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Doorstep Scammer - I just had a knock on the door . A big fat man wearing... 1 Boredofu Boredofu 3 days ago
What's For Dinner? - So do you have certain staples you tend to make a lo... 183 Damsel CowDung 14 days ago
"Captain" Tom Moore dies of Covid 19 - Retired Army officer Cpt Tom Moore... 4 Boredofu Inquizitor2 1 mo ago
What about Brexit? - While YT seems to beeven more dominated by Amrican i... 9 Matthias Boredofu 1 mo ago
Phil Spector dies of Covid related issues - Look it up if you care. ... 9 Boredofu Boredofu 1 mo ago
Quitter's Day 2021 - Yesterday was Quitters Day, the day when most Americ... 3 CowDung Boredofu 1 mo ago
Damsel has been banned. - The Collective has received information and doc... 325 ModBot Cahauburn 1 mo ago

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