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Are you cisgendered? - I think I am. But does it count as non-cisgende... 58 womersley womersley 2 mos ago
Was Prince or Michael Jackson the greater genius? - They`re both incredib... 12 snarf radioturk 2 mos ago
Is it ok for a white person to say the "N Word" if they are singing along to a rap song? 27 Cali_Brad Cali_Brad 2 mos ago
If you were raised completely gender neutral would that change your gender identity? 14 skirtgirl2 WonderLand42 2 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce "data"? - Dah-tuh or dey-ta. It`s weirdly interchang... 22 spacepeanut amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
Is overeating an eating disorder? - No, it`s a behaviour. Over-eat... 10 Floor Demon SterileMary 2 mos ago
Do you feel dirty when you find yourself agreeing with certain members? 13 snarf 69x 2 mos ago
Pugs or Corgis? - I want a pug so bad. ... 15 DoYouWash 69x 2 mos ago
Should I be the one to pick YT up from the depths of hell and make this website great again? 24 Kraken 69x 2 mos ago
has anyone from youthink ever been on jeopardy? - if not we should run mo... 14 amaqdrinker Spoonerism 2 mos ago
Are you an infidel? - Yes or no. ... 6 womersley 69x 2 mos ago
Just who, exactly, do you think you are? - Rob is the Boss so you can`t b... 16 womersley 69x 2 mos ago
Do you find yourself attracted to rocks every now and then? - yes i do... 24 munchkin1236 69x 2 mos ago
Which cartoon family is the most similar to your family: the Simpsons or Flanders? 22 valgal 69x 2 mos ago
Are safe lives boring ones? - A lot of times when the emphasis is on safe... 29 roxy_child 69x 2 mos ago
Are you better off now than you were four years ago? - I was still in col... 52 KikiPeepers 69x 2 mos ago
Do you match your emojis with your skin tone? - honestly it kinda makes m... 11 klebold 69x 2 mos ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 25 QueenBurns Wolf_In_Jar 2 mos ago
Do you ever buy stickers? - Yep, I love stickers. I don`t think I`ll ever... 18 DeeDee17 69x 2 mos ago
Do you or your partner ever douche? - No. I think that`s something young ... 47 vickilawshe 69x 2 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce Caribbean? - I say it both ways. ... 7 womersley skyfish 2 mos ago
Are God and Satan really just two personalities occupying the same void? 24 QueenBurns 69x 2 mos ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 14 Sammy 69x 2 mos ago
Do you like rough-housing with your significant other? - I love it. I thi... 5 BlackBird77 69x 2 mos ago
Is the answer to this question Potato? - Obvs ... 10 Orion peledavid16 2 mos ago

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