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You! As You Are. - What happened to the other one? Did the op delt? Anywa... 939 redreine luckystar107 1 hr ago
HALP - I`m about to color my mom`s hair, and I know not what to doooo! Sh... 12 LoraHereWeGo Spoonerism 5 hrs ago
Well, I might give this place another try. 3 Socio Spoonerism 5 hrs ago
It's hard to make a wish list - I`m trying to make a Christmas list. I h... 26 NicolesLove luckystar107 6 hrs ago
The first day was successful - I made it all day yesterday without smoki... 33 snarf Ahmed 8 hrs ago
A phamily foto montage - Abraham Lincoln on his wedding day. [image] Mi m... 6 FoolsConvert orangefanta 11 hrs ago
How about a "Message to a Random YTer" thread? - I admire you s... 39 womersley Guilty_Spark 1 day ago
I'm mad - In like a weird general way A stupid thing was said and i want ... 19 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 1 day ago
People of YT - Is it to cliche to be Belle for Halloween? I pride myself... 42 NicolesLove Boredofu 1 day ago
I can't believe there are people that still fry bacon. - Baking bacon is ... 101 petitefleur womersley 1 day ago
Bless You. - BLESS YOU!!! >-(... 3 Poessy Sonita888 2 days ago
The week from hell - The last week has been relentless. My grandad has b... 39 WigglesFT Sonita888 3 days ago
Positivity list - Thank you sleep, because I feel you miss me more than I... 14 PayN8tention womersley 3 days ago
Hey, guys, what's your best tip for being a Responsible Adult? - This wee... 51 sleepyhollow mousepelled 3 days ago
bentley. bentley. maybach. - I very rarely visit this site. i`m surprised... 35 brandon00 Sonita888 3 days ago
So.....that happened. Lolz. - I can`t believe I`m sitting here kinda tear... 7 LoraHereWeGo womersley 3 days ago
I had the dream again. - It`s been about two years since my last one, and... 23 sleepyhollow Avant-garde 4 days ago
Greetings goyim! - My name is Herschel Spermatozoa. I am an Orthodox Jewi... 6 JewishandGay womersley 4 days ago
And now Sonia is back in Germany - So, the trip ended. Right now I am in ... 30 Sonita888 Guilty_Spark 7 days ago
Boiler Repair Chelsea - Do not go anywhere to repair your boiler in Chels... 6 sirenjones20 Mizu 7 days ago
There is a war inside my head. - I must be dying. My head has been poundi... 4 cronch bgraham23 7 days ago
Do you guys know what a "courtesy flush" is? - If so, do you us... 88 CuckingFunt CowDung 8 days ago
FML - My brother is in Paris. Dammit. I`m not.... 4 tulip tulip 8 days ago
I'm back - I`m drunk. I`m a human. And I`m coming. How`s it going YT? Any... 5 endlessnova womersley 9 days ago
The Comfort of Structure - My yearly work cycle is fairly solid, or has b... 5 nightmare007 nightmare007 9 days ago

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