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strictly come dancing journal - in this thread skyfish talks to himself a... 261 skyfish HylianNinja 5 days ago
Birthday/ Cakeballs/ BSCC/ Halloween treats/ Pumpkins - Its my birthday!... 75 NicolesLove NicolesLove 6 days ago
Painting rocks with my mom... - She`s really into it. It`s fun. I`m proud... 24 needs_ammo amaqdrinker 6 days ago
I typed a whole journal out on my phone - That went over 900 characters,... 13 Spoonerism mousepelled 6 days ago
flight of the bumblebee or moth to a flame... - serious quandary. so la... 53 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 7 days ago
is this inappropriate workplace banter? - so today i went to go make myse... 33 skyfish skyfish 7 days ago
hold your head up, you silly girl // contradictions - Started learning th... 5 orangefanta Abzurd 7 days ago
two soul crushing disappointments - only gonna tackle one of them in this... 21 racmoron racmoron 7 days ago
i feel sick to my stomach - i was supposed to go on a date with someone y... 17 cola JulesDash 7 days ago
What's your favorite Beatles song? (countdown) - For me, it changes from ... 100 mousepelled amaqdrinker 8 days ago
oh man. really? can't we all just disappear forever? - i left here kind... 29 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 8 days ago
I was watching a British show.... - Seems to be your variant of House Hun... 3 FoolsConvert Spoonerism 8 days ago
So what's wrong? 'Cause even the devil finds love 168 Rag_Doll_ Spoonerism 11 days ago
Holy Smokes - I don`t know why but good ol YT popped into my mind the oth... 5 CuCuMbEr CuckingFunt 12 days ago
road trends - -if a car is in the left lane and driving slowly, they`re p... 3 orangefanta orangefanta 12 days ago
This journal is mostly about elk (and land management). - Got to spend al... 23 birdsong4j orangefanta 12 days ago
Sunday morning papers in bed has been thrown into chaos by "Ranga" 6 michrich michrich 12 days ago
OD - mom took an overdose again Of carvedilol. i`m so damn tired.... 9 tulip tulip 12 days ago
In a cafe drinking a double mocha - I dragged my boyfriend home for than... 1 SleepyJean SleepyJean 13 days ago
Engage! - (Well, E does come from James T Kirk’s home state of Iowa... 13 jas88 skyfish 13 days ago
on holiday with the fam - just for a couple of days. we`re going to suffo... 53 skyfish Spoonerism 13 days ago
Hello, everybody. - I hope you are all doing well. If you aren`t, I hope ... 14 cpayne catchall 14 days ago
Happy Birthday Rac!! - Happy Birthdays to the realest person I know, Lov... 11 theBSR mousepelled 14 days ago
adventures in Brads dating life - So I`ve been single for almost two mon... 21 Cali_Brad CuckingFunt 15 days ago
What do yall know about Charlotte, nc? - There`s a job opportunity there.... 24 NicolesLove Orion 15 days ago

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