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A dying breed - are we. How are you bastards doing? Well, I hope. Life ... 28 Wasp. cpayne 1 hr ago
what the heck, let's count down - Just one patient tonight. I hope she dr... 22 mousepelled mousepelled 3 hrs ago
Majesticness - I’m back again! This time I want all of you fart blo... 9 BeastlyJ amaqdrinker 6 hrs ago
My adventures into freelance writing - Hey guys! Journals has been a ghos... 15 BlackBird77 amaqdrinker 7 hrs ago
a journal - hi yt this is my journal there are many like it but this jour... 27 skyfish Abzurd 13 hrs ago
do yall think principal skinner was packin schmeat - be honest hey guys ... 5 cola supersexman 14 hrs ago
So I got a thing today... - [image]... 8 snowbdr88 supersexman 14 hrs ago
Holy days - Spent the holidays with family from my dad’s side. My ... 33 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 18 hrs ago
New Mandalorian Cast Member...Me! - [image] But which side would I be on?... 7 _Jesse_ TheCDL 20 hrs ago
Almost Done - Welp...I have just a few exercises in my psychology class a... 13 Damsel Damsel 2 days ago
Surprise ECG and other stories - I had a Drs appointment today just to ge... 15 hamletsghost CowDung 3 days ago
what fecking next? - I was asked to submit a cologuard test and the resul... 8 tulip snarf 3 days ago
Additional stress on top of your stress. - Work was intense as usual this... 6 amaqdrinker CuckingFunt 3 days ago
Musical Present advice - Okay My kid wants to make a weird band He has a ... 20 WonderLand42 postallbear 3 days ago
what's up - unsatisfactory progress at uni. I have to go to a meeting an... 7 kateummslala kateummslala 4 days ago
I’m new - Hi I’m gay and single ... 11 GAYBOI GAYBOI 4 days ago
It’s like words. Don’t disengage. This is about books. - I&... 29 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 5 days ago
Holiday Baking (for charity) Extravaganza. And other stuff. - They need h... 84 NicolesLove Spoonerism 5 days ago
Male folk: - How much do you pay for a haircut? Husband has a very simple... 53 NicolesLove Damsel 6 days ago
Dear Everyone: - So everyone that is here. We have a problem. This site... 29 Damsel skyfish 6 days ago
30 years ago... - I was working at my university bookstore warehouse, ret... 17 Abzurd Abzurd 7 days ago
Making Journals When YT is Dead - I don’t know when/if someone will... 18 peledavid16 CowDung 8 days ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 486 cola lizzywizzy 9 days ago
Antidepressants - It`s been an entire 7 days that I`ve been on citalopra... 24 NarcoticNico cola 12 days ago
Look who had a cameo in my son's new book - [image] Not much else excit... 26 Spoonerism postallbear 13 days ago

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