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What movie I watch now? - I have Netflix/ borrowing Netflix on the sly I ... 3 kateummslala Spoonerism 1 mo ago
Stuck at the train station - Oddly enough the train arrived but the driv... 12 Avant-garde Boredofu 1 mo ago
HOLIDAYS - Gosh.....its the holidays....How weird. I`ve been yearning th... 1 Bunnyforeva Bunnyforeva 1 mo ago
Extremely funny or extremely terrible? - I`m at loggerheads with my frien... 23 SleepyJean SleepyJean 1 mo ago
My friend's cat looks like the "cat no banana" cat - Cat no ban... 20 CuckingFunt Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
Advent Calendar Flashback - Brockgirl - [image]... 7 Sammy Spratacus 1 mo ago
To make pancakes or not to make pancakes - On the one hand, I have some d... 27 Spoonerism snarf 1 mo ago
She's a Star-Wars Wi-dow! Star Wars Wiiii-dooooww! - Yup. Alex n `Mike we... 1 TWiseboober TWiseboober 1 mo ago
Walking in a winter WONDERLAND - So I got an early Christmas present from... 13 sleepyhollow mousepelled 1 mo ago
Present HELP - sorry I know i keep posting things like this all over [ima... 9 WonderLand42 birdsong4j 1 mo ago
I need work advice please. - First thing to keep in mind: I started this ... 195 SleepyJean Spratacus 1 mo ago
The thing I don't get about Christianity. - Heaven. The rule is it doesn... 48 petitefleur Inquizitor2 1 mo ago
It's 12/12 and I've officially been here for 12 years! THAT IS OVER HALF MY LIFE AND I WANT IT BACK 7 mysocks Dirt_ 1 mo ago
Starbucks, where is my coloring x-mas cup?!? 22 Sonita888 Sonita888 1 mo ago
question for brits - or people who have traveled in the uk would you rath... 18 Disappears Disappears 1 mo ago
I went to at 5pm last night - And now I woke up at 4. Wide awake. I think... 28 EhFahQ TWiseboober 1 mo ago
Compliment the person above you! - We haven`t done one of these in a whil... 19 sleepyhollow hamletsghost 1 mo ago
Secret Santa.. - Anyone interested? If we can get a decent amount of folk... 50 Sammy Mizu 1 mo ago
sleepyjean - what up girl holler at me i dont know how private messaging ... 4 Chowaniec EhFahQ 1 mo ago
Advent Calendar Flashback - jstckndamale - [image]... 6 Sammy shakonomics 1 mo ago
How does/did Santa work in your house? - I have a feeling he doesn`t work... 44 Sammy Liag 1 mo ago
oh no my last journal was mys - teriously delted but i`m still here i de... 40 skyfish CowDung 1 mo ago
My va claim - It got all the way to the end of the process. They were sup... 17 Rik_Khaos Rik_Khaos 1 mo ago
Drawing - I am drawing something for my church as people watch me today!... 3 AineFemPo TWiseboober 1 mo ago
how many of you are called weird on a regular basis - i just need a poll... 21 j2moneyj2d2 niccole 1 mo ago

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