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for people who care, i went to that sky ferreira concert!! 7 mysocks cola 4 mins ago
What is your idea of a good date? - YT Ladies, come sit on my lap and te... 80 LadyMarbles Kepi 5 mins ago
I need your help planning a trip - I have the incredible luxury of a day ... 7 Avant-garde wild_monkeys 5 mins ago
Give your opinion on any YTer. - Cept don`t say who it is. Let out all ... 843 Liag cola 35 mins ago
problem - Girls keep thinking im a dude... 7 xxxMIMIxxx xxxMIMIxxx 55 mins ago
Oh my God... what do I do? - I was trying to act like a bad-ass. My boyfr... 73 DoYouWash Kraken 1 hr ago
What's the worst part of your life? - -.-... 15 EmoChick123 Kepi 1 hr ago
which yters should se each other - a request... 196 HylianNinja theBSR 1 hr ago
big cat diary - anyone else see this? It`s on netflix. A show about lions... 47 Mispelled LadyMarbles 9 hrs ago
So this hobo just showed up at my dorm and idk what to do with him - he`s... 81 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 10 hrs ago
Mom has passed on.... - Why do people post these things? My mom had sev... 27 Spratacus Abzurd 13 hrs ago
Things people say to you On OkCupid - "Is that a wig?"... 30 menfearme15 Abzurd 13 hrs ago
I met a real live Englishman today. - I think he sounded Australian thoug... 42 thisone1 Sammy 16 hrs ago
Is anyone else getting an error when they try going to the homepage? - Fi... 11 Wasp. sleepyhollow 17 hrs ago
I got a 'It's not you, it's me' text and it took all my willpower to not reply with this. 59 Ongooshk Mispelled 18 hrs ago
That was probably the most relaxing experience I've had all year - I had ... 12 menfearme15 menfearme15 18 hrs ago
Thanks YT - I was feeling all down and woe is me and was sorely tempted t... 92 snarf Spratacus 19 hrs ago
I have a crush on a married guy. Fml - We work together And flirt a lot H... 119 redreine j2moneyj2d2 19 hrs ago
i have just an hour to complain - i had to come into work early which is... 58 j2moneyj2d2 Mispelled 20 hrs ago
my profs are all really really nice. - my theory prof gave me an extensi... 7 oreo-rocks oreo-rocks 20 hrs ago
Seriously. Are all these tech issues going to get resolved before THANKSGIVING?!?!? 43 bookworm0812 Mispelled 20 hrs ago
i need hate - burn me... 18 HylianNinja HylianNinja 20 hrs ago
hey wasp, look at this ad - [image] also other things this isn`t just ... 304 Disappears skyfish 21 hrs ago
AMA about my meetup with blackbird77 and krm(nolded) - The basics: We wen... 129 Cheese King Liag 21 hrs ago
Cell phones - - what you got & why you love it - I think I finally s... 38 krused00 bgraham23 21 hrs ago

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