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has anyone from youthink ever been on jeopardy? - if not we should run mo... 9 amaqdrinker writingguru 10 days ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 37 Inquizitor2 writingguru 10 days ago
Would you rather have a vacation for a week in Beverly Hills or Cozumel? 9 Spoonerism writingguru 10 days ago
Is Bill Cosby a Rapist? - Come on ya`ll!! Vote ``Is a Rapist!!`` ... 14 funstuff writingguru 10 days ago
If we promised to give law enforcement a cut of the profits like they get now do you think they would get behind drug legalization? 6 snarf writingguru 10 days ago
Are you more scared of needles or heights? - well, i`m not really scared ... 55 ntropy womersley 11 days ago
Do you think will be around in five years? - yes but naughty... 9 marc780 Noldor 14 days ago
Have you ever gone more than 20 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit? 10 xViTAMiN22 cszulins 16 days ago
Do you value human life? - Why or why not? Defend your position. ... 31 QueenBurns valgal 18 days ago
If you could reach your genitalia with your mouth, would you ever leave your house? 28 feelinlucky skyfish 21 days ago
Do you prefer your hotel rooms to have regular televisions, or newer ones with flat screens? 23 HaroldtheBat radioturk 23 days ago
What do you think about YouThink? - ;-) ... 11 livi11 MissMarieah 25 days ago
Do you like the smell of gasoline? - Course not. ... 19 CocoCow orangefanta 25 days ago
Which show do you like more: Adventure Time or My Little Pony? - I don`t ... 12 CocoCow cszulins 26 days ago
Can someone who is fasting drink any liquid they want? - I suppose it dep... 12 travbowman bgraham23 28 days ago
Do you move your bowels daily? - Isn`t it dangerous, or cause for concern... 16 JessaJ223 CowDung 28 days ago
In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 31 thisone1 NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Whose questions do you prefer? - I prefer mine. ... 4 womersley NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Now that Mister Trump is in charge, which newfound freedom will YOU take advantage of? 22 QueenBurns NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Would you rather be born poor or not be born at all? - This question com... 24 Raisinman NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Who is a bigger liar....Trump or Comey? - Trump is a Big Fat Liar!! ... 8 funstuff NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Were Elizabeth Smart's parents somewhat at fault? - it`s not their fault ... 7 kissme NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Do you believe that inbreeding of dogs to maintain a breed standard is an acceptable practice? 12 QueenBurns NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Stop - The most important question of 1990. ... 7 peledavid16 NiroeAgain 28 days ago
Are you happy or depressed by your birthday? - I hate having my birthday.... 28 blue_yellow NiroeAgain 28 days ago

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