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We walk around pretending we're all grown up. - it`s a rough day, so was ... 20 cola Wasp. 1 min ago
Me and Brutha - OK this is about me and my brotha 1. we like to chew. 2. ... 53 WaniMesteth WaniMesteth 21 mins ago
I already know that I am going to hell, at this point it's either go big or go home... 7 EmptyMisty EmptyMisty 22 mins ago
dumbing down - watching House MD episodes and there was one where a forme... 182 Mispelled j2moneyj2d2 48 mins ago
flirting is hard! - It is text based and I feel like my responses take to... 25 WonderLand42 slinky0 1 hr ago
Writing Contest Entries - Here are the entries. You guys can read and dis... 3 LordGolden LordGolden 1 hr ago
Have you ever: Part 1 - Directions: talk about have you ever. Have you ev... 22 FluffyKura FluffyKura 1 hr ago
I Had An Epiphany - I`m getting rid of all the dead wood in my life. You... 50 theBSR theBSR 2 hrs ago
poorrusty has been banned - Please continue.... 250 CuckingFunt NarcoticNico 2 hrs ago
hanson, mass all up in your TV - you guys know that show the voice? a gir... 20 racmoron CmyChinchila 2 hrs ago
If you don't know what screamo is don't read this - I`m doing a project w... 29 DjDayne cola 3 hrs ago
Dear slinky0, - Lily told me to do this so i am. I tried to message you b... 86 Warriorskid Mispelled 4 hrs ago
SELFIES - u as u r was locked.... 882 oreo-rocks .Solstice. 4 hrs ago
Sometimes I really wonder about the people I am friends with.... 17 Socio slinky0 4 hrs ago
32, can't be worse than 31. But at least there's 33 to look forward too. 8 Rik_Khaos racmoron 5 hrs ago
Well... - So I`m in the back of a car don`t know how I got there,with som... 23 cherrytail MangakaChez 6 hrs ago
Mitch - My best friend has been gone for at least a month now. I`ll never... 6 MangakaChez MangakaChez 6 hrs ago
NEW SCHOOL!!! - High school is bad as it is.on top of that i`m going to a... 3 guccilover guccilover 6 hrs ago
Thoughts on genetically modified pigs and dogs - I was thinking about how... 7 Tartarus88 michrich 11 hrs ago
greetin - munnin.y`all... 2 Badboydyly bruin101 13 hrs ago
Regrets - Do you have any regrets? I do. I regret being a tard when I w... 184 slinky0 Abzurd 14 hrs ago
Mine? - If I see that boy again should I make him mine?... 6 coolgirl11 snowbdr88 16 hrs ago
I'm Leaving YT forever - That`s all. Goodbye. Leave your name and message... 1102 theBSR Rag_Doll_ 17 hrs ago
Over him - I`m so over Dylan. He is so rude. He may be hot but he`s mean ... 9 coolgirl11 NoTThEEnEmY 18 hrs ago
My note to you all - Well,due to some mean comments,i will no longer be g... 28 Warriorskid Warriorskid 19 hrs ago

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