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Going To School - If I am able to pass this math test (I have two more at... 21 Damsel CuckingFunt 9 mins ago
Apple Picking, West Nile Virus, Book Cheating, Too Anxious for Puppies, etc 15 NicolesLove CowDung 17 mins ago
My friend ship sailed away - I`m the kind of person who doesn`t have tons... 30 Spoonerism mysocks 1 hr ago
Money money money monkey... money - I’m feeling increasingly settle... 19 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 hrs ago
Just trying to process some emotions through writing. - We had a going aw... 9 CRA-Z_HEART Rag_Doll_ 2 hrs ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 410 cola melly1000 2 hrs ago
Guide on How to Take CompTIA Certification Exams - Have Hands-on Experien... 2 jsavino CuckingFunt 5 hrs ago
19 crimes - i just did a ridiculously large steak on my griddle pan and i... 66 skyfish melly1000 6 hrs ago
My 15 yr old pup died, Cupcake necklaces, puppy sitting, other things as i remember them 60 NicolesLove orangefanta 15 hrs ago
damn! Heredity is freaky - My 5th great uncle looks so my like my bro.. ... 5 tulip tulip 15 hrs ago
So you may have realised I'm home from Alaska - ..I`m unpacked, laundry i... 22 Sammy Spratacus 22 hrs ago
Loan interest is putting me in a funk. - I`ve paid the amount of one of ... 30 NicolesLove doligurl 1 day ago
hey Folks I made a little comic for you - It took a pretty long time. mo... 45 kateummslala Kraken 2 days ago
This Guy Has Said "Cyanide Pill" Four Times in the Last 10 Minutes. 22 _Ghoul_ mousepelled 2 days ago
IT the Clown makes me scared, and also horny... - Ok, so maybe it`s just ... 21 Krymson Orion 2 days ago
WTF Imelda - Imelda, You surpri... 11 EmptyMisty EmptyMisty 3 days ago
It's a poor lady's Riesling - Today, a coworker taught me what a malaphor... 16 orangefanta Spratacus 3 days ago
I had a pulsing pain in my lower right abdomen a moment ago - That had ... 27 orangefanta orangefanta 3 days ago
Yeah I'm ok are you ok yeah I'm ok - I appreciate you guys. It`s been a... 23 kateummslala amaqdrinker 4 days ago
Update on my balls - So yesterday I had surgery to remove this big cyst o... 50 CuckingFunt smoke_sucks 5 days ago
Alex Trebek, unfortunately is next. - I`ve been watching the news, and un... 12 Spratacus Spratacus 5 days ago
This British Accent - I know that over there, like here in the US, there ... 10 Damsel Floor Demon 5 days ago
Who has a roku? 30 Rag_Doll_ whattowhere 5 days ago
More Moaning About Cars - I need some advice. Please. It may very well c... 54 Damsel Damsel 5 days ago
Turd wheel... - So my cousin moved into the area like five years ago. Sh... 11 amaqdrinker postallbear 6 days ago

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