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Have you ever peed outside? - While camping, yes. It`s a lot harder to as... 3 butterfly555 DaveW 35 mins ago
Do you think there will come a day when all newspapers are out of business and obsolete? 2 butterfly555 thisone1 1 hr ago
Do you close your YT account every time you log out? - I`ve seen people d... 5 thisone1 Inquizitor2 3 hrs ago
Do you know of anyone who has never heard of Nirvana? - Sadly yes poor Ku... 10 hornyguy22 Mat 3 hrs ago
Are you trapped in a basement right now? - I know I`m not, but I was wond... 14 thisone1 butterfly555 5 hrs ago
Do you have a tattoo? - No.I`m to young. ... 9 FOBwolf Avant-garde 5 hrs ago
Snoop Dogg or Tupac? - I have never heard a single song by either of them... 1 butterfly555 butterfly555 5 hrs ago
Which Florida Gator License Frame do you Like Better? - I guess the chrom... 1 butterfly555 butterfly555 5 hrs ago
Do you like nachos? - I love nachos. I made black bean and chorizo nachos... 1 butterfly555 butterfly555 5 hrs ago
Which do you prefer? Hugs or Drugs? - Im going with drugs ... 8 Atia Avant-garde 5 hrs ago
Do you think Iran will violate the terms of their recent agreement with the US? 12 ashwind griffin_wf 10 hrs ago
Looney Tunes Tazmanian Devil or Muppets Animal? - Animal had character. T... 7 JassonM31 bookworm0812 22 hrs ago
What hurts more: being dumped or finding out they cheated ? - I`ve never ... 17 butterfly555 Noldor 23 hrs ago
What's the ____ you have ever been from home? Would you say 'furthest' or 'farthest'? 30 HaroldtheBat Noldor 23 hrs ago
Slipknot or Mushroomhead? - Mushroomhead came first, but Slipknots better... 3 adeadsoul ZeldaXx 1 day ago
Which is better? - ``Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding... 9 snowbdr88 ZeldaXx 1 day ago
Do you like your meat cooked rare or well-done? - It depends. Sometimes I... 47 Pepsicanpan Guilty_Spark 1 day ago
Would you rather be a professional athlete or a professional musician? 25 Abzurd Abzurd 2 days ago
Would you rather lick up a gallon of spilled rotten milk from the floor, or rub a medium-sized bottle of hot sauce in your eyes? 7 ZeldaXx sunlounger 3 days ago
Do you peel the labels off bottles? - when im bored ... 5 XxEmoFeyxX flovebunny 3 days ago
Which spelling seems correct to you? - Lord, help this kid. Neither is h... 5 _Jesse_ flovebunny 3 days ago
Which is better? - I like Bob`s Burgers :3 ... 7 IsayMEEP Faolanworior 4 days ago
Are you a political person? - Hell yea! I love politics! ... 9 Tripper71 DoYouWash 4 days ago
Which do you like better? - Rick and Morty is my favorite :3 ... 4 IsayMEEP Jormungand 4 days ago
Do you like that same-sex marriage is now legal in the U.S.A? - Yeah, I`m... 26 ZeldaXx DoYouWash 5 days ago

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