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List of things I had to do to get my car to move. - Shovel. Turn on snow ... 183 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 22 mins ago
My mistakes and How I am going to repent - Good evening! I hope everyone... 29 HunnyDew amaqdrinker 5 hrs ago
Bought stuffed frogs at Walmart - Apple talk and the question of weather ... 8 1-800vertigo HunnyDew 9 hrs ago
Sunshine light bulb morning - I don’t have this much energy when I&... 1 Wolf_In_Jar Wolf_In_Jar 15 hrs ago
Hi. It's been X days - You know that scene in the last Matrix movie where... 115 EhFahQ amaqdrinker 1 day ago
life - life sucks the older you get especially my afterlife... 1 devilsson devilsson 1 day ago
Refined (kinda) Peanut Butter - I would love easier If I was a jar of pe... 3 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 2 days ago
Letter I wrote to Mahomes in October and why I feel directly responsible for his condition 11 HunnyDew HunnyDew 3 days ago
Me and who??<3 - I can`t animate Spy vs Spy stuff in a style that dire... 11 HunnyDew HunnyDew 7 days ago
I have a psychic connection with Cher - She talked to me earlier this day... 4 I_LOVE_CHER CowDung 8 days ago
triplets - I think the scariest part of having triplets is being pregnant... 4 TedCruz psyndrone 9 days ago
List of things I will do (+animation things) - Things I want to do after ... 9 HunnyDew HunnyDew 13 days ago
Hey uh - Not that it matters but all my Patrick Mahomes drabbles are gone... 9 HunnyDew HunnyDew 15 days ago
My life revolves around Cher. I wish I was married to Cher. - [image]... 3 I_LOVE_CHER Cahauburn 16 days ago
I hath been given eyes to see: Cher is Queen - I worship Cher... 2 I_LOVE_CHER Cahauburn 16 days ago
Valentines DAY - I am past my ant eating phase because yesterday I was in... 20 HunnyDew HunnyDew 16 days ago
SUPER MONKEY BALL - I bought this game for my switch lights. Monkey in ba... 6 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 17 days ago
Eating ants - Literally nothing is stopping me from eating ants straight... 5 HunnyDew 1-800vertigo 17 days ago
seo services - Does it ever cross your mind how seo services can change t... 2 alinabeth CuckingFunt 17 days ago
Another vacation journal - Not that anyone cares but Clearwater Beach FL ... 20 postallbear postallbear 19 days ago
I love Cher - I love Cher I love Cher I love Cher I love Cher I love Cher... 3 I_LOVE_CHER psyndrone 20 days ago
Hunny Ranks Star Wars women - Padme: 1000000000000000000000/10. If you k... 4 HunnyDew HunnyDew 23 days ago
OGs! - I`m laying here and boom it hits me! I haven`t checked in here in ... 13 holliemarie atieno 24 days ago
Human beings arent characters - I need to stop romanticizing normal a*ss... 7 HunnyDew atieno 24 days ago
16 years - Still active to a degree on YT. Happy new year to all. ... 8 tulip Puller 25 days ago

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