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hi - Holy shot I haven`t been on here in forever o.o I met a lot of awes... 2 sinternal LiJasMom Brand New
Would seeing Marilyn Manson at 38 weeks pregnant be a good idea? - I`ve s... 27 EmptyMisty petitefleur 42 mins ago
I'm gonna write a story about YT. Post in here if you wanna be in it. 38 sleepyhollow Cheese King 57 mins ago
placeholder - so i realized that once i get my first paycheck for the wee... 65 amaqdrinker Boredofu 1 hr ago
one week left - and I`m kind of starting to stress the realization that ... 70 Disappears Disappears 4 hrs ago
I have a really important decision to make - This kid at my work has awes... 27 WonderLand42 Socio 4 hrs ago
Sunday - Some calendars put it at the start of the week and that really i... 41 kateummslala Wolf_In_Jar 7 hrs ago
My son drank the Kool-aid - Last week I got a text from my ex saying tha... 34 snarf snarf 9 hrs ago
my attempts at adulting today - + did two loads of laundry including towe... 23 Liag ShutterBug 9 hrs ago
last minute - I am going to Toronto Friday - Sunday for CMW. I just learn... 5 LaBostella LaBostella 9 hrs ago
Wanna know why GS and LiJas are some of the best people ever? - They sent... 42 Kraken Kraken 10 hrs ago
Finished the drawings!! - So I finished a bunch of new drawings and I`m g... 17 HannaElane CuckingFunt 12 hrs ago
Great birthday yesterday! - So guys and gals, I have finally joined the 1... 7 _Jesse_ Amarillis 13 hrs ago
I can't do life today - I woke up at ducking 445 and couldn`t fall back a... 18 Brockgurl86 Kraken 13 hrs ago
What are good places to visit in Canada? - So I have a job interview in T... 42 Idoit Boredofu 14 hrs ago
Watching dragon ball super - Awesome new show, I highly recommend to anyb... 17 Codysoulfox CuckingFunt 14 hrs ago
Ask Hazen - Now is your chance to know what you want to know! Ask Hazen A... 3 Hazen Hazen 14 hrs ago
YOU AS YOU ARE, BEEYOCHIZZ. - I CAN HAZ MONKEY??? I CAN HAZ MONKEY!!!!!! ... 446 thisone1 prettyluckyg 15 hrs ago
So, who wants to read an eighty page thesis…. - I`d like someone to... 40 sleepyhollow WigglesFT 21 hrs ago
Yay Grandad is 80 - I thought he was 79 this year but he is actually 80 :... 9 WigglesFT orangefanta 1 day ago
krm and i had a hat based argument that culminated in me throwing literal actual trash onto his person 55 mysocks amaqdrinker 1 day ago
must...stay...awake... - I have to go pick up a race packet for my 5K run... 51 Mispelled Mispelled 1 day ago
Comment in my journal and I will tell you something about yourself that you probably don't know yet. 37 thisone1 thisone1 1 day ago
my cat doesnt have any of her cat instincts - i put a frog in the bathtu... 8 tristenluver tristenluver 1 day ago
doctor reminder - hey this isnt really like interactive or nothing i just... 19 HylianNinja skyfish 1 day ago

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