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book group was OK - that lady my mother argued with last time had chosen ... 19 skyfish hamletsghost 1 hr ago
irl - How do you think we`d feel about each other? I have a friend that i... 56 WonderLand42 WigglesFT 1 hr ago
Secret Santa.. - Anyone interested? If we can get a decent amount of folk... 4 Sammy applefanta 2 hrs ago
Everytime I watch White Chicks I am amazed - By how much the Wayans broth... 7 EhFahQ bgraham23 10 hrs ago
Cool lucid thing happened. - This morning I woke up a few hours early and... 6 petitefleur NicolesLove 11 hrs ago
A catastrophe. 16 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 13 hrs ago
God's Country - Looks like I`ll be heading to the Mid West in Late Feb/Ma... 9 Boredofu mousepelled 15 hrs ago
i know people freak out over the capybara here - [image] but those monk... 11 shakonomics shakonomics 16 hrs ago
What sounds do you hear in the middle of the night? Traffic, sirens, animals, screaming people, etc 25 NicolesLove Inquizitor2 18 hrs ago
I need help with a survey - So, I`m a student taking a RMIII psych course... 84 IQ IQ 18 hrs ago
So here is my question to you scotts 15 Sonita888 jas88 1 day ago
GI consult ends in emergency room admissions, there stories and more tonight at 9 62 Rik_Khaos jas88 1 day ago
the town in which i live is pretty great - i went to this thing called ho... 7 j2moneyj2d2 applefanta 2 days ago
Tell me your favorite Jesus - [image] [image] [image] national geograph... 34 shakonomics mousepelled 2 days ago
weirdos - I`m at work and my parking lot is completely empty except for m... 17 mousepelled mousepelled 2 days ago
After 30 years-30 days not smoking - The patches have helped but the supp... 32 snarf luckystar107 2 days ago
Guys - I tried this new bakery with a friend this morning and the cinnamo... 21 WonderLand42 Avant-garde 3 days ago
YOU!!!! as YOU ARE - [image] im going to play the wholesome game of laz... 144 cola WonderLand42 3 days ago
Weird request But here it goes... - I don`t have a lot of money for Ch... 28 Krymson WonderLand42 3 days ago
skyfish dream - He was living in a small village near the sea in the sout... 8 shakonomics HylianNinja 3 days ago
Alright, which of you buttbears wants to see my new apartment? - [image... 26 SleepyJean luckystar107 4 days ago
In Need of a Sick day - I truly love my job but today is one of those day... 10 Cahauburn Envethis 4 days ago
A simple edited pic of me. - It was so easy to make but I love it so much... 13 _Jesse_ Sonita888 5 days ago
every neighborhood has at least - one selfish meddler. my new neighbors ... 12 tulip Boredofu 5 days ago
is anyone taking a college poetry class - if so can you please send me yo... 26 j2moneyj2d2 SleepyJean 5 days ago

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