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ASK BSR - advice thread for those with puzzling life questions. Go ahead,... 265 theBSR griffin_wf 1 min ago
works of literature involving street racing in the 1950s - Anyone know of... 1 shakira2 shakira2 2 mins ago
POST PICTURES OF YOU OR SOMETHING - ...last thread locked.... 538 snowbdr88 Saxily 8 mins ago
two people i know at work - one person has made a short film. he linked e... 78 skyfish chips2001 16 mins ago
would you rather have your parents consider you to be overly liberal or overly conservative? 70 shakira2 doligurl 58 mins ago
So, with chemo and some good luck, I have about a year left - The doc wou... 12 sander IRLIteach 2 hrs ago
Sort of feeling like I'm in a slump lately - Not necessarily in terms of ... 9 sleepyhollow theBSR 4 hrs ago
dog needs operation - $3,500 - Now accepting donations. Thanks. Good da... 37 kateummslala kateummslala 5 hrs ago
shut the f*ck up - I`m trying to have a relaxing day at home and the town... 29 Mispelled theBSR 7 hrs ago
Would YOU do it? - So I`m thinking at some point of taking a holiday to B... 33 UberRoxor UberRoxor 8 hrs ago
guess who's sleeping w/ his lights on - this guy when I was little, I wat... 94 Disappears Disappears 11 hrs ago
ADVICE and AMA thread - Yeah. That`s right. I`m doing both. I don`t follo... 61 BlackBird77 hamletsghost 11 hrs ago
I'll do this just once to get to know people better. Ask me questions 24 Ahmed KingMarsh91 11 hrs ago
ask me stuff - is this still a trend i don`t have any content for an actu... 260 HaveASadCum hamletsghost 12 hrs ago
Guys, My kid is a hipster - So we were in the car and House of Gold came ... 40 WonderLand42 shakism 13 hrs ago
I'm just a little heart breaker. - Yep, now I have a boyfriend. He`s awes... 39 EmoChick123 JustJesseKid 13 hrs ago
And you may ask yourself, "how do I work this?" - I have some q... 11 nobodyworth orangefanta 14 hrs ago
I've been wanting to do an ama - but people won`t stop doing amas even pe... 30 Disappears shakira2 15 hrs ago
how I spent my childhood - ear pressed up against the radio speaker "... 14 Kungfullama Liag 18 hrs ago
YT I have a question, and it very well could be a very dumb question but... 11 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 18 hrs ago
I'm Sarah , Chelsea's cousin - Ok so I`m Sarah and I`m engaged to my fia... 7 coolgirl11 strummerette 19 hrs ago
massive water leak after aliens attacked our home - I was pming cuckingfu... 39 shakism skyfish 19 hrs ago
Pitbulls - It is not the pitbulls that are bad, it`s the people that mak... 49 Andrus7 Guilty_Spark 20 hrs ago
There and Back again - So my wife`s friend had a wedding and gave my wife... 16 Forever DaveW 21 hrs ago
Job interview - I have an interview to transfer to the school where 2 of ... 4 IRLIteach UberRoxor 21 hrs ago

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