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Do you follow celebrity news? - No, im not interested in what goes on in ... 21 __JoKeR__ Emily13079 2 mos ago
Did you join in 2003? - Nope, 2002... 71 KikiPeepers Emily13079 2 mos ago
Do you think most alters on this site are used for random jokes, or masked and vicious attacks? 27 *~kinky~* Emily13079 2 mos ago
Do you use Google to get a higher score on the Trivia section? 21 smoothiegal Emily13079 2 mos ago
Do you think a dolphin squeak is the same as a word in a language? - So I... 10 amaqdrinker Emily13079 2 mos ago
Is there a difference between being mad and being crazy? - I think there’... 12 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups or Twix : Which do you prefer ? - Reese`s. ... 34 xgizmox amaqdrinker 2 mos ago
Did you get into massive credit card debt during college? - I wouldn`t ca... 15 KikiPeepers psyndrone 2 mos ago
Should Bush grant amnesty to millions of illegal Mexican immigrants? - No... 105 IceQueen84 CheeseDemon 2 mos ago
Would the president be your friend if that was possible? - How should I... 13 HaroldtheBat psyndrone 2 mos ago
Are the colors of the rainbow comparable to the range of fruit tastes (cherry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry, and grape)? 11 HarryNJ psyndrone 2 mos ago
Do women have a taint? - I tend not to associate with tainted women ... 15 samsprinkle psyndrone 2 mos ago
Do you use Pandora to listen to music? - My favorite station is dishwalla... 2 CheeseDemon psyndrone 2 mos ago
Is Gay the new African American? - What? Um.....well I guess in both you ... 20 vampiress632 PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Are we human or are we dancer? - i think most of us are humans but some... 11 DragonWisprz PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Do you have to scroll all the way up to the top of the web page before you leave it? 11 wislakrakow1 PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Are sound words, i.e. Onomatopoeia, offensive if you are talking to a deaf person? 10 SilverWolf99 PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Which is the dirtier body part: the feet or the genitals? - the feet cos ... 14 pinkmonkey77 PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Do you think how words are spelled changes our p*rnunciation of them? 4 Lostlildream PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Who is the head of the family in your household, the man or the woman? 9 krispresley PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
Is YT just a big social networking site? - Yeah, that is what I use it as... 17 princesss PuddingCupp 2 mos ago
You're proving my point? - That is why you`re similar to a nazi ... 41 snarf snarf 2 mos ago
Do you live within an hour's drive of the border of your current time zone? 10 CowDung psyndrone 2 mos ago
Have you ever moved to another continent? - No, I don`t intend to, I`m fi... 9 Bogdanek psyndrone 2 mos ago
If Keith Richards and Betty White had a baby would it have been immortal? 3 snarf psyndrone 2 mos ago

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