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Should credit checks be allowed during a hiring situation? - No. I don`t ... 25 butterfly555 CuckingFunt 2 mos ago
Superman or The Hulk? - )-| )-| )-| )-| )-| )-| ... 6 Tazwert Abzurd 2 mos ago
Are you boycotting Arizona due to its new immigration laws? - I don`t fee... 46 lsu90 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Do you say "ill-legal" or "eel-legal"? - Neither. I say it ill-eagle ... 24 ladiesfirst9 WigglesFT 2 mos ago
Mushrooms or sausage : which do you prefer on pizza ? - False dilemma...... 22 sgrizzard Fear Me 2 mos ago
Ladies and stylish gentlemen, do you cake your face in foundation when attempting to achieve angelic perfection? 3 Ame_Yurei Mispelled 2 mos ago
Has the current political climate made racism more socially acceptable? 19 IQ Abzurd 2 mos ago
The last time you ate Ramen noodles was it because you had to or wanted to? 10 snarf Abzurd 2 mos ago
Do you know of any simple recipes that are easy to make? - Does Kraft Mac... 21 yvetterene Abzurd 2 mos ago
Beekeeper or zookeeper : which job would you prefer ? - Zoo keeper. I`d ... 18 xgizmox Abzurd 2 mos ago
You board a city bus for a 20 minute trip, but the only seat left open is beside a huge terrifying man who is sitting somewhat diagonally with one leg in the open seat. Do you sit down anyway, or just stand? 33 HardRocks Abzurd 2 mos ago
Would you rather read a classic novel or contemporary fiction? - I prefer... 26 Kgirl928 aldod 2 mos ago
Would you break up with your SO if you found out they were having sex with other people in their dreams? 46 HaroldtheBat Abzurd 3 mos ago
Have you ever driven without a license? - I started driving pretty regula... 30 HaroldtheBat bookworm0812 3 mos ago
Which would you rather watch? - I tend to enjoy both whore movies are ... 3 Disappears orangefanta 3 mos ago
Can angels commit suicide? - Assuming they exist, why would they want to?... 29 catherine skyfish 3 mos ago
Are God and Satan really just two personalities occupying the same void? 2 QueenBurns Kepi 3 mos ago
Do you generally date people of the same race as you? - No. I generally d... 57 tiffany8949 Mat 3 mos ago
How long is your longest active PM? - 999 or less the longest one I have ... 83 Blondie... EhFahQ 3 mos ago
Do you ever spit on toilet paper to increase it's effectiveness? - Never ... 25 princesss Spoonerism 3 mos ago
I'm 25, enjoy pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Am I short? 14 Guardian_E QueenBurns 3 mos ago
Should a man be able to force a woman to get an abortion if she is carrying his child that he doesn't want? 11 QueenBurns jas88 3 mos ago
If God told you NOT to post another "If God told/asked you" question on YouThink, would you obey? 8 butterfly555 QueenBurns 3 mos ago
Do you ALWAYS have to have the last word? - :) ... 2 starflame QueenBurns 3 mos ago
Is gratitude an important part of your life? - Definitely. I think its a ... 6 ladiesfirst9 bookworm0812 3 mos ago

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