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Should a man be able to force a woman to get an abortion if she is carrying his child that he doesn't want? 11 QueenBurns jas88 1 mo ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 2 QueenBurns skyfish 1 mo ago
If God told you NOT to post another "If God told/asked you" question on YouThink, would you obey? 8 butterfly555 QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Do you ALWAYS have to have the last word? - :) ... 2 starflame QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Is gratitude an important part of your life? - Definitely. I think its a ... 6 ladiesfirst9 bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Do you make an attempt to wear green and red on Christmas Day? - Not real... 44 r_n_l bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Is Santa coming to YOUR house this year???? - Sandy Claws is coming to to... 2 QueenBurns bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Do you spell it "cosy" or "cozy"? - I spell it cozy. ... 8 QueenBurns bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Do you have a car that requires premium fuel? - What, no link to a badly-... 12 Koto Fear Me 1 mo ago
Have you ever had a doctor's appointment postponed or canceled due to the doctor being sick? 13 wauwa1983x QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Do you think most YouThinkers actually think for themselves? - I think mo... 12 Electric bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Have you ever gone to a psychic reading where, when you entered the room, the psychic said, "Ah, I've been expecting you!" 6 QueenBurns CowDung 1 mo ago
Is it sexual assault if a guy comes out of nowhere and slaps your forehead with his penis while you are lying on a couch watching TV? 3 QueenBurns QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Have you ever been awarded any kind of plaque? - in school, I got ones fo... 18 imajical QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Are you afraid of what may happen if Trump actually becomes the POTUS? 107 thisone1 3 mehs 1 mo ago
Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? - No, and I doubt I would ever. ... 31 YellowStar Fear Me 1 mo ago
Dudes, how much does the fattest woman you ever slept with weigh? - Post ... 60 bgraham23 Fear Me 1 mo ago
Have you been using the Internet for more than 10 years? - Yep. I`m not s... 63 betsybird Fear Me 1 mo ago
If you accidentally urinate outside of the toilet bowl, do you immediately wipe your errant piss up, or do you leave it to be cleaned at a later date? 6 skyfish Fear Me 1 mo ago
Parents: Do you have a child that looks younger or older than their actual age? 39 cszulins QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Would you drink camel milk? - Yes, and have done so. I found it kind of ... 21 catchall bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Would you like to live forever? - I don`t know who wouldn`t. If not, why ... 29 thisone1 CowDung 1 mo ago
If there was a sudden ban on coffee, would you be able to cope? - Yeah, ... 59 ang2pang orangefanta 1 mo ago
Am I a sh*tty person because I hate dogs? - Lay it on me, babes. ... 33 thisone1 jealousblues 1 mo ago
If your spouse died, would you stuff him/her and make him/her into a coffee table? 37 pinkconverse QueenBurns 1 mo ago

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