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When you laugh, are you inhaling or exhaling? - laughing and inhaling????... 9 goindownbit slinky0 4 years ago
Do you like Gary Johnson? - don`t even know who that is tobehonest. ... 15 Bundi2456 Mat 4 years ago
Teen Titans or Young Justice?? - C`mon people! ... 5 Tazwert Tartarus88 4 years ago
Have you ever searched your YT user name on google images? - I tried this... 50 bgraham23 Puller 4 years ago
Have you read all books published under a certain author? - I have read a... 37 lsu90 QwErTyGiRl 4 years ago
Does England just do T.V. better? - I say some shows are superior to ours... 121 Nahtee Ongooshk 4 years ago
Should a woman be able to demand child support for a child she conceived on the sly? 34 delmar3432 Mat 4 years ago
Are you left-thumbed or right-thumbed? - Left-thumbed.... 64 Djm984 Mat 4 years ago
Should schools be allowed to screen students for obesity and other eating disorders? 28 imkyledude VampireSRush 4 years ago
Can you ride your bike with no handlebars? - I can`t, but its a great so... 33 Raisinman Rising 4 years ago
Are you more likely to be involved in a heated debate on here or just lurk? 34 pepperdrinks _Blackward_ 4 years ago
Have you ever been to any of the countries that made up the former USSR? 6 Rabbitears DarkDays 4 years ago
Do you know the capitals and largest cities of ALL 50 states? - I did for... 24 HardRocks butterfly555 4 years ago
When you think of Germany, do you think of beer or Nazis? - I usually thi... 75 iansquall _Blackward_ 4 years ago
Which do you think is more indicative of having terrible taste? - I`d say... 15 Absynth _Blackward_ 4 years ago
Would Marx and Engels approve of me downloading The Communist Manifesto to read on my iPhone? 17 vanilla19 Kepi 4 years ago
Are there imaginary ailments for which prescription medication is manufactured? 29 womersley SleepyJean 4 years ago
If you admit to hypocritical behavior and don't change it, is that worse than not admitting to it at all? 17 ladiesfirst9 SleepyJean 4 years ago
Do you care what a company's CEO or owner thinks about anything other than the product you want to buy? 11 geekee Coinvolta 4 years ago
Is writing on restroom walls the purest form of art? - That sh** scares m... 28 marshman11 Coinvolta 4 years ago
Do you cut your spaghetti before you eat it? - My boyfriend used to get ... 49 Spoonerism FoolsConvert 4 years ago
Is financial excess to blame for Hollywood's creative decline? - In some ... 8 lazyteen123 Abzurd 4 years ago
Does it annoy you when people post first on their own questions? - of sam... 24 sheady CatoFan1 4 years ago
Did the world end already but we aren't aware of it yet? - I think we wou... 28 Guardian_E CatoFan1 4 years ago
Karen Jarrett or Vickie Guerrero - Who would win in a screaming contest? 11 LovesSarcasm AceBobcat 4 years ago

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