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The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) - I have absolutely zero desire to... 6 bookworm0812 bookworm0812 3 mos ago
Se7en - Fantastic movie. Absolutely wonderful.... 112 PinkMaija thisone1 3 mos ago
Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer leaked and OMG. ... 27 Kraken cola 4 mos ago
Super Troopers - Heck yeah! I wasn`t sure about this one when I went to s... 84 PinkMaija TNAIBJ 4 mos ago
Nightcrawler - Well, I enjoyed it. Maybe had something to do with my crus... 9 kateummslala KingMarsh91 4 mos ago
The Age of Adaline - I`m dying to see this. I saw the previews from anot... 3 bookworm0812 bookworm0812 4 mos ago
How to Train Your Dragon - so incredibly adorable, it`s the closest the d... 9 morbo Luciandra 5 mos ago
Home - Gotta see this! I love Jim Parsons. From what I see of the previ... 4 bookworm0812 bookworm0812 5 mos ago
Lucas - I like this one too, it`s not complex or "deep", but go... 9 **DeadlyKiss Fear Me 5 mos ago
Better Off Dead... - I do believe this is my all time favorite movie.... 8 BleedTapioca Fear Me 5 mos ago
Miracle On 34th Street - One of my favorite Christmas flicks!:-)... 11 falconwing Fear Me 5 mos ago
The Great Escape - Fun movie...worth a rental!!!... 20 falconwing Fear Me 5 mos ago
Godzilla (2014) - [link] I damn near jizzed myself THE KING OF THE M... 7 JassonM31 Fear Me 5 mos ago
Her - This is one of the best movies Ive seen. Its so intuitive and thoug... 4 Atia IncubiVerity 6 mos ago
Eyes Wide Shut - Haven`t seen this one yet, but I want to, I hear the end... 31 **DeadlyKiss amaqdrinker 7 mos ago
Bridesmaids - This was actually pretty damn funny. I cracked up throughou... 16 Krasivaya bookworm0812 7 mos ago
Dallas Buyers Club - Great acting from both Matthew and Jared. The charac... 5 shortone_ Rag_Doll_ 8 mos ago
Snow Dogs - Someone needs to remind Cuba that he won an Oscar.... 18 PinkMaija bookworm0812 8 mos ago
The Magnificent Seven - I love this movie because I hated it.... 18 lio bookworm0812 8 mos ago
Back to the Future 2 - I love ALL of the Back to the Future movies onc... 28 **DeadlyKiss aldod 9 mos ago
Back to the Future Part III - ITS PART OF THE BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY,... 20 **DeadlyKiss bookworm0812 9 mos ago
The Imitation Game - A somewhat simplified retelling of mathematician Ala... 2 aldod randy-savage 9 mos ago
Zombeavers - Film of the year. ````we cannot turn against each oth... 3 kateummslala WigglesFT 9 mos ago
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Gandalf: What did you F... 30 Noldor kateummslala 9 mos ago
One Magic Christmas - I LOOOVE this movie so much! Every Christmas since... 5 **DeadlyKiss bookworm0812 9 mos ago

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