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Edited for bad words: Baby daddies suck - Asked my baby`s dad to take him... 47 DoYouWash DoYouWash 16 days ago
DRAKE TONIGHT - ITS MY BDAY, NEW YEARS, XMAS ALL ROLLED IN TO ONE DAY I w... 14 racmoron racmoron 16 days ago
- Just want to meet the man who can empathize & consider my feelin... 88 orangefanta LordGolden 16 days ago
i found a broken screw in my bowl of fruity pebbles... i wonder if i can finesse my way into getting free pebs 4 lyfe out of this... (also kitten pics) 16 mysocks kateummslala 16 days ago
what the poo - I`m bored, you guys we are learning binary math right now ... 49 NarcoticNico skyfish 17 days ago
Deactivated my Facebook last night - Drunken decision, but i think a heal... 18 Orion catchall 17 days ago
No matter how I look at it, I really should kill myself - I will never co... 17 Loptr Loptr 17 days ago
What should i bake? Help! - My husband has a work picnic thing. Im suppo... 26 NicolesLove NarcoticNico 17 days ago
Kickin it op old school - Ask me anything! And i`ll ask you something bac... 25 WonderLand42 Rag_Doll_ 17 days ago
You said you would communicate better. So what, will you send me a tea soaked letter? 27 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 18 days ago
It has come to my attention that I'm quieter than normal - My boss said ... 7 snarf michrich 19 days ago
im so close to getting my sh-t together - after september i will no longe... 63 cola catchall 19 days ago
Meal plans and saving money - How is it that whenever you call to cancel ... 33 Spoonerism Boredofu 19 days ago
Random! - Would you like to share any interesting stories? :))... 18 Bunnyforeva Bunnyforeva 20 days ago
hey i hate to do this...but - im making a separate thread cause i know no... 19 cola CuckingFunt 20 days ago
I have BIG LIFE NEWS - I`m pregnant!... 27 SleepyJean Sonita888 21 days ago
back on the road - where to next? am in the process of packing up and wra... 14 photon photon 21 days ago
Pumpkin Spice This, Pumpkin Spice That - Pumpkin Spice everything, everyw... 71 Damsel postallbear 21 days ago
I'm not even mad, I'm just disappointed. - Look, I`m participating in the... 20 cpayne WigglesFT 22 days ago
my milkweed brings all the monarchs to the yard - Beauties. [image] P.s ... 6 petitefleur petitefleur 23 days ago
This carrot - [image]... 8 SleepyJean Abzurd 23 days ago
So let me ask you guys something... - Hey there. Been a while. I have a h... 7 StabbyHorse SleepyJean 23 days ago
Now tell the dead man you’re the one who’s dying. - Christ, C... 16 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 24 days ago
Anyway.. - I just need to write out this journal because it`s too late in... 9 hamletsghost hamletsghost 24 days ago
Does anyone have a popsocket? 39 Rag_Doll_ peddlefish 24 days ago

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