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YOU!!!! as YOU ARE - [image] im going to play the wholesome game of laz... 447 cola Dirt_ 10 mins ago
Youths! What the f-ck are you doing? - I just found out about this "... 79 Wasp. Wasp. 23 mins ago
Breathe in and get a bit higher 35 Rag_Doll_ birdsong4j 1 hr ago
Another photo edit to share with thee. - Now this one took some time to d... 5 _Jesse_ slinky0 14 hrs ago
Down with capitalism, amirite? - Capitalism is a disease. it preys on the... 12 Nobes peledavid16 16 hrs ago
can toenails be recycled? - i cut my toenails today well actually i picke... 9 Wreshy Boredofu 21 hrs ago
I ordered the CD's - I am actually excited. I have 150 cd`s of our new EP... 6 EhFahQ KylesCousin 1 day ago
Need adults for advice - Today as any angry teen does, got into a fight ... 19 eggplant8 eggplant8 1 day ago
What did you do, today? - [image] I spent the day shredding with Olymp... 24 snowbdr88 cola 1 day ago
Does anyone else feel like a number follows them? - I`m sure it`s because... 56 petitefleur mousepelled 2 days ago
download the google arts & culture app and post your historical doppelgangers here 52 shakonomics birdsong4j 2 days ago
I went from a size 0-1 Juniors all the way to size 1-2 Womens. - Obviousl... 21 womersley womersley 2 days ago
(No Subject) - Found out this morning an old partner died. He`d retired ... 4 Pluvio womersley 2 days ago
What is the worsIt part about getting older to you? - For me it would hav... 96 EhFahQ womersley 2 days ago
its time 4 cola kateummslala 2 days ago
solo birthday shenanigans - everyone got sick and/or respectfully declin... 12 j2moneyj2d2 kateummslala 2 days ago
its friday night. it’s 10:30. the kids are tucked in bed, you’re pouring a glass of wine. welcome to Youthink.. After Dark! 55 cola womersley 3 days ago
Sooo. A friend mine probably murdered his wife couple weeks back. - And ... 44 trainwrec catchall 3 days ago
I feel the need for adventure - I haven`t had adventure in forever (New Y... 16 hamletsghost hamletsghost 3 days ago
Any one vape here? - Hello, just wonder any one vape here? Show me some o... 12 james0712 mousepelled 4 days ago
THIS IS NOT A DRILL... what would you do? 8 Sammy NicolesLove 4 days ago
I have a sad - Why can`t things just be? Why does it always have to be so... 6 WonderLand42 womersley 4 days ago
I love clothes, and shoes. But I HATE wearing shoes. - I finally hung up... 33 EmptyMisty womersley 4 days ago
question for you guys - Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport... 5 brandon00 womersley 4 days ago
ROLL CALL - here... 71 skyfish Dirt_ 5 days ago

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