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Guilty_Spark's Demotivational Journal. - Tell me what you`re planning to ... 1 Guilty_Spark Guilty_Spark 3 mins ago
do you like bass? do you, do you like bass? - either a. i`m still not ove... 4 Liag WigglesFT 31 mins ago
I feel like making a journal. So I am. It's about nothing though. 9 Socio hamletsghost 43 mins ago
I'll tell you what I think of you. - I know you bastards love validation.... 58 Wasp. hamletsghost 55 mins ago
does anyone ~like~ sectional sofas? - I think I`d rather have a sofa, lo... 14 petitefleur Socio 2 hrs ago
Kateummslala's motivational journal - Feeling down? Need a pick me up? Y... 24 kateummslala Socio 2 hrs ago
Trivia Crack - send me hearts plz i am bored Should I a) reorganize my ki... 10 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 5 hrs ago
i logged in today expecting a threesome journal - specifically a bb/krm t... 14 Disappears griffin_wf 5 hrs ago
3 - THIRD JOURNAL ENTERY!!... 5 Imgonnadie7 Imgonnadie7 6 hrs ago
Things I want to buy, and have the money to buy, but can't actually make myself buy 14 menfearme15 catchall 6 hrs ago
Bored - I`m bored so ya anyone want to talk?... 2 Dead_time CuckingFunt 6 hrs ago
You as you are, Canadian Edition. Sorry! - It`s winter. Go! [image]... 428 Spratacus Kraken 7 hrs ago
Life - Hey everyone take my quizzes please and i love my social friends!... 8 MyEspinosaBa Wasp. 7 hrs ago
I want to go on a cruise. 9 SleepyJean Rag_Doll_ 8 hrs ago
My art journal - Since this technically is called a "journal" I... 97 MangakaChez MangakaChez 8 hrs ago
So I cut my hair off - Feel free to sh.t on my life choices. [image]... 118 Loptr snarf 8 hrs ago
I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints and then I smoke two more. 19 thisone1 thisone1 9 hrs ago
HAPPY! - austin makes me feel happy everytime i look at his messages.... 2 NashGisMyBae Galia 9 hrs ago
HAPPY! - austin makes me feel happy everytime i look at his messages.... 1 NashGisMyBae NashGisMyBae 10 hrs ago
more coffee would probably just create a greater confused cloudiness - [i... 4 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 10 hrs ago
For the - Dirty minds only post anything dirty minded ... 75 PempEadan amaqdrinker 10 hrs ago
I think YT is slipping into the coma that marks the beginning of the end. 42 DaveW LadyMarbles 11 hrs ago
Apparently cheating has a new meaning. - Asking people directly for answe... 45 PsychicFat theBSR 11 hrs ago
Any lawyers in the house? - What are these journal things even for, anywh... 7 Scrufflepuff Scrufflepuff 13 hrs ago
pay no mind, just need a pic-dump so I can see this on a bigger screen 1 JassonM31 JassonM31 13 hrs ago

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