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Love - While walking down the hall way of my school, my lover runs over f... 1 Bunnyforeva Bunnyforeva 1 mo ago
A simple edited pic of me. - It was so easy to make but I love it so much... 16 _Jesse_ Spratacus 1 mo ago
Need a good boy's middle name... - I don`t have a whole lot to say, but Y... 158 Spoonerism Spoonerism 1 mo ago
I'm back at school! Merry almost Christmas everyone! - Everything is all ... 19 sleepyhollow CowDung 1 mo ago
I sneezed and poo my pants today. - These were not two separate actions. ... 7 Rik_Khaos bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Sleeping on the couch is just not satisfying. And hurts a little. - Tree... 36 NicolesLove NicolesLove 1 mo ago
Fail - Well, since no one will help me with a comic site, anyone got a pr... 6 Amen bgraham23 1 mo ago
Turkey wasn't as good as I remembered. - I guess that makes it easier to ... 22 EhFahQ CuckingFunt 1 mo ago
Greatest of my career - My greatest TNA Matches would have to be....All ... 10 Lacey.VonWWE CRA-Z_HEART 1 mo ago
Free comics problem - I have searched everywhere online, but I have no p... 8 Amen Spratacus 1 mo ago
feeling alone - if i am okay i look okay, if i am not okay i still look o... 25 AnakinS AnakinS 1 mo ago
book group was OK - that lady my mother argued with last time had chosen ... 84 skyfish SleepyJean 1 mo ago
Work is boring. What’s up? - I have a smart phone now so I can do t... 10 kateummslala kateummslala 1 mo ago
So, about Tablets. - I know nothing about tablets. I have a laptop but ... 14 NicolesLove Sonita888 1 mo ago
So, if you do something disturbing in a dream... - does it say anything a... 8 shakonomics orangefanta 1 mo ago
After 30 years-30 days not smoking - The patches have helped but the supp... 33 snarf snarf 1 mo ago
This is stupid... 13 Sonita888 Sonita888 1 mo ago
A catastrophe. 39 Rag_Doll_ Sonita888 1 mo ago
met my long lost cousins today - i can`t remember if i mentioned this on ... 11 Disappears Disappears 1 mo ago
I have NEVER seen library books so mistreated, I swear... - I had to help... 26 sleepyhollow Sonita888 1 mo ago
i know people freak out over the capybara here - [image] but those monk... 18 shakonomics mysocks 1 mo ago
i wrote fanfiction (with a typo) that has thousands of views now - it was... 8 shakonomics Mizu 1 mo ago
So I bought this.... - [image] I`m thinking of driving for Uber after I... 20 Spratacus Sonita888 1 mo ago
I need an idea of what to do, that's open on Thanksgiving, that doesnt require walking 11 NicolesLove luckystar107 1 mo ago
Wombat or vodka? Holiday picture fun time - This was the best week of my ... 9 kateummslala kateummslala 1 mo ago

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