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Yay band troubles - Backstory: Two friends live in madison. Band mate an... 21 PsychicFat PsychicFat 19 mins ago
So did I mention I had a fight with my best friend on his wedding day? 15 LoraHereWeGo Spoonerism 22 mins ago
YOU YOU ARE AS - i hit wrong buttons sometimes okay guys... 962 HylianNinja CuckingFunt 1 hr ago
what kinds of decent entry level jobs exist? - That don`t require schooli... 61 mousepelled Pluvio 1 hr ago
The cat got a bath today. In actual water. - It was not intended. I was t... 5 drivingtena luckystar107 2 hrs ago
blackbird77 met krm's gf and i have been tasked with capturing the essence of the meetup 15 mysocks Sa-Chan 5 hrs ago
Things happening in my life - So things have been kinda sh*tty, since uni... 18 spacepeanut UberRoxor 5 hrs ago
My computer is running like a slug. 24 Socio Avant-garde 9 hrs ago
Speaking of the post office... - Mousepelled`s journal reminded me of a s... 19 Spoonerism TWiseboober 11 hrs ago
Hey guys look at me still alive - tried to do my assignment today, but th... 12 kateummslala kateummslala 14 hrs ago
My roommate chews with her mouth open. - She sets fifteen alarms in the m... 61 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 16 hrs ago
At a bar - In allston. Well see if anyone talks to me.... 41 createauser mousepelled 19 hrs ago
another creep story - Got a message from a man on of that stated he saw m... 10 tulip Boredofu 21 hrs ago
Im graduating!!!! - [image]... 26 cola redreine 1 day ago
Revising bad, vodka good, rambling on awesome. - I`ve decided to post a ... 25 peledavid16 lizzywizzy 1 day ago
Shhhhh. Listen to me. I need costume suggestions. Pls. - So I`m in DC bl... 44 Liag theBSR 1 day ago
feelinn real drating fancy tonight - so what you do is, you get some real... 48 skyfish skyfish 1 day ago
They want me. - I heard back from Teach For America today. They accepted ... 26 BlackBird77 orangefanta 1 day ago
Difficult Choices - As some of you know, I`ve been looking at opening a B... 89 slinky0 theBSR 1 day ago
Talk shxt, get hit, I guess. - There`s a mix of conservatives and liberal... 163 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 1 day ago
I'm pretty classy.... - That is unless you come knocking on my door spoil... 32 michrich slinky0 2 days ago
DEBATE SH*TPOSTING THREAD - It`s starting. Feel free to post anything her... 303 CuckingFunt tulip 2 days ago
Does it feel like Christmas to you? - I don`t know, something in the air... 15 LoraHereWeGo Sammy 2 days ago
my crush!!!!!!! <3 - Today my friend told me Law said he loves me whic... 1 puppylover99 puppylover99 2 days ago
So in this last stage of pregnancy I have lost my ability to not fight on the internet 73 prettyluckyg cpayne 2 days ago

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