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Which sandwich would you prefer: ham and cheddar or turkey and Swiss cheese? 30 evil~zebra DaveW 5 years ago
Did Sherlock Holmes really exist? - no he didnt all the stories about him... 12 sportsgrl aldod 5 years ago
Do you clean the bathroom on certain days, or just whenever it looks dirty? 20 randabanana superkay37 5 years ago
Is it worse to be on a date with someone who is boring or dumb? - Hmm...w... 33 KikiPeepers jealousblues 5 years ago
When the red light turns green, would it take you more or less than five seconds to honk at the person in front of you if they haven't moved? 22 Bunni_Usagi Electric 5 years ago
Have you ever bought a YT Key for another YT member? - I never have. ... 20 boomerang05 Electric 5 years ago
Are you the type of person who (a) Breaks a vase and spends the rest of your life gluing it back together, or (b) Preserves the vase as best as you can because once it breaks, you will throw it away? 12 mysocks superkay37 5 years ago
If you found a career extremely boring, but were promised success, would you pursue it? 20 shaun54 superkay37 5 years ago
When a pen stops working, do you draw endless amounts of spirals to get more ink flowing or just toss the pen in the trash? 17 PiperFaery28 FoolsConvert 5 years ago
Which is the greater sin: being boring or being weak in character? - Niet... 20 MamboTomato crywolf 5 years ago
When you were a newbie, did you make sure that you got an avatar before you started posting? 41 mintyboy3000 crywolf 5 years ago
As a host/hostess for a party, is it your job to make sure that your guests are entertained? 12 KikiPeepers Inquizitor2 5 years ago
Have you ever played any Sports Mogul video games? - Sounds like rubbish.... 5 snarenathan Electric 5 years ago
In your opinion, is the Final Fantasy series the greatest RPG series? - i... 46 die_numb Electric 5 years ago
If You Think changed its name to Youth Ink, would you leave the site? - I... 35 gotZooropa habs 5 years ago
When you need to drive long distances are you comfortable driving alone or do you make sure you have a buddy to drive with? 17 megaproto123 HardRocks 5 years ago
Will you attend the sl*tWalk in your area? - That sounds like a good idea... 32 Electric SexInTheSea 5 years ago
Should women be allowed to hit women? - Technically, no one is allowed to... 30 HardRocks SexInTheSea 5 years ago
WHich 3rd party is more viable: Libertarian or Green? - Reform has made m... 17 exxkon Matthias 5 years ago
When you add questions, do you add your comments on the subject in the story section? 10 KikiPeepers Electric 5 years ago
Has your mind drastically changed about one particular subject in a short time? 28 messedup Electric 5 years ago
In your opinion, which do you think looks better: Pine trees or Oak trees? 11 okeydoke HardRocks 5 years ago
Do you read the front page of Wikipedia? - No, I hate Wiki. ... 14 haliisshippo HardRocks 5 years ago
Do you keep your front door locked even when you're at home? - My front d... 40 Brockgurl86 HardRocks 5 years ago
Have you ever had an electric shock from your computer? - Once or twice, ... 11 khaki Electric 5 years ago

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