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EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! - I need all of you guys to donate $50,000 to me s... 13 Krymson postallbear 6 days ago
first world problems: i had to have ice cream for breakfast because the freezer was slightly ajar from being so full 17 mysocks Damsel 7 days ago
Hi, and stuff... - How`s everyone doing?... 13 Brockgurl86 McKenzie123 8 days ago
there must have been a local lesbian commune of cat ladies who recently all decided to skip town 7 mysocks sexwithmydad 8 days ago
Off the market - For anyone not in the loop, I got engaged. The proposal... 32 racmoron racmoron 9 days ago
Getting ready for game time - Veggie burger with onions [image] And.. [i... 10 postallbear CowDung 11 days ago
Give me book recommendations (a journal) - I`ve decided that after years ... 22 Kraken CowDung 15 days ago
Making Journals When YT is Dead - I don’t know when/if someone will... 19 peledavid16 shortone_ 17 days ago
lets talk about jolly ranchers. (or any other sweet that is sure to induce diabetes) 19 eggsandrice Spoonerism 18 days ago
What? - What be the most illegal thing you’ve ever done? Tell me so... 8 BeastlyJ redreine 19 days ago
Doing a 2019 reflection. Come talk about your year, too. - NYE last year... 60 Liag redreine 19 days ago
I'm at least baking muffins. And sugar cookies if I feel like it. - Happ... 13 NicolesLove Damsel 21 days ago
New Years - Made it through b another year. Hope all is well with you an... 2 Rik_Khaos Spoonerism 22 days ago
Mind's eye blindness - My best friend insists that i can learn to see thi... 17 WonderLand42 mousepelled 22 days ago
Is it possible to overhype pho? - Partner`s first delicious beef soup exp... 30 orangefanta CowDung 23 days ago
15 years - it`s been ok.... 5 tulip tulip 23 days ago
some things i acquired over the christmas period - [image] a standing lam... 27 skyfish amaqdrinker 24 days ago
It’s like words. Don’t disengage. This is about books. - I&... 30 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 26 days ago
Musical Present advice - Okay My kid wants to make a weird band He has a ... 23 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 26 days ago
At 4am 2 men walk into my bedroom with a flashlight - It scared the hell ... 12 tulip tulip 27 days ago
In the new year, I'm going to become a plant dude. - Look at me, contribu... 64 cpayne NarcoticNico 28 days ago
Fill in the blank - God is I wish I could When I was five I wanted My gre... 15 Spoonerism Puller 29 days ago
Additional stress on top of your stress. - Work was intense as usual this... 45 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 30 days ago
A dying breed - are we. How are you bastards doing? Well, I hope. Life ... 39 Wasp. Slinky00 30 days ago
I went Facebook viral. #lifegoals - Wanna see? [link] 31 years old and so... 6 4evame Boredofu 1 mo ago

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