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SHOW ME YOUR FACES (u as ur: hexadecimal edition) - all of your multiple ... 272 Sa-Chan IceQueen84 6 mins ago
Good idea OR great idea? - Get this tattooed [image] hashtag great life ... 7 LaBostella Rag_Doll_ 8 mins ago
My TV broke, my car broke, and I need to move - While there is some stres... 16 IceQueen84 Wasp. 8 mins ago
This Body Is Closed For Renovations: See You in August. - In Feb I chall... 291 theBSR Rag_Doll_ 13 mins ago
6 years ago I received one of the worst phone calls you can get.. - I got... 9 theBSR Rag_Doll_ 20 mins ago
Can we sue him? - The doctor called last week and said my mom`s biopsy wa... 11 WonderLand42 oreo-rocks 35 mins ago
This is Janique - Congratulations to my cousin lakiesha and her husband ... 4 coolgirl11 strummerette 1 hr ago
qwantosa blues - one time i was in my house then a lion tamer came and th... 10 123456789600 xazeno 1 hr ago
A lot of moving... - I know that normally moving is "unstable"... 19 jstckndamale Mispelled 1 hr ago
drating is the awfulest thing - JK, it`s totally the best. that is all.... 22 oreo-rocks CuckingFunt 2 hrs ago
Hi - Does anyone here have anything to say that they want to get out of t... 34 Nightwalker9 bgraham23 6 hrs ago
hey dude - all these goddamn avacadoes tryin to break in my house... 16 123456789600 bgraham23 6 hrs ago
i just watched before sunrise after reading an article about richard linkater in the new yorker 8 amaqdrinker yellowDog 12 hrs ago
sort of yt dream which is probably very boring to anyone who isn't me - s... 17 skyfish oreo-rocks 12 hrs ago
Now I am in Glasgow - I spent my day here sleeping for 19 hours. It was q... 25 Hael xazeno 13 hrs ago
today is already super awkward and it's only 1 PM - so i wake up still fe... 20 j2moneyj2d2 skyfish 13 hrs ago
dating is the awfulest thing - so. golf guy andy. idk. we`ve gone out twi... 64 Liag Boredofu 13 hrs ago
Screw everyone else, I booked my motorcycle test 17 Socio Sammy 15 hrs ago
Diamond Nexus - I`m really glad I looked up reviews for this company. I a... 2 TimeTravel-0 TurdFerguson 21 hrs ago
Wishes - I wish janique , Nicole, Emma , and hailey could live with me !!... 11 coolgirl11 Energized 21 hrs ago
Confession - Confess stuff, for example, I`ve smoked pot since I was 11. ... 42 JohnnySad Boredofu 21 hrs ago
yup - That moment when you figure out that everyone would be better off i... 3 hermioneron1 blindmanpb 22 hrs ago
Old Best Friend - My old bestie and I got into a fight a week ago. I move... 3 ohhhawtdamnn TurdFerguson 22 hrs ago
people who back out of huge vacations the day before you're supposed to leave suck 14 Kraken Kraken 23 hrs ago
neat! - i`ve never seen this before! most error messages are just a rando... 6 skyfish skyfish 1 day ago

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