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Is the United States of America still a free country? - I remember saying... 10 thisone1 LiJasMom 5 hrs ago
Bon Jovi or Cinderella - Bon Jovi!;-) ... 8 FOBwolf mikeolmt 13 hrs ago
Is it about time for you to grow up? - I didn`t really grow up until my 3... 29 snarf Wasp. 21 hrs ago
Are all mountains volcanoes? - What if Pikes Peak erupted? ... 4 thisone1 dacash 23 hrs ago
Does anyone have the right to take a life? - Yes. Now, I`m not a f... 19 DoYouWash RogueWolf 1 day ago
Should non-smokers get preferential employment benefits, compared to smokers? 34 LegalizeIt CuckingFunt 1 day ago
Do you think teenagers are kids or young adults? - They could have babies... 33 69x LiJasMom 1 day ago
Do you write your whole rests on the 4th or 3rd line of the staff? - Sorr... 14 Flute_rocks ProBroAndHim 2 days ago
Which is better, cats or dogs? - I`m a cat person and I`m proud of it!! ... 7 Tutor ProBroAndHim 2 days ago
Which star is prettier? - I voted for Demi just because Ariana is a f*ck... 20 DoYouWash brandon00 2 days ago
Have you ever cried during an animated movie? - Chipmunk Christmas makes ... 126 bookworm.RLB IRLIteach 3 days ago
SEGA or Nintendo? - You already know I have to say SEGA. ... 3 brandon00 Avant-garde 3 days ago
Do you judge people by what they eat? - Not really what they eat, rather ... 36 HaroldtheBat CowDung 3 days ago
Is there a time of the day when you feel more mentally/emotionally vulnerable? 4 orangefanta CowDung 4 days ago
Do you know who Bing Crosby was? - [spoiler] ... 26 Noldor bookworm0812 4 days ago
Is it sad to talk to yourself? - Nah. I sometimes mumble to myself. Or g... 3 menfearme15 niccole 4 days ago
Does this guy look threatening to you? - No, just creepy. ... 28 YellowStar niccole 5 days ago
Would you chastise a friend or family member that espoused racist or sexist opinions? 30 mysocks niccole 5 days ago
Has a parent/spouse ever thrown something of yours away and you found out about it, and took it back out of the garbage? 23 angeleyesgr niccole 5 days ago
Did you buy your YT key? - Freakychick bought me my first key, then I was... 53 Cheese King niccole 5 days ago
Do you consider Yale to be the 'Harvard of Connecticut'? - Harvard is t... 1 orangefanta orangefanta 5 days ago
Are more or less than 50% of the artists in your music collection dead? 11 snarf amaqdrinker 5 days ago
Should Disney make an overweight princess? - This is a tough question bec... 76 Flute_rocks brandon00 5 days ago
Did you first join this site when you were in the 13-17 age bracket? - n... 25 Coinvolta Wanderer 5 days ago
Have you been a member of YT for more than two age brackets? - I will be ... 10 redreine Wanderer 5 days ago

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