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Happy Chinese New Year of the Rat - Who else likes to celebrate and what ... 12 postallbear kateummslala 8 mins ago
I See No Mention Of... - The coronavirus that is in China. I`ve watched ... 27 Damsel Sammy 1 hr ago
How many? - How many pens do you own?... 8 ToastMe Damsel 2 hrs ago
Do You Care? - Do you care about this whole Harry and Meghan quitting the... 103 Damsel Damsel 2 hrs ago
Decathlon of stresslympics! - It’s been okay. The holidays have jus... 117 amaqdrinker TartarSauce 14 hrs ago
Thirteen years in the making of a loser: - 2007 - Grades in college dropp... 35 _Ghoul_ Boredofu 15 hrs ago
I made a bad choice - I`m so, so very broke. But I have $2000 available b... 15 WonderLand42 Boredofu 17 hrs ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet - Vacuum check Laundry going check E... 160 mousepelled mousepelled 1 day ago
The Opossum Lady - I just came across her work today and I love everythin... 29 slinky0 _Ghoul_ 1 day ago
a tale of two temps - this will be long and tedious and culminate in a mo... 107 skyfish Disappears 1 day ago
im going to colorado - i got amazon prime cause theres just so many shows... 24 cola Rag_Doll_ 2 days ago
Idea for a Movie - From the perspective of a blind person so you can`t se... 4 ToastMe mousepelled 3 days ago
Suggest me some monthly subscriptions/ or just witness me try to find one 19 NicolesLove hamletsghost 3 days ago
The rise of skywalker - I have always been star wars fan, and I watched t... 19 Kylo_Ren Rag_Doll_ 3 days ago
Has anyone seen Hot Gimmick: Boy Meets Girl? - Uh....I need to talk to so... 52 eggsandrice Puller 3 days ago
Is This Common? - Those of you who went to college...just wondering if it... 68 Damsel Damsel 4 days ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 543 cola McKenzie123 4 days ago
Hello, I am new - Please welcome me to the site... 9 ToastMe McKenzie123 4 days ago
My life is pretty horrible at the moment, so I thought I'd say hello. 99 NarcoticNico kateummslala 5 days ago
It’s like the Jetsons but not really. - So I think I was dating a r... 62 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 6 days ago
Antidepressants - It`s been an entire 7 days that I`ve been on citalopra... 26 NarcoticNico NarcoticNico 6 days ago
I haven't been active here in 3+ years. Wtf is up, bitches - I`m bored af... 75 redreine sexwithmydad 6 days ago
lemme brag for a second - tonight i made a homemade pesto sauce from kale... 9 cola sexwithmydad 6 days ago
New Mandalorian Cast Member...Me! - [image] But which side would I be on?... 7 _Jesse_ sexwithmydad 6 days ago
what fecking next? - I was asked to submit a cologuard test and the resul... 8 tulip sexwithmydad 6 days ago

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