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Are you cunning as a dunny rat or have you got kangaroos loose in the top paddock? 9 marc780 AstralStorm 19 days ago
How often do you say ''I love you'' to your family? - Never. The only t... 42 cherryhaha AstralStorm 19 days ago
Do you feel that people with lung cancer from smoking are truely victims? 60 aigidh ElfriedeKnig 20 days ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 8 QueenBurns spacepeanut 20 days ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2017? - I was diagnosed with ano... 8 womersley Sammy 20 days ago
Do you prefer peanut butter or Jewish people? - Lol ... 29 ArkaGal22 womersley 20 days ago
If your spouse died, would you stuff him/her and make him/her into a coffee table? 40 pinkconverse womersley 20 days ago
Do you believe that inbreeding of dogs to maintain a breed standard is an acceptable practice? 6 QueenBurns spacepeanut 20 days ago
Does YT have too many moderators? - if anything there aren`t enough ... 6 Disappears spacepeanut 20 days ago
If you could reach your genitalia with your mouth, would you ever leave your house? 26 feelinlucky spacepeanut 20 days ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 17 QueenBurns spacepeanut 20 days ago
Imagine you are the owner of a financially successful business and your local EMS asked you to donate money so they could buy a new heart monitor...would you donate? 26 HaroldtheBat spacepeanut 20 days ago
Your significant other is in pain from a terminal illness and begs you to end his/her life. Do you do it, knowing that you will get charged for murder? 4 SleepyJean Inquizitor2 21 days ago
Does Lightning McQueen get car insurance or life insurance? - Hahahah, fu... 2 womersley WigglesFT 22 days ago
Do you think posters who come in threads just to call others attention wh*res, are in fact attention wh*res themselves? 19 lossof_life snarf 23 days ago
Does it annoy you when people post first on their own questions? - of sam... 25 sheady womersley 25 days ago
Do you have ordinal linguistic personification? - I sure don`t! ... 6 QueenBurns mousepelled 25 days ago
Would you kill someone you didn't know, if you got $1,000,000? - The movi... 38 snowbdr88 3 mehs 26 days ago
Do you demand that your significant other trust you 100% all of the time, no matter what? 14 QueenBurns Noldor 27 days ago
Does one's political beliefs say something about one's character? - I say... 6 QueenBurns Noldor 27 days ago
Is depression a disease? - I`d love to get opinions on this. ... 11 createauser createauser 1 mo ago
Have you ever performed (or received) oral sex while the recipient was driving? 44 Coinvolta WigglesFT 1 mo ago
If you use Netflix: Do you watch TV shows more frequently or movies? - TV... 27 Electric CowDung 1 mo ago
Caramel or peanut butter: Which goes better with chocolate? - Peanut butt... 19 CatoFan1 psyndrone 1 mo ago
Do you? - Not in public. ... 29 peledavid16 psyndrone 1 mo ago

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