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im drunk bookgroup good - at the guys house at swim two boys a great drat... 25 skyfish CowDung 11 days ago
So i took a little break from college... - But i finally reapplied. I fe... 11 Orion Orion 11 days ago
We're all burning! - This smoke from yesterday. It`s around 10 miles away... 16 FoolsConvert FoolsConvert 11 days ago
A post that's not about moving. Mostly. Well. Not directly. - I need t... 17 NicolesLove Damsel 12 days ago
I am so so SO bored. - I`ve been irritable all day. I can`t tell if it`s ... 19 sleepyhollow Orion 12 days ago
Challenges - Waking up next to boyfriend means you can`t just sleepily le... 38 orangefanta WigglesFT 12 days ago
I think Spotify is trying to kill me - I don’t know what I listened... 6 Disappears EhFahQ 12 days ago
Strummerette messes up monumental style. - Here is something for you guys... 47 strummerette CuckingFunt 13 days ago
I’m being haunted by some panty ghost - Last night at work a little... 27 Liag theBSR 13 days ago
Family history - being originally from Pike county Ky. I found this old ... 15 tulip tulip 13 days ago
Age appropriate music - When i think of 50 year olds, i think of Elvis mu... 196 WonderLand42 bgraham23 13 days ago
What kind of bird is this? - https://youtu.be/bWhyrPpP3Xk And bird I mea... 10 SleepyJean blindmanpb 13 days ago
JESUS CHRIST - from various ages: "The doctor was reading another on... 22 shakonomics Rag_Doll_ 14 days ago
Consultation is over, appointment is in two weeks. - Bill is about to bec... 10 CRA-Z_HEART HylianNinja 15 days ago
Need opinion on wedding gift quandry... 21 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 15 days ago
This is my balcony. What should I do with it? - Since my roommate left I ... 37 SleepyJean luckystar107 15 days ago
"But It's Not Fair" - My nephew works full time, for a large co... 19 Damsel peddlefish 15 days ago
if you took a break with a significant other and they slept with someone else would you take them back? 41 Cali_Brad racmoron 15 days ago
Hottie Thread - Let`s have a hottie thread. Post `em. Any of you 80s fags... 1001 CuckingFunt slinky0 16 days ago
Without context - Today I texted someone "I`d totally smoke your dic... 62 shakonomics shakonomics 16 days ago
I miss my ex - I am deeply depressed and didn`t know where else to go. I... 20 Cali_Brad Rag_Doll_ 16 days ago
im a little faggot, short and stout - this is my assh*ole, this is my mou... 7 Chowaniec Cali_Brad 16 days ago
Well, f*ck you, that my is fridge shelf! - So, the vietnamees... 12 Sonita888 catchall 16 days ago
I have a crush on a girl - who works at a cafe that I go to all the time.... 19 shakonomics shakonomics 16 days ago
wish me happy birthday bitches - Meh kinda day. pollen is crazy and made... 19 tulip theBSR 16 days ago

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