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Stepping On Toes - Well this is stupid. I found a job that kind of relat... 122 Damsel Spoonerism 3 hrs ago
Silence soon. - Going to a very silent place. Regrouping with soaking in... 280 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 4 hrs ago
Cheno and radiation today. - #dreading this.... 24 tulip amaqdrinker 5 hrs ago
Strawberry lipstick state of mind 74 Rag_Doll_ Boredofu 10 hrs ago
Look who's (nearly) walking... and in England too - [image] She just has ... 21 Boredofu Boredofu 10 hrs ago
Haven't been on in a while I guess an update - So Sunday it was my birthd... 4 McKenzie123 McKenzie123 1 day ago
The winner takes it all - The winner is me... 2 10000cats postallbear 2 days ago
new bracelet - I ordered this today. The design is in morse code for fec... 6 tulip Damsel 9 days ago
Ive been thinking - If I had the capability I would want to travel back i... 13 1-800vertigo Porkandbeans 9 days ago
Would Edward Cullen like my thoughts? - If I am going to preform some so... 4 1-800vertigo HunnyDew 10 days ago
Brother, Rape, and Police situation update - So back in December I went t... 21 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 11 days ago
People who sleep past 10 AM should be shot - Seriously, what are you even... 16 Chowaniec Inquizitor2 11 days ago
a life enclosed - so under this whole covid-19 thing my life has changed... 15 skyfish CowDung 12 days ago
todayy<3 - Starbucks ..shopping... and baby pink outfit ;p ... 2 babychanel Puller 13 days ago
biopsy - great news. My results came back and the cancer has not spread.... 15 tulip Damsel 14 days ago
Smoke - Every time I walk out it feels like I`m deep throating Hephaestus... 7 HunnyDew snarf 15 days ago
I need serious help - Guys, I don’t know what do to anymore. I feel... 6 Kyung-Jun Emogirl1314 16 days ago
How do you guys feel about scholarships? - So, scholarship season has ope... 16 eggsandrice Rag_Doll_ 16 days ago
*Sighs* - ................. ................. ................ I need to ... 15 Krymson postallbear 19 days ago
I still exist, and apparently so does YT - What it is, hoes What`s up I`... 13 redreine bgraham23 20 days ago
Remembering YT members 2 - You can`t delete this one. I miss Shak.... 184 Kraken redreine 20 days ago
Remember me? - No? Probably not. Its been at least 5 years based off the ... 10 AstroZombie redreine 21 days ago
My wedding! - It will be a bit before I get my professional ones from the... 36 NarcoticNico redreine 21 days ago
Eating ass - I love to eat ass... 8 Chowaniec redreine 21 days ago
On a scale of blundering virgin to berserk... 433 Rag_Doll_ Damsel 23 days ago

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