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i am easily amused - So this happened today [image] And dude, i laughed ... 40 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 Brand New
Wanna watch Supernatural with me? - No? Okay, stop reading now. I am so ... 23 WonderLand42 shakira2 2 mins ago
roommate saga: april fool's edition - PLS HELP last night I discovered th... 55 racmoron Courtbebe 10 mins ago
day 1 of working at the number 1 store in the company for 10 and a half hours 23 cola cola 20 mins ago
so it seems I have a new dog.. - Maybe not new new..since she`s 11 years ... 13 Sammy Sammy 2 hrs ago
autofill suggests old journal titles for me to resuse. maybe i'll start doing that. just matching it as close as i can. 11 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 hrs ago
How much is too much? - (xpost...kinda- from newyt) There`s a robotics ca... 17 WonderLand42 amaqdrinker 2 hrs ago
Last bong rips for the next two years - I`m trying out for law enforcemen... 13 XCIII XCIII 4 hrs ago
Wazzup,PEOPLES???!!! - DIDN`T TAKE MY ADHD MEDS!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO,... 6 Skarletwolf amaqdrinker 4 hrs ago
Wow,two entries in one day! - Hey people!If there`s a quiz you`d like to ... 6 Skarletwolf Skarletwolf 4 hrs ago
Facebook Officially Engaged. - For today, anyway. But I do have a boyfrie... 43 CrunchySocks hamletsghost 4 hrs ago
ahhhh wtf no - i am up at 6 in the morning i havent gotten up this early ... 20 cola Disappears 6 hrs ago
i still have a job - i dunno if anyone remembers, but there were redundan... 38 skyfish amaqdrinker 6 hrs ago
hey skeener! welcome back! we missed you! - I know that everyone is dying... 30 skeener2 WondrPanthr 6 hrs ago
anyone else feel like a misfit loser for not knowing about the new yt - I... 36 petitefleur skyfish 7 hrs ago
Blue makeup - I need some new blue makeup ideas... 5 Eyelessjane skeener2 8 hrs ago
Thank god for facebook - Someone linked me buddy`s page, and I paid $1 to... 24 Kraken Brockgurl86 9 hrs ago
Sometimes I hate frogs - For those of you who wanted to see my horrible f... 61 hamletsghost JulesDash 9 hrs ago
I'm a f up - ...why do I live... 27 bloodcross skeener2 10 hrs ago
YOU AS YOU ARE - not deleting i promise... 352 HylianNinja WondrPanthr 10 hrs ago
Had my first exam today - Went blank, pretty much. I studied heaps for i... 14 kateummslala skyfish 12 hrs ago
April Fools Day has just begun - Well everyone knows that today is April... 4 Abigaill0l skeener2 14 hrs ago
have you ever used a zip car before?? - it`s probably a city thing, but O... 33 racmoron WonderLand42 23 hrs ago
Lost - I feel lost. like no one really cares or tries to find to me. ... 3 hermioneron1 IncubiVerity 1 day ago
my little brother just spent a good portion of his paycheck on some german ones 40 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 day ago

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