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Which show do you like more: Adventure Time or My Little Pony? - I don`t ... 12 CocoCow cszulins 3 mos ago
Can someone who is fasting drink any liquid they want? - I suppose it dep... 12 travbowman bgraham23 3 mos ago
Do you move your bowels daily? - Isn`t it dangerous, or cause for concern... 16 JessaJ223 CowDung 3 mos ago
In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 31 thisone1 NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Whose questions do you prefer? - I prefer mine. ... 4 womersley NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Would you rather be born poor or not be born at all? - This question com... 24 Raisinman NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Were Elizabeth Smart's parents somewhat at fault? - it`s not their fault ... 7 kissme NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Do you believe that inbreeding of dogs to maintain a breed standard is an acceptable practice? 12 QueenBurns NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Stop - The most important question of 1990. ... 7 peledavid16 NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Are you happy or depressed by your birthday? - I hate having my birthday.... 28 blue_yellow NiroeAgain 3 mos ago
Did you ever keep a Christmas tree up all year? - No way! We take ours do... 23 **DeadlyKiss BonnyBons 3 mos ago
You have a 10-year old child. You find out that this child is not your biological child, but was switched with another at birth. Do you search for your biological child? 31 HaroldtheBat BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Are DJs musicians? - a musician is a person who play a instrements or sin... 34 moryaco BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Do you use toothpicks? - I`m more of a floss girl. ... 20 HaroldtheBat BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Do you support the municipality? - What is a ``commonest``? ... 3 Kraken BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Did you play Mouse Trap as a kid? - To tell you the truth, no i havent, b... 37 habs_rule BonnyBons 3 mos ago
What solves more problems than it creates: Sex or Violence? - Violence b... 43 ang2pang BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Which would you choose, getting $19.99 in the mail from Buddy, or the site's questions system not sucking anymore? 13 Electric BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Which would you rather have? - Girls don`t do it for me, and a guy doing ... 21 HaroldtheBat BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Do you like chihuahuas? - Not really. They`re twitchy and yippy. I like... 29 HaroldtheBat BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Is our perception of beauty distorted? - The people on the magazines aren... 65 RandyAddict BonnyBons 3 mos ago
Should there be a heathen setting for autocorrect? - How about the kids? ... 5 galikafan Mat 3 mos ago
Should advocating self harm or suicide result in a permanent ban? - We`re... 101 snarf funstuff 3 mos ago
Do you think that the band Cold Play is good enough to play the Super bowl half time show for Super bowl 50 14 kittenquiz funstuff 3 mos ago
When will you get your life together? - Dear Mods: Please do not ``correc... 5 QueenBurns EhFahQ 3 mos ago

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