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The horizon looks dark, my friend. - :-( I`ve mentioned my roommate issue... 22 Pluvio cpayne 4 mins ago
YOU ARE AS YOU ARE - [image] GO MAN GO... 358 cola bgraham23 49 mins ago
K-pop vids and chill - Hello yt update time (please excuse typos) 1. I ha... 74 PsychicFat PsychicFat 2 hrs ago
if you thought I repped the raiders hard before.... - if I were from oakl... 27 racmoron theBSR 2 hrs ago
This new sleeping pill is making text dance in the screen - Ideal Ttfn... 7 SleepyJean PsychicFat 2 hrs ago
Urgent project of utmost importance - Yes just grab that sharpie while on... 11 orangefanta orangefanta 2 hrs ago
Do you guys like libraries? - My mom has been working on a library fundra... 22 sleepyhollow Abzurd 2 hrs ago
Riddle me this oh wise and generous YT - So. Daylight savings Central Eur... 19 spacepeanut spacepeanut 11 hrs ago
torture and stuff - [image] I`m putting together a record of all of my dr... 8 theshak lizzywizzy 11 hrs ago
I'm sooooo excited! Mom's accompanying me to Europe! - Originally I was ... 2 bookworm0812 griffin_wf 12 hrs ago
Hey mods. - Am I allowed to use a picture of sweaty phil colins with a ta... 28 SleepyJean Abzurd 22 hrs ago
If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems... 20 redreine luckystar107 23 hrs ago
YT Chicago PT Deux - Looking for maybe around April/May when the weather... 257 theBSR redreine 1 day ago
My plans to get swole are not going particularly well - Like I thought I ... 11 Loptr Loptr 1 day ago
Friends——————————————— 15 Violet18 WigglesFT 1 day ago
HI - hi im looking for friends any suggestions?... 4 Annabella womersley 1 day ago
Last night was intense - So my friend`s birthday party was last night. W... 10 sleepyhollow j2moneyj2d2 1 day ago
back home again - my dad is also on holiday now, joining my mother in ita... 201 skyfish spacepeanut 1 day ago
IM FEELING FEELINGS - One of the other museum interns brought his friend... 3 Nightmusic Nightmusic 1 day ago
These are the days of our lives... - Been a couple weeks since updates fr... 5 TWiseboober TWiseboober 2 days ago
Solve the mystery! 32 SleepyJean mousepelled 2 days ago
"Three things happen when I drink gin... - "I get silly, I get ... 9 Liag Liag 2 days ago
Should I dip dye my hair? - It`s wavy dark brown and reaches my mid back,... 34 SleepyJean birdsong4j 2 days ago
I got proposed to twice this morning, so that was interesting - So quick ... 19 Brockgurl86 Nightmusic 2 days ago
so when I win 25 million in the lottery tomorrow night, I have a plan.. 28 Sammy Spratacus 2 days ago

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