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Silence soon. - Going to a very silent place. Regrouping with soaking in... 969 amaqdrinker postallbear 18 mins ago
"WHAT DO YOU THINK?" - IF I ASK YOU A BUNCH OF SPECIFIC QUESTI... 13 HunnyDew Ruthful 14 hrs ago
Haven't been on in a while I guess an update - So Sunday it was my birthd... 6 McKenzie123 Ruthful 19 hrs ago
Dead men tell no tails - But the dead dog of a heroin addict can. Today ... 9 LouDogg Ruthful 19 hrs ago
Starbucks and the military - I`ve heard many negative comments regarding... 65 Rainbath Ruthful 19 hrs ago
go call your own mothah! - To quote Howard Joel Wolowitz pretending to be... 6 CheeseDemon Ruthful 19 hrs ago
Of the four Annas, Faris is easily my third favorite. - Anna Faris born ... 3 Ruthful Ruthful 19 hrs ago
Smoker - I had a verbal altercation with someone who asked me for a cigar... 2 Ruthful Ruthful 20 hrs ago
The NFL is kind of tragic - My family and I have watched the NFL ever si... 7 HunnyDew Ruthful 20 hrs ago
justin bieber - Do true *BELIEBERS* still exist??... 14 atieno Ruthful 20 hrs ago
COD multiplayer rants - Call of Duty should really bring back custom skin... 5 HunnyDew E_Lec_Tric 2 days ago
Dead soon - I got coronavirus ... 9 10000cats E_Lec_Tric 2 days ago
Hi. It's been X days - You know that scene in the last Matrix movie where... 102 EhFahQ EhPhagKyoo 3 days ago
Saw the thoracic surgeon - I was ready to ear the tumor had grown. Doc s... 17 tulip ThreeLipz 4 days ago
The ball keeps rolling........... - Hi y`all I know there is like five pe... 14 NarcoticNico jealousblues 4 days ago
Its finished - for now. I completed chemo and 30 days of radiation. I s... 6 tulip ThreeLipz 4 days ago
Remember me? - Hello! Hello! Come back to YT. I`m pretty.... 14 Spawneee AlwaysOn 6 days ago
The winner takes it all - The winner is me... 15 10000cats AlwaysOn 6 days ago
Hey this is weird but its driving me nuts, was there a member here called Twiser? 10 jealousblues AlwaysOn 6 days ago
Fish oil - I was insisting on a vegetarian lifestyle but after reading a... 32 WhoWeAre Cracker23 8 days ago
Well.....I think Youthink is officially dead. - It was a pleasure knowin... 57 TRIandUMPH I_hate_ska 9 days ago
wow! - im so hungry the only thing ive basically been eating is ice crea... 52 lemontootie TommyRayGun 11 days ago
What are we all up to tonight? - I am playing Texas Hold`em. That`s about... 9 Krymson TommyRayGun 11 days ago
Yees!! Halloween - Hope you guys are busy preparing and decorating for H... 5 atieno TommyRayGun 11 days ago
happy birthday - to me :)... 20 lemontootie TommyRayGun 11 days ago

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