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Have you ever cried during an animated movie? - Chipmunk Christmas makes ... 138 bookworm.RLB HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Can you drink just ONE alcoholic beverage? - I can`t drink any. ... 38 thisone1 HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 18 thisone1 HH_Harold 2 mos ago
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? - The ... 9 pennywise HH_Harold 2 mos ago
What do you think of Jar Jar Binks? - dude i love jar jar ... 19 lmjnaruto12 HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Is it possible to be considered a 'goody-goody' without actually getting good grades? 31 HaroldtheBat HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Do you ever watch MSNBC? - didn`t even know there was that... 16 *~kinky~* HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Can you believe you were alive to see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series? 32 blondie13 HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Vegetarians: Do you like the taste of Veggie Burgers? - No, they are disg... 124 Ignorance HH_Harold 2 mos ago
When you are done with YT for the day, do you say goodbye or just go? - I... 43 travbowman HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Shadow the Hedgehog or Silver the Hedgehog? - wtf is silver the hedgehog?... 5 jealousblues HH_Harold 2 mos ago
Is you is or is you ain't? - Tell me all about it! ... 8 womersley WigglesFT 2 mos ago
Do your initials stand for something other than your name? - Nope.... 236 celebrian23 bookworm0812 2 mos ago
Have you ever performed (or received) oral sex while the recipient was driving? 48 Coinvolta griffin_wf 2 mos ago
Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons ? - Not my kind of thing. ... 23 CJDOTTER Chartato 2 mos ago
Have you pulled any of your hair out recently? - I only brush mine out. ... 9 QueenBurns Chartato 2 mos ago
Pugs or Corgis? - I want a pug so bad. ... 13 DoYouWash Chartato 2 mos ago
Are acting and lying the same thing? - I must know what the masses think.... 55 QueenBurns dacash 2 mos ago
Do you think most YouThinkers actually think for themselves? - I think mo... 18 Electric Inquizitor2 2 mos ago
Do you think you're more likely to be killed by a cow or a meteor? - It s... 15 HaroldtheBat Inquizitor2 3 mos ago
Does your computer have a floppy drive? - No. ... 21 YellowStar womersley 3 mos ago
Which is worse: To miss something you really want to see, or to see something you would never want to see? 17 ZeldaXx bookworm0812 3 mos ago
Should there be a heathen setting for autocorrect? - How about the kids? ... 3 galikafan CuckingFunt 3 mos ago
Are you a bird watcher? - grandmother is though... I love bird... 22 Nahtee theshak 3 mos ago
Whose questions do you prefer? - I prefer mine. ... 1 womersley womersley 3 mos ago

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