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K-pop vids and chill - Hello yt update time (please excuse typos) 1. I ha... 20 PsychicFat snarf 6 mins ago
When someone jumps the line... 77 spacepeanut snarf 8 mins ago
Friends——————————————— 3 Violet18 Violet18 22 mins ago
YOU ARE AS YOU ARE - [image] GO MAN GO... 275 cola theshak 52 mins ago
He erased her name on the overpass - Love lost in Kentucky requires white... 4 snarf snarf 59 mins ago
Solve the mystery! 5 SleepyJean griffin_wf 1 hr ago
Serious question for all 12 of you that frequent this site - Based on con... 19 Brockgurl86 CuckingFunt 1 hr ago
Weird thing I just noticed - Chinese students tend to segregate the class... 18 sleepyhollow 3 mehs 1 hr ago
well 73 cola SleepyJean 3 hrs ago
I got acrylic nails done for the first time today - They`re a bit long bu... 19 Liag lizzywizzy 7 hrs ago
I'm going to San Diego in a few weeks! - Tell me what I must do, see, an... 19 Envethis cola 8 hrs ago
If you havin girl problems I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems... 18 redreine Spratacus 1 day ago
Very thing I touched got ruined. (enter: stranger sounds) - The bus drove... 8 SleepyJean racmoron 1 day ago
A dim room + a too tall mirror + eyebrow plucking = ....... - It`s painfu... 9 NicolesLove sleepyhollow 1 day ago
welcome to the space jam - watching space jam again. Well, i`m not but my... 30 kateummslala skyfish 1 day ago
Sometimes there's no meaning in the visions you're seeing. - Do dreams pr... 4 Gamerk1d womersley 2 days ago
4,000 POST DEDICATION GOES TO SOMEONE WHO NOBODY WILL EVER SUSPECT!!!!!! 11 womersley womersley 2 days ago
i am going to Seattle. - i am gong to go the zoo with one of my teacher f... 16 luckystar107 luckystar107 2 days ago
I promised more kitten pics... - They still haven`t opened their eyes yet... 39 sleepyhollow Rag_Doll_ 2 days ago
What do you do with a prickly pear?(early in the morning) - Prickly pears... 9 SleepyJean LiJasMom 2 days ago
Got my ancestry results back. They're pretty much what I thought they would be. 59 Liag SleepyJean 2 days ago
Memories got me all cooky wacky - I learned last night that people can`t... 7 Nightmusic womersley 2 days ago
Well, that's a first! - Been told something today by a local shopkeeper w... 53 Guilty_Spark Kraken 2 days ago
Friends - a best friends is someone who you can share things with, withou... 7 AnakinS Brockgurl86 3 days ago
Glow-in-the-dark salmon? - Last night I was eating gravlax, which one can... 3 Elaini pennywise 3 days ago

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