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Just received my first « be my eyes » call. - I down... 6 Abzurd birdsong4j 5 mins ago
Voice thread! - I don`t remember when we last did this. It probably wasn`... 48 sleepyhollow Oreo- 46 mins ago
Ugh - Hello today is great so yeah comment any questions plz add me too... 2 bxby.gg CuckingFunt 3 hrs ago
Moving back home woes, my ex boyfriend, weird dreams, invite to a YouTuber party, my boob being honked, BTS and....other....stuff. 46 LoraHereWeGo LoraHereWeGo 3 hrs ago
Is this site dying? - So many of my older buddies on here aren`t active a... 22 ULBGaming bxby.gg 5 hrs ago
Comments - Hello someone message me something I’m bored... lol but ... 2 bxby.gg CuckingFunt 5 hrs ago
I'm bored... answer sone silly random question so I can get to know you guys more! 14 Krymson EhFahQ 10 hrs ago
Jam-making and canning is hot work. - But I`m going to tell you about it ... 25 birdsong4j NicolesLove 15 hrs ago
video ama - yea i just did this but now im sober and not going to immedia... 60 YungHotEbony Dirt_ 18 hrs ago
back in the U AS U R - Proceed. ... 244 Oreo- shakonomics 20 hrs ago
I've been a bit of a delinquent today. 18 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
Is The Chicken Dance still a thing kids do? - [link] I remember doing it ... 20 NicolesLove Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
Ramadan kareeeeem. - Gosh it`s been a tri... 19 LordGolden Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Life - So today its great i like this guy and idk how to talk to him so u... 8 bxby.gg bgraham23 2 days ago
The guy in the next office - I could always hear him...humming or some sh... 4 CuckingFunt CuckingFunt 2 days ago
Hey post here and I'll tell you what a turd you are - I am so strong. ... 47 HylianNinja catchall 2 days ago
I am a goddess - Domestic and otherwise. I MADE COOKIES. It was the firs... 28 sleepyhollow Rag_Doll_ 3 days ago
a walk in the country - he woke early, and decided to walk up the hill. i... 30 skyfish skyfish 3 days ago
a super quick movie poll - Cube Backcountry Train to Busan Would You Rath... 56 petitefleur petitefleur 3 days ago
Words - I am mad at all of you (except shak) i posted a beautiful lemon b... 12 WonderLand42 petitefleur 3 days ago
i paid off my car today! - and it only took me a year and a half to do it... 42 Disappears Disappears 4 days ago
Tonight we pay tribute to Chris. - We remember all the words and all the ... 9 EhFahQ bgraham23 4 days ago
ama and I can't skip or evade questions - (unless it`s something where an... 87 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 4 days ago
I think something about my brain/body chemistry actually changed - It sta... 14 shakonomics womersley 4 days ago
In which I brag about my apartment and life as an adult - I have everythi... 55 sleepyhollow HylianNinja 5 days ago

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