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today was a bust and i just want to have a human connection - hi you can ... 24 cola cola Brand New
i had to clear the case at eight fifteen and it was total bullsh*t. - i d... 2 amaqdrinker bgraham23 4 mins ago
Chips - I`m craving Doritos really really badly right now. I`m hungry for... 42 Anywhooo amaqdrinker 9 mins ago
Sometimes I put on a costume and pretend to be someone else. - It`s how I... 5 thisone1 twindsor 13 mins ago
Lightening - Is anybody else watching a beautiful lightening show at the ... 5 WigglesFT Len2 1 hr ago
Just thoughts in mah head - Do you know how to ride a bike? I thought tha... 33 menfearme15 thisone1 1 hr ago
I passed an important test - I`m excited... 30 Disappears bgraham23 1 hr ago
Friend of mine quit at work today with no notice - He was always complain... 4 Ahmed hamletsghost 1 hr ago
Really don't know what you came here for. Round and round we go. 26 Socio Socio 3 hrs ago
SGC - update on SGC ! There are now 10 members who are dedicated to not ... 10 coolgirl11 WigglesFT 5 hrs ago
just doing my surveys - trying to do 20 this morning before bedtime. My ... 92 Mispelled UberRoxor 6 hrs ago
That's for me to know and you to find out - I like chicken, pass it on... 10 Len2 cola 7 hrs ago
Music - just finished my new song promises comment and on you tube i will... 3 beatgurl44 getbent3 8 hrs ago
I Am Wondering? - Hey Guys!!!!!!! I was looking around on youtube like I ... 4 AngelDark133 spacepeanut 8 hrs ago
someone just broke into my apartment - the cops just left everything from... 130 racmoron racmoron 8 hrs ago
I'm new!!! - Can`t wait to meet new peeps on Youthink!... 19 Anywhooo Anywhooo 9 hrs ago
12 - i haven`t logged in in 12 years i wonder why did i do it now this si... 6 sw00sh thisone1 10 hrs ago
ewe as ewe argh - [image]... 753 amaqdrinker thisone1 10 hrs ago
ATTENTION NEWBIES. - I dont know if this is technically a journal or gen... 11 One-derful Len2 11 hrs ago
Wassup this site is cool - Im new to this site idk what im doing im a sen... 57 Trey_Ross redreine 12 hrs ago
Vacation is glorious - Sleeping in every day Taking hot baths Sitting by ... 35 Spoonerism theBSR 18 hrs ago
AMA - Do it. Let`s go. I know I`ve done plenty of these, but oh well. We ... 94 BlackBird77 griffin_wf 19 hrs ago
We don't know what's going on - Around the time I got home from work, my ... 12 shakira2 shakira2 20 hrs ago
Jobs. Bills. - I need one but I don`t want one. I quit my job of 11 year... 32 heartflutter heartflutter 21 hrs ago
I present to you two buttons, one is a green circle and the other is a red x. Which is the cancel button? 6 CRA-Z_HEART Spoonerism 23 hrs ago

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