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Do electric doors work against training young men to open doors for ladies? 12 falconwing Spoonerism 54 mins ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 40 Inquizitor2 Hurricane_ 12 hrs ago
Imagine that you are a male sent to colonize Mars with four other males and five females. One of those females is your wife. The other four women discover that they are infertile. Do you allow the other males to continue their genetic line? 34 HaroldtheBat Hurricane_ 12 hrs ago
Sofia Vergara or Kim Kardashian: Whom do you find more attractive? - Not... 9 Kraken orangefanta 1 day ago
If a battered wife/husband chooses to stay with his/her abuser, are they to blame for allowing the abuse to continue? 26 Abzurd womersley 5 days ago
When unwrapping presents, do you make sure that you do not rip the paper, or do you just tear it open? 16 timbo557 womersley 5 days ago
Would you rather have a bird in the hand or two in the bush? - Depends...... 63 kckiss womersley 5 days ago
Would you vote for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson over Donald J Trump in 2020? 31 Disappears cronch 8 days ago
Is Rock and Roll here to stay? - fisrt!!!!!!111!!!1!! ... 18 dortitties cronch 8 days ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 22 thisone1 cronch 8 days ago
Would you be comfortable setting up a home entertainment system by yourself? 18 Guardian_E womersley 9 days ago
Just who, exactly, do you think you are? - Rob is the Boss so you can`t b... 1 womersley womersley 9 days ago
Would you wear a contact lens that would act like a mouse for your computer? 20 DragonWisprz womersley 9 days ago
Are you me? - Sealion!! ... 1 womersley womersley 9 days ago
Are you currently menstruating? - Can`t wait until menopause kicks in. ... 20 QueenBurns womersley 9 days ago
Should abortion be legal? - I`m pro-life but believe abortion should be l... 7 fighttherain CowDung 10 days ago
How do you p*rnounce Caribbean? - I say it both ways. ... 2 womersley Mat 10 days ago
Women: Would you be a surrogate mother? - For those who may not know, a s... 1 womersley womersley 11 days ago
A funeral or a wedding : which have you been to, more recently ? - I wen... 40 travbowman womersley 11 days ago
Are you willing to put yourself into another person's mindset to see things from their point of view? 1 womersley womersley 11 days ago
Prime Rib or Baby Back Ribs? - Prime rib isn`t generally cooked enough fo... 8 LovesSarcasm womersley 11 days ago
Is it an admission of guilt if you ha e a bottle opener on your key ring? 7 WigglesFT womersley 11 days ago
Which would you rather be funded by the government? - I`m curious. ... 9 womersley CowDung 12 days ago
What kind if humor do you have? - 100% of the people agree with me yay i ... 2 Dethchunk420 womersley 12 days ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 10 Sammy snarf 12 days ago

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