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I am a goddess - Guess who changed her septum ring on her own? And I got ... 25 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 10 mins ago
I left a man asleep in the nude. My name in my pocket, with my lipstick and rouge. 41 NicolesLove WonderLand42 1 hr ago
i dropped my iphone in the toliet - never have i ever done this. or come ... 41 luckystar107 Sonita888 1 hr ago
Bags are packed, plane ticket printed, what am I forgetting??? 2 Sonita888 Sonita888 1 hr ago
Hottie Thread - Let`s have a hottie thread. Post `em. Any of you 80s fags... 447 CuckingFunt racmoron 2 hrs ago
So - I was just chillin, reading a book And out of nowhere, i almost star... 10 WonderLand42 WonderLand42 13 hrs ago
Time manipulates your heart, preconceptions torn apart 41 Rag_Doll_ Rag_Doll_ 13 hrs ago
Things left unsaid - Inspired by a comment in my previous hit journal. I ... 61 cpayne Rag_Doll_ 22 hrs ago
I'm going to see my cats. - I don`t know if I am going to leave tonight o... 18 EhFahQ _Ghoul_ 1 day ago
Take a look at this dingdong flower: - [image] Also my money tree, whic... 6 SleepyJean hamletsghost 1 day ago
They should seriously make Orajel stronger. - WHERE IS THE PAIN RELIEF?!... 31 LoraHereWeGo birdsong4j 1 day ago
pope wears velour for the first time - when i want to save a screenshot o... 3 shakonomics Kepi 2 days ago
Who here is in favor of looser gun restrictions? - If you are one of thos... 3 womersley Sammy 2 days ago
YOU!!!! as YOU ARE - [image] im going to play the wholesome game of laz... 711 cola Oreo- 2 days ago
Remember when ICP did a dis track against Eminem called "Slim Anus?" 36 Kepi _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
IT'S THE START OF SOMETHING NEW - So I`ve started getting into the swing ... 59 sleepyhollow sleepyhollow 2 days ago
AIM might have died, but I'm glad to see that YT still exists. - I can`t... 21 pandora_03 Kepi 3 days ago
How do I stop being so bitter? - Today is day four of my latest suicidy ... 14 SleepyJean kateummslala 4 days ago
got a haircut - yep... 51 skyfish shakonomics 4 days ago
evidence that i was a special child - [image] [image] [image] there`s mor... 9 shakonomics shakonomics 4 days ago
School - Uhhhh! SS class is so boring... 29 Nyalways _Ghoul_ 5 days ago
when my brain wanders to naughty topics as i watch the evening news - fou... 28 shakonomics racmoron 5 days ago
Wow! . - Social Studies class was actually not that bad today... 2 Nyalways womersley 5 days ago
this underwear is no good at all - [image] i think they were going for ... 8 shakonomics LoraHereWeGo 6 days ago
you disgust me - line up, and kiss my buttcheeks youthinkers.... 8 BeastlyJ _Ghoul_ 6 days ago

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