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Moving sucks, but it's also exciting. - So this weekend we moved. Bigger ... 11 LiJasMom Rag_Doll_ 18 days ago
bro bumhole - [image] today there was a stupid guy at fed ex he typed eve... 7 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 18 days ago
the last thing you want to see on your phone after you masturbate - i gla... 27 shakonomics womersley 18 days ago
Hey - Good morning... 2 Chowaniec womersley 18 days ago
In the food court hating every thing with the old folks - I showed up at ... 5 SleepyJean womersley 18 days ago
What's the oldest thing in your house? - I spent most of today with my gr... 47 birdsong4j womersley 18 days ago
This was new on the bridge near my house - [image] Except (and this m... 21 SleepyJean womersley 18 days ago
For those of you who were worried that my son wasn't going to have an Easter.... 66 TWiseboober Damsel 18 days ago
This is a health-related journal - I had some sort of stomach bug this we... 25 sleepyhollow slinky0 19 days ago
I'm getting pretty sick of the relationship posts on my feed. - But I do... 36 SleepyJean SleepyJean 19 days ago
Next in line for driving test - Pray for me chicos :-X... 102 orangefanta Abzurd 19 days ago
Growing up - Do you ever look back on your middle school and high school ... 10 wolfchick123 Spoonerism 20 days ago
Stylish youthinkers - come help me! - I`m looking for a necklace/pendant ... 43 hamletsghost hamletsghost 20 days ago
post your recurring dream themes - a while ago, i made this list after re... 54 shakonomics WonderLand42 20 days ago
Interesting place you have here. - Hi, how are you? What`s new. I`m t... 30 Socio NarcoticNico 21 days ago
11,201 days - 11,201 days since I popped out of a womb on this planet. So... 7 shakonomics CuckingFunt 21 days ago
Zucchini bread/ Sara Gilbert/ Books/ Lion King/ Adulting/ Etc - I`m all b... 44 NicolesLove birdsong4j 21 days ago
Since yall are bored, I'll give you something to read - And look at. I`... 11 NicolesLove FoolsConvert 22 days ago
Happy Easter y'all. - I`m 115 days sober and feeling exceptionally gratef... 24 JulesDash CRA-Z_HEART 22 days ago
I'm beginning to suspect I'm not as handsome as ai think I am. - Either t... 64 snarf snarf 22 days ago
so i deleted all my posts because i am leaving youthink, and... - OK, Del... 10 AzureMorgan orangefanta 22 days ago
my roommate was being an bum opening to me so i roosterblocked her - ask ... 36 cola orangefanta 22 days ago
Hey ho, I'm Pippi! - [link] was one of my favorite movies as a kid! I fou... 30 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 23 days ago
my entire life has gone to sh*t and now I need to restart everything - W... 27 SleepyJean niccole 23 days ago
I suck at finishing projects - Got this done in under a week so I`m being... 13 birdsong4j birdsong4j 24 days ago

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