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Simpsons or South Park? - Definitely South Park, it`s a lot smarter... 47 KikiPeepers EhFahQ 11 days ago
Should men be able to vote on issues concerning women's reproductive rights? 26 buddyloki dacash 12 days ago
Are you considering buying or leasing an electric car? - No, but maybe wh... 45 sezzee dacash 14 days ago
Do you believe that inbreeding of dogs to maintain a breed standard is an acceptable practice? 5 QueenBurns peddlefish 16 days ago
Which one is the superior spy? - Thank you, anyone for answering! ... 3 connorboling venomari24 16 days ago
Are you affected personally by any of Trump's new policies? - To tell you... 23 thisone1 Inquizitor2 24 days ago
Would you interfere if you saw a man walking with a woman with bruises on her face? 11 QueenBurns Boredofu 24 days ago
If you found out you were permanently banned from YT would you cry? - No,... 51 ignorance QueenBurns 30 days ago
Is your luggage password "1 2 3 4 5"? - Only an idiot would have that as ... 9 QueenBurns bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Do you prefer your mate to be taller than you or shorter than you? - I me... 11 WigglesFT DeadFool 1 mo ago
Can you relate to people of different backgrounds to your own? - Tell me ... 4 QueenBurns DeadFool 1 mo ago
If non-key members became able to make quizzes on YT, do you think the quiz forum would become flooded with asinine, repeat quizzes? 23 mrs_darko Mat 1 mo ago
Could you name the UK Prime Minister off the top of your head? - Gordon B... 38 Iyo QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Does Hillary Clinton have a chance at the presidency if she runs? - No, I... 52 KikiPeepers Inquizitor2 1 mo ago
Would your best friend help you hide a body? - Mine would. ... 25 thisone1 connorboling 1 mo ago
Have you ever seen a wrestling match live? - A high school one!... 25 skittlekitty EhFahQ 1 mo ago
Are acting and lying the same thing? - I must know what the masses think.... 25 QueenBurns Mat 1 mo ago
Do clowns scare you? - No, but they really annoy me.. ... 40 dudewq bookworm0812 1 mo ago
Do you think Scotland will be independent by 2020? - I doubt it... 13 KikiPeepers WigglesFT 1 mo ago
Is YT the only thing you use the net for? - No but I`m normally here whil... 24 KikiPeepers Mat 1 mo ago
Do you get at least 60 minutes of exercise five or more days of the week? 34 4evame QueenBurns 1 mo ago
If you could meet another YTer would you? - I want to drink coffee with B... 52 hannah_h QueenBurns 1 mo ago
Would you leave YT if Buddy sold it to a huge corporate entity? - It depe... 37 shaun54 peledavid16 1 mo ago
Do you think YT needs a sports forum? - Well I do :-P... 33 kingconan92 peledavid16 1 mo ago
Do you take YT seriously? - This goes out to all the newsies. *ahem* ... 11 QueenBurns skyfish 1 mo ago

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