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i'm freaked out - i just got a random phone call from a No ID number and ... 37 j2moneyj2d2 bgraham23 5 mins ago
Anyone around for an AMA? - Just me? Well it`s all right, `cause it`s mid... 85 Cheese King Cheese King 14 mins ago
i've got a psychiatrist appointment today - i get the feeling that the pu... 51 amaqdrinker kateummslala 1 hr ago
call me a ffaggot - proceed... 25 HylianNinja Cheese King 2 hrs ago
Week Four - So I reconnected with a wonderful woman I dated 17 years ag... 304 Spratacus Sammy 2 hrs ago
the u haul lesbian is real 53 LordGolden shakira2 2 hrs ago
halloween - tbh i aint got nothin to do... 4 sexyvamp Kraken 3 hrs ago
No friends over on week nights! - I knew this was going to happen. When I... 63 ClarencY ClarencY 4 hrs ago
I wake up at 2:08 Pm every single Friday - this is not good, as I usually... 11 Mispelled _Blackward_ 4 hrs ago
watching other people play videogames - is becoming my primary timewaster... 32 skyfish HylianNinja 4 hrs ago
YOU AS YOU ARE #51 - ...and go.... 555 snowbdr88 HylianNinja 5 hrs ago
i'm probs out of it, so ama - ask away if you want i waS gonna go out to... 42 Disappears cola 5 hrs ago
Old people smell a certain way. Honey got a haircut. Rob is cooking dinner. 7 thisone1 Sammy 5 hrs ago
WHO WOULD WEAR THIS? - [image] Who designs these kinds of things? Who... 30 SleepyJean NoTThEEnEmY 6 hrs ago
yt drama is always so amusing - i can`t sleep (journal lol) so i want you... 239 oreo-rocks Abzurd 6 hrs ago
[imitates annoying saxophone] - lets shoot the sh-t guys idk if im gonna ... 98 cola cola 6 hrs ago
my 12 year old cousin is trying to get adopted by her boyfriend's mother 66 shakism shakira2 10 hrs ago
The things you don't think about but suddenly you remember in detail - f... 6 nobodyworth amaqdrinker 10 hrs ago
Ain't Fall Grand - Seriously, best time of the year. Coziness abounds. Sc... 11 Cahauburn noided 13 hrs ago
Going to a school dance tonight! - It`s a Halloween dance..... 5 EmoChick123 EmoChick123 13 hrs ago
this is me being a feminist - so i was thinking, about those guys, who ra... 40 amaqdrinker Boredofu 14 hrs ago
I wish I could turn my mind off for a couple hours, even when not asleep. 10 Kraken Rag_Doll_ 14 hrs ago
i think my gf is mad at me or something. - :-(... 21 james133 JulesDash 15 hrs ago
Pink Converse - What ever happened to that gal?... 117 Cahauburn CuckingFunt 16 hrs ago
ex boyfriends - he picked me up for the game we had a few weeks ago and ... 23 6996 amaqdrinker 16 hrs ago

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