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The trials and tribulations of The Last Jedi... 21 Rag_Doll_ hamletsghost 3 mins ago
The Next Twenty Years - What do you have planned for the next two decades... 9 EdenOccupied EdenOccupied 1 hr ago
Splurges... 136 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 1 hr ago
I'm shook like what's wrong with you people - literally just learned that... 88 racmoron FoolsConvert 2 hrs ago
Who is driving her - A girl I`m dating is really mysterious. She`s hiding... 29 shakonomics Kepi 3 hrs ago
Check out this awesome poster I stole - [image]... 11 SleepyJean WonderLand42 8 hrs ago
PICTURES OF YOU, MY FRIEND - Hey... 373 HylianNinja cpayne 8 hrs ago
County Clerk - Who do you think is responsible for deciding which content... 26 Damsel CowDung 11 hrs ago
I am riding Bob to work... 5 Sonita888 Sonita888 20 hrs ago
Masturdating. - I feel like Vice should be following me around with a vid... 13 _Ghoul_ _Ghoul_ 21 hrs ago
Welcoming Baby Elijah - Hey this is Emma !!!SO EXCITED ! My cousin Elizab... 3 coolgirl11 Damsel 1 day ago
My niece has been murdered. - And the police have cleared the ex husba... 83 Spratacus Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Once upon a time - I was in charge of social media for my work I had no r... 19 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 2 days ago
What is this sci fi show? - I don`t remember much unfortunately. And I re... 13 NicolesLove ClarencY 2 days ago
Dumb question - Scenario- You are dating someone An old friend who isn`t... 10 orangefanta bgraham23 3 days ago
sh*tting at the work place - What is your opinion on this? Do you do it?... 83 Cali_Brad _Ghoul_ 3 days ago
What would you have done? Choose Your Own Adventure, Anger Management Issue #1 25 lone_justice Kepi 4 days ago
It's almost my birthday - Kinda Every year, i buy myself a present Becau... 18 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 5 days ago
Finally in a relationship!!! - So...I`m finally in a relationship!! I`m a... 31 sagilover Disappears 5 days ago
Help Me Make Classmate Bingo - I`m making an ice breaker for first day of... 24 NicolesLove petitefleur 6 days ago
THE SPACE - I live with artists. All three of them are artists. The went... 16 kateummslala CowDung 6 days ago
I'm flying out tomorrow morning - to be with ehfahq <3 so excited. I j... 35 Oreo- EhFahQ 7 days ago
Hottie Thread Part II - Goddamn mods locked the old one. Slinky - I GUESS... 295 CuckingFunt Abzurd 7 days ago
Quick mafs - So, looking through my Facebook feed, see a friend post cele... 23 cpayne racmoron 7 days ago
i found my great grandparents marriage license - married in 1899. ... 9 tulip tulip 8 days ago

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