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What is your sexuality? - It tells you your sexuality!... 2 ITZURGLAMARA lemontootie 2 hrs ago
Are you smart for your age? - could you be Albert Einstien`s assistant, o... 34 sydneyalexis snowyowlgirl 13 hrs ago
can i guess your gendar??!? - 100% accurate; if u think im wrong, u just ... 234 lemontootie lemontootie 1 day ago
Genocide or Pacifist? - Are you a genocider or a pacifister? Find it out!... 4 afros afros 3 days ago
How well do you know Sans? - This is the 6th quiz i make today so if it h... 1 afros afros 3 days ago
How well do you know Papyrus - How well do you know Papyrus. This quiz wi... 1 afros afros 3 days ago
Are you a true fan of undertale? - This quiz will prove if you know under... 1 afros afros 3 days ago
Are you more like Sans or Papyrus? - Which character fits you the best? S... 1 afros afros 3 days ago
Would I date you? (Boys only.) - find out if you get yes then you can lea... 24 sallywilliam anthony132 4 days ago
Wilderness Survival Test - You were on a trip across the Atlantic to New ... 12 quizesrfun Wilderfan 4 days ago
Does Papyrus like you? - Does Papyrus likes you or hates you? Females onl... 1 Afros Afros 4 days ago
Why do so many people keep joining Quiztron? - I mean, it`s good, but I d... 1 Wilderfan Wilderfan 4 days ago
Am I fat?? - I think it fun to tke these quizzes, don`t worry if you don`... 5 maddiemolgat BriarKitty 5 days ago
Are you skinny, thin, average, chubby, fat, or obese? - Find out how fit ... 179 bethxoxo BriarKitty 5 days ago
Am I Fat? - Do you wonder if you`re fat, underweight, a little chubby, or... 57 Angelgirl311 BriarKitty 5 days ago
How big are your boobs?? - Find out how big your boobs are ... 1 Shannon_123 Shannon_123 5 days ago
I'm going to guess if you're a girl or a boy - I`m not trying to be sexis... 2 PastelPerson Wilderfan 5 days ago
Political View Test - This test is designed to tell you whether you are N... 2 12121289 Wilderfan 5 days ago
Hello - Hello... 114 MeowMix37 PastelPerson 5 days ago
Which Sesame Street Character are you? - Are you Big Bird, Telly, Elmo?! ... 3 farmgirl116 Wilderfan 5 days ago
Girly-girl or Tomboy - Are you a Girly-girl or a Tomboy? Answer truthfull... 36 Aiyana45 farmgirl116 6 days ago
Are you a wimp? - How wimpy are you????... 3 jellohorse25 Wilderfan 8 days ago
Are you a wolfblood? - This quiz will determine if your inner wolf is act... 2 Jellohorse25 Wilderfan 8 days ago
How do you change your username? - Please my username is sooooo inacurate... 2 Jellohorse25 Wilderfan 8 days ago
What riding level are you at? - Riding Level 5 You are at riding l... 16 moryaco Jellohorse25 8 days ago

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