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WHERE ARE YOU bum openingS - talkin to myself here... 18 HylianNinja theshak 19 mins ago
This is still the funniest thing that ever happened between me and Cleverbot 6 theshak theshak 25 mins ago
YALL AS YOU IS - Hey... 13 HylianNinja Spoonerism 1 hr ago
eCH- - I`m new here, kinda bored...... 1 rednoobguy26 rednoobguy26 1 hr ago
I'm gonna be on a train for 16 hours - With my best friend And we have s... 30 PsychicFat womersley 6 hrs ago
I think that the people who enjoy doing group projects are the same people who leave all the work to the one person who hates group projects. 1 womersley womersley 6 hrs ago
So I'm no longer working. - My wife starts at GEICO where I was working ... 1 Rik_Khaos Rik_Khaos 7 hrs ago
Has anyone done couchsurfing? - Why, hello! H ow are you guys? The last t... 15 Sonita888 Sonita888 7 hrs ago
Today was... rough... - The last few weeks have been no-so-great, but I`v... 11 StabbyHorse TWiseboober 7 hrs ago
is it weird to buy and wear an item of clothing that you saw another yter wear even though you'll probably never meet them? 66 skyfish WonderLand42 9 hrs ago
YOU ARE AS YOU ARE - [image] GO MAN GO... 1002 cola redreine 16 hrs ago
I'm so terrible at posting here, I'm that terrible friend who never texts. 40 wild_monkeys HylianNinja 17 hrs ago
WTF - Three f*cking hours. ... 7 jem8402 jem8402 18 hrs ago
YASSS - EVERYONE FRIEND ME PLZ I`M NEWWWWW THX ... 5 AngelTheBabe jem8402 1 day ago
NEW - WASSS UP GUY... 3 AngelTheBabe jem8402 1 day ago
That was extremely embarrassing but maybe something good will come of it 4 Ahmed Ahmed 1 day ago
Today on "dumb sh.t Pan does": - I`m having a cider despite of ... 2 Loptr womersley 1 day ago
HEY ALL YOU TURD BURGLARS I CANNOT SLEEP - At a dude`s house while he is... 21 SleepyJean SleepyJean 1 day ago
Moving Day - I did it! I`m a homeowner! We closed on our house yesterday ... 19 Cahauburn Cahauburn 1 day ago
So excited - Today was the last day of school for the kiddo and i just tu... 6 WonderLand42 hamletsghost 2 days ago
Is love really the tragedy the way you might describe? 73 Rag_Doll_ Spratacus 2 days ago
To nap, or not to nap. - I just went to the gym to play pickup, first tim... 15 cpayne Spratacus 2 days ago
have you ever met a murderer? - apparently I have [image] I apologize fo... 67 Disappears CowDung 2 days ago
A little lesson in the observance of Memorial Day and Veterans Day. - [im... 20 womersley jem8402 2 days ago
Update on my brother - Most of you probably saw me post in the gossip thr... 82 UberRoxor mousepelled 2 days ago

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