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Netflix is coming to Australia at the end of this month - And if you have... 7 UberRoxor Socio Brand New
"i'll always lie awake until the morning light" - i haven`t sle... 33 GameOfScones Liag 1 min ago
U AS U R - Or, YAYA. Get to it.... 104 WondrPanthr GameOfScones 15 mins ago
the inside joke thread - post something only you and one other YTer get a... 95 CuckingFunt eggplant8 36 mins ago
today - Was crazy. I don`t have time to type it all out right now... but... 31 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 59 mins ago
Say something mean about a yter - rule: you can`t say who it`s about this... 213 theBSR Rik_Khaos 1 hr ago
Why date one guy when you can date.. more than one guy. - A novel concept... 70 CrunchySocks CrunchySocks 1 hr ago
So it looks like I need to be taking my New Year's Resolution more seriously 19 BlackBird77 BlackBird77 1 hr ago
listening to an mp3 of an album i once owned. slightly disappoint. - i`v... 24 amaqdrinker hamletsghost 3 hrs ago
horny - im horny... 8 skinnydipper Ihatemyname 5 hrs ago
Sometimes I just don't want your business. - I am at a place now with my... 40 prettyluckyg Guilty_Spark 6 hrs ago
HUGE SGC ANNOUNCEMENT - SGC will be talking about our biggest topic yet: ... 10 coolgirl11 WigglesFT 7 hrs ago
stuff - man im bored as hell who wants to start an conversation about som... 24 WaniMesteth hamletsghost 7 hrs ago
I'm so depressed - I`m depressed. I`m not seeking attention I`m just dep... 27 ULBGaming orangefanta 7 hrs ago
just for the night - I wanna make you mine, but just for the night If I... 7 coolgirl11 amaqdrinker 8 hrs ago
Today was much better! Also may have figured out why I was so upset yesterday 30 sleepyhollow Guilty_Spark 8 hrs ago
I am a cyborg. - I went in to the doctor`s and got a Dexcom CGM and it`s ... 8 PsychicFat orangefanta 9 hrs ago
Im depressed - Im really depressed and I dont know why... 2 ashwind mehukannu 10 hrs ago
YOU AS YOU ARE - I don`t think we have another one yet... 1011 sleepyhollow Liag 10 hrs ago
Brutal Advice Thread. - You tell me your problems, I give you brutal advi... 67 Guilty_Spark CuckingFunt 14 hrs ago
Sometimes you just have to hate the things you love. - I just finished wa... 10 UberRoxor Gattsu 15 hrs ago
subway is Mars - according to coworker neighbor... I still can`t order li... 88 orangefanta orangefanta 15 hrs ago
mystery visitor - around 3 am, a friend texts me frantically, "are y... 15 Mispelled snarf 17 hrs ago
say something nice about a YTer - rule: you can`t say who it`s about this... 163 oreo-rocks Kodama 19 hrs ago
I slept about 38 of the last 48 hours. + 5 hours after that back to indiana 2 Rik_Khaos DoYouWash 19 hrs ago

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