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Tonight is for cleaning and internet - Vacuum check Laundry going check E... 299 mousepelled Rag_Doll_ 40 mins ago
Quarintennis. - My serve is rusty. But it feels not bad. Second serve i... 12 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
I See No Mention Of... - The coronavirus that is in China. I`ve watched ... 365 Damsel Spoonerism 2 hrs ago
Grocery Ordering - I know some of you have utilized this service. I am h... 23 Damsel Sammy 7 hrs ago
Corona stockpile - Partner and I are about to grocery shop. Is anyone act... 222 orangefanta orangefanta 17 hrs ago
Coronavirus! Sh-t's real! - What`s up, f-ckers? How`s your quarantine go... 39 Wasp. mousepelled 20 hrs ago
Corona close to home - My brother-in-law has lost his uncle to this infec... 6 Boredofu Damsel 21 hrs ago
Not flying. - I’m not going away anymore. I’ve mentioned it ... 164 amaqdrinker CowDung 1 day ago
Site ReFound! - Was going through an old data file on a found flash/thumb... 5 cpuguy1 CowDung 2 days ago
Hello, I am new - What is this place all about?... 6 10000cats Puller 7 days ago
The Things That Make Me Nervous... - This is so weird. I just switched o... 40 Damsel Damsel 15 days ago
dammit. I have to have - a bronchoscopy next week.pulmonologist saw some... 5 tulip orangefanta 15 days ago
I think I will just delete my Fidelity app for a few months - How about t... 16 EmptyMisty Damsel 15 days ago
I am home sick with the flu or coronavirus - I have been sick with the fl... 19 skirtgirl2 Inquizitor2 16 days ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 719 cola 4evame 17 days ago
I’m not sure how many pills I took. - I was in the kitchen two or t... 59 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 20 days ago
So....this might be the wrong time to have allergies. - My throat is scra... 12 eggsandrice 4evame 21 days ago
I NEED MOD - My friend has been accused for no reason please pm me. Thank... 30 McKenzie123 Electric69 24 days ago
Hi, and stuff... - How`s everyone doing?... 14 Brockgurl86 Electric69 24 days ago
Just me doin me - In the last few weeks I: - turned 30 - got a promotion... 20 Liag Electric69 25 days ago
Think I'm craving something but I don't know what - Not to eat btw. Like,... 3 4evame 4evame 25 days ago
Off the market - For anyone not in the loop, I got engaged. The proposal... 34 racmoron snowbdr88 25 days ago
Getting ready for game time - Veggie burger with onions [image] And.. [i... 11 postallbear Bigoldmike 26 days ago
Who is your choice if you got a "Hall Pass" in your relationship? 56 Krymson BobtheBat 26 days ago
I got a fish! - His name is derpy derp because he looks derpy He’s... 16 McKenzie123 PodAwful 1 mo ago

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