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survey - yay or nay: sleeping with your friends exes discuss ... 43 j2moneyj2d2 womersley 4 days ago
I'm going to new York in January, questions for people - So this will be ... 26 lizzywizzy luckystar107 4 days ago
Going to Dublin, send me your list of things I must see! - I`ll be there ... 9 slinky0 Boredofu 4 days ago
do you believe in God? - well............. DO you?????????????????... 14 Chowaniec womersley 4 days ago
got my feelings hurt - hey happy 14 year anniversary to me. I`ll add cont... 62 racmoron jealousblues 4 days ago
I'm Sorry... - Greetings! I apologize for being gone for so long. I got ... 5 RozettaMist RozettaMist 4 days ago
i just found a NASTY photo on wikipedia. a NASTY NASTY photo. - let me kn... 43 shakonomics womersley 5 days ago
You like Brazilian music? - I`ve got nothing but love for you, YT. Someti... 35 cpayne womersley 5 days ago
Lol - Hi :D haha XD just say hi for fun pls ... 11 Bunnyforeva Bunnyforeva 5 days ago
Why do people make such a big deal out of suicide? - I`ve finished making... 59 Loptr Sonita888 5 days ago
Do you guys wanna hear a story? - This is a story about my friend "... 42 LoraHereWeGo Boredofu 5 days ago
Dairy free - I`m thinking of going dairy free for a few weeks to see if ... 32 Spoonerism racmoron 5 days ago
Favorite Foods - What is your favorite food? Mine is either pizza, nachos... 14 RozettaMist RozettaMist 5 days ago
Draw a picture of what you did today - I worked [image]... 30 WonderLand42 shakonomics 7 days ago
what's your password? - share it here mine is skyfish... 31 skyfish womersley 7 days ago
What happened to Michael Jackson? - He hasn`t been appearing in the media... 3 cronch TWiseboober 7 days ago
Am I being unreasonable? - I`m trying to pick up shifts at work because h... 12 SleepyJean Boredofu 7 days ago
Pizza Thursday - Happy pizza Thursday guys. Although I prefer pizza on ... 22 Spoonerism NicolesLove 8 days ago
talk to me - my roommates dog is being annoying as hell im drunk ok i did... 10 cola Dirt_ 9 days ago
I'm going to Iceland. - Or that`s what I am telling myself. I`ve never be... 27 EhFahQ catchall 10 days ago
Its just one of those daaaays, when I wanna be all alone - So, I don`t kn... 26 LoraHereWeGo LoraHereWeGo 11 days ago
Psst... hey you... awake people.... - WHATCHA DOOOOIN`? [image] ... 5 Krymson WigglesFT 12 days ago
The Black Man is Owed Sexual Reparations 1 AntiWhite AntiWhite 12 days ago
I need a new avatar - But I`m too lazy to look for anything. I`m watchin... 15 Spoonerism WigglesFT 12 days ago
wow boy am i stressed and trapped - so i moved into my new place and it k... 7 cola SleepyJean 12 days ago

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