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Would you interfere if you saw a man walking with a woman with bruises on her face? 13 QueenBurns Kraken 6 mos ago
Your significant other is in pain from a terminal illness and begs you to end his/her life. Do you do it, knowing that you will get charged for murder? 8 SleepyJean skyfish 6 mos ago
Do you prefer Pringles with dip or without? - I prefer them without dip. ... 14 WigglesFT Kraken 6 mos ago
Are you willing to put yourself into another person's mindset to see things from their point of view? 4 womersley Kraken 6 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce Caribbean? - I say it both ways. ... 3 womersley Kraken 6 mos ago
Are you better off now than you were four years ago? - I was still in col... 48 KikiPeepers mousepelled 6 mos ago
Was Prince or Michael Jackson the greater genius? - They`re both incredib... 10 snarf Rag_Doll_ 7 mos ago
If today is Friday, does "next Saturday" mean tomorrow or a week from tomorrow? 8 postallbear womersley 7 mos ago
Who is a cooler person from the New Testament? - I am not sure ... 17 CatoFan1 Boredofu 7 mos ago
Should vegans be allowed to eat pudding? - Sure..why not? I`m making an `... 14 Sammy womersley 7 mos ago
Do you recycle plastic shopping bags? - No. I sometimes reuse them, but ... 17 HaroldtheBat catchall 8 mos ago
Do you take YT seriously? - This goes out to all the newsies. *ahem* ... 13 QueenBurns KylesCousin 8 mos ago
If you could be a virgin again, would you? - Most definitely it would be ... 20 ladiesfirst9 womersley 8 mos ago
How do you feel about Drumph calling everything "Fake News"? - Inspired b... 22 womersley bookworm0812 8 mos ago
When will you get your life together? - Dear Mods: Please do not ``correc... 6 QueenBurns mousepelled 8 mos ago
Which Sonic Adventure game was better? - SA2B ... 1 99521314 99521314 8 mos ago
Have you ever had quinoa? - yes. I love it!! ... 30 chefcastano postallbear 8 mos ago
Which Sonic the Hedgehog game was better (25th Anniversary)? - Can`t beat... 2 IQ Avant-garde 8 mos ago
Which is grosser? A pubic hair on your Coke or a nose hair? - Oh thank yo... 13 snarf bookworm0812 8 mos ago
Will you come on YouThink on Christmas day? - I very much doubt it.... 191 sezzee snarf 8 mos ago
In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 46 thisone1 CuckingFunt 8 mos ago
The last time you ate Ramen noodles was it because you had to or wanted to? 14 snarf skyfish 9 mos ago
Do you have an innie or an outie? - innie!! <3 ... 17 XOtwilightXO _Ghoul_ 9 mos ago
Did your parents treat you like you were younger than you really were? 23 KikiPeepers _Ghoul_ 9 mos ago
Have you seen a psychiatrist lately? - Mine rescheduled, so I had to wait... 8 QueenBurns _Ghoul_ 9 mos ago

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