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You're as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, You're as sweet as strawberry wine You're as warm as a glass of brandy 30 NicolesLove Damsel 13 days ago
Late night sulk - I’m having a bad week. I had to leave work early ... 16 CRA-Z_HEART Spoonerism 13 days ago
Why was David Letterman such a dick? - I`m awake at 5:50, gross, so jour... 22 Spoonerism Abzurd 15 days ago
Not a great day - I start driving to school, less than a minute after I l... 49 Hael Floor Demon 15 days ago
I Saw Kansas, in Windsor. - I also gambled. And had a wonderful time. AN... 9 Spratacus postallbear 16 days ago
I Must Rant - We have Charter/Spectrum Internet because when we moved her... 20 Damsel Boredofu 16 days ago
Finally got my boxes from my ex this weekend and now I’m unpacking and (clickbait title). 29 SleepyJean postallbear 16 days ago
I'm having an epiphany that my job sucks - Someone at work told me that ... 4 Chowaniec postallbear 17 days ago
I'm in a weird mood - Kinda low key manic I wanna do all the things Right... 14 WonderLand42 Spoonerism 17 days ago
RAINY FAIR - hooray, it`s time for the annual fair and the centre of town... 45 skyfish Kraken 18 days ago
Hi - What am i suppost to write here?... 3 Trademark. bookworm0812 18 days ago
On the road to a mid-life crisis - I`ve been noticing lately that the wor... 26 mousepelled mousepelled 19 days ago
Who can lend me £1.5m - We haven`t had a dream house thread for a wh... 107 WigglesFT racmoron 20 days ago
Annoying - I made a journal about a ridiculous thing that happened But t... 5 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 20 days ago
It’s been three years as of today since I graduated college, and I’m feeling reminiscent. 11 CRA-Z_HEART LordGolden 21 days ago
If you tunnelled through the Earth where would you end up? - I`d end up i... 19 WigglesFT doligurl 21 days ago
Zombies In FL - On youtube it was suggested that I watch a video on this ... 7 Damsel kateummslala 21 days ago
First glimpse of my turtle since Fall - He was just sitting on the bottom... 18 Hael Boredofu 22 days ago
So many of the things - So my job was supposed to start today but I`m sti... 6 Hael Hael 22 days ago
Come celebrate my promotion with me, YT! (Plus AMA) - Hey guys, it`s been... 61 BlackBird77 CowDung 22 days ago
Its a Sunday night/ Saturday morning. I feel like I'm going to be talking to an empty room. 6 NicolesLove NicolesLove 24 days ago
I’m newish - Today is Sunday. Quiet today. I cleaned up on my iPad... 6 taggie12 catchall 24 days ago
i was going to do a long photo journal of the long and cursed sardinian walk i went on 42 skyfish Boredofu 25 days ago
sardinian cats - i`m on vacation with my family in Sardinia it`s this tin... 31 skyfish Sammy 25 days ago
I have the most AMAZING NEWS!! - I am back on YT with my weird-ass, kind-... 22 Krymson postallbear 26 days ago

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