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Do you usually have ice in your drinks? - Ice just melts and waters down ... 12 Avery peledavid16 3 mos ago
Do shapeshifters play hide and seek as a professional sport? - should the... 6 brandon00 SterileMary 3 mos ago
Is Donald Trump racist? - Lol ... 17 theBSR niccole 3 mos ago
Do you remember? - I forget. ... 18 womersley 69x 3 mos ago
Do you prefer shopping for clothes or groceries? - Clothes. As much as I... 30 HaroldtheBat 69x 3 mos ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 14 QueenBurns 69x 3 mos ago
When you make a lowercase "t" do you give it a tail? - I starte... 16 thisone1 69x 3 mos ago
Did you ever keep a Christmas tree up all year? - No way! We take ours do... 25 **DeadlyKiss 69x 3 mos ago
Have you ever eaten grits ? - No ... 27 CJDOTTER SterileMary 3 mos ago
Who would you rather marry and grow old with? - Tell me why. I`ll ... 17 womersley 69x 3 mos ago
If you tell someone that "you don't care", by saying that does it mean you actually DO care? 14 HaroldtheBat 69x 3 mos ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2017? - I was diagnosed with ano... 12 womersley 69x 3 mos ago
Do you try to 'like' posts on YT and then suddenly realise you can't? - Y... 11 Banana_gurl 69x 3 mos ago
Have you ever been sexually attracted to a cartoon character? - No, I hav... 192 LowAlexander SterileMary 3 mos ago
Did your parents ever cut your hair to punish you? - Sucks man, it`s tort... 15 thisone1 69x 3 mos ago
Do you prefer Queen or the Queen? - [link] ... 14 snowbdr88 69x 3 mos ago
What is the shape of the Earth? - A triangle. ... 14 Kraken Disappears 3 mos ago
Do you p*rnounce it data or data? - DUPLICATE QUESTION YOU NOOB [link]... 2 CuckingFunt 69x 3 mos ago
It is 2018 and I am 41 years old. Am I old enough to be your mother? - ?... 18 womersley 69x 3 mos ago
Since it takes so long for a Mack Truck to start moving again, should they be allowed to run stop signs as long as they are careful? 7 womersley womersley 3 mos ago
Do you enjoy the taste of Pepto Bismol? - I always have. So much, in fact... 28 thisone1 womersley 3 mos ago
When someone tells you they are a Libertarian, do you assume they do drugs and own guns? 27 jf2k2rj Steve_Austin 3 mos ago
Do you have a tattoo? - No.I`m to young. ... 15 FOBwolf Kraken 4 mos ago
Should athletes be required to stand for the National Anthem while playing for their national team? 114 Sammy Travelswell 5 mos ago
If KITT was homosexual and Michael wanted to go to Chick Fil A, would KITT obey his request? 20 bgraham23 Damsel 5 mos ago

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