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YAY NEW TATTOO!!!! 6 Socio Wasp. Brand New
I have a problem that doesn't seem like a problem but trust me it is - Ok... 10 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow Brand New
i need help - so this dude is bothering me and my friend, and I`m mad, so... 11 D3MON_G1RL D3MON_G1RL 2 mins ago
Neighbors - I live in an apartment complex and everytime someone moves o... 8 _Jeffwee_ Wasp. 2 mins ago
what is your go to curse word/phrase? - whenever i hurt myself or do some... 110 Disappears D3MON_G1RL 8 mins ago
I had a dream that she was ok - Everything was a big mistake and it wasn`... 6 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 15 mins ago
yt drama is always so amusing - i can`t sleep (journal lol) so i want you... 65 oreo-rocks Sa-Chan 56 mins ago
Movin' to China? - I have a friend of a friend do that a few years ago. S... 38 ClarencY ClarencY 1 hr ago
Serves four? Lol ok Kraft dinner whatever you say 8 SleepyJean SleepyJean 1 hr ago
Ready to gank some freaks! - With my collection of flannel shirts, this ... 6 JassonM31 thisone1 1 hr ago
YOU AS YOU ARE #51 - ...and go.... 318 snowbdr88 thisone1 1 hr ago
Ain't Fall Grand - Seriously, best time of the year. Coziness abounds. Sc... 2 Cahauburn thisone1 1 hr ago
Stuff 3 spacepeanut thisone1 1 hr ago
it's so tempting - [image] TAKE THIS GIF AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEE i want t... 3 shakira2 thisone1 1 hr ago
Hi Everyone :D - First time on You Think :D Looking forward to make and m... 3 Leela08 thisone1 2 hrs ago
ugs - i feel so ashamed... 16 purpletear thisone1 2 hrs ago
Right now, I'd rather repeatadly poke myself in the eye with a fountain pen than inherit a lot of $$$. :-/ 13 sander Streetwalker 3 hrs ago
detention - debating wether or not i should go i mean i only got 3 tardie... 13 6996 snowbdr88 3 hrs ago
Saw this on facebook - thoughts? - Ok .....so due to the fact i had 20-25... 59 snowbdr88 snowbdr88 3 hrs ago
Subject??? For this - I`m so f*cking depressed and bored out of my mind... 17 MacKenzieD MacKenzieD 4 hrs ago
A question. - Do you love Tony Two-Times? He loves Jeffrey.... 1 _Jesse_ _Jesse_ 4 hrs ago
well i bored - who want to talk n be nice? n no i don`t need help typing.... 12 jeff123 purpletear 4 hrs ago
Pink Converse - What ever happened to that gal?... 43 Cahauburn redreine 5 hrs ago
I wish people were nice on here. - Please people be nice to each other. T... 31 james133 james133 6 hrs ago
Caffeine is the ultimate drug. - I can`t seem to quit it. I decided I wan... 67 Kraken Kraken 6 hrs ago

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