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From Justin To Kelly: The Tale Of Two American Idols - This must be an an... 51 roxy_child Rhysen 13 years ago
The War of the Worlds - Makes "Signs" look like "Barney: T... 13 pauleky emo_killer 13 years ago
Kickin' It Old Skool - I wanna see it. Jamie Kennedy + Bobby Lee = awesom... 1 hannah_h hannah_h 13 years ago
The Notebook - This is only the bestest, sadest, happiest love stories ev... 36 Sexiestflirt xvampallyx 13 years ago
Junebug - Solid movie all around. It`s a good look at relationships, and ... 6 travbowman messedup 13 years ago
O.C. and Stiggs - Has anyone besides myself seen this wonderful movie? I... 2 tazwert genpirate 13 years ago
Bedazzled - Liz as the seductive devil!? What could possibly be better!?... 23 cheesehaus Rhysen 13 years ago
Scum - I love this film, If ya like it watch Made In Britain.... 4 Voteforkudos Rhysen 13 years ago
Young Doctors in Love - Ya`ll need to see this movie! It`s such a cult c... 4 Leonard Rhysen 13 years ago
Final Cut - Really strange...but good.... 5 icarus Rhysen 13 years ago
Little Black Book - I can`t wait to see this movie. Brittany Murphy is so... 25 jessica_146 Rhysen 13 years ago
Murderball - I really want to see this. I can`t wait til it comes to my c... 12 dramaqueenD Rhysen 13 years ago
Patriot Games - Okay movie....the Book was waaay better! Wish Alec Bal... 8 falconwing Rhysen 13 years ago
Charade - If you`re one of those people who wants to see The Truth About ... 9 pepperdrinks Rhysen 13 years ago
The Secret Garden (1993) - I read the book and LOVED it, I saw this movie... 33 **DeadlyKiss superkay37 13 years ago
Ghost Ship - I thought it was a very unique scary movie. Loved the plot a... 56 rooney damsel 13 years ago
A Clockwork Orange - a weird movie. It`s okay to see..but one time was en... 126 Nahtee hannah_h 13 years ago
Redline - has no one seen this movie? Thats a good thing cause it sucked.... 1 gotej gotej 13 years ago
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - I watched this movie two nights ago,... 1 icequeen84 icequeen84 13 years ago
Step Into Liquid - I LOVE this movie. I only feel bad because so many peo... 3 shakashaka Jesse 13 years ago
Godzilla - It`s an awful movie, but I voted "see it" anyway. I... 25 blobby Jesse 13 years ago
The Untouchables - Good flick! " you have fulfilled the first law... 16 falconwing yellowDog 13 years ago
The Mothman Prophecies - omg how does this have a bad rating? I LOVED IT!... 54 augustfifth yellowDog 13 years ago
The Year My Voice Broke - This movie sucked big time - and at the time, i... 4 Killraven KibbyWin 13 years ago
Glory Road - I just saw a clip for this on E! Anyone know more about it?... 9 boysenberry skinlessguy 13 years ago

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