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I can finally relax - I finished my move. I did almost all of it myself, ... 8 EhFahQ Abzurd 21 days ago
frustrated in every possible way - [image] sexually time-wise life univ... 24 shakonomics CowDung 21 days ago
I have a hair question - The back of my head, crown maybe?, the hair is ... 6 NicolesLove SleepyJean 21 days ago
How are you going to ring in the new year? - I am going to be soaking in ... 65 SleepyJean luckystar107 22 days ago
Apology - For anyone who saw that first journal entry, i am sorry. I wasn... 3 LittleLeslie Sonita888 22 days ago
im drunk - india at this party so are all my best friends i did stand up... 8 cola Sa-Chan 22 days ago
the earth is flat - sorry i had to come out with this truth to you drater... 10 brandon00 SleepyJean 23 days ago
OMG, look what i found! - I am helping my parents with their move, ... 6 Sonita888 Sonita888 23 days ago
Secret Santa Wish List.. - Don`t forget to send in your name for secret s... 105 Sammy Sonita888 23 days ago
make me a mod - make me a mod.... 12 brandon00 skyfish 23 days ago
What's the weather like where you are, sleepyjean? - [image] [image]... 14 SleepyJean Spoonerism 24 days ago
Dead Friends & Facebook - I have a few friends on FB that are dead. ... 34 TWiseboober Boredofu 24 days ago
I need help making a graph in excel - I know next to nothing about excel ... 19 snarf snarf 24 days ago
i went back to the sticks - it had been a year and half since id seen my ... 14 HylianNinja Rag_Doll_ 24 days ago
13 years. - I`m not feeling so great.... 8 tulip tulip 24 days ago
Kepi and Cheerios - So, if you didn`t know, the Kepster equated the sme... 14 Spratacus HylianNinja 24 days ago
Ascending Decent. - Up and down. Moved all last night. Went up and down t... 13 EhFahQ EhFahQ 26 days ago
How often do you communicate with your S/O while you or they or both of you are at work? 34 Rag_Doll_ catchall 26 days ago
There's no going back. - So I ran out of patches two weeks ago and went a... 60 snarf snarf 27 days ago
I made a thing.... - It took me, like, MINUTES of back-breaking work to m... 14 Krymson Sonita888 28 days ago
merry xmas you guys - even though it`s still christmas eve so far it`s be... 18 skyfish SleepyJean 29 days ago
Novelty gift ribbon: $3.50. 2 Growlers ignore craft beer: $15/each - The... 4 SleepyJean SleepyJean 30 days ago
Advent Calendar Flashback - Cheeseking - [image]... 2 Sammy FoolsConvert 30 days ago
think I'm going to stop inviting my friends to dinner. - This is the thi... 28 SleepyJean Boredofu 30 days ago
Pardon me while I burst into flames 18 Rag_Doll_ Spratacus 1 mo ago

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