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I have consistently failed at adulting this week, so screw it - I just wa... 15 sleepyhollow One-derful Brand New
I'm having a little drink - And I never drink. But f*ck it, I bought booz... 32 UberRoxor DoYouWash 1 min ago
F-ck - Marry - Kill - We haven`t done one of those in a while. Maybe ther... 233 Abzurd One-derful 3 mins ago
Six Questions... - Because I always have to go one better. 1. What is you... 41 DaveW amaqdrinker 8 mins ago
Stop lying! - As I`ve stated, things have been going awesome with my man ... 22 DoYouWash DoYouWash 8 mins ago
YOU AS YOU ARE - Enough with the damn complicated titles... 438 cola hamletsghost 25 mins ago
a.sober day could be okay - My Tuesday friend didn`t call today. I could ... 49 Mispelled amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
seeds - [image] i`m going to make these. not the seeds. but the envelop... 3 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
I miss Denver! 35 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 2 hrs ago
Anyone in S. Korea? - I`m excited as I`ve never been to S. Korea. I`ll b... 17 slinky0 bgraham23 2 hrs ago
we havn't done a voice thread in a while.... - not that the search came ... 125 lizzywizzy cola 4 hrs ago
Homework - Writing a report on Egyptians. Typing it out... 5 Crazygal154 quiztron72 5 hrs ago
Serious fashion doubts - For some reason I`m finding myself wanting these... 97 slinky0 shakism 5 hrs ago
things i do when i'm falling in love - i become so stereotypically girly ... 53 shakism shakism 5 hrs ago
you ever get this feeling - "Gdi I want to fast forward a few months... 31 Ahmed shakism 6 hrs ago
Don't open! - Supernatural inside Season 11 starts 55 minutes ago. But I`... 15 WonderLand42 hamletsghost 7 hrs ago
a return to something more almost formal - i`m under consideration for th... 22 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 8 hrs ago
Chair Auditions - I moved from 4th chair flute to 2nd chair flute, so th... 16 Flute_rocks WigglesFT 9 hrs ago
walking through the park, and a stray football finds its way into my path 37 skyfish DaveW 9 hrs ago
Five Questions - 1. What`s the greatest band/solo musician in the world e... 52 LadyMarbles racmoron 10 hrs ago
BLACK WHOPPERS MAKE YOUR POO GREEN - It`s official. Not even like, normal... 66 theBSR Rag_Doll_ 10 hrs ago
Waiting on a fight to start with my sister. Tell me what i should do here 42 redreine redreine 11 hrs ago
I got a cat - Her name is Ash [image] She`s really cool :D ... 9 IsayMEEP LiJasMom 13 hrs ago
saw alt-j last night - and while they were fantastic i do want to highlig... 5 Disappears Disappears 15 hrs ago
I have an exam tomorrow. It's for stats. (And other musings) - Cat is do... 20 PsychicFat PsychicFat 16 hrs ago

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