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Is it weird? - My husband was taken aback last night when I asked him, i... 55 Spoonerism lizzywizzy 4 days ago
book recommendations - my dad retired a couple of years ago and he was ne... 28 Disappears Disappears 4 days ago
I am no longer afraid of death because it is all I have left - It seems l... 3 Cali_Brad Damsel 4 days ago
Just complaining and sprinkling positives in. - [quote]On Wednesday 11/7/... 55 petitefleur petitefleur 4 days ago
I've got ghosts, mate - Last two days, many things falling off tables, et... 53 mousepelled luckystar107 5 days ago
WELL, WELL, WELL. Look what the cat dragged in... - Hello, YT. I bet you`... 38 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 5 days ago
If you were going to elope where would you go - That doesn’t cost ... 29 luckystar107 WigglesFT 5 days ago
I'm so very, very tired - My aunt is terrible. I`m hungry. I`m wearing th... 18 WonderLand42 amaqdrinker 5 days ago
Hottie Thread Part II - Goddamn mods locked the old one. Slinky - I GUESS... 506 CuckingFunt slinky0 6 days ago
It's hard to not be depressed in a situation where you would be objectively better off dead 54 Loptr mousepelled 6 days ago
When did an old red truck become a Christmas decoration? - Has this alway... 15 petitefleur Wolf_In_Jar 8 days ago
Sister Surprise 2018 - [link] And yes I got hit again. Good times.... 10 cpayne cpayne 8 days ago
Please enter a subject - Storm blowing in. This whole weather thing still... 35 needs_ammo needs_ammo 8 days ago
Every time. - Why do I want to stay up when I have to get up early, but o... 17 petitefleur petitefleur 8 days ago
Psychological update... Pandora makes me crazy. - Today was kind of long... 59 Wolf_In_Jar amaqdrinker 8 days ago
How much does mental illness lend itself as an excuse for not getting a job? and various ramblings. 39 Kraken Kraken 8 days ago
Do you like elbow macaroni in your chili? - Avocado? Cinnamon roll? Cornb... 54 petitefleur catchall 8 days ago
Help me price cupcakes. - A co worker of husbands wants 4 dozen panda and... 96 NicolesLove needs_ammo 9 days ago
idk why but a bunch of perfume samples got sent to my house - but the kin... 8 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 9 days ago
I always have trouble finding a movie - Just want something that will be ... 12 FoolsConvert Wolf_In_Jar 9 days ago
Overalls for Grown Men - One strap or two? What do you wear under them? W... 34 cpayne HylianNinja 9 days ago
A line from a Twilight Zone episode - "Ethel, you are a potato panca... 23 shakonomics mousepelled 10 days ago
Fun Day Time to Relax - Hello Everyone, busy week isn`t over yet but a l... 11 cutewthbrain skyfish 10 days ago
yall - who ate all the cheese dip... 10 lemontootie shakonomics 10 days ago
Is my job asking me to do illegal shxt? - Sales job, i sometimes take cas... 29 Orion Rag_Doll_ 11 days ago

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