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Bake Sale ideas and prep, and Skyping with my Family for my Birthday. - I... 31 NicolesLove hamletsghost 6 days ago
Spartacus has been banned. - Spratacus has been permanently banned for th... 402 ModBot _Ghoul_ 7 days ago
I managed to get into an old profile... - I dropped by last week to I gue... 8 CJStyles CJStyles 8 days ago
The awesome duplex we rented is infested with black mold and omfg guys 23 PsychicFat Rag_Doll_ 9 days ago
I've found a gif that perfectly depicts my dream life. - Its snow white (... 29 NicolesLove postallbear 9 days ago
My account is now of legal age. And I'm getting married in a week! - [i... 13 Innosins prettyluckyg 11 days ago
Bet you didn't know.. - Today is "bring your teddy bear to work day&... 8 postallbear postallbear 11 days ago
Informational Technology and National Security - US Government uses a var... 1 AmandaParkin AmandaParkin 12 days ago
Cringe - Looking back at my posts here, I was a cringey 10 year old. Thou... 4 Dolplex Spoonerism 12 days ago
So you may have realised I'm home from Alaska - ..I`m unpacked, laundry i... 26 Sammy sofey 12 days ago
Please don’t ban me. - It’s a brand new day. I am possible o... 87 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 12 days ago
I want - A cigarette New shoes Coffee Sleep Magic clean house button Comm... 27 WonderLand42 CuckingFunt 13 days ago
Fade in on a girl with a hunger for fame, And a face and a name to remember 12 NicolesLove Renthead 13 days ago
Turd wheel... - So my cousin moved into the area like five years ago. Sh... 17 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 14 days ago
Money money money monkey... money - I’m feeling increasingly settle... 76 amaqdrinker Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
i buried a friend - at least 100 people showed up to his gathering of fri... 6 cola Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
I just rediscovered a story I wrote - And it`s so strange. I can sort of ... 14 hamletsghost Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
My friend ship sailed away - I`m the kind of person who doesn`t have tons... 32 Spoonerism Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Basketball! - Played a game on Sunday It had been a while. It was really ... 13 kateummslala Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Going To School - If I am able to pass this math test (I have two more at... 54 Damsel Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Just trying to process some emotions through writing. - We had a going aw... 33 CRA-Z_HEART Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Not That Anyone Cares But, - I`ve decided to take it upon myself to post ... 23 _Ghoul_ Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Have a happy and safe Labor Day - Guess what I`ve been doing the last hou... 20 postallbear Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
this is so fcking highschool - i am literally sitting in my college`s lib... 13 eggsandrice Wolf_Boi 14 days ago
Four day weeks are better than three day weekends. - Turn on ESPN if you&... 36 amaqdrinker Wolf_Boi 14 days ago

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