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A day in my exciting life... - Woke up and caught a magnemite, banged my... 12 LiJasMom LiJasMom 9 mins ago
whiskey drunk voice ama LETS GO - HURRY HURRY HURRY NO STORK PICTURES PLE... 54 cola cola 2 hrs ago
I have updates to give! - 1. Crazy Asian lady - there is a trial on Thurs... 7 Lilly!!! chips2001 5 hrs ago
What do you guys think of this Myers-Briggs crap? - So, I took the test. ... 60 sleepyhollow _Ghoul_ 5 hrs ago
Holiday in South Africa photos - Let`s start with the best book store eve... 41 UberRoxor theBSR 5 hrs ago
So i might die - I got called in to do night spraying at work tonight. It... 5 CRA-Z_HEART mysocks 6 hrs ago
I have a date tonight, with a girl! 14 Socio Sammy 6 hrs ago
Ruin a celebrity. - Journal: I have to go to a funeral on Saturday in San... 142 EhFahQ Sammy 7 hrs ago
real human bean - and a real hero i just rewatched drive it turns out osc... 109 skyfish skyfish 7 hrs ago
I actually did stuff - this weekend. Went to fall out boy concert with m... 23 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 7 hrs ago
Today feels like the best day ever - I mean, it`s not, of course. I`ve h... 11 sleepyhollow Abzurd 8 hrs ago
YT Chi-Town update - Saturday August 5th We have a few plans for the day ... 163 theBSR theBSR 10 hrs ago
A lady legit just burped in my f*cking ear on the phone. 43 Rag_Doll_ Kraken 16 hrs ago
Wedding fiascos - So yeah the wedding was fun. Except for this drunk unc... 50 PsychicFat theBSR 16 hrs ago
Our first day alone :( - Daddy is back to... 9 EmptyMisty JulesDash 19 hrs ago
My Roo dog died yesterday - and I`m not doing well... I left her with my ... 49 prettyluckyg prettyluckyg 19 hrs ago
unfortunate movie theater experiences - my mom had gotten a gift card to ... 74 Disappears theBSR 1 day ago
today i seem to be being in the right place at the right time 7 mysocks mysocks 1 day ago
Idk - I overthink I swear....... I need to get my mind of things so idk w... 7 iggypop123 CuckingFunt 1 day ago
Ask each other anything - If someone ITT asks you a question you must ans... 367 orangefanta CRA-Z_HEART 1 day ago
back to school back to school magic bullet bullet school to magic school bullet back 28 kateummslala kateummslala 1 day ago
YoU aS yOu ArE - Boom I`m all alone in a deserted empty police station. ... 919 melly1000 CowDung 1 day ago
Post a picture that reminds you of a YTer. - Journal: I played a bunch of... 43 EhFahQ Rag_Doll_ 1 day ago
Why is everything so harrrrrrrrd - I have to write a resume I hate stupid... 19 hamletsghost orangefanta 1 day ago
Knowwhere to live , help plz info or anything - Me my wife and our 4 mon... 7 Samurai400 UberRoxor 1 day ago

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