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has anyone from youthink ever been on jeopardy? - if not we should run mo... 10 amaqdrinker 1064 1 day ago
Do you feel dirty when you find yourself agreeing with certain members? 9 snarf bookworm0812 4 days ago
Would you consider yourself an older member or newer member on Youthink? 28 takerisdaman S916Dave 4 days ago
If you accidentally urinate outside of the toilet bowl, do you immediately wipe your errant piss up, or do you leave it to be cleaned at a later date? 15 skyfish Spoonerism 5 days ago
Is Bill Cosby a Rapist? - Come on ya`ll!! Vote ``Is a Rapist!!`` ... 15 funstuff funstuff 14 days ago
Would you rather live with 20 dogs or 2 wild boars? - This is probably th... 10 livi11 funstuff 14 days ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 5 Sammy WigglesFT 17 days ago
Do you have friends that interfere with your misanthropic lifestyle? - I ... 3 Sammy Mat 18 days ago
Is it sexual assault if a guy comes out of nowhere and slaps your forehead with his penis while you are lying on a couch watching TV? 6 QueenBurns radioturk 19 days ago
Have you been diagnosed with anything in 2016? - I haven`t!! ... 23 QueenBurns bgraham23 20 days ago
Which is grosser? A pubic hair on your Coke or a nose hair? - Oh thank yo... 10 snarf niccole 23 days ago
Your significant other is in pain from a terminal illness and begs you to end his/her life. Do you do it, knowing that you will get charged for murder? 6 SleepyJean Sammy 23 days ago
Where do you get your email? - YahOOOOOoooo... 25 okeydoke Sammy 24 days ago
Should I let my basement slave have cable or make them stick to over the air broadcasts? 10 snarf Sammy 24 days ago
Do you prefer Pringles with dip or without? - I prefer them without dip. ... 10 WigglesFT Sammy 24 days ago
Can you drink just ONE alcoholic beverage? - I can`t drink any. ... 41 thisone1 EhFahQ 30 days ago
Youthink or Quiztron? - I mean. ... 1 orangefanta orangefanta 1 mo ago
Do you ever go through your wallet to make sure all the bills are facing in the same direction? 22 snarf skyfish 1 mo ago
Do you wish your penis was rifled so you could ejaculate further? - who ... 18 jealousblues postallbear 1 mo ago
FIDGET SPINNERS... yes or no? - I don`t understand the question. Yes they... 7 Mredge postallbear 1 mo ago
Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? - wt... 29 Ahmed Boredofu 1 mo ago
When you make a lowercase "t" do you give it a tail? - I starte... 9 thisone1 Mredge 1 mo ago
How do you feel about Drumph calling everything "Fake News"? - Inspired b... 20 womersley Mredge 1 mo ago
Does a weight loss lead to a mutated gene that passes on during reproduction? 13 philitup23 writingguru 1 mo ago
Is sugar a drug? - Answer me, Plebes!! ... 22 thisone1 writingguru 1 mo ago

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