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I’m at my boyfriend’s parents, camped out in the car in their driveway.Help. 84 SleepyJean Boredofu 16 days ago
I need entertainment... a boy to flirt with? A girl to flirt with? *Sighs* Ok...well at least answer me these weird questions? 10 Krymson skyfish 16 days ago
Hi Everyone, new to the site 19 McDonaldsNo1 bgraham23 17 days ago
Someone just got arrested in the hallway of my apartment. - A party down ... 21 CRA-Z_HEART CuckingFunt 18 days ago
my p*rn blog - It`s an abandoned blog that I don`t use anymore that tumbl... 14 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 18 days ago
happy new year!!1 - i went back to my grandpa`s and had it there you may ... 25 skyfish kateummslala 18 days ago
Got any New Year’s Eve plans? - I have some plans for the next year... 78 petitefleur mousepelled 19 days ago
Personal Opinions on Resumes/Cover Letters and pregnancy - So i resigned ... 66 prettyluckyg WonderLand42 20 days ago
I LIED - Hey babies checkin in. Turns out this place wasnt actually bad f... 26 HylianNinja NarcoticNico 20 days ago
Water: A Healthy Alternative Beverage - I`m starting a new job on the 7th... 18 FoolsConvert mousepelled 21 days ago
West Coast Blues by Wes Montgomery is in fact a song. - Good day at work.... 17 Wolf_In_Jar Wolf_In_Jar 21 days ago
CW, bad pet stuff.... - Need advice. We are leaving town for the weekend... 19 Orion Boredofu 22 days ago
fill your boxes with birds - [image] first of all, this is creepy secon... 21 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 22 days ago
14 years bitches - It`s cold as all get out here. I made beef stew and a... 3 tulip tulip 22 days ago
I can't figure out what to name this large stuffed dog. 22 NicolesLove Abzurd 22 days ago
now i wanna sniff some glue - [link] and and and… i woke up. and i... 18 amaqdrinker thatguy3g 23 days ago
So I broke up with yet another man this year - That’s four now But ... 34 Liag Liag 23 days ago
a very skyfish christmas - first thing i went for a while walk with my mu... 14 skyfish skyfish 23 days ago
It’s happening! - We’re getting a rabbit! My bf got me a fri... 22 SleepyJean Floor Demon 24 days ago
Merry Christmas, my loves! 20 Rag_Doll_ shakonomics 24 days ago
Shout out to petitefleur - No specific reason for the shout out, other th... 37 cpayne shakonomics 24 days ago
Merry Christmas, fxck bags! I'm shxt hammered! - Yeah, enjoy the fxck out... 9 Kepi le37 25 days ago
Waiting for something to happen... - I’m just settling again. It wa... 3 Wolf_In_Jar Wolf_In_Jar 27 days ago
Queries to pass the time - 1. What`s your favourite piece of clothing? 2... 49 Spoonerism Wasp. 27 days ago
Oh Fudge - I want to make some fudge this weekend. [link] I think I am g... 18 Damsel Wolf_In_Jar 27 days ago

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