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Remember texting guy? - I was bitching about him yesterday. So some quick... 138 Wasp. amaqdrinker 1 hr ago
random picture thread - I`m bored, so let`s post random pics ( nothing in... 40 vampirecara ashwind 1 hr ago
Thailand - [image] Anyone been? I am going in a few months. Will be ... 4 Spoonerism catchall 1 hr ago
making sure you're aware of the monotony - the coffee is better here. i ... 20 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 hrs ago
Beijing summer doesn't mess around. - It really did come overnight. It w... 8 sleepyhollow orangefanta 3 hrs ago
give me all your money, and i'll make some origami, honey. - i have a dat... 37 cola cola 4 hrs ago
crazy homeless dude - Won`t stop talking to me ... 51 WonderLand42 spacepeanut 5 hrs ago
This place looks interesting - I liked welcomebot. So nice and friendly!... 67 WickedTrixie WickedTrixie 5 hrs ago
omg this is it i'm leaving cambridge - it`s really weird that all my stuf... 29 racmoron orangefanta 5 hrs ago
Guess who is going to be a Berkeley bear? - This girl! Yup. The news came... 41 BlackBird77 chips2001 5 hrs ago
Musicals - So i need musicals to watch, any ideas... 8 Eyelessjane orangefanta 6 hrs ago
mothertrucker - called off again. The universe is either telling me to ge... 61 Mispelled Guilty_Spark 7 hrs ago
Well hello there - I only ever sign on here anymore when I am drunk and l... 9 Hael Spoonerism 8 hrs ago
It's like I ain't even know him no more - My best friend in the whole wor... 14 Ashis Wasp. 14 hrs ago
new location, new dog, new journal - #lonelyraving my parents are in the ... 21 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 16 hrs ago
SHOW US HOW YOU ARE - ...last thread locked.... 381 snowbdr88 LadyMarbles 19 hrs ago
A job interview over the phone.. - It`s been a bad week for me anyway. It... 8 Idoit Idoit 21 hrs ago
IM PREGNANT - IM dratING PREGNANT WTF IMMA CRY CRY CRY CRY CRY KILL ME MY... 30 punkchick16 bgraham23 21 hrs ago
I am not great with social situations, especially the ones that fall in gray areas 20 sleepyhollow LordGolden 22 hrs ago
second interview - second interview ahem. okay. last time i got a second ... 33 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 23 hrs ago
Not A Very Happy Friday - Woke up this morning to the sound of sirens wai... 3 Abigaill0l bgraham23 23 hrs ago
Fingers crossed... - The last couple of days have been insane. As many ... 8 Spoonerism Spoonerism 1 day ago
day 5/5. 38 Liag CmyChinchila 1 day ago
I'm not an atheist anymore. - I had to make a journal because I don`t thi... 444 shakira2 Disappears 1 day ago
I love Jerry 2'6'15💚 - He`s mine and only mine☺&... 29 Jasmye LadyMarbles 1 day ago

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