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Are you cisgendered? - I think I am. But does it count as non-cisgende... 33 womersley womersley 1 mo ago
Have you ever visited another country and thought that the people there are kinder/smarter/better than where you're from? 5 snarf CowDung 1 mo ago
Do you match your emojis with your skin tone? - honestly it kinda makes m... 10 klebold womersley 1 mo ago
What's the ____ you have ever been from home? Would you say 'furthest' or 'farthest'? 31 HaroldtheBat Avery 1 mo ago
Do you automatically assume the first answer to a yes/no question is yes? 4 Kraken Damsel 1 mo ago
Do you think political correctness has gone mad? - It has, but I`m sick o... 7 _Ghoul_ womersley 1 mo ago
Do you prefer your mate to be taller than you or shorter than you? - I me... 23 WigglesFT DoYouWash 1 mo ago
Do you think California is the best state in the union? - k so califo... 7 klebold Spoonerism 1 mo ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 54 Inquizitor2 birdsong4j 1 mo ago
Is 30 too old to be living with your parents? - Needs insight, people! ... 27 _Ghoul_ Damsel 1 mo ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 13 Sammy womersley 2 mos ago
Which MLP minor character do you like more? - Maud pie ... 6 Mew1994 womersley 2 mos ago
Just who, exactly, do you think you are? - Rob is the Boss so you can`t b... 15 womersley womersley 2 mos ago
Are you currently menstruating? - Can`t wait until menopause kicks in. ... 32 QueenBurns orangefanta 2 mos ago
If you woke up in Toby Keith's sex dungeon, would you do anything close to what *I* would do? 7 womersley womersley 2 mos ago
Have you ever gotten a passport and then never used it before it expired? 9 TWiseboober Daffodil 2 mos ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 25 thisone1 _Ghoul_ 2 mos ago
Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? - So 64% have had one pointed at ... 15 marc780 Boredofu 2 mos ago
Is it 2018? - It is not. ... 10 peledavid16 womersley 2 mos ago
Should there be a heathen setting for autocorrect? - How about the kids? ... 7 galikafan womersley 2 mos ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 20 QueenBurns GodIsACoward 2 mos ago
Will you vote in your country's next Presidential (or whatever supreme leader your country has) election? 23 womersley womersley 2 mos ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 13 QueenBurns Spoonerism 2 mos ago
Would you interfere if you saw a man walking with a woman with bruises on her face? 13 QueenBurns Kraken 2 mos ago
Your significant other is in pain from a terminal illness and begs you to end his/her life. Do you do it, knowing that you will get charged for murder? 8 SleepyJean skyfish 2 mos ago

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