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Does it normally snow on Christmas Day where you live? - No, never. It ju... 46 6darcy6 Noldor 5 mos ago
Do you consider Turkey to be more Middle Eastern or more Asian? - I must ... 31 QueenBurns Noldor 5 mos ago
How do you eat Skittles? - With a spoon. ... 36 Kgirl928 womersley 5 mos ago
Do you ever buy stickers? - Yep, I love stickers. I don`t think I`ll ever... 16 DeeDee17 womersley 5 mos ago
Do you think politicians should have to wear NASCAR-like patches to show who donates to their campaigns? 8 CowDung womersley 5 mos ago
Have you ever had a gun pointed at you? - So 64% have had one pointed at ... 9 marc780 womersley 5 mos ago
Are you cisgendered? - I think I am. But does it count as non-cisgende... 10 womersley womersley 5 mos ago
Do you have the 7-11 Phone App? - I do and I use it daily! ... 5 QueenBurns niccole 5 mos ago
Are you a nagger? - They are the worst kind of person. ... 6 womersley CowDung 5 mos ago
Does posting WORDS in CAPS add IMPACT to the word, or does it just make you look CRAZY? 13 EhFahQ Elaini 5 mos ago
Is your luggage password "1 2 3 4 5"? - Only an idiot would have that as ... 10 QueenBurns Elaini 5 mos ago
Are you a homo sapiens? - I`m pretty sure I am, but are you?? ... 4 womersley Avant-garde 5 mos ago
Can you think of any Youthink members would could make a good couple? - n... 75 raineshower womersley 5 mos ago
Which word do you use to describe your feces more often? - I say poop mor... 3 womersley WigglesFT 5 mos ago
Do you have a favorite breed of cat? - No. I think all cats are great no ... 55 LowAlexander Abzurd 5 mos ago
Has Lisa replaced Bart as an icon for youth? - No Lisa sucks.... 41 purp290 AstralStorm 5 mos ago
Are you cunning as a dunny rat or have you got kangaroos loose in the top paddock? 9 marc780 AstralStorm 5 mos ago
How often do you say ''I love you'' to your family? - Never. The only t... 42 cherryhaha AstralStorm 5 mos ago
Do you feel that people with lung cancer from smoking are truely victims? 60 aigidh ElfriedeKnig 5 mos ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2017? - I was diagnosed with ano... 8 womersley Sammy 5 mos ago
Do you prefer peanut butter or Jewish people? - Lol ... 29 ArkaGal22 womersley 5 mos ago
If your spouse died, would you stuff him/her and make him/her into a coffee table? 40 pinkconverse womersley 5 mos ago
Does YT have too many moderators? - if anything there aren`t enough ... 6 Disappears spacepeanut 5 mos ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 17 QueenBurns spacepeanut 5 mos ago
Imagine you are the owner of a financially successful business and your local EMS asked you to donate money so they could buy a new heart monitor...would you donate? 26 HaroldtheBat spacepeanut 5 mos ago

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