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Would you sell your soul for a donut? - If that`s the best off I could ge... 21 HaroldtheBat shakira2 7 years ago
Do you have a compost bin? - No i need one tho. ... 9 bronzebabe AlyssaDGreat 7 years ago
Do you think sometimes, that pets can be embarrassed by their owners? - a... 17 Pantala Damsel 7 years ago
Do you know someone who watches movies on tv yet has those same movies already? 16 96_Relic_96 Damsel 7 years ago
Have you ever gotten a pet for a gift? - A hamster, when I was little. T... 25 HaroldtheBat Damsel 7 years ago
Should one person's debt, brought into a marriage, become shared debt? 2 butterfly555 Damsel 7 years ago
Do you think you would do a better job than your current President? - I t... 10 ladiesfirst9 Damsel 7 years ago
Would you use a "human bed-warming" service at hotels? - I think this is ... 29 Briony Damsel 7 years ago
Is there a movie/TV show that you and your friends frequently quote from? 55 tyrrell03049 Damsel 7 years ago
How will you do the majority of your Christmas shopping this year? - In S... 12 blue_yellow Damsel 7 years ago
Do you look down on people who get married several times? - No. I might... 41 camelboy Damsel 7 years ago
Can the Republicans manage to steal as much as the Democrats manage to waste? 3 TypeAtMe Electric 7 years ago
Is following orders ever an excuse? - Sometimes, depends what it is. ... 21 mikegrella Coinvolta 7 years ago
Why did God allow the 9/11 attacks to occur? - Neither...... ... 36 BeastlyJ Coinvolta 7 years ago
Will those who forge their swords into plowshares plow the fields for those who do not? 6 sander TypeAtMe 7 years ago
Should we (the US) be engaging in free trade with China? - Consider thes... 76 Raisinman TypeAtMe 7 years ago
Should Greece be allowed to default? - I don`t think so, but what the he... 5 comunismsfun TypeAtMe 7 years ago
Should more societies focus on increasing GNH (Gross National Happiness) rather than increasing GDP? 1 TypeAtMe TypeAtMe 7 years ago
Do you think guns should be legalised in the UK? - `Guns` aren`t totally ... 1 3 mehs 3 mehs 7 years ago
Do you remember the late, great PB Max candy bars? - The what? ... 7 Neccessity bookworm0812 7 years ago
Would you consider doing a background check on someone you were dating? 16 angeleyesgr Yankees15 7 years ago
Have you ever been subjected to those Amish ear wax candles? - My step fa... 4 Guardian_E superkay37 7 years ago
Chicken noodle soup or Jewish penicillin? - never tried that Jewish dish.... 12 CocoCow Abzurd 7 years ago
If you had spaghetti in your underwear, would you suck on them? - That is... 11 Angelica79 Damsel 7 years ago
Which sounds more painful: falling off a horse or being stepped on by a horse? 15 DeeDee17 Damsel 7 years ago

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