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How cool! - Well I was just thinking.. I`ve been on this site for 15 year... 25 lilsublime Pluvio 6 mins ago
I need some Excel savvy people to help me, because i have no idea what I'm doing. 12 NicolesLove NicolesLove 1 hr ago
Please be considerate of shop assistants this christmas.. 59 Sammy Pluvio 1 hr ago
The Year of No Microwave? - The microwave broke. The door closes just fin... 8 Mispelled snarf 3 hrs ago
Wherein My Mother Has Breast Cancer - She just found out today. She is be... 18 TWiseboober TWiseboober 4 hrs ago
Im so tired of my drating life - If i try to get better, i fail. If i st... 97 cola Guilty_Spark 7 hrs ago
I'm tipsy and bored, so ask me anything - I`m waiting my dude to get home... 46 Spoonerism Spoonerism 7 hrs ago
December 7, 2016 - my hairdresser finds my first grey hair - That`s it. ... 91 Liag Guilty_Spark 8 hrs ago
You As You Are #666 - [image]... 881 WigglesFT Mispelled 9 hrs ago
School Christmas party !!!!! - My schools Christmas party is tomorrow and... 2 coolgirl11 orangefanta 10 hrs ago
That's just the way it is. Some things will never change. - [link] And I`... 2 QueenBurns QueenBurns 12 hrs ago
This morning - Was awful. I got to school after my father did the same t... 8 Nightmusic CuckingFunt 12 hrs ago
Okay this is one of those really rare occasions where I can't say something publicly for professional reasons, so gonna use my fake ID. 3 Kepi Kepi 13 hrs ago
We basically got our own house! - My girlfriend and I have been looking t... 28 Pluvio Pluvio 13 hrs ago
Job Interview - Sweet baby Jesus, I have an interview for pharmacist in t... 5 Cahauburn luckystar107 14 hrs ago
I bought a 24x37 garage and they gave me a house - Two bedroom, two bath,... 70 snarf Cahauburn 15 hrs ago
Milk. - Milk is such an interesting subject. I love all the taboo surrou... 64 petitefleur EmptyMisty 18 hrs ago
AMA 6 AM Edition - EST that is.-5. So ask me something.... 14 jem8402 jem8402 20 hrs ago
Chocolate milk and things to do - Yesterday I was craving chocolate milk,... 74 Spoonerism catchall 23 hrs ago
What would you do if your co-worker....... - asked you about x-mas before... 27 EhFahQ Rag_Doll_ 23 hrs ago
I always forget how to spell "bourgeoisie"... - If I wasn`t stu... 29 sleepyhollow cpayne 23 hrs ago
Even when I think I've become numb to terrible things, I still find myself getting angry 27 griffin_wf createauser 1 day ago
Jesus, here we go. :-\ - So, my dad has been calling me quite frequently.... 30 LoraHereWeGo drivingtena 1 day ago
What do you know about Poughkeepsie, Ny? - We might have the opportunity ... 25 NicolesLove NicolesLove 2 days ago

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