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Christos Anesti - Happy Easter that is. What a sh*tty day. I can`t enjoy ... 37 theBSR Socio 18 mins ago
does anyone actually PM on here? - `Cuz I haven`t had an active PM in li... 116 Cali_Brad Sammy 29 mins ago
i should probably get more friends. - do you want to be my friend? i wann... 108 Liag Liag 1 hr ago
Mitch - My best friend has been gone for at least a month now. I`ll never... 2 MangakaChez Ella345 2 hrs ago
This website is so cool! - I love this website so much! I hope you do too... 13 Warriorskid Warriorskid 3 hrs ago
need a textin buddy - its 1am, all my personal friends are asleep, im wid... 1 JassonM31 JassonM31 3 hrs ago
i feel like i lost everthing - i just wanna cry nothing has gone right th... 7 shylyn Cali_Brad 3 hrs ago
my friend wanted me to put up some of my art work - [image] So how bad ... 8 shylyn shylyn 3 hrs ago
SELFIES - u as u r was locked.... 734 oreo-rocks Poliwhirlz 3 hrs ago
i'm feeling...good - went on a hike it`s a beautiful day out nothing like... 12 j2moneyj2d2 Rag_Doll_ 4 hrs ago
What is the most violent/disturbing film you know? - It was tough but I h... 3 Spree-Killer UberRoxor 4 hrs ago
Day 5 without a cigarette - Sucks. Today is also my first day off work in... 38 bgraham23 redreine 4 hrs ago
Easter is not a real holiday - Not a federal holiday Not a state holiday ... 16 emitchell emitchell 4 hrs ago
-.- - had a crappy day.. n now all of a sudden my freakin phone is lost .... 7 blueblaze emitchell 5 hrs ago
eh, the family thing for holidays - I usually skip it. My mom came from ... 7 Mispelled emitchell 7 hrs ago
komaedas birthday - omg my birthday is in 8 days... 2 Komaeda bgraham23 7 hrs ago
OK, so I'm psychotic tonight. That's the onlyn explanation I can find. 16 sander krused00 7 hrs ago
This is Janique :) - Hey happy Easter from me and my beastie chelsie :) o... 1 coolgirl11 coolgirl11 7 hrs ago
YT Writing Contest TWO - That`s right, ladies and gents and scholars. You... 37 LordGolden Sa-Chan 10 hrs ago
uhhhhhh - Hello people!... 3 sportygirl2 bgraham23 11 hrs ago
Hangin out. - Just Chillin.... 2 namac92 snowbdr88 12 hrs ago
every living creature wants to be bowie 75 cola Kraken 13 hrs ago
drama - Some poo is about to go down that won`t be pretty. Sorry in advan... 140 mollsasaur theBSR 14 hrs ago
YT MUSIC THREAD yo - (just something i want to try out ok) i wanna hear u... 251 oreo-rocks redreine 14 hrs ago
My yearbook commercial - Would you guys mind watching my yearbook commerc... 2 MJ4life CuckingFunt 14 hrs ago

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