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Weird YT dream - Well, there was only one yter but that counts, right? A... 3 redreine Disappears 1 hr ago
En route to the safari park - We`re going to a walk through safari park a... 33 WigglesFT WigglesFT 3 hrs ago
hello everyone - hello everyone :) ... 2 lostgirl1997 bgraham23 4 hrs ago
Patriotic butt hurt. - You hear some foozball player won`t stand during a... 35 EhFahQ CowDung 5 hrs ago
YOU ARE AS YOU - OOOPS SORRY A PURGE HAPPENED... 508 HylianNinja redreine 5 hrs ago
strange - got out of my car about an hour ago, 3 am some lady drives up t... 5 j2moneyj2d2 Mispelled 7 hrs ago
I do not have an umbrella - and I can`t remember the last time I owned on... 47 Mispelled Mispelled 7 hrs ago
I applied to Spirit and I'm not going to Sweden. - It`s most likely that ... 8 PsychicFat PsychicFat 10 hrs ago
I'm having a kid. - Well my wife is any way. Didn`t take us long trying.... 18 Rik_Khaos Rik_Khaos 11 hrs ago
The first person to tell me happy birthday was my best friend's boyfriend 23 redreine redreine 19 hrs ago
unfortunate movie theater experiences - my mom had gotten a gift card to ... 79 Disappears Disappears 19 hrs ago
Today would be her 23rd birthday. - I`d like to get down to the cemetery ... 8 sleepyhollow PsychicFat 21 hrs ago
Worst wedding DJ ever. - I was at my brother in laws wedding tonight. The... 5 Rik_Khaos TWiseboober 1 day ago
I almost got scammed. - Over a job, of all things. First clue something w... 2 drivingtena hamletsghost 1 day ago
Um? I think maybe we are on different pages? - I`ve been kinda hanging o... 45 sleepyhollow UberRoxor 1 day ago
CALLING COLORADO PEOPLE - Or people who have visited a lot/have family th... 191 Mispelled thisone1 1 day ago
Rob is going to get a new tattoo. 20 thisone1 thisone1 1 day ago
Holy shi I love my new job. - So on Tuesday morning. I decided I was done... 21 CRA-Z_HEART PsychicFat 2 days ago
THE MOST PRODUCTIVE SATURDAY MORNING THERE EVER WAS - i have -watched the... 14 skyfish hamletsghost 2 days ago
Visiting New York. - OK, I do know YT isn`t a travel site, I also know we... 35 MrHorn griffin_wf 2 days ago
The YT curse continues. - I shared too much info - including a picture -... 40 Liag Liag 2 days ago
Why do people find it so odd that I'm 26, and don't have a drivers license? 110 LoraHereWeGo Sammy 2 days ago
Remember my skeezy coworker journals? 49 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 2 days ago
Why do rushes always happen when you decide to go on a break? - Trying to... 4 Pluvio LoraHereWeGo 2 days ago
We had tornadoes last night. - Another 11 hour work day for me. But I d... 15 Spratacus Spratacus 3 days ago

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