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Do you think most YouThinkers actually think for themselves? - I think mo... 18 Electric Inquizitor2 13 hrs ago
Would you be any different if you knew there was no God? - I dont believe... 9 Atia Inquizitor2 14 hrs ago
Do you think you're more likely to be killed by a cow or a meteor? - It s... 15 HaroldtheBat Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Have you ever had quinoa? - yes. I love it!! ... 25 chefcastano theshak 1 day ago
In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 29 thisone1 womersley 2 days ago
Does your computer have a floppy drive? - No. ... 21 YellowStar womersley 2 days ago
Have you ever performed (or received) oral sex while the recipient was driving? 45 Coinvolta womersley 2 days ago
Just because something is natural, does that make it good? - My stoner fr... 10 Gamerk1d Floor Demon 2 days ago
Are acting and lying the same thing? - I must know what the masses think.... 54 QueenBurns EhFahQ 3 days ago
Which is worse: To miss something you really want to see, or to see something you would never want to see? 17 ZeldaXx bookworm0812 4 days ago
Would you rather eat ice cream or a candy cane? - Ice cream. Unless the ... 4 Elaini bookworm0812 4 days ago
Have you ever played Dungeons and Dragons ? - Not my kind of thing. ... 22 CJDOTTER Noldor 5 days ago
Should there be a heathen setting for autocorrect? - How about the kids? ... 3 galikafan CuckingFunt 5 days ago
What kind of fan fiction do you usually come across? - I usually prefer r... 5 Elaini galikafan 5 days ago
Is you is or is you ain't? - Tell me all about it! ... 5 womersley HardRocks 6 days ago
Are you a bird watcher? - grandmother is though... I love bird... 22 Nahtee theshak 6 days ago
Whose questions do you prefer? - I prefer mine. ... 1 womersley womersley 7 days ago
Am I more obsessed with my hair or my intellect? - Help me! ... 1 womersley womersley 7 days ago
Should dogs be allowed off-leash at parks and beaches? - My stepsister`s ... 10 Gamerk1d Courtbebe 7 days ago
Bacon. Which is your favourite? - I like all three! ... 15 DaveW womersley 8 days ago
Who does god hate? - Nobody ... 149 KikiPeepers womersley 8 days ago
Should English now be made the official language of the United States? 167 HaroldtheBat Abzurd 9 days ago
Do you prefer your SO to have a crooked smile or a symmetrical smile? - I... 5 QueenBurns womersley 9 days ago
Has your car ever been broken into? - No, even if it had been there isn... 20 purp290 bookworm0812 9 days ago
Wendy's or Burger King? - If forced, Wendy`s. I`d have a frosty and some... 25 HaroldtheBat Cwapface 10 days ago

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