala 1 hr ago
U AS U R - I don`t see a new thread and i want to photowhore so here we ... 155 Oreo- Oreo- 2 hrs ago
Hottie Thread - Let`s have a hottie thread. Post `em. Any of you 80s fags... 617 CuckingFunt Spratacus 3 hrs ago
supposed to be sleeping but - skyfish i saw your socks just in time they`... 21 shakonomics Spratacus 3 hrs ago
Lets catch up! And complain! - Hey guys! I`ve been YT absent for a decent... 53 prettyluckyg Kraken 7 hrs ago
The second day of spring is here. - [image] Just lovely. At least ... 36 petitefleur birdsong4j 12 hrs ago
hipster lyrics - I uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i got fired lol but its fine cause ... 38 cola CuckingFunt 14 hrs ago
Washie used to be fun - Sometimes I spend the majority of my day wishing ... 14 DoYouWash petitefleur 1 day ago
YT superlatives - My second caffeine pill of the day is wearing off and i... 21 orangefanta orangefanta 1 day ago
ssssnickerdoodles - When you send a smart remark (in response to an ignor... 6 AzureMorgan Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
Hobbies/Pasttimes/Whatever. 122 Rag_Doll_ birdsong4j 1 day ago
Hello, people. - Do you remember me? Maybe you do, maybe you don`t. As a ... 12 Marioluvswii cola 1 day ago
I do not trust people who don't like cats. Only evil people hate cats. 58 womersley NicolesLove 1 day ago
See, the thing about acrylic nails is... - You can`t do sh*t with them.... 9 LoraHereWeGo LoraHereWeGo 2 days ago
doctor always right - doctor: ur period go away because you too skinny me... 7 AzureMorgan LoraHereWeGo 2 days ago
Who wants a post card? 37 Rag_Doll_ womersley 2 days ago
do you know who i'm speaking of - he`s on youtube he styles himself like ... 10 shakonomics slinky0 2 days ago
Dayum Dublin, why you so expensive? - I was planning to stay on for an ex... 13 slinky0 slinky0 2 days ago
GMYT - 3/20/18 - Hello to the 10 people who are left on YT. I had a kille... 11 EhFahQ luckystar107 2 days ago
grapefruit - youthink: keep content clean n safe 4 people under 13 also y... 12 AzureMorgan _Ghoul_ 3 days ago
Uber left, Efag has gone soft so snarf steps into the void - Believe it o... 153 snarf womersley 3 days ago
Shameful question - I have this bathmat I have no clue where it came fr... 26 SleepyJean SleepyJean 3 days ago

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