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what do you do with mystery phone numbers? - got this text last night: &q... 38 racmoron redreine 7 mins ago
i have wine. ama. - i can`t get SUPER drunk bc i have work early tomorrow... 44 Kraken WondrPanthr 23 mins ago
show me what you look like.... - Us as we were 5 minutes ago. [image]... 968 lizzywizzy Kraken 33 mins ago
What Even is this Website - Ay, lmao, I`m tired and bored af.... 17 JustJesseKid WondrPanthr 58 mins ago
Things are getting better. - I had my best birthday present ever. My kids... 27 snarf WondrPanthr 1 hr ago
to everyone that said i would have a hangover this morning 22 cola Mispelled 1 hr ago
I feel a new tattoo comin on - I have two one needs to be fixed one needs... 24 Juggaltte2 Juggaltte2 1 hr ago
random thoughts - Okay, I`ve never had V8 vegetable juice, so yesterday m... 3 Catbug HaveASadCum 1 hr ago
Pretty cool early b-day gift! - So, a friend of mine called me up Saturda... 12 bookworm0812 snarf 3 hrs ago
What's something you love that everyone else seems to hate? - Let`s do co... 267 sleepyhollow Sammy 5 hrs ago
Amy Schumer Strife - Last night my boyfriend and I got into an argument o... 488 flovebunny Guilty_Spark 5 hrs ago
I got some new bras. Yeah, I'm going to wear them. I'm wearing one right now, as a matter of fact. 32 WondrPanthr Sammy 6 hrs ago
I've become that person I always thought was weird and a loser when I was 10 years old. 68 myneckmyback Kepi 10 hrs ago
Bored - Hey, I`m bored. I love cats. If you`re a cat tell me. My real nam... 7 777sun flovebunny 11 hrs ago
Its a one-derful life. - People have reached an entire new level of stupi... 54 One-derful WondrPanthr 12 hrs ago
This is it guys. The editing will be done tonight. I'm on the last spurt. 7 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 13 hrs ago
Cilla's Dead - St Pete just asked her, "And what`s your name and whe... 6 DaveW Jack-O 14 hrs ago
I thought I saw my father losing his mind right before my eyes. - I went ... 19 BlackBird77 redreine 15 hrs ago
happy birthday everyone - each and every one of you... 31 skyfish Cheese King 17 hrs ago
Boredness - Im SO Bored lol... 11 Kitkat0924 WigglesFT 18 hrs ago
Weird question - For Muslims, or people who are kind of knowledgeable abo... 34 spacepeanut spacepeanut 22 hrs ago
FRIEND OF THE WORLD - I`M IN THE WOODS. BY A LAKE. I REMEMBER WHEN I W... 7 amaqdrinker Ahmed 1 day ago
Eating ice cream cake out of the container because I'm an adult now. 8 Socio Mispelled 1 day ago
Hey - i hung out with mom today, I actually enjoyed it, i think i`m start... 7 vampirecara vampirecara 1 day ago
i'm 18 - bsr take me... 28 cola Abzurd 1 day ago

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