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women's march, eventful day today, weird for me - My friend and me travel... 3 createauser Spoonerism 1 hr ago
theBSR: A New Hope - So I was speaking to a really sweet friend of mine, ... 32 theBSR Spoonerism 1 hr ago
Updates From the Midsection - I have a headache tonight, but I`m online t... 4 TWiseboober Spoonerism 2 hrs ago
Wonderful Walmart. - I currently work for Walmart (I know, I know), as we... 14 carolefornia Rag_Doll_ 5 hrs ago
I actually had a lot of fun - [image] Wow that thing was great. They had... 2 Nightmusic Brockgurl86 5 hrs ago
Uh... troubleshoot this for me? - Journal: My cousin, brother, and uncles... 17 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 6 hrs ago
I FORGOT my password - I had an account seven years or ten decades ago. ... 41 Vanillarain8 jem8402 7 hrs ago
YOU AS YOU ARE - Whats up show me your mug... 834 cola Rag_Doll_ 7 hrs ago
Welcome to the New Police States of America. - Assume the position, cause... 7 RealDonTrump Pluvio 8 hrs ago
I did a thing - I got the position at MCA? They contacted me, told me th... 17 Nightmusic griffin_wf 15 hrs ago
I did a thing - I got the position at MCA? They contacted me, told me th... 2 Nightmusic Spoonerism 23 hrs ago
House of Leaves is making me feel kinda insane... is that intentional? 37 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 1 day ago
it has been such a long time - good to be back what`s up... 44 66789 redreine 1 day ago
So today I got inaugurated as President of USA. - What did you do today?... 11 RealDonTrump Vanillarain8 1 day ago
Update on my brother - Most of you probably saw me post in the gossip thr... 16 UberRoxor Abzurd 1 day ago
In Honor of Trump's Inauguration, I'm watching Obama's 2009 Inauguration. 3 QueenBurns QueenBurns 1 day ago
YT Chicago PT Deux - Looking for maybe around April/May when the weather... 170 theBSR redreine 2 days ago
there's a storm a-brewin' - supposed to start about 9pm tonight and go th... 60 Liag bgraham23 2 days ago
A Wild Rose Appears!!!!! - Morrowind, the Best Game Ever. Here you go! No... 6 QueenBurns QueenBurns 2 days ago
I feel wrong - Sometimes I feel like I`m being left behind and ignored, a... 30 IQ cpayne 3 days ago
6 months ago I was going to the hospital - To get this thing forcefully e... 5 EmptyMisty EmptyMisty 3 days ago
When is your birthday? - June 15... 19 Ikewright cola 3 days ago
Help me to name my newest friends - pics in next post ... 68 kateummslala hamletsghost 3 days ago
late night thoughts - ...... 5 hottygirl77 Avant-garde 4 days ago
Read about meaningless highschool drama - Okay first things first I woke ... 16 Nightmusic Brockgurl86 4 days ago

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