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cauliflower soup and paranoia - i`m making a delicious soup (recipe to fo... 96 skyfish skyfish 1 hr ago
Hottie Thread Part II - Goddamn mods locked the old one. Slinky - I GUESS... 831 CuckingFunt CRA-Z_HEART 2 hrs ago
HEY GUYS GUESS WHERE I AM AND WHAT I'M DOING - My boyfriend invited me up... 12 sleepyhollow luckystar107 3 hrs ago
I Lost a Dear Old Friend, and Gentle Soul Friday. - Marv was 64. He bea... 1 Spratacus Spratacus 3 hrs ago
Wander what we have here. - So I just remembered stumbling onto this site... 17 TartarSauce TartarSauce 9 hrs ago
Does anyone watched The Masked Singer? (and various life issues) - I`m ki... 36 Kraken NicolesLove 10 hrs ago
Countdown until my laxative works - [image] I`ve been constipated all we... 49 CuckingFunt Spratacus 13 hrs ago
SHOW ME YOUR FACE - And I won`t delete this thread. I don`t even remember... 635 Kraken Oreo- 14 hrs ago
Because 5 am no sleep because ug - Wow you look like you have tuberculosi... 9 shakonomics skyfish 19 hrs ago
Sexy time clothes, love cookies, scented things, plants, boobs, babies, movies... 71 NicolesLove NicolesLove 1 day ago
How is my face. - Is something too much? The blush, the lipstick? Explana... 16 SleepyJean Hael 1 day ago
How Do They Do It? - What an eventful day. Husband got sick. Not sure i... 48 Damsel Damsel 1 day ago
A Fanta and four state troopers walk into a Latino restaurant - They wer... 126 orangefanta Boredofu 1 day ago
Hey *you*! Yes, you! I have something for you! 44 Rag_Doll_ Sammy 1 day ago
Suggest to me a rom-com, or just rom, for me to watch with my husband tomorrow night 69 NicolesLove NicolesLove 2 days ago
Ugh I hate phones - I wanted to cancel my siriusxm account today because ... 7 Hael CowDung 2 days ago
Hm I don't really see a difference - My phone had a notification pop up s... 19 Hael kateummslala 2 days ago
This little sh*tbag is using my gmail account to sign up for stuff - And ... 25 Sonita888 Sammy 3 days ago
Updates and advice needed. - Got my car fixed finally. Bought a new batte... 31 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 3 days ago
Hey guys, my husband is the perfect husband. - He said if we get really r... 30 womersley NicolesLove 3 days ago
college life - Wow, it`s been a while. I guess I should do a little life ... 7 Catbug catchall 3 days ago
I forgot to show you what Lilly got me for my birthday! (Nerd alert) - I ... 12 prettyluckyg birdsong4j 3 days ago
Post in here and I'll respond with something - Something? Anything! Song,... 35 LordGolden Inquizitor2 3 days ago
my sisters suggested a sibling tattoo idea based on a random song i didn't know. today i looked it up and it's a song about SCROOGE MCDUCK. talk about burying the lede 44 mysocks Boredofu 3 days ago
On day 3 of no talking - My husband said he likes me better like this (k... 75 luckystar107 luckystar107 4 days ago

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