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Adventure Time: 1st Solo Hike! - So, I went on a hike today. All by mysel... 14 hamletsghost Rag_Doll_ 3 hrs ago
Make your own emojis - [link] So please do this thing and/or tell me happ... 8 WonderLand42 Spoonerism 12 hrs ago
Sweep of Gauges - I titled an email I sent tonight with that title. I fe... 36 Wolf_In_Jar amaqdrinker 16 hrs ago
SHOW ME YOUR FACE - And I won`t delete this thread. I don`t even remember... 221 Kraken Sa-Chan 16 hrs ago
Important announcement - ATTENTION, YTERS!! BUDDY FROM YOUTHINK NEEDS YOU... 8 brandon00 cola 17 hrs ago
In case i dont see you....Good afternoon, good evening, and good night 6 cola amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Go go go pokemon - Whoooooo knew that the little park I`ve been going to ... 26 LordGolden FoolsConvert 1 day ago
strictly come dancing journal - in this thread skyfish talks to himself a... 272 skyfish chips2001 1 day ago
so do you want to video chat over some pasta... - more news. i ventured ... 36 amaqdrinker Wolf_In_Jar 1 day ago
grandpa getting old blues - so he had another stroke last weekend he didn... 22 skyfish CowDung 1 day ago
Someone bought me coffee this morning - I was waiting to pay for my coffe... 18 sleepyhollow amaqdrinker 2 days ago
i will always be there to scavenge your pizza, friend 9 mysocks skyfish 2 days ago
A boring life in a boring town with the same old crowd. I used to say Id never stay but I'm rotting here today. 16 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 2 days ago
Impromptu trip to New Orleans - Hey turds, I`ll be in NOLA Dec 9-14. Mes... 13 slinky0 bgraham23 2 days ago
Look what i did you hos! - [image] Ok si maybe look what I assembled f... 7 SleepyJean mousepelled 2 days ago
Son needs an epi :-/ - My anxiety is now through the roof as we just got ... 10 prettyluckyg slinky0 3 days ago
Today is the first day in months with nearly zero obligations - I canR... 15 Liag postallbear 3 days ago
Hottie Thread Part II - Goddamn mods locked the old one. Slinky - I GUESS... 519 CuckingFunt drivingtena 3 days ago
I think I am going to cry at work HELP ME - My boss handed me this HUGE s... 23 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 4 days ago
A little piece of history. - My great uncle was in WWII. This was his pos... 48 CuckingFunt CuckingFunt 4 days ago
video ama - it`s my saturday. i`m going to make hot wings and drink a lot... 8 Dirt_ Dirt_ 4 days ago
my dog is the poopingest dog - every time i take him out he poops. i mean... 8 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 5 days ago
Last time I was here I was 18-29 - Which admittedly is a friggin` huge ag... 66 Evil_Fishie notongooshk 6 days ago
Getting caught smoking. - when I was in 5th grade - middle School I was r... 12 petitefleur birdsong4j 6 days ago
AH, YES - [image] the pre-pilled beanie. apparently pilled sweaters and... 21 shakonomics amaqdrinker 6 days ago

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