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skyfish - [link] This journal is a place to talk about all things...skyf... 33 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 48 mins ago
Who knits? - I started knitting a sweater. Foolish undertaking. 12 hours... 10 LaBostella SleepyJean 1 hr ago
Birthdays as an Adult - I feel exactly the same as I did yesterday. That`... 43 One-derful Socio 1 hr ago
you as you are? 933 Sa-Chan FloatOn 3 hrs ago
Spring is in the air today - No idea why. Just is. I went to the thrift... 106 Mispelled Mispelled 3 hrs ago
Life wasn't meant to be easy. But it's the little things that help. 7 Socio Sammy 4 hrs ago
Just contemplating over the kiddos and gauging my grip on things - As one... 8 orangefanta hamletsghost 4 hrs ago
Sick - Being sick is a bad time. I don`t t sick often so it really throws... 11 Forever orangefanta 5 hrs ago
I just wrote a story that's guaranteed to get me hate mail. Let's see how this plays out. 46 sleepyhollow orangefanta 6 hrs ago
We WON. - booyah... 39 thisone1 Rag_Doll_ 8 hrs ago
Holy poo hi - I can still log in? WTF?! I just thought of you guys and th... 24 Treagol Treagol 12 hrs ago
just want some input on the name Elliot. - tell me your thoughts on this ... 114 petitefleur redreine 15 hrs ago
I hate this - I hate when one of your good friends moves to a new school ... 1 HannaElane HannaElane 15 hrs ago
all i need is to change my clothes. - so i can prolong this moment before... 8 amaqdrinker YungHotEbony 1 day ago
I did a terrible thing today. I feel ashamed, really. 139 Rag_Doll_ Mispelled 1 day ago
I am ravenous - No idea why I`m so f-cking hungry today, I had chicken br... 18 Brockgurl86 Brockgurl86 1 day ago
Im getting an Internship - So I`ve been unemployed for months now. Almost... 4 Forever Forever 1 day ago
I'm so tired, all the time. - At work, on lunch. Want to collapse. I slep... 30 SleepyJean amaqdrinker 1 day ago
What to do? - Do I head out tonight to get my super bowl champion shirt a... 18 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 1 day ago
Is it common to be invited to a bachelorette party but not the wedding? 23 luckystar107 luckystar107 1 day ago
I NEED TO SHOWER - BECAUSE I AM DIRTY. AND I HAVE TO WORK USUALLY I`M... 46 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Here, have a video of my handsome husband, from 2 years ago. - [link]... 5 thisone1 thisone1 2 days ago
Hey guys... - When you guys take my quizzes and see if I got an answer wr... 2 FnordMilk thisone1 2 days ago
the last 24 hours hit me in the face - went on a date with liar. kind of... 38 j2moneyj2d2 bgraham23 2 days ago
Nine pictures of Galway and a Cat. - [image] [image] [image] [image... 14 LadyMarbles orangefanta 2 days ago

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