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I see Buddy never updated the security on this site. My browser is saying 'Not Secure'. 11 Pickle.Juice postallbear 17 days ago
Ok so I need a little help/advice in a situation - Ok so theres this girl... 10 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 20 days ago
Umm.. Oops! - I "Went To Bed" at about 8:10-ish PM. I look at t... 5 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 24 days ago
LET'S GIVE IT UP FOR MONTH 3 OF QUARANTINE - Classes ended a few weeks ag... 4 Catbug Emogirl1314 24 days ago
F*ck this - So I have been having long issues since late Jan. Pneumonia ... 39 tulip CuckingFunt 24 days ago
it's corona time again - you know it`ll ALWAYS win In all seriousness, I ... 10 Catbug Rag_Doll_ 25 days ago
Math Time - Halp? For her phone service, Jane pays a monthly fee of $15, ... 102 Damsel Damsel 25 days ago
Good morning - Hello... 17 10000cats amaqdrinker 25 days ago
I See No Mention Of... - The coronavirus that is in China. I`ve watched ... 405 Damsel CowDung 27 days ago
I forgot - today is my 67th birthday. Too much on my mind I guess.... 7 tulip Puller 28 days ago
Good morning - Stuck in the hospital. trump is hiding in his bunker.... 7 tulip Damsel 1 mo ago
Who is funnier Kai Chisaki from Bnha/My Hero Academia or Kakashi Hatake from Naruto? 35 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Just joined - Want to check out this website. ... 9 MagentaMovie Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Wasps. - Score so far this year is Me 2 Wasps 0. Which doesn`t sound so i... 12 The-Auditor peledavid16 1 mo ago
Ham bone ideas. - I have a ham bone and some hand. I want to make a soup... 147 amaqdrinker CowDung 1 mo ago
Oh hey der - It’s been a minute, this place looks dead I ran out o... 6 mollsasaur Damsel 1 mo ago
Ummm... - I just realized this website is older than me... Fun right? `~`... 14 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Ookers gonna ook - There`s this assclown running a Twitter account that i... 6 CroJu amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
So, I was dumped because of Quarantine. Thanks, Corona. - Okay, he didn... 99 eggsandrice Damsel 1 mo ago
Tonight is for cleaning and internet - Vacuum check Laundry going check E... 463 mousepelled mousepelled 1 mo ago
Still. Not. Dead - So thought I`d check in with you peons. You having a g... 6 strummerette postallbear 1 mo ago
Let's Play a Quarantine Game!!! - Two Truths and a Lie anyone? I shall st... 35 Krymson Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Never Too late - Three Days Grace - So I have really bad depression appar... 25 Emogirl1314 Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Ok, so I am curious.... - .... Which natural disaster out of the ones lis... 26 Krymson Emogirl1314 1 mo ago
Feel the pain and keep it all in till you die - What`s up, draters? I`m n... 32 CuckingFunt Emogirl1314 1 mo ago

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