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I keep neglecting this place O.O - I`m a horrible YT`er. :-( I haven`t b... 17 LoraHereWeGo cpayne 13 mins ago
Help? - So. I have a closet that`s the under the stairs kind but it has n... 48 WonderLand42 luckystar107 1 hr ago
I'm "white" but hate white people!? 8 AntiWhite womersley 2 hrs ago
It's finally here. - Due to emergency hearing situations, the furnace ins... 18 petitefleur WonderLand42 2 hrs ago
Tell me my cake looks pretty... 20 Sonita888 WonderLand42 2 hrs ago
Pondering how to remain a nice person without letting people walk all over me... 18 Schizotypal EhFahQ 12 hrs ago
When it all comes together.... - YT = why T = white [image]... 17 petitefleur chips2001 12 hrs ago
Our roommate got assaulted this morning - I`m not entirely sure what happ... 21 Pluvio jas88 16 hrs ago
Another photo edit to share with thee. - Now this one took some time to d... 22 _Jesse_ Kepi 17 hrs ago
You - You feminist liberals can kiss my buttcheks ... 26 BeastlyJ snarf 19 hrs ago
YOU!!!! as YOU ARE - [image] im going to play the wholesome game of laz... 510 cola mousepelled 20 hrs ago
Breathe in and get a bit higher 39 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
uggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!! - so today im moving most of the big stuff to my new ... 4 cola Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
solo birthday shenanigans - everyone got sick and/or respectfully declin... 16 j2moneyj2d2 NarcoticNico 2 days ago
question for you guys - Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport... 6 brandon00 theBSR 2 days ago
Tide pod dream - Remember those cake balls that someone on yt used to ma... 38 petitefleur luckystar107 2 days ago
When you're at a gathering and they start to say grace... - (If you`re no... 26 petitefleur mousepelled 2 days ago
I'm cleaning out my closet - And now the whole room is a mess. There`s st... 26 WonderLand42 NicolesLove 2 days ago
Goodbye Minnesota, Hello South Korea! - I got to South Korea on Friday. M... 20 sleepyhollow CowDung 2 days ago
what do you think about indie films? (and various aspects of my year so far) 25 Kraken Kraken 3 days ago
Lol - Hi :D haha XD just say hi for fun pls ... 6 Bunnyforeva CuckingFunt 3 days ago
Made the mistake of looking up an ex on facebook - Holy crap I woulda bee... 3 HylianNinja Avant-garde 3 days ago
download the google arts & culture app and post your historical doppelgangers here 63 shakonomics cpayne 4 days ago
Nostagia and melancholy - We had lunch in the old neighborhood today. I... 63 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 4 days ago
Youths! What the f-ck are you doing? - I just found out about this "... 89 Wasp. SleepyJean 4 days ago

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