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I hope I die in a car accident with a train ticket in my pocket that I decided at the last minute not to use 16 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 13 days ago
In Santa Monica, in the wintertime 105 Rag_Doll_ postallbear 13 days ago
I'm thinking about asking someone out. - She`s like me. Not ugly, not pre... 66 snarf Boredofu 13 days ago
I got the job! - Didn`t want to say anything about it and jinx it but I ... 21 Spoonerism Hael 13 days ago
Mardi Gras Dinner - So I was going to make the traditional pancake dinner... 15 Hael postallbear 14 days ago
"no evidence for local recurrence" - everyone who told me to di... 6 racmoron luckystar107 14 days ago
What's up Big Perm? - I mean Big Worm. I applied for a promotion at work ... 13 cpayne FoolsConvert 15 days ago
Guys I'm scared - I was hungry so I was looking in the fridge for somethi... 34 Hael Hael 15 days ago
Admissions interviews, Family, and... whatever else I throw in. - This F... 17 NicolesLove NicolesLove 15 days ago
Just having the usual family problems. - I visited my mom and dad yesterd... 13 skirtgirl2 Puller 15 days ago
Wander what we have here. - So I just remembered stumbling onto this site... 23 TartarSauce Spratacus 16 days ago
HOLY SH*T GUYS!!! - YAY I REMEMBERED MY PASSWORD! And with that said... ... 21 Krymson Hael 16 days ago
I just talked my way into an interview for a job that wasn’t being advertised and possibly doesn’t exist. 12 SleepyJean Spratacus 16 days ago
What were you born to be - Im struggling with this currently. Have a job ... 38 HylianNinja bgraham23 17 days ago
Whining about my ailments - I woke up super dizzy a couple days ago, the... 73 NicolesLove NicolesLove 18 days ago
Berlin experts, please - Going to Berlin and not overly jazzed about it ... 32 slinky0 Abzurd 18 days ago
Yearly physical - After the physical and blood draw, there`s only one t... 49 postallbear postallbear 19 days ago
I can't think of a good title - Driving to school I discovered the soda I... 16 Hael Hael 19 days ago
Does anyone watched The Masked Singer? (and various life issues) - I`m ki... 60 Kraken NicolesLove 19 days ago
Post in here and I'll respond with something - Something? Anything! Song,... 47 LordGolden SigmundF 19 days ago
marathon morning - I’m in the car on the way to the cape to run the... 22 racmoron WonderLand42 21 days ago
Apparently I'm going to Thailand next month! - I am freaking out.. I book... 22 hamletsghost luckystar107 21 days ago
I get so annoyed by Facebook - Especially the posts that get repeated. ... 50 Spoonerism skyfish 21 days ago
The Red Power Ranger - Sadly, the weekend is coming to a close. It`s bee... 24 Spoonerism Spoonerism 22 days ago
I'm confused by cardamom. - I get a international treats/ goodies food bo... 57 NicolesLove NicolesLove 22 days ago

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