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u as u r - i hate blindman [image]... 156 oreo-rocks Wasp. Brand New
trying to decide if I'd rather - have one-two hours to myself in the morn... 51 petitefleur CuckingFunt Brand New
Hi! - Okay! Hello, everyone! I`m Niya-chan, as you probably know, because... 3 Niya-chan 69x 2 mins ago
Is there something wrong with the space time continuum.? - ................. 3 69x 69x 6 mins ago
Tension - Ever since the fight we had, my dad has been coming home later ... 41 Original_Sin NarcoticNico 19 mins ago
Bear In My Yard. - The Only time i didnt have a camera with me a bear cam... 6 Smileyjacob DaveW 25 mins ago
'Cos I haven't heard all your voices yet. - VOICE THREAD! [link]... 18 strummerette strummerette 36 mins ago
two truths one lie - you write two truths one lie the people below you tr... 50 cola DaveW 52 mins ago
laughed way too hard at this - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GoUWdzNp9S ... 13 petitefleur Cassiopia227 1 hr ago
Want to hear my impression of an American accent? - [link] I tried. This... 10 Wasp. Wasp. 1 hr ago
YT Writing Contest (yes, another one) - The theme this time around: the p... 32 BlackBird77 Sa-Chan 1 hr ago
so tired - kill me nao. things! 1) I got 50 bucks from some class actio... 9 j2moneyj2d2 strummerette 1 hr ago
It's puppy day!!! - I named her Lily. Pictures comin up! ... 43 emily4792 CuckingFunt 2 hrs ago
I just gave my sister sex advice - Even though I`m a virign. But everyth... 48 sleepyhollow Wasp. 2 hrs ago
He toss my salad like his name Romaine - I like that video. I`d rate it O... 2 UberRoxor bgraham23 4 hrs ago
How would you feel about this? - In April, my bff`s son had a birthday I ... 174 redreine Mr Bungle 5 hrs ago
Hey Guys! - Hi! I am new to youthink and will acept any friend requests!... 1 Smileyjacob Smileyjacob 8 hrs ago
Oops - [image] Ok so she might kill me ! But this is my bestfriend :D ... 11 Melissamisz6 bgraham23 9 hrs ago
Someone come watch fireworks with me? 36 Socio bgraham23 9 hrs ago
... - I hate when people say "imagine a World without ______" l... 23 Melissamisz6 theBSR 9 hrs ago
Week Four - So I reconnected with a wonderful woman I dated 17 years ag... 139 Spratacus Spratacus 9 hrs ago
You're playing on the main stage. - Queen Mary musical festival. 80 bands... 18 EhFahQ Boredofu 11 hrs ago
I refuse to pour a bucket of ice water on my head and I barely have enough money to get by. 23 NicolesLove NicolesLove 12 hrs ago
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! - Yes the CAPS and exclamation points were a... 3 ISwearImNot DaveW 14 hrs ago
I dyed my hair! (Again) - Um.. Guess who dyed their hair?!? Me!! I know w... 19 EmoChick123 _Ghoul_ 14 hrs ago

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