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Man, It's some fxcked up shxt... - So, I don`t really give a shxt wha... 35 Kepi michrich 21 mins ago
I've been here 10 years and you know nothing about me! - This was my summ... 17 3 mehs 3 mehs 1 hr ago
I came here to hunt down old photos, but decided to post new ones. - And ... 9 drivingtena Abzurd 1 hr ago
Tahoe anyone? - Curious if anyone has lived there or what the feeling in ... 8 snowbdr88 Rag_Doll_ 1 hr ago
That's some news I wasn't prepared for when I woke up today... - Woke up,... 89 UberRoxor Rag_Doll_ 1 hr ago
whats bothering you - yeah i want the little petty sh*t thats not worth c... 187 HylianNinja CuckingFunt 1 hr ago
I hate texting. 22 SleepyJean hamletsghost 2 hrs ago
The YIN and YANG - aka i`ll compliment you and roast you Come on in... 119 cola theBSR 2 hrs ago
it turns out doing a thing wasn't so bad - so i went to the wedding party... 3 skyfish Cheese King 2 hrs ago
you as you is - [image] as i had been earlier today. now it`s your tur... 846 Liag Abzurd 7 hrs ago
Asuka - [image] [image] she`s way into her litterbox right now... 65 Disappears racmoron 8 hrs ago
I want a cheese toastie! - I got a real bad craving for a cheese toastie... 81 WigglesFT Mispelled 9 hrs ago
someone tell me if my okcupid profile is any good - pm me uh in other new... 8 cola LadyMarbles 9 hrs ago
Come in here and I will describe you in five words. - I`ve been really li... 239 sleepyhollow Kraken 12 hrs ago
Describe the role that sex plays in your life - sex as in sexual activity... 50 shakism Kraken 13 hrs ago
My do's and don'ts at social gatherings - There no hungover mood After ... 11 Avant-garde Abzurd 15 hrs ago
Pandora Radio is really bustin' my balls - All I wanted was song that sou... 5 myneckmyback Mispelled 18 hrs ago
Life is hard. - I have a problem. There is an achievement on Tomb Raider ... 9 EhFahQ UberRoxor 19 hrs ago
I can't stop losing weight - It`s almost annoying. Like, I was fat most ... 19 Ahmed slinky0 1 day ago
Double Rainbow All The Way. 16 SleepyJean Mispelled 1 day ago
But I wouldn't give you tuppence for your old watch chain Old iron, old iron. 8 michrich Mispelled 1 day ago
Gitchy, gitchy. Ooh la la. Da doo ron ron. You wont get far. - https://yo... 12 EhFahQ Kepi 1 day ago
Has anyone here had a jehovah's witness try to give them literature at work? 38 shakism sleepyhollow 1 day ago
i basically don't run anymore. - it`s been a while. pushing two weeks no... 16 amaqdrinker spacepeanut 1 day ago
I had a dream about Shak's dad - But he was just a voice in the kitchen.... 12 WonderLand42 shakism 2 days ago

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