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Accents are sexy - I went on a date last night with this guy Both his par... 82 redreine orangefanta 22 mins ago
Damn, it feels good to be back on my ORIGINAL HANDLE!!!!!! - What should ... 28 womersley orangefanta 24 mins ago
One month until my physical exam concerning starting hormones - So now al... 4 Loptr orangefanta 36 mins ago
My doodle of Takumi from Fire Emblem!! Well i'm not clearly done but I hope you guys like it ... well so ... far 10 Morty44 CowDung 2 hrs ago
Why is work such work? - Ugh. Action plan this. Conference call that. Rev... 38 cpayne Boredofu 2 hrs ago
I'm sleepy but I ate a toblerone but I am still sleepy but now silly too. 21 SleepyJean griffin_wf 2 hrs ago
I'm getting my taxes done and man does my tax lady smoke a lot. Help me pass time by asking my opinions on things, people, places, YTers, etc... 84 theBSR womersley 4 hrs ago
You do you (as you are) - I mean to continue the last conversation I was ... 758 PsychicFat womersley 4 hrs ago
Did you know that history tends to repeat itself? - When I was in 9th gra... 6 sleepyhollow Abzurd 5 hrs ago
anybody on? - is anybody on right now?... 7 Starkiller12 LiJasMom 14 hrs ago
I'm returning to the restaurant that I got really drunk at alone a few weeks ago 42 Liag Liag 17 hrs ago
hmmm - Well...... I guess now the truth is out. Turns out she was playing... 5 2406 griffin_wf 19 hrs ago
Thank you, volleyball tournament! 42 Rag_Doll_ luckystar107 22 hrs ago
Monday morning moustache update - Just for slinky. The corners were getti... 32 cpayne Kepi 22 hrs ago
quick question first answer wins - should i watch moonlight or hacksaw ri... 14 skyfish CowDung 1 day ago
hey hey hey! - hey everyone! i got a deviantart account, so look me up! i... 13 Hazen Starkiller12 1 day ago
songs stuck in head! - ive had a few songs stuck in my head from family g... 1 Starkiller12 Starkiller12 1 day ago
so I put on a crazy cat lady party for my sisters 50th.. - It was amusing... 35 Sammy Abzurd 1 day ago
Beat Star Wars The Force Unleashed! - this is awesome! I Beat the Game tw... 1 Starkiller12 Starkiller12 1 day ago
"Ghost Hunters" are constantly down the street from me filming. It's dumb. 10 redreine redreine 1 day ago
This one goes out to the one I left behind. - [link] George, here`s your ... 5 QueenBurns QueenBurns 1 day ago
Post a selfie and I'll add a stupid filter - I`m working on stuff in my r... 79 sleepyhollow orangefanta 1 day ago
ITT: You post a link to something, and I post a reaction video. - Could b... 19 QueenBurns QueenBurns 2 days ago
so I've been lounging - how do you lounge? today was a proper lounge. pe... 60 kateummslala Kraken 2 days ago
I'm suddenly scared of people again - Idk. I was social for a while there... 81 mousepelled mousepelled 2 days ago

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