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Greetings A-holes. It's been a while - I can`t believe this place is stil... 9 AceBobcat AceBobcat 1 mo ago
Well I'm back on my original account finally - Well I haven`t been activ... 36 ULBGaming womersley 1 mo ago
oh yes believer - i will poop in your shoe, my sexy little diapers.... 3 BeastlyJ BeastlyJ 1 mo ago
I need some clothing help. - So, i`m making a shirt. Or tweaking a shirt ... 8 NicolesLove ShutterBug 1 mo ago
Ok, then. 14 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
"Do you two know how much that pen is worth?!" - My boss keeps ... 65 sleepyhollow orangefanta 1 mo ago
life and why does it hate me (FML) - so this past weekend ive been uber b... 6 puckleknuck puckleknuck 1 mo ago
I feel like my limb is missing. 16 NicolesLove NicolesLove 1 mo ago
Update on my brother - For the the few of you who are interested. He was ... 8 UberRoxor Sammy 1 mo ago
Ugh look at this cute little house - [link] Too bad it`s off the market. ... 16 FoolsConvert Damsel 1 mo ago
woo - I had a photo shoot today, kind of for senior year, kind of because... 6 puckleknuck puckleknuck 1 mo ago
Today is that day. - Well folks, today I am no longer in my teens. I am ... 37 _Jesse_ womersley 1 mo ago
DNA results - Damn, I was always told I have native American Indian gen... 33 tulip tulip 1 mo ago
my favourite mug - [image] i`ve had it since i was little my sister has... 86 skyfish FoolsConvert 1 mo ago
Hands in the air, punks! Gimme your favourite roostertail recipie! - And... 64 SleepyJean Sammy 1 mo ago
Cried at work again today and am now just sitting here feeling numb - No... 10 orangefanta birdsong4j 1 mo ago
My neighbour hit my car - I`ve found someone who parallel parks worse tha... 11 lizzywizzy CowDung 1 mo ago
First time making plates! - [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [im... 29 FoolsConvert chips2001 1 mo ago
I'm procrastinating writing a paper. Come on in and help me do that. - I ... 54 sleepyhollow Spoonerism 1 mo ago
What’s the proper etiquette for - telling my boss to f8ck off with ... 83 CRA-Z_HEART womersley 1 mo ago
If you date your only friend - Then you have no friends if you break up. ... 16 mousepelled mousepelled 1 mo ago
To anyone who sees this - I hope you have a good day! :-)... 14 puckleknuck puckleknuck 1 mo ago
[Instagram captioned photo about not giving up] - So dis me at 5am ready ... 10 strummerette _Ghoul_ 1 mo ago
wanna feel old? 47 Kraken womersley 1 mo ago
Four years off, need a little assistance? - Hello website that I used to ... 11 travbowman Sammy 1 mo ago

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