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Psssst... hey you... yeah you... come in here... - HELLO!!! It`s fall. He... 6 Krymson Krymson 51 mins ago
You! As You Are. - What happened to the other one? Did the op delt? Anywa... 695 redreine Krymson 1 hr ago
We have a Sonita - Very nice girl and so far she has not run away screami... 67 LiJasMom lizzywizzy 5 hrs ago
today is wrong - you ever feel like everything is askew? last night i wen... 64 skyfish SleepyJean 7 hrs ago
mfw i got into work 45 minutes early just so i can be the first one in 36 skyfish slinky0 13 hrs ago
A Purpose - I became a Youthink.com member on February 15, 2004 when I wa... 6 nightmare007 WigglesFT 18 hrs ago
something something YT is dead - i was gonna come and read stuff but app... 45 j2moneyj2d2 LordGolden 1 day ago
Randomly craving Lucky Charms - I wish I knew somewhere around here that ... 19 Spoonerism luckystar107 1 day ago
I'm sick. Again. - I had strep last week and now I`ve got a nondescript i... 22 SleepyJean UberRoxor 1 day ago
It's half past midnight and I'm wide awake so AMA I guess. - Found a shop... 14 strummerette strummerette 2 days ago
So I checked out for like a year or so. - Since before I moved in this ho... 11 snarf snarf 2 days ago
evolving journal about different things ovee time - reading a book "... 25 mousepelled SleepyJean 2 days ago
It was all Cuck's fault. - So I see this mildly amusing picture on Facebo... 50 snarf womersley 3 days ago
Uncle Carvin doing work. - [spoiler] I surprised my sister, again, y`all.... 35 cpayne j2moneyj2d2 3 days ago
Sacrifice my happiness just so I could win 38 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 3 days ago
Guy! Big news! - The interview is done, i have the job, and I`m meeting t... 31 SleepyJean EhFahQ 3 days ago
Quick question - So I have not lived in my old apartment for nearly a yea... 13 dressboy Spoonerism 3 days ago
This is how I ask guys out (and maybe why I'm still single) - [image] ... 7 Brockgurl86 CowDung 4 days ago
Music problem - Hey ppl, I lost my music website and need a new one. (It ... 19 Amen Amen 4 days ago
Google is mean. - I tried to log in to my brand new YouTube account, but ... 7 cronch snarf 4 days ago
It's official. I'm a tea snob. - Don`t change me three flipping dollars f... 54 SleepyJean Boredofu 4 days ago
In America, nobody says you have to keep the circumstances somebody else gives you. 5 Pluvio Pluvio 4 days ago
Here's some stuff 53 SleepyJean WonderLand42 5 days ago
Today. - What a day to remember. I have bought myself some space on the i... 6 cronch HateWhitePpl 5 days ago
I need you to vote. - I`m trying to decide on two different desserts for ... 49 TWiseboober TWiseboober 6 days ago

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