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If your life was made into a reality show would it get good ratings? - I ... 38 snarf psyndrone 2 mos ago
Do you sleep between seven and nine hours a night? - 3 - 4 ... 32 snowbdr88 psyndrone 2 mos ago
Is The Joker a clown, or is he not? - I say he is, my son says he is not.... 5 thisone1 7Sango 2 mos ago
Do you have too many coffee mugs? - Never, ever, can you have too many. ... 36 Bored_Guy QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Haggis or Headcheese, which one would you eat? - Who`s hungry now? ... 21 Tazwert TWiseboober 2 mos ago
Are you better off now than you were four years ago? - I was still in col... 34 KikiPeepers bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Spider-Man or Wolverine : who would win in a fight ? - wolverrine regene... 13 jasay1224 Abzurd 2 mos ago
Do you? - Not in public. ... 27 peledavid16 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
A: Is it fair that the son in question was successful at his suicide attempt after beheading his mom? B: Or should he have lived so he could be punished for his crime? 16 thisone1 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Do you ever wish everyone else on Earth would disappear? - My arch enemy.... 23 CocoCow QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Do they sell the uncut version in Israel? - Questions like this keep me ... 2 snarf QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Are you afraid of the dark? - No I am not. ... 31 princesss CowDung 2 mos ago
When you put on deodorant, which armpit do you apply it to first ? - Lef... 10 HardRocks bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Should Modbot be banned from YT for being under 13 years old? - His age i... 10 chips2001 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
When did you stop beating your wife? - I still beat mine. ... 6 thisone1 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Do you work in the education system? - I don`t, but it sure seems like a ... 16 thisone1 QueenBurns 2 mos ago
When you do wrong, do you normally end up getting your comeuppance? - No... 11 reb0rn4never QueenBurns 2 mos ago
How many times a month do you lacrimate? - 0. I can`t even remember the ... 35 HaroldtheBat QueenBurns 2 mos ago
I saw a sealed box in a hospital that said on the side 'If found do not open and call pathology on this number etc etc'. Would you open it? 13 HaroldtheBat QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Would you microchip your child? - I have very strong feelings towards thi... 36 Coinvolta QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Amanda Seyfried or Mila Kunis : whom do you find more attractive ? - Wat... 7 ladiesfirst9 jealousblues 2 mos ago
Have you ever thought of a really awesome question, a question so awesome it would probably be the best question ever posted on YT, and got all excited about posting it, only to log in and realise you've forgotten what the question was? 13 DragonWisprz QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Is paying $20 to become a Key Member even worth it? - I was thinking abou... 21 brandon00 psyndrone 2 mos ago
Which would you prefer, a single serving of poop, or all the pee you can drink? 11 menfearme15 psyndrone 2 mos ago
is 30 really the new twenty? - i feel like i`m thirty already. ... 25 amaqdrinker psyndrone 2 mos ago

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