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Do you ever go through your wallet to make sure all the bills are facing in the same direction? 22 snarf skyfish 1 mo ago
Do you wish your penis was rifled so you could ejaculate further? - who ... 18 jealousblues postallbear 1 mo ago
Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? - wt... 29 Ahmed Boredofu 2 mos ago
When you make a lowercase "t" do you give it a tail? - I starte... 9 thisone1 Mredge 2 mos ago
How do you feel about Drumph calling everything "Fake News"? - Inspired b... 20 womersley Mredge 2 mos ago
Does a weight loss lead to a mutated gene that passes on during reproduction? 13 philitup23 writingguru 2 mos ago
Is sugar a drug? - Answer me, Plebes!! ... 22 thisone1 writingguru 2 mos ago
Is it wrong to buy things (e.g. video games) on the grey market? - Yes, t... 5 Sweettybitte writingguru 2 mos ago
Do you lift weights? - Not physically able to lift much ... 12 valgal writingguru 2 mos ago
Is The Joker a clown, or is he not? - I say he is, my son says he is not.... 6 thisone1 writingguru 2 mos ago
is 30 really the new twenty? - i feel like i`m thirty already. ... 28 amaqdrinker writingguru 2 mos ago
Do you work in the education system? - I don`t, but it sure seems like a ... 17 thisone1 writingguru 2 mos ago
your mother in law, or your mother in bra? - mother do you think they`ll ... 13 amaqdrinker writingguru 2 mos ago
Is Rock and Roll here to stay? - fisrt!!!!!!111!!!1!! ... 17 dortitties writingguru 2 mos ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 37 Inquizitor2 writingguru 2 mos ago
If we promised to give law enforcement a cut of the profits like they get now do you think they would get behind drug legalization? 6 snarf writingguru 2 mos ago
Are you more scared of needles or heights? - well, i`m not really scared ... 55 ntropy womersley 2 mos ago
Do you think will be around in five years? - yes but naughty... 9 marc780 Noldor 2 mos ago
Have you ever gone more than 20 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit? 10 xViTAMiN22 cszulins 2 mos ago
Do you value human life? - Why or why not? Defend your position. ... 31 QueenBurns valgal 2 mos ago
If you could reach your genitalia with your mouth, would you ever leave your house? 28 feelinlucky skyfish 2 mos ago
Do you prefer your hotel rooms to have regular televisions, or newer ones with flat screens? 23 HaroldtheBat radioturk 2 mos ago
Do you like the smell of gasoline? - Course not. ... 19 CocoCow orangefanta 2 mos ago
Which show do you like more: Adventure Time or My Little Pony? - I don`t ... 12 CocoCow cszulins 2 mos ago
Can someone who is fasting drink any liquid they want? - I suppose it dep... 12 travbowman bgraham23 2 mos ago

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