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Mark Hamill or screaming newborn baby Aiden Barton: Who made the better Luke Skywalker? 4 redoctopus travbowman 4 years ago
Is a virus a form of life? - Yes. Its as much of a living organism as bac... 61 Tartarus88 Matthias 4 years ago
Would you rather be born poor or not be born at all? - This question com... 20 Raisinman Mat 4 years ago
Which would you rather have? - Girls don`t do it for me, and a guy doing ... 20 HaroldtheBat fireballs98 4 years ago
Which is more reliable as a source of history, the bible or Wikipedia? 120 NATLOVER44 Matthias 4 years ago
How do you p*rnounce 'diablo'? - My friend pronounce it as Dyeablo, I pro... 25 CocoCow aldod 4 years ago
Do you like chihuahuas? - Not really. They`re twitchy and yippy. I like... 28 HaroldtheBat Flare13 4 years ago
Is our perception of beauty distorted? - The people on the magazines aren... 64 RandyAddict Mat 4 years ago
Do you think females are much more critical of other women's bodies than men are? 14 omfgigorawr _Blackward_ 4 years ago
Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater? - Underwater. ... 12 CatoFan1 IKilledHim 4 years ago
Johnny Test or Jonny Quest? - Tell me!! ... 10 Tazwert Electric 4 years ago
Do you use the "My Subscriptions" page at all? - I don`t ... 14 geekee BrandonGuy56 4 years ago
Which would you choose, getting $19.99 in the mail from Buddy, or the site's questions system not sucking anymore? 12 Electric mysocks 4 years ago
Do you think that it should be illegal for retarded people with a mental age below that of the age of consent to have sex? 11 ladiesfirst9 Mat 4 years ago
Have you ever used another persons toothbrush to brush your teeth? - I h... 34 habs QwErTyGiRl 4 years ago
Should the American government put BP under temporary receivership? - Can... 8 M0lly cszulins 4 years ago
Does a lack of interest in politics indicate anything about one's intellectual aptitude? 23 fwger Inquizitor2 4 years ago
Would you support the building of a nuclear power plant in your town? - F... 118 miss_depp Malletman 4 years ago
Who would win a fight between a lion and a tiger? - I think lions are str... 11 CocoCow Lynn_19 4 years ago
Does the fact Brittany Murphy left her husband, Simon Monjack, out of her will make you question her death a bit more? 19 HaroldtheBat krused00 4 years ago
What solves more problems than it creates: Sex or Violence? - Violence b... 42 ang2pang Tazwert 4 years ago
Would you refuse to marry someone if they had a lot of debt? - No, but it... 31 KikiPeepers trainwrec 4 years ago
Can someone who is fasting drink any liquid they want? - I suppose it dep... 9 travbowman bookworm0812 4 years ago
The Crying Game or The Sixth Sense: Which movie had the better surprise ? 5 SasukeZ Abzurd 4 years ago
Are you too honest? - i lie. a lot. v_v ... 13 CocoCow FoolsConvert 4 years ago

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