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Hello - Hello everyone, just doing a quick check up on my page. ... 5 Amen CowDung 21 days ago
Hello - It is very warm for November. My favorite baseball team won the W... 1 valgal valgal 21 days ago
Meh. F*ck things. - Not particularly EVERY...thing.... but a large quanti... 18 Krymson Krymson 21 days ago
I ran a marathon - 4 months of hard training really paid off. It was dow... 33 racmoron theBSR 22 days ago
You! As You Are. - What happened to the other one? Did the op delt? Anywa... 1005 redreine sleepyhollow 23 days ago
It's official..... They're not living with us anymore. - We gave them 60 ... 19 Pluvio Rag_Doll_ 23 days ago
My week - Tuesday I finally found out how the bald girl with waffles I ke... 2 red2 red2 23 days ago
The week from hell - The last week has been relentless. My grandad has b... 45 WigglesFT mousepelled 24 days ago
Facedeath - Why do people feel the need to post meaningless "trbutes... 13 Boredofu Boredofu 24 days ago
Collecting my thoughts - These past few weeks I have been doing a lot of ... 6 Ahmed kateummslala 24 days ago
so I went on a road trip...it was fun.. - [image] and it was awesome.. On... 16 Sammy mousepelled 25 days ago
wait a tick! that means... - yeah oh well. im not sad abt it. things w... 8 cola Rag_Doll_ 25 days ago
yeah, i'm back - I had to make a new account. Oh, and birdsong It was wei... 13 shakonomics WigglesFT 25 days ago
I need some photoshop help. - Probably really easy, but I have no patien... 8 UberRoxor Spratacus 25 days ago
I've made it a week. - So I haven`t smoked at all for a week, not even on... 60 snarf snarf 26 days ago
Show me you! - [link] This is me [image]... 39 WonderLand42 Sammy 26 days ago
i got a bottle of wine, cherry garcia, and stranger things - it’s w... 18 cola j2moneyj2d2 27 days ago
Guess what buttheads itsa me, WAAAHHHrio - I don`t have internet in my pl... 13 SleepyJean TWiseboober 27 days ago
Psst... hey you... awake people... let's talk or something. - Answer me t... 27 Krymson luckystar107 28 days ago
Another pic from the 50's theme we had at college. - I love messing with ... 5 _Jesse_ tulip 28 days ago
So you're the kind that deals with the games in the mind. 30 Rag_Doll_ luckystar107 28 days ago
S. Korea,Getting Fired, and Separations! - Hey yall. Its been a while. A... 16 getbent3 getbent3 28 days ago
I hate those little tags that they put in clothes. Makes me itch. - I mad... 6 TWiseboober mousepelled 29 days ago
Halloween Party Time! - Who all is coming to my Halloween party this Frid... 7 Cahauburn orangefanta 29 days ago
Hey, guys, what's your best tip for being a Responsible Adult? - This wee... 53 sleepyhollow Inquizitor2 29 days ago

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