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You! As You Are. - What happened to the other one? Did the op delt? Anywa... 257 redreine cpayne 33 mins ago
went camping - so i went on this camping trip that ended up being my fri... 13 j2moneyj2d2 peddlefish 38 mins ago
So yeah. I have a date. - Not use to saying that. Really hard time at wor... 53 EhFahQ Sonita888 6 hrs ago
Berlin Baby! - Ok, been here for a couple of days. I think I walked more ... 12 Sonita888 Sonita888 6 hrs ago
Hey asshats - It`s my birthday. [image]... 36 slinky0 Sonita888 6 hrs ago
Life is good - 31st of July I was made redundant. Spent a whole two weeks... 25 LiJasMom Brockgurl86 6 hrs ago
Why? - I`m so angry, but I`m also so embarrassed. Anyone who read my last... 19 carolefornia carolefornia 6 hrs ago
YT Chicago PT Deux - Looking for maybe around April/May when the weather... 512 theBSR theBSR 10 hrs ago
On this episode of 'Brock tries Tinder' ... - I think I`m going to start ... 50 Brockgurl86 redreine 10 hrs ago
What do i do... 61 NarcoticNico NarcoticNico 10 hrs ago
have you ever not seen a person from the way way past being old but then you see them being old and you're like, "oh sh*t" 26 theshak Abzurd 12 hrs ago
The pull on my flesh was just too strong / Stifled the choice and the air in my lungs 5 TWiseboober TWiseboober 15 hrs ago
W.....T.....F...... - I have a crazy neighbor who is trying trying to get... 14 Krymson S916Dave 23 hrs ago
Memories - Hello everyone. It`s nice to visit YT again after so many yea... 41 S916Dave TWiseboober 1 day ago
Spotify blows. Help me decide on a new music app - What apps do you use? ... 22 redreine Spoonerism 1 day ago
Rush Limbaugh has ruined my grandfather. - I just had the most unsettling... 16 Spoonerism theshak 1 day ago
Snarf temp banning - Hi all, Just a heads-up: we recently banned snarf fo... 87 ModBot Sonita888 1 day ago
Do I look ok guys? - I have a sudden lunch date in 20 minutes and am tips... 66 SleepyJean Sonita888 1 day ago
why is symmetra a goddamn beast now - i mean i still havent tried her bec... 19 HylianNinja Socio 1 day ago
New Zealand is a pretty country - I recently bought this book 1001 walks ... 12 ClarencY Socio 1 day ago
Dumb decision - I let myself get pulled into a fb argument I am so very s... 21 WonderLand42 theshak 2 days ago
Duolingo - When i started my practice tonight, i was at 23% I did some l... 27 WonderLand42 theshak 2 days ago
So help a girl out, I have dates... yes plural! - I`m not used to the wh... 26 lizzywizzy lizzywizzy 2 days ago
Things i'm more excited about than this eclipse - -Saturday will be my fi... 36 orangefanta orangefanta 2 days ago
How have you changed? - I just went through my journal archieve out of bo... 8 WigglesFT Disappears 2 days ago

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