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Has Lisa replaced Bart as an icon for youth? - No Lisa sucks.... 41 purp290 AstralStorm 3 mos ago
Were Elizabeth Smart's parents somewhat at fault? - it`s not their fault ... 5 kissme AstralStorm 3 mos ago
Are you cunning as a dunny rat or have you got kangaroos loose in the top paddock? 9 marc780 AstralStorm 3 mos ago
How often do you say ''I love you'' to your family? - Never. The only t... 42 cherryhaha AstralStorm 3 mos ago
Do you feel that people with lung cancer from smoking are truely victims? 60 aigidh ElfriedeKnig 3 mos ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2017? - I was diagnosed with ano... 8 womersley Sammy 3 mos ago
Do you prefer peanut butter or Jewish people? - Lol ... 29 ArkaGal22 womersley 3 mos ago
If your spouse died, would you stuff him/her and make him/her into a coffee table? 40 pinkconverse womersley 3 mos ago
Does YT have too many moderators? - if anything there aren`t enough ... 6 Disappears spacepeanut 3 mos ago
If you could reach your genitalia with your mouth, would you ever leave your house? 26 feelinlucky spacepeanut 3 mos ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 17 QueenBurns spacepeanut 3 mos ago
Imagine you are the owner of a financially successful business and your local EMS asked you to donate money so they could buy a new heart monitor...would you donate? 26 HaroldtheBat spacepeanut 3 mos ago
Your significant other is in pain from a terminal illness and begs you to end his/her life. Do you do it, knowing that you will get charged for murder? 4 SleepyJean Inquizitor2 3 mos ago
Do you think posters who come in threads just to call others attention wh*res, are in fact attention wh*res themselves? 19 lossof_life snarf 3 mos ago
Does it annoy you when people post first on their own questions? - of sam... 25 sheady womersley 3 mos ago
Do you have ordinal linguistic personification? - I sure don`t! ... 6 QueenBurns mousepelled 3 mos ago
Would you kill someone you didn't know, if you got $1,000,000? - The movi... 38 snowbdr88 3 mehs 3 mos ago
Does one's political beliefs say something about one's character? - I say... 6 QueenBurns Noldor 3 mos ago
If you use Netflix: Do you watch TV shows more frequently or movies? - TV... 27 Electric CowDung 4 mos ago
Caramel or peanut butter: Which goes better with chocolate? - Peanut butt... 19 CatoFan1 psyndrone 4 mos ago
Do you? - Not in public. ... 29 peledavid16 psyndrone 4 mos ago
Baked beans or jelly beans : which do you prefer ? - Jelly beans ... 21 CatoFan1 griffin_wf 4 mos ago
If a man pays you to rest his balls on your forehead, is it prostitution? 33 bgraham23 QueenBurns 4 mos ago
Which Warner Bros character do you prefer, Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam? 7 Tazwert QueenBurns 4 mos ago
Do you have the passwords to your partner's e-mail and online accounts? 40 yvetterene LordGolden 4 mos ago

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