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Are you an introvert, or an extrovert? - I`m introverted, but not by choi... 2 _Ghoul_ jas88 4 hrs ago
In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 38 thisone1 Dirt_ 9 hrs ago
Are you afraid to look for a new job because you're afraid it'll be even worse than the one you currently have? 2 Sammy skyfish 18 hrs ago
What kind if humor do you have? - 100% of the people agree with me yay i ... 4 Dethchunk420 _Ghoul_ 1 day ago
Do you have an innie or an outie? - innie!! <3 ... 17 XOtwilightXO _Ghoul_ 1 day ago
Are you better off now than you were four years ago? - I was still in col... 35 KikiPeepers _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Have you ever been in a position where you've been motivated to lose a lot of weight - and did it? 14 blue_yellow _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Did your parents treat you like you were younger than you really were? 23 KikiPeepers _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Have you seen a psychiatrist lately? - Mine rescheduled, so I had to wait... 8 QueenBurns _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
The last time you ate Ramen noodles was it because you had to or wanted to? 11 snarf _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Can you eat a spoonful of Tabasco straight without batting an eyelash? 34 lonewolf90 _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Do you take YT seriously? - This goes out to all the newsies. *ahem* ... 12 QueenBurns _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
If you have cellulite, have you ever tried to get rid of it? - I know som... 12 punkusmartyr _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2017? - I was diagnosed with ano... 9 womersley _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Do you prefer shopping for clothes or groceries? - Clothes. As much as I... 26 HaroldtheBat _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Am I more obsessed with my hair or my intellect? - Help me! ... 2 womersley _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Have you ever had sex in a kitchen? - No, I never did that. I had sex in ... 23 angeleyesgr _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Have you ever had quinoa? - yes. I love it!! ... 29 chefcastano _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
If you could be a virgin again, would you? - Most definitely it would be ... 12 ladiesfirst9 _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Are you happy or depressed by your birthday? - I hate having my birthday.... 29 blue_yellow _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Is there any food that your parents regularly cooked throughout your childhood that you hated? 58 HaroldtheBat _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
When someone tells you they are a Libertarian, do you assume they do drugs and own guns? 18 jf2k2rj _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Do you have friends that interfere with your misanthropic lifestyle? - I ... 4 Sammy _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Do you ever eat dessert before or during your dinner or supper? - Yep. I... 14 HaroldtheBat _Ghoul_ 2 days ago
Is overeating an eating disorder? - No, it`s a behaviour. Over-eat... 8 Floor Demon _Ghoul_ 2 days ago

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