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Remember that internship I interviewed for last month? - He asked me to e... 9 Hael CowDung 25 days ago
A thing - I`ve typed out but deleted a journal every night for a week I t... 20 WonderLand42 Rag_Doll_ 26 days ago
McDonalds for dinner 4 McDonaldsNo1 bgraham23 26 days ago
Approaching four years on this site... - And boy, do I have a lot of memo... 12 brandon00 snowbdr88 26 days ago
Things to do and not to do in a waiting room: - DO: Be nice to reception ... 6 SleepyJean Boredofu 27 days ago
Draw yourself punching a Nazi - Warning: this is s thread about drawing y... 150 Oreo- Boredofu 28 days ago
so i got a new car - its a 2015 hyundai sonata i also, as it was the very... 8 cola bgraham23 28 days ago
Hi Everyone - Just a quick thanks to everyone for the support for a threa... 16 Avant-garde racmoron 29 days ago
the jehovah witness holiday problem - So here is what i don`t understand.... 23 mousepelled Mizu 29 days ago
WW2 - So I`ve long wondered what most countries did during WW2 and it se... 12 Hael Boredofu 29 days ago
SHOW ME YOUR FACE - And I won`t delete this thread. I don`t even remember... 1000 Kraken Abzurd 29 days ago
I Want To Watch Pretty Woman - Despite that I`ve seen it probably twenty ... 20 Damsel mousepelled 29 days ago
the three eggs - let me tell you a tale, yt, of the three chocolate eggs ... 30 skyfish Boredofu 1 mo ago
Not much to say - Just feeling weird. My former best friend`s mom just... 9 Spoonerism Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
Talk to me, tell me whats on your mind, talk to me, what are you feeling inside 37 NicolesLove Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
I'm kinda drunk right now but do you ever get so sad that you - tip the w... 30 CRA-Z_HEART Oreo- 1 mo ago
i’m a businessman, you aint ever been the man - i started the keto ... 8 cola cola 1 mo ago
Did a grading - feeling tired! - Bitter-sweet to say that tonight, just n... 20 Mizu birdsong4j 1 mo ago
So sick of being honest. I’ll die like Dylan Thomas; a seizure on the barroom floor. 15 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 1 mo ago
No school tomorrow - There`s a credible threat for the whole of the Denve... 35 WonderLand42 Damsel 1 mo ago
Countdown and anyone want to Google-Fu? - I`m looking for replacement win... 83 mousepelled mousepelled 1 mo ago
Teenage angst - Hi. No one`s going to read this, but I don`t care. It`s 1... 4 Chilly_VA brandon00 1 mo ago
Terrible tattoo idea No. 478: 14 SleepyJean postallbear 1 mo ago
Apparently I'm famous - At brunch yesterday I noticed several people star... 10 Hael Hael 1 mo ago
Sigh - You ever accidentally admit you kinda have a crush on someone and ... 10 WonderLand42 Puller 1 mo ago

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