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In which I am writing about dead people… in a different way than usual. 21 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 2 hrs ago
I just filled up for the first time - I went 330 miles on only 10 gallons... 16 Disappears Disappears 2 hrs ago
YOU YOU ARE AS - i hit wrong buttons sometimes okay guys... 616 HylianNinja CowDung 4 hrs ago
It's nearly been a week. A stressful and full on week. 22 Socio Kraken 4 hrs ago
So lets talk about the craziness that is happening right now - So, I got ... 18 LoraHereWeGo UberRoxor 6 hrs ago
I restarted my meds and now I'm all twitchy and anxious. - OK, SUPER anx... 12 SleepyJean Rik_Khaos 16 hrs ago
Family Drama - This isn`t a venting thread, though it might sound like it... 10 BocoCGI BocoCGI 18 hrs ago
Took a bit but I've got my self a job. - Well an offer anyway, I`m accep... 8 Rik_Khaos CuckingFunt 21 hrs ago
Can a 30 year old live like a 20 year old? - I am 30 years old. But I hav... 46 createauser thisone1 22 hrs ago
i wish i had friends - i wish i had some friends to talk too but i don`t... 8 shadowbonnie EhFahQ 1 day ago
Clowns, apparently. - Haha this has to be a joke. Local police are warnin... 15 petitefleur redreine 1 day ago
Tomorrow I'm going to be Very Fancy. - Fancy Fancy Day Kate goes on a fr... 22 kateummslala hamletsghost 1 day ago
I think I got cursed - Every Monday I babysit for my sister. A five year ... 5 Liag Rik_Khaos 1 day ago
DEBATE SH*TPOSTING THREAD - It`s starting. Feel free to post anything her... 94 CuckingFunt snowbdr88 1 day ago
When was the last time you were happy? - Like, truly happy? Elbows out,... 50 LoraHereWeGo Inkta 2 days ago
This season, I'll be mostly weaing a steering wheel - Driving the support... 33 Boredofu Boredofu 2 days ago
shadow reborn/ sneak peek- behind the scene - so you all know about my st... 1 Hazen Hazen 2 days ago
I made this today - Today was not a school day for the kids, instead it w... 33 luckystar107 Brockgurl86 2 days ago
new story - i just finished a new chapter in my fan made story, Shadow Re... 1 Hazen Hazen 2 days ago
Relationship Red Flags - My sister is dating someone who has credit card ... 65 luckystar107 BocoCGI 2 days ago
Some days, everything goes perfectly - And today is one of those days. My... 13 sleepyhollow Kraken 3 days ago
oh man this is not a hangover, this is much worse - What happened? gtf ou... 117 kateummslala cpayne 3 days ago
31 days of Halloween. YT, give me your assistance. - So my old roommate ... 100 cpayne Brockgurl86 3 days ago
Getting back with my ex/i always get it so wrong - So, im going back to m... 15 drivingtena catchall 3 days ago
I hate my life rite now my mom gets on my ever lasting nerves!! - Who wan... 4 miyahh.xo LoraHereWeGo 3 days ago

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