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Which is the better Olsen Twin? - It’s definitely Mary-Kate, I’m not sure... 3 peledavid16 Spoonerism 3 days ago
Have you ever worked a minimum wage job? - Yes. My 1st job was at a Suno... 11 snarf Rag_Doll_ 5 days ago
Do you think it is morally wrong for movie / tv productions to use real stock footage of catastrophes in their productions 17 Abzurd Abzurd 5 days ago
What's the longest distance you walked in a day? - Maybe just under 10, l... 8 flovebunny snarf 5 days ago
ketchup or mayonnaise? - Mix `em together! ... 18 needs_ammo flovebunny 7 days ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 58 Inquizitor2 jinjuly 20 days ago
When should your career search end? - No really though. How many stones ... 11 Wolf_In_Jar snarf 1 mo ago
Do you know of Mr. Hands? - I have heard of such things ... 8 jealousblues Orion 1 mo ago
Have you ever failed a class? - I failed a Empathy and Empathetic Listeni... 38 LovesSarcasm shakonomics 1 mo ago
Women: Would you be a surrogate mother? - For those who may not know, a s... 11 womersley kubeo88 1 mo ago
Do you think craft beer is hipster nonsense? - I would say no, but that`s... 32 SterileMary kubeo88 1 mo ago
Have you seen Michael Jackson's childhood? - Really? No one at all? It`s ... 4 thisone1 Boredofu 1 mo ago
Does it annoy you when people use the word "rape" to describe actions that have nothing to do with actual rape? 24 ladiesfirst9 Abzurd 1 mo ago
Do you demand that your significant other trust you 100% all of the time, no matter what? 17 QueenBurns erae 1 mo ago
Blue and silver or red and gold : which is a better color combination ? 12 Banana_gurl bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Are you more likely to respond to a question using the option with a random image, or where the response is the French for Yellow? 5 womersley peledavid16 1 mo ago
Is it 2018? - It is not. ... 41 peledavid16 peledavid16 1 mo ago
Have you ever bought a YT Key for another YT member? - I never have. ... 31 boomerang05 Spoonerism 1 mo ago
Do you stalk anyone on YT? - lol. i dont stalk anyone. believe it or not.... 25 DragonWisprz Wolf_In_Jar 1 mo ago
How long is your longest active PM? - 999 or less the longest one I have ... 88 Blondie... Orion 1 mo ago
Would you call your husband Daddy? - i do all the time ... 16 womersley Boredofu 1 mo ago
Do you ever put VapoRub on your feet? - I`ve never tried that before, but... 4 xgizmox Puller 1 mo ago
Have you ever had sex in a kitchen? - No, I never did that. I had sex in ... 24 angeleyesgr Puller 1 mo ago
Do you ever eat dessert before or during your dinner or supper? - Yep. I... 15 HaroldtheBat Puller 1 mo ago
Should necrobumping be a bannable offence? - Nah, it`s entertaining. ... 7 Kraken Puller 1 mo ago

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