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hey - sup... 15 HylianNinja skyfish 12 mins ago
SHOW ME YOUR FACES (u as ur: hexadecimal edition) - all of your multiple ... 767 Sa-Chan HylianNinja 2 hrs ago
Jeebuz H. Christ on a stick! Ijust read through my journals from like, eight years ago. 12 sander UberRoxor 2 hrs ago
hey dude - all these goddamn avacadoes tryin to break in my house... 18 123456789600 catlovaa 2 hrs ago
HEY EVERYONE! Updates, developments, and military - So, I don`t know if y... 20 PayN8tention redreine 3 hrs ago
THE JUICE! - Tell me where you were when on this day, 20 years ago, the J... 40 bgraham23 Sammy 3 hrs ago
qwantosa blues - one time i was in my house then a lion tamer came and th... 12 123456789600 123456789600 4 hrs ago
doll house project - day1 [image] (so gross) day2 [image] [image] still ... 54 petitefleur petitefleur 5 hrs ago
Today, I'm filled with ennui. - And also quite hungover. Since coming hom... 6 JulesDash Sammy 5 hrs ago
Everything in my apt will no longer be in my apt in 18 hours. - I still h... 13 NicolesLove NicolesLove 5 hrs ago
In Soviet Russia - The cows milk you... 3 TheRatslayer bgraham23 6 hrs ago
Tortoises - So they came before I expected and I had to hurriedly build t... 4 Hael Hael 10 hrs ago
Holiday! - In ten days I`ll be on holiday!! I`ll keep posting!... 7 Candy739 Beecher 10 hrs ago
So, What is up with the ''Comment the song above you 2013'' thread in the music forum? 4 69x 69x 10 hrs ago
Something about leaving a job - Makes everyone want to have sex with you... 13 emily4792 prettyluckyg 12 hrs ago
Least fav. celebrity? - All of the new celebrities we have in America mos... 32 _Jesse_ Codex1 12 hrs ago
4 days till school+ piercing! - OMG I just found out one of my friends is... 4 EmoChick123 bgraham23 12 hrs ago
boob punch - I got punched in the boob for not knowing who Johnny Dept is... 8 hermioneron1 Frostgale 13 hrs ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAKIRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - my bir... 25 cola Soulforged 13 hrs ago
Hey guys...since I am just bursting with excitement that I can't really share with very many people in my non-online life... 125 prettyluckyg prettyluckyg 14 hrs ago
one word - Sex... 2 hermioneron1 CuckingFunt 14 hrs ago
Job Phone Interview - So one of the places I applied to a few weeks ago s... 4 Hael Hael 14 hrs ago
Ugh... - This whole entire day ive been ran over by potatoes. They wont l... 7 poatoes CuckingFunt 16 hrs ago
is it true that when a guy texts you and puts alot of exclamation marks and emoticons he likes you? 18 Skaterhoff theBSR 20 hrs ago
Finally. - A day with no bad news, accidents, hurt friends/family. A soli... 11 WonderLand42 Sammy 21 hrs ago

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