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16 years - Still active to a degree on YT. Happy new year to all. ... 8 tulip Puller 27 days ago
christmas alone - my family sucks i suck my last kiss was nearly a year a... 12 ltenny snarf 27 days ago
Are you non-American? Wanna help me with a mother's day gift? - So whenev... 5 Hael CowDung 28 days ago
Karen in the library - Anyone remember Alexandra Wallace? Bitch had a po... 14 YouthInAsia Daughtry79 30 days ago
Of the four Annas, Faris is easily my third favorite. - Anna Faris born ... 6 Ruthful Daughtry79 30 days ago
My favorite singers - My second favorite singer is Linda Ronstadt My firs... 5 10000cats Daughtry79 30 days ago
Idek - Hey guys, I haven’t been on here in awhile so I thought I ... 3 Kyung-Jun Daughtry79 30 days ago
Idek - Hey guys, I haven’t been on here in awhile so I thought I ... 1 Kyung-Jun Kyung-Jun 1 mo ago
I stand with JK Rowling! - LGBQA Notice the T is missing. Men are men. Wo... 5 NarCis KepiHilton 1 mo ago
The loudest dogs - Are usually small. Yap. Yap I`m doing something stra... 4 KepiHilton KepiHilton 1 mo ago
Quotes from a synastry chart between me and Pauly D - "rivalry, ove... 6 1-800vertigo YouthInAsia 1 mo ago
Can't sleep like ever - Glitter photo dot net is slow today, and I can`t ... 11 HunnyDew YouthInAsia 1 mo ago
Not all who are lost wander. - Some lost people just waste away in conven... 43 Eyelovekoth YouthInAsia 1 mo ago
How to lose a guy in 20 months 1 - 1. Be fugly 2. Sleep 14 hrs a day 3.... 42 ltenny YouthInAsia 1 mo ago
My toe hurts - I banged my right p!nky toe against the laundry basket. ... 18 Dkoop95 ltenny 1 mo ago
Christen Hayden OWO - I got a lot of Star wars on my mind, but my main th... 10 HunnyDew ltenny 1 mo ago
Are these two in love? - [image] I think the Racoon knows the cat doesn... 7 1-800vertigo YouthInAsia 1 mo ago
The type - The type that doesn`t tell you happy birthday. The type that d... 18 HunnyDew KepiHilton 1 mo ago
Commitment Issues (+animation lol...) - Honestly I say "WOULD U LEAV... 10 HunnyDew HunnyDew 1 mo ago
Idk - Idk who HunnyDew is I am 1whiteward Idk lol Do you like the Joker?... 9 JorDanny ltenny 1 mo ago
diet soda - I have never seen a fat person drink diet soda... 6 TedCruz ltenny 1 mo ago
Padme and Clone Trooper Kink - When I first really, really watched Star w... 14 HunnyDew ltenny 1 mo ago
What will I be doing soon 7 10000cats ltenny 1 mo ago
Silence soon. - Going to a very silent place. Regrouping with soaking in... 1039 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 mo ago

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