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Say it in public, you piece of sh*t - You want to call me a whore and sha... 339 SleepyJean NicolesLove 11 days ago
Wesley - Cool!... 4 WesleyGames mousepelled 11 days ago
Is it just me? - So last night I went and got some Ramen. [image] And i... 10 LoraHereWeGo SleepyJean 12 days ago
Why are men such f*cking pansies? - It`s like every damn one of them is *... 26 SleepyJean catchall 12 days ago
a bottle of the fancy wine a box of the fancy chocolates - and i was wear... 80 skyfish Spoonerism 12 days ago
I wish we had an edit option here - But that it was limited to a small am... 15 Rik_Khaos catchall 12 days ago
What is this called again? - Where people take popular songs and make a (... 18 CuckingFunt Abzurd 13 days ago
Checkbook registers?? - I don`t use checks. I pay all my bills online. I ... 90 CuckingFunt blankorangut 13 days ago
So she says... - As of my last appt, the midwife told me the baby was sti... 3 Spoonerism slinky0 13 days ago
Did I ever tell you - When I was in high school, there was this new kid n... 6 WonderLand42 Sonita888 13 days ago
this looks like PLG with DYW and j2 (if j2 were less attractive) in the background 30 shakonomics CowDung 14 days ago
I'm freaking out, i'm freaking out, i'm freaking out - I just sent an ema... 10 NicolesLove slinky0 14 days ago
There's a t-rex (DUN NUN NUN) in the neighborhooooood.... - Today is a fa... 44 sleepyhollow CowDung 14 days ago
Pseudo-Weekend - I`m off work until Wednesday afternoon! After working 15... 10 Cahauburn BeastlyJ 15 days ago
I moved 2000 pounds of clay on Friday, it was a ton of work - My arms are... 14 FoolsConvert catchall 15 days ago
Week on Holiday - This week has been a big focus on the holiday given ret... 6 red2 TWiseboober 16 days ago
Oh sh8t, ya bois got the bronch. - So I went to work on Monday and have s... 15 CRA-Z_HEART Cahauburn 17 days ago
I only have 7 days left of work - Thurs/Fri this week, W-F next week, the... 12 Spoonerism Sammy 17 days ago
i’m at a game board conventions and i’m gonna get murdered 19 j2moneyj2d2 j2moneyj2d2 17 days ago
Pumpkins, cakeballs, what to do for the holidays - I carved a pumpkin. ... 18 NicolesLove snarf 17 days ago
Superstition - I want to jot down some superstitions just for the hell of... 4 PayN8tention michrich 18 days ago
Damn - I just got really sad. Remember when every year putt would do funn... 6 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 18 days ago
Academics and poor communication - Hey, where do I get my practical manua... 80 kateummslala Spoonerism 19 days ago
We were talking - About the gentrification of my old neighborhood She was... 22 WonderLand42 luckystar107 19 days ago
Hello - Hello everyone, just doing a quick check up on my page. ... 5 Amen CowDung 20 days ago

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