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I wrote about you all. 7 NarcoticNico Puller 1 hr ago
i wish my boyfriend's penis was bigger - he doesn`t have a baby carrot pe... 14 eggsandrice McDonaldsNo1 2 hrs ago
Two strangers in the bright lights 59 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 5 hrs ago
I'm in the room with 7 titties, that's 4 bitches with one missin'. - it`s... 22 Dirt_ CuckingFunt 5 hrs ago
blipping in your radar - i was maybe going to a memorial service today. ... 10 amaqdrinker Wolf_In_Jar 7 hrs ago
17 McDonaldsNo1 cola 9 hrs ago
Tell me about your vasectomy. 10 NicolesLove amaqdrinker 16 hrs ago
Close to suicide - I don’t think I can do it anymore. It’s ju... 51 EF_WARD Wolf_In_Jar 1 day ago
Meeting his ex wife for lunch in ten minutes - Gonna give her the ole &qu... 17 orangefanta mousepelled 1 day ago
I crawled into it. Right into the hole. - So my parents have a sink in t... 32 Wolf_In_Jar amaqdrinker 1 day ago
If sleeping 14 hours and applying for one job a day were the olympics - I... 31 SleepyJean bgraham23 1 day ago
Hottie Thread Part II - Goddamn mods locked the old one. Slinky - I GUESS... 694 CuckingFunt Puller 2 days ago
Spent 40 minutes on my Rubik’s cube 14 EmptyMisty EmptyMisty 2 days ago
the unease of having a workman in your house - what do you do?? i`m just ... 48 skyfish Wolf_In_Jar 2 days ago
I don’t need Marie Kondo to show me how to organize my home. I know how to do that already 30 EmptyMisty Wolf_In_Jar 3 days ago
Laryngospasms - I think i have them (it?) and it suuuucks. and is quite s... 10 NicolesLove NicolesLove 3 days ago
I am not crafty enough for this project. - I wanted to buy a plush falko... 16 NicolesLove luckystar107 4 days ago
I finally threw her ass out of the house - My bro and snl came over and I... 25 tulip Spratacus 4 days ago
Naked in McDonalds 1 McDonaldsNo1 McDonaldsNo1 5 days ago
have a good night. - you are doing great, keep up the good work. did you ... 16 petitefleur Spoonerism 5 days ago
Y’all knew this was coming! - [image]... 22 SleepyJean kateummslala 6 days ago
was i mindful. really all i should think about. - [image] this stuff cha... 9 amaqdrinker Wolf_In_Jar 6 days ago
I am newbie and allow me experiment - I am anxious because of my surgery... 5 taggie12 bgraham23 6 days ago
Hey guys. How’s it going? - How’s your week been? Watch any... 31 petitefleur lilsublime 7 days ago
So I went to McDonalds 9 McDonaldsNo1 Sonita888 7 days ago

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