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You as you are - Greetings from Seoul. [image]... 879 slinky0 Spratacus 2 mins ago
Festivus approaches, let the Airing of Grievances commence! - Over the la... 19 Guilty_Spark Brockgurl86 4 mins ago
This was not a good weekend. But I'm finally home and I can breathe again. 75 sleepyhollow Guilty_Spark 17 mins ago
I lost my rings, and found them. The relief is insane. 17 SleepyJean slinky0 1 hr ago
Gendering McDonald's happy meal toys irritates me. - Girls like pokemon!... 11 WonderLand42 Brockgurl86 1 hr ago
... - i`ve pulled more all-nighters this past two months than i`ve ever d... 3 lemontootie Guilty_Spark 1 hr ago
I hurt so bad right now. I've been waking up in pain a few times this last week. 4 Rik_Khaos Mispelled 2 hrs ago
Antidepressants...no! Poetry! - It`s strange. Theres nothing Im sad about... 16 PayN8tention sleepyhollow 6 hrs ago
Life is so precious and you realize it when it's gone - One of my best fr... 10 Kraken Mispelled 8 hrs ago
Hello from the otter slide - Things are looking up. I should be hearing a... 7 Loptr Mispelled 9 hrs ago
The life of an anxious person - Went to bed, woke up with tooth hurting. ... 23 munchkin1236 chips2001 9 hrs ago
I LIKE like him and just general stuff - Had my mother`s surprise party l... 6 Innosins chips2001 10 hrs ago
I have a job interview tomorrow - And for a first time in a long time I`m... 10 NoTThEEnEmY NoTThEEnEmY 12 hrs ago
i was going to... - i was going to take a picture of my moustache. up cl... 19 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 12 hrs ago
This site has been so dead lately that I might have to take drastic measures 31 BlackBird77 Alpha_A 15 hrs ago
Stranger Danger - I`m going to meet someone off of the internet in an hou... 28 CrunchySocks catchall 17 hrs ago
It's not official, but I believe Sander is gone - People have begun posti... 107 LiJasMom LiJasMom 20 hrs ago
SKYFISH DID YOU LIKE JURRASIX WORLD - i did. that whole last battle sce... 12 HylianNinja 3 mehs 1 day ago
Mommy, daddy, why don't you love me? - I feel like I have alienated my fa... 18 DoYouWash 3 mehs 1 day ago
there isn't a gif that can adequately portray the dancing i am doing right now 10 Jack-O bgraham23 1 day ago
Texts from the unknown - unknown person 1: {picture of grinning dog} me: ... 7 kateummslala kateummslala 1 day ago
I'm posting this here, becase a friend posted it on fb and I wanted to respond but I know she's in a bad place right now and don't want to pick a fight with her. But URG. 12 SleepyJean orangefanta 1 day ago
Howdy folks its your ol pal, alcoholic teenage wh*re - Bringing you anoth... 11 cola j2moneyj2d2 1 day ago
Second Job offer, and waiver so I can start befor completed background investigation. 1 Rik_Khaos Rik_Khaos 1 day ago
working so much - working more than I`m not working, man tbh most of the ... 23 Oreo- Oreo- 1 day ago

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