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Another photo edit to share with thee. - Now this one took some time to d... 23 _Jesse_ _Jesse_ 24 days ago
Goodbye Minnesota, Hello South Korea! - I got to South Korea on Friday. M... 27 sleepyhollow CRA-Z_HEART 24 days ago
Pondering how to remain a nice person without letting people walk all over me... 18 Schizotypal EhFahQ 25 days ago
Our roommate got assaulted this morning - I`m not entirely sure what happ... 21 Pluvio jas88 25 days ago
uggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! - so today im moving most of the big stuff to my new ... 4 cola Rag_Doll_ 26 days ago
solo birthday shenanigans - everyone got sick and/or respectfully declin... 16 j2moneyj2d2 NarcoticNico 26 days ago
what do you think about indie films? (and various aspects of my year so far) 25 Kraken Kraken 27 days ago
Made the mistake of looking up an ex on facebook - Holy crap I woulda bee... 3 HylianNinja Avant-garde 28 days ago
Nostagia and melancholy - We had lunch in the old neighborhood today. I... 63 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 28 days ago
Youths! What the f-ck are you doing? - I just found out about this "... 89 Wasp. SleepyJean 28 days ago
Down with capitalism, amirite? - Capitalism is a disease. it preys on the... 12 Nobes peledavid16 30 days ago
can toenails be recycled? - i cut my toenails today well actually i picke... 9 Wreshy Boredofu 30 days ago
I ordered the CD's - I am actually excited. I have 150 cd`s of our new EP... 6 EhFahQ KylesCousin 1 mo ago
Need adults for advice - Today as any angry teen does, got into a fight ... 19 eggplant8 eggplant8 1 mo ago
(No Subject) - Found out this morning an old partner died. He`d retired ... 4 Pluvio womersley 1 mo ago
What is the worsIt part about getting older to you? - For me it would hav... 96 EhFahQ womersley 1 mo ago
its time 4 cola kateummslala 1 mo ago
its friday night. it’s 10:30. the kids are tucked in bed, you’re pouring a glass of wine. welcome to Youthink.. After Dark! 55 cola womersley 1 mo ago
Sooo. A friend mine probably murdered his wife couple weeks back. - And ... 44 trainwrec catchall 1 mo ago
I feel the need for adventure - I haven`t had adventure in forever (New Y... 16 hamletsghost hamletsghost 1 mo ago
Any one vape here? - Hello, just wonder any one vape here? Show me some o... 12 james0712 mousepelled 1 mo ago
THIS IS NOT A DRILL... what would you do? 8 Sammy NicolesLove 1 mo ago
I have a sad - Why can`t things just be? Why does it always have to be so... 6 WonderLand42 womersley 1 mo ago
I love clothes, and shoes. But I HATE wearing shoes. - I finally hung up... 33 EmptyMisty womersley 1 mo ago
ROLL CALL - here... 71 skyfish Dirt_ 1 mo ago

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