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Should we get a dog? - My bf wants us to get a dog at the local shelter b... 27 skirtgirl2 Rag_Doll_ 57 mins ago
I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of YOU - AS YOU ARE... 471 cola Abzurd 3 hrs ago
The Absolute Worst Thing - What do you think would be the absolute worst ... 20 Damsel Puller 5 hrs ago
My life is pretty horrible at the moment, so I thought I'd say hello. 43 NarcoticNico Damsel 8 hrs ago
Some more updates on my situation. - Spoke to a counselor today at the cl... 30 CRA-Z_HEART Damsel 13 hrs ago
I have no where else to share this - Yesterday, my son told me it was Nei... 18 WonderLand42 mousepelled 17 hrs ago
Blank journal entry. - So is this really what I should do? It’s la... 104 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 18 hrs ago
:-( - There’s plenty of time to settle down and find the one, right... 7 LoveHaley Damsel 1 day ago
Slight groom from time to time but mostly just hair growth November - Sho... 61 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Dress/Arm Canon Ren/office phones/TGIF 46 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 2 days ago
The Price You Pay... - For going to a chili cook off event? My tummy is ... 70 Damsel Rag_Doll_ 2 days ago
;-) - Hay am i mean or does no one like me? ... 10 LoveHaley Damsel 2 days ago
boy problomes lol - Why does every boy have to break a girls heart?... 6 LoveHaley amaqdrinker 3 days ago
"Are your tattoos royalty free?" and other stories. - Maybe it`... 28 Abzurd mousepelled 3 days ago
hello hello hello - I saw LostMarbles post down there and recognized the ... 9 iLostTheMoon ThunderRain 3 days ago
Some B**tch stole the guy I like - F**k her... 31 McKenzie123 McKenzie123 4 days ago
Stuff And Things - I cannot believe that this school quarter is half over... 32 Damsel Damsel 5 days ago
I am no longer a minor - Am I cool now?... 13 brandon00 McKenzie123 5 days ago
Well there’s no turning back now I guess. - Had a conversation with... 8 CRA-Z_HEART ThunderRain 5 days ago
Any Bing watchers out there? I have pressing questions about the Bing universe. 7 Spoonerism Spoonerism 7 days ago
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - Been an long time s... 8 DoYouWash Inquizitor2 8 days ago
Happy Halloween! I've just been shoveling pumpkin flavored things in my gullet all day 13 mysocks Mysox 9 days ago
A Spooktacle - YT`s annual Halloween thread. Post your costumes, your chi... 43 Spoonerism Oreo- 9 days ago
"^^^ Stalker" - The title of this journal was a post in referen... 98 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 10 days ago
Destructo. I’m going to start calling myself destructo. - So for a... 25 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 10 days ago

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