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Have you read "Escardy Gap"? - I have and it is a very good book. I highl... 2 QueenBurns QueenBurns 7 days ago
Do you value human life? - Why or why not? Defend your position. ... 28 QueenBurns dacash 7 days ago
Would you rather have a gift certificate to a book store or clothing store? 42 violingirl77 bookworm0812 7 days ago
Would you call the police and file charges against someone who was being mean to you on the Internet? 60 Mat bookworm0812 7 days ago
Have you ever had a black eye? - My dog was fighting with a corn ( don`t ... 46 Abzurd bookworm0812 7 days ago
Have you ever eaten a hamburger from 'In'n'Out'? - Try a Charlies burger.... 39 formula420 Inquizitor2 8 days ago
Do you consider Turkey to be more Middle Eastern or more Asian? - I must ... 21 QueenBurns dacash 8 days ago
Is the Pro-Life movement really about saving babies, or is it actually about punishing women? 20 QueenBurns snarf 10 days ago
Can you hear churchbells from your house? - No. Mormons churches don`t h... 31 HaroldtheBat Matthias 11 days ago
Have you risen above your humble beginnings? - Tell me your heart-warming... 5 QueenBurns dacash 12 days ago
Do you take part in the ''Elf on a Shelf'' tradition? - I never have but ... 8 QueenBurns Oh_Olivia 12 days ago
Does it normally snow on Christmas Day where you live? - No, never. It ju... 44 6darcy6 Matthias 13 days ago
Magneto Vs Doctor Doom: Who would win? - Have you actually read any comic... 10 Gattsu Fear Me 17 days ago
Who knows more about racism? - Clarence Thomas knows about sexual harrism... 59 Electric Fear Me 17 days ago
Pepsi or Coke? - I prefer Coke.... 14 angeleyesgr Fear Me 17 days ago
Who do you trust more? - As a non-creationist, I trust scientists. ... 9 anthraxrocks Abzurd 17 days ago
Wendy's or Burger King? - If forced, Wendy`s. I`d have a frosty and some... 21 HaroldtheBat QueenBurns 17 days ago
Do you prefer peanut butter or Jewish people? - Lol ... 27 ArkaGal22 QueenBurns 17 days ago
Mayonnaise or mustard : Which condiment do you use more often ? - Neithe... 26 Deanne17 chips2001 18 days ago
Do you have lucid dreams? - Rarely, especially when I was into `astral pr... 31 Absynth Abzurd 18 days ago
Prime Rib or Baby Back Ribs? - Prime rib isn`t generally cooked enough fo... 7 LovesSarcasm Fear Me 18 days ago
If faces grew on trees, would you pick one? - ...not sure what I would do... 16 frogy8thefly QueenBurns 19 days ago
Do you like to cuddle? - Of course! ... 30 HardRocks QueenBurns 19 days ago
Should credit checks be allowed during a hiring situation? - No. I don`t ... 25 butterfly555 CuckingFunt 19 days ago
If you use Netflix: Do you watch TV shows more frequently or movies? - TV... 18 Electric Mat 20 days ago

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