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uadio journal o me duner influence of thing to make me drowst - that`s i ... 6 shakonomics Spratacus 1 hr ago
First time making plates! - [image] [image] [image] [image] [image] [im... 7 FoolsConvert Sammy 2 hrs ago
U AS U R - I don`t see a new thread and i want to photowhore so here we ... 778 Oreo- Oreo- 4 hrs ago
Oh. 500 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 4 hrs ago
If you date your only friend - Then you have no friends if you break up. ... 5 mousepelled mousepelled 5 hrs ago
pixel dungeon - does anyone else play the game pixel dungeon?? I used to ... 7 puckleknuck womersley 5 hrs ago
wanna feel old? 44 Kraken Kraken 5 hrs ago
I bought a bunch of dresses and wanna wh*re 'em - [image] I have a thir... 9 SleepyJean birdsong4j 6 hrs ago
6625 Post Dedication - I dedicate this post to skyfish. Hello, skyfish!... 5 womersley shakonomics 7 hrs ago
I attempted to wax for the first time - It did not go well. After 2 hour... 7 NicolesLove petitefleur 7 hrs ago
Phone games - what are some of your favorite phone games?? mine are pixel... 9 puckleknuck birdsong4j 10 hrs ago
Thanks for a fun and less over the phone or arm and less of a terrible joke. 11 womersley CuckingFunt 11 hrs ago
can’t be emo forever :/ - so most of my music contains emo stuff or... 27 puckleknuck womersley 11 hrs ago
Hottie Thread - Let`s have a hottie thread. Post `em. Any of you 80s fags... 903 CuckingFunt WigglesFT 18 hrs ago
I am a first time mother, so sue me - Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am whoring thes... 15 DoYouWash niccole 1 day ago
I super don’t belong here - Not here yt But here this bar at this f... 7 Liag mysocks 1 day ago
Let the door swing. 18 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
Boy or Girl? - In 5 hours I will know what gender my baby will be born wi... 75 WigglesFT DoYouWash 1 day ago
coincidences make me paranoid - so just earlier, my boss decided to order... 23 skyfish puckleknuck 1 day ago
do me a favor - it costs no money it costs less than 10 seconds of your t... 32 cola cola 1 day ago
perceived feelings of abandonment - i`m feeling really abandoned by my pa... 10 j2moneyj2d2 mousepelled 1 day ago
I will wait for Oreo - Best thing ever. See the next post. I did a lot to... 28 EhFahQ EhFahQ 1 day ago
Venus - People are forever tagging me in crochet patterns that I almost a... 10 birdsong4j mousepelled 2 days ago
A couple thangs. - •this hemp lip stuff has a slight cat urnine sme... 13 petitefleur orangefanta 2 days ago
Some photos from the concert I went to tonight. - I saw Phoebe Bridgers. ... 11 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 2 days ago

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