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Baked beans or jelly beans : which do you prefer ? - Jelly beans ... 21 CatoFan1 griffin_wf 1 mo ago
If a man pays you to rest his balls on your forehead, is it prostitution? 33 bgraham23 QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Which Warner Bros character do you prefer, Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam? 7 Tazwert QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Do you have the passwords to your partner's e-mail and online accounts? 40 yvetterene LordGolden 1 mo ago
Simpsons or South Park? - Definitely South Park, it`s a lot smarter... 47 KikiPeepers EhFahQ 1 mo ago
Should men be able to vote on issues concerning women's reproductive rights? 26 buddyloki dacash 1 mo ago
Are you considering buying or leasing an electric car? - No, but maybe wh... 45 sezzee dacash 1 mo ago
Which one is the superior spy? - Thank you, anyone for answering! ... 3 connorboling venomari24 1 mo ago
Are you affected personally by any of Trump's new policies? - To tell you... 23 thisone1 Inquizitor2 1 mo ago
Would you interfere if you saw a man walking with a woman with bruises on her face? 11 QueenBurns Boredofu 1 mo ago
If you found out you were permanently banned from YT would you cry? - No,... 51 ignorance QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Do you prefer your mate to be taller than you or shorter than you? - I me... 11 WigglesFT DeadFool 2 mos ago
If non-key members became able to make quizzes on YT, do you think the quiz forum would become flooded with asinine, repeat quizzes? 23 mrs_darko Mat 2 mos ago
Could you name the UK Prime Minister off the top of your head? - Gordon B... 38 Iyo QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Does Hillary Clinton have a chance at the presidency if she runs? - No, I... 52 KikiPeepers Inquizitor2 2 mos ago
Would your best friend help you hide a body? - Mine would. ... 25 thisone1 connorboling 2 mos ago
Have you ever seen a wrestling match live? - A high school one!... 25 skittlekitty EhFahQ 2 mos ago
Do clowns scare you? - No, but they really annoy me.. ... 40 dudewq bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Do you think Scotland will be independent by 2020? - I doubt it... 13 KikiPeepers WigglesFT 2 mos ago
Is YT the only thing you use the net for? - No but I`m normally here whil... 24 KikiPeepers Mat 2 mos ago
Do you get at least 60 minutes of exercise five or more days of the week? 34 4evame QueenBurns 2 mos ago
If you could meet another YTer would you? - I want to drink coffee with B... 52 hannah_h QueenBurns 2 mos ago
Would you leave YT if Buddy sold it to a huge corporate entity? - It depe... 37 shaun54 peledavid16 2 mos ago
Do you think YT needs a sports forum? - Well I do :-P... 33 kingconan92 peledavid16 2 mos ago
Do you take YT seriously? - This goes out to all the newsies. *ahem* ... 11 QueenBurns skyfish 2 mos ago

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