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I forgot to show you what Lilly got me for my birthday! (Nerd alert) - I ... 12 prettyluckyg birdsong4j 9 days ago
Post in here and I'll respond with something - Something? Anything! Song,... 35 LordGolden Inquizitor2 10 days ago
my sisters suggested a sibling tattoo idea based on a random song i didn't know. today i looked it up and it's a song about SCROOGE MCDUCK. talk about burying the lede 44 mysocks Boredofu 10 days ago
Pho? Pho. - I was in a very tight boring position today. The schedule was... 16 rosaslater rosaslater 10 days ago
Its daytime now. 63 NicolesLove CuckingFunt 11 days ago
Does anyone listen to And This Is Why We Drink? - It`s a true crime/paran... 29 sleepyhollow FoolsConvert 11 days ago
I get so annoyed by Facebook - Especially the posts that get repeated. ... 45 Spoonerism NicolesLove 11 days ago
Help me with this project (redoing a cabinet thingy) - So we got this tv ... 15 NicolesLove Damsel 11 days ago
All around me are struggles. - I met a friend who was in town last night ... 16 cpayne LordGolden 12 days ago
Could Have Been Worse - This weekend was unusual but only in the sense th... 21 rosaslater Hael 12 days ago
I found this on the Wal Mart website and - [image] Something about this... 21 shakonomics CowDung 12 days ago
when i get obessed with a thing (happy times) - i was thinking about the ... 11 skyfish Hael 13 days ago
I haven’t been out to eat in five days... that has got to be a record. 21 EmptyMisty Boredofu 13 days ago
So, I'm putting my dog down on Friday - She`s 14 years old. Her face is ... 27 cola Hael 14 days ago
So after I had a lot of sh*t happen last year this year is also turning out to be a load of sh*t 21 PsychicFat Inquizitor2 14 days ago
So, uh , guess what. - I broke up with Kyle. Crashing at a friend’... 28 SleepyJean cpayne 14 days ago
ICE raids to and fro - A factory collaborated with them an hour away from... 9 orangefanta Abzurd 14 days ago
Trying not to be rude - So I often get starbucks gift cards. It`s an easy... 24 WonderLand42 Kraken 14 days ago
This is my latest work. - [image] “You don`t have to be trapped ins... 7 _Jesse_ _Jesse_ 15 days ago
I'll just keep on throwing middle fingers in the air - HELLO HELLO HELLO ... 8 sleepyhollow peledavid16 16 days ago
Happy Year of the Pig everyone - I`m stuck at work until 630 but how is e... 14 postallbear kateummslala 16 days ago
it's my grandpa's birthday tomorrow - 92! we`re all going out to a nice g... 15 skyfish birdsong4j 16 days ago
I can’t sleep like a normal human anymore - I don’t know if i... 4 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 16 days ago
WTF MATE - SOMEONE LOCKED MY JOURNAL BUT I DIDN’T GET A SPAM WARNIN... 310 amaqdrinker Disappears 16 days ago
I doubt anyone is awake. 71 NicolesLove NicolesLove 17 days ago

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