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talk to me - my roommates dog is being annoying as hell im drunk ok i did... 10 cola Dirt_ 13 days ago
I'm going to Iceland. - Or that`s what I am telling myself. I`ve never be... 27 EhFahQ catchall 15 days ago
Its just one of those daaaays, when I wanna be all alone - So, I don`t kn... 26 LoraHereWeGo LoraHereWeGo 16 days ago
Psst... hey you... awake people.... - WHATCHA DOOOOIN`? [image] ... 5 Krymson WigglesFT 16 days ago
The Black Man is Owed Sexual Reparations 1 AntiWhite AntiWhite 17 days ago
I need a new avatar - But I`m too lazy to look for anything. I`m watchin... 15 Spoonerism WigglesFT 17 days ago
wow boy am i stressed and trapped - so i moved into my new place and it k... 7 cola SleepyJean 17 days ago
i went camping for a few days - and it was great. hiking was beautiful, f... 10 j2moneyj2d2 4evame 17 days ago
A Journaly Journal of Journaly Things - It`s early in the morning. I`m s... 13 NicolesLove snarf 17 days ago
Embarrassing bedroom stories - Its life! It happens to us all. It still d... 28 LoraHereWeGo CowDung 17 days ago
I joined tinder and it gave me a headache. - Really, I just wanted to win... 12 drivingtena Sa-Chan 17 days ago
Tattoo poll - Ok. What are the chances I can get a tattoo? I`ve wanted ... 15 NicolesLove womersley 17 days ago
What did you do, today? - [image] I spent the day shredding with Olymp... 43 snowbdr88 womersley 19 days ago
Kill Whitey 4 AntiWhite _Ghoul_ 19 days ago
I'm just gonna complain here for a bit.. - My friend just called me to te... 18 hamletsghost hamletsghost 20 days ago
You know what, I'll just make a journal - Instead of rambling all throug... 34 NicolesLove Sonita888 20 days ago
Good news everyone - So at work I`ve been moved to the part time audit po... 14 CRA-Z_HEART michrich 22 days ago
I am less than the sum, I am parts of the whole, There is something missing, There is something I stole 18 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 22 days ago
Had my first YT dream last night. - It was rather odd. In this dream, I w... 8 _Jesse_ _Jesse_ 23 days ago
to-do lists and life bits - It`s 8 pm and I wasted the day but maybe I ca... 30 LordGolden catchall 23 days ago
US vs UK - I`ve officially been in this country for a year. I will now ... 134 Spoonerism peledavid16 23 days ago
When you work at 2pm, you can get baked in the tub at 11. - I love baths ... 8 SleepyJean CowDung 24 days ago
I'm "white" but hate white people!? 14 AntiWhite womersley 25 days ago
Tell me my cake looks pretty... 56 Sonita888 Sonita888 25 days ago
question for you guys - Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport... 9 brandon00 womersley 26 days ago

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