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trying not to freak out - Im getting the new floors installed and there ... 12 tulip tulip 27 days ago
I should be in advertising - Did this promo on the board today: [image]... 6 SleepyJean NarcoticNico 27 days ago
What things do you have to pay for that make you MAD? 81 Rag_Doll_ needs_ammo 28 days ago
To cake or not to cake - I googled a recipe for lemon poppyseed cake 4 ho... 18 needs_ammo NicolesLove 28 days ago
memory - i was 13 i had a friend that i`m pretty sure was evil one day i ... 10 shakonomics Spoonerism 28 days ago
Wilson Peak - We left home at 7:30AM, got to the trailhead by 10:30, summ... 11 FoolsConvert racmoron 29 days ago
A new diabetic lifestyle up in here - So, husband got diqgnosed on the c... 35 NicolesLove Spratacus 29 days ago
Hello - Hello all! I`m Galaxygirl 14 or Gg14 for short. I`m new to this w... 5 Galaxygirl14 needs_ammo 1 mo ago
I wanted to pretend that it was better on the phone. I didn't wanna tell you I was jealous and alone 3 cola Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
And last night I blacked out in my car and I woke up in my childhood bed. Wishing I was someone else, feeling sorry for myself. When I remembered, someone’s kid is dead. 17 CRA-Z_HEART orangefanta 1 mo ago
Journals: easier than therapy - <- - - - This is a photo of my actual... 11 needs_ammo needs_ammo 1 mo ago
Keep me company guys! - I`m in the big city waiting to get into a convert... 16 hamletsghost NarcoticNico 1 mo ago
Just making conversation... - So someone inspired me to drink, and someon... 39 needs_ammo Spratacus 1 mo ago
Why do I keep coming here? - I joined this site at 13 and lied about my a... 23 needs_ammo Orion 1 mo ago
Who speaks german/Dutch? - I think it`s one of those anyway. I tried to ... 13 NicolesLove needs_ammo 1 mo ago
If you were four teenagers in a ukulele class... - what songs would you w... 49 birdsong4j needs_ammo 1 mo ago
Time to make my yearly "I just remembered this site existed post" 10 endlessnova needs_ammo 1 mo ago
Maybe somebody knows how to fix this? - I can`t figure out the wording to... 6 FoolsConvert needs_ammo 1 mo ago
the last 20 movies i watched - PS i`m EXTREMELY horny today 1. Blackkklan... 12 shakonomics WonderLand42 1 mo ago
This invoice has been cancelled (33938) - I don`t know where that title ... 26 strummerette strummerette 1 mo ago
The universe is testing me and I didn’t get the study guide - What ... 7 Liag Liag 1 mo ago
Splurges... 255 Rag_Doll_ catchall 1 mo ago
Scary day - It started off as usual, chilling with my boy, knowing his da... 52 DoYouWash DoYouWash 1 mo ago
if it looks stupid but it works it's not stupid - so one of the ears on m... 15 skyfish Rag_Doll_ 1 mo ago
More than one of us are at this precise external location - Just got to s... 34 orangefanta orangefanta 1 mo ago

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