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a full decade - its been a full 10 years ive been on here and tbh im shoo... 27 lemontootie Wasp. 5 days ago
When ashes fall, the legends rise 19 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 6 days ago
Financial planner said don’t depend on Soc Sec and start saving - I... 68 skirtgirl2 amaqdrinker 6 days ago
Spent 40 minutes on my Rubik’s cube 12 EmptyMisty postallbear 8 days ago
Hotel and Vacation Fun - So our room got free upgraded to a suite AND mon... 34 NicolesLove NicolesLove 8 days ago
tell me some things i need to know when i go to NYC... - 5ish weeks and i... 46 lizzywizzy skirtgirl2 8 days ago
Kids can be so creepy. - last night at 3am I SWEAR my 6 year old was stan... 23 petitefleur birdsong4j 8 days ago
Hey, fancy seeing y'all here. 34 NarcoticNico Wasp. 9 days ago
check up on it - Waddup YT!? This is my cordial monthly check in. Alth... 4 Cali_Brad NarcoticNico 9 days ago
A workmate sent me the reddit link to watchpeopledie. - OMG. This is so d... 23 skirtgirl2 womersley 9 days ago
does the future every really begin? - i might be able to improve a few th... 19 amaqdrinker Wolf_In_Jar 9 days ago
Emanating through the ether. - Let me set the stage. Watching television... 16 Wolf_In_Jar Wolf_In_Jar 10 days ago
Drake and Josh how we team your bitch. - hey i`m engaged? thats weird rig... 62 Dirt_ orangefanta 10 days ago
Gravestone - I was researching family on ancestry. I have 1000`s of relat... 2 tulip tulip 11 days ago
F My Husband and F The USA - So my husband started a new job Aug 15. It ... 114 Damsel Wolf_In_Jar 12 days ago
I’m at my boyfriend’s parents, camped out in the car in their driveway.Help. 84 SleepyJean Boredofu 12 days ago
I need entertainment... a boy to flirt with? A girl to flirt with? *Sighs* Ok...well at least answer me these weird questions? 10 Krymson skyfish 12 days ago
Hi Everyone, new to the site 19 McDonaldsNo1 bgraham23 13 days ago
Someone just got arrested in the hallway of my apartment. - A party down ... 21 CRA-Z_HEART CuckingFunt 14 days ago
my p*rn blog - It`s an abandoned blog that I don`t use anymore that tumbl... 14 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 14 days ago
happy new year!!1 - i went back to my grandpa`s and had it there you may ... 25 skyfish kateummslala 14 days ago
Got any New Year’s Eve plans? - I have some plans for the next year... 78 petitefleur mousepelled 14 days ago
Personal Opinions on Resumes/Cover Letters and pregnancy - So i resigned ... 66 prettyluckyg WonderLand42 16 days ago
I LIED - Hey babies checkin in. Turns out this place wasnt actually bad f... 26 HylianNinja NarcoticNico 16 days ago
Water: A Healthy Alternative Beverage - I`m starting a new job on the 7th... 18 FoolsConvert mousepelled 17 days ago

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