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literally - "you don`t express your emotions enough or let yourself ... 7 j2moneyj2d2 mousepelled 1 min ago
People of Ireland - I´ve got a question: I am going to Limerick and ... 2 Sonita888 NarcoticNico 4 hrs ago
Post here and I'll give you a song. - Not tons to report, my transfer at ... 24 Ahmed WonderLand42 5 hrs ago
So we set our electric grill on fire. Back to charcoal it is! - 9 more da... 5 TWiseboober Sonita888 6 hrs ago
My boyfriend went to a strip club yesterday - Having never been to a stri... 52 luckystar107 luckystar107 8 hrs ago
Why am I sitting here watching Grey's Anatomy? - My sister started rewatc... 16 sleepyhollow CuckingFunt 8 hrs ago
maybe UK people can help me!! - doing some research for my upcoming trip.... 58 racmoron Boredofu 9 hrs ago
So, about snowpiercer 20 HylianNinja UberRoxor 9 hrs ago
YALL AS YOU IS - Hey... 900 HylianNinja NarcoticNico 10 hrs ago
Raw Dog Secrets & Dreadlocks - romance books - 29 years old, Dreadloc... 2 wesleycomal CuckingFunt 11 hrs ago
theyre just trying to let some air in, but you hold your breath - so in a... 11 cola mysocks 12 hrs ago
Gráinne Mhaol agus míle gaiscíoch ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh 31 theshak Abzurd 13 hrs ago
merrr - im coming down and the sadness is laying on me like a weighted bl... 3 j2moneyj2d2 kateummslala 19 hrs ago
everything I hear, everything I see, reminds me of you - I was looking at... 8 WonderLand42 Sammy 21 hrs ago
I'm in line at the Harry Potter shop at King's Cross - It`s moving pretty... 24 SleepyJean redreine 1 day ago
Waiting for my class - 4 more hours. I`m renewing my CPR. I am excellent ... 31 mousepelled mousepelled 1 day ago
When you are trying to hunt down a family in a country the other side of the world, it is helpfull if you can p*rnounce where they live! 24 lizzywizzy hamletsghost 1 day ago
Airport lounges are pretty sweet, guys. - Highly recommend, if you can af... 13 Pluvio orangefanta 1 day ago
Sooooo... - Still planning the trip. Not that happy about it, but it is m... 18 Sonita888 Sonita888 1 day ago
Being Broke/Three Days Off - The last few weeks have been rough..I stress... 9 Cahauburn Sonita888 1 day ago
This reeks of bullsh*t - So a person I know has a job as a manager of new... 23 UberRoxor Pluvio 1 day ago
I wish - To go to the festival I was a little bit taller I was a baller I... 15 WonderLand42 Avant-garde 1 day ago
It seems like some people who used to be my friends aren't my friends anymore 26 theshak Avant-garde 1 day ago
Taking a 1/2 a Valium and drinking coffee is counter productive. - Odd we... 42 EhFahQ jem8402 2 days ago
snakes head missing - I went out to soaker hose the foundation of my hous... 3 tulip tulip 2 days ago

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