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Three Celebrities you would most like to have lunch with - If you could ... 42 Noldor Boredofu 2 hrs ago
Left, right, or LOL COMPLETELY RANDOM - [image] ... 428 CRA-Z_HEART CRA-Z_HEART 2 hrs ago
I wanted an argument! I'm sorry, this is COMPLAINTS. - You don`t know how... 415 snarf CuckingFunt 2 hrs ago
Today I learn... - In an homage to a certain yters and his journals, let’... 9 Abzurd Hael 13 hrs ago
The Actual New Trump Meme Thread - You can post anti-Trump stuff, you can... 940 theshak Abzurd 1 day ago
Words you don’t hear much anymore - Post words you used to hear when you... 43 Noldor kubeo88 5 days ago
New year's resolutions - 2019 is nearly here, so does anyone have any re... 16 Spoonerism kubeo88 5 days ago
What would you recommend visiting where you live? - Is there something sp... 38 skirtgirl2 postallbear 6 days ago
When people ask if you are having kids soon... - So, husband and i reali... 63 NicolesLove Noldor 7 days ago
Secret Santa - what did you get?! - So someone has been super efficient a... 41 Mizu cpayne 9 days ago
Odds of being struck by lightning - Odds of being struck by lightning — 1... 37 Noldor Abzurd 10 days ago
Desktop/Background Thread! - Anew because every time I change mine and wa... 21 Rag_Doll_ Hael 11 days ago
Black Friday/Cyber Monday thread - post what you got for black friday/cyb... 44 Inquizitor2 JoWee 13 days ago
Do you feel like you are going backward or forward with your life? - Over... 21 skirtgirl2 Inquizitor2 17 days ago
how about a hot take thread - pink starbursts are the worst flavor ... 203 cola Disappears 20 days ago
Funny Things Overheard - This is one of my favorite little things in life... 37 CuckingFunt Puller 20 days ago
Speaking of things we did get - Show off your secret santa swag! I... 5 WonderLand42 sleepyhollow 21 days ago
BITCH, PLEASE - New complaint thread, guys! ... 1000 CuckingFunt snarf 25 days ago
Let's play a game (boomer cxnt NO GOOGLE edition) - The next image contai... 84 Abzurd Matthias 1 mo ago
The Decline and Fall of YouThink - I notice it’s getting pretty empty in ... 140 Noldor amaqdrinker 1 mo ago
Show off your Christmas tree! - Bonus kitty passing by in the background!... 237 Rag_Doll_ Puller 1 mo ago
Christmas culture - What`s your favourite traditional Christmas song? N... 76 Spoonerism birdsong4j 1 mo ago
What did you get - The not secret santa edition - I got a couple of t-shi... 39 WigglesFT Disappears 1 mo ago
Merry Christmas Everybody! - Hope you and yours have a really good time! ... 14 Noldor Spratacus 1 mo ago

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