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Have you ever spent more than $100 on a single food or drink item? - Food... 5 snarf amaqdrinker 3 days ago
Is it 2021? - 100% so far. I admire the accuracy. ... 7 peledavid16 psyndrone 9 days ago
Is the answer to this question Potato? - Obvs ... 13 Orion Boredofu 10 days ago
If you could meet another YTer would you? - I want to drink coffee with B... 58 hannah_h snarf 15 days ago
Which accent do you find more beautiful: British or Russian? - British i... 84 LiJasMom snarf 18 days ago
Do you like getting PM's? - I don`t get very many of them and I quite lik... 49 LovesSarcasm psyndrone 20 days ago
Which would you rather watch? - I tend to enjoy both whore movies are ... 6 Disappears Puller 21 days ago
Would you rather be a musician or actor? - Musicians have record companie... 91 Djm984 CowDung 21 days ago
Do you sometimes wish that vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other mythical beings existed? 31 DragonWisprz amaqdrinker 21 days ago
Just who, exactly, do you think you are? - Rob is the Boss so you can`t b... 21 womersley amaqdrinker 21 days ago
Do you remember who your first YT buddy was? - Yes, it was you and Supern... 70 GeekyPenguin Puller 21 days ago
Parents: Do you have a child that looks younger or older than their actual age? 41 cszulins Puller 21 days ago
Do you allow your dishes to air dry after you wash them or do you towel dry them? 35 TimBo557 Puller 21 days ago
Would you microchip your child? - I have very strong feelings towards thi... 38 Coinvolta Puller 21 days ago
How do you eat Skittles? - With a spoon. ... 38 Kgirl928 Puller 21 days ago
Which turns you on more? See story. - I`ve never been very fond of candl... 30 HaroldtheBat Puller 21 days ago
Would you want a birthday thread on YT when it is your birthday? - Nah, t... 61 elemints Puller 21 days ago
Do you clean out the lint dryer before or after you put the clothes in the dryer? 13 porpoise Puller 21 days ago
Would you rather... - I dont have a sense of smell but i hate crowds so i... 13 Daein Puller 21 days ago
Do you prefer to pay for things with credit cards or cash? - I prefer to ... 75 HaroldtheBat Puller 21 days ago
Do you have anyone who is currently obsessed with you? - Oh Trixie... I r... 16 HardRocks Puller 21 days ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 11 peledavid16 Puller 21 days ago
Do you sleep better in a warm room or a cool room? - Good ... 8 Dadyy Puller 21 days ago
I have a ball. Perhaps you'd like to bounce it? - ahah i love that episod... 10 NaeSalangBi peledavid16 23 days ago
HAVE YOU EVER?!? - Well?!? ... 16 thisone1 peledavid16 23 days ago

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