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Who do you think is cooler? C3PO or R2D2? - I`ve always liked 3PO most ev... 2 Tartarus88 thisone1 1 min ago
Do you have an anime crush?? - I have a few; Sakura from Naruto, Mizore f... 3 Tartarus88 thisone1 2 mins ago
Are you in a relationship? - Heck no! I would have very much liked to... 27 Darth-Malgus thisone1 53 mins ago
Would you ever eat another human? - [image] ... 26 emitchell thisone1 54 mins ago
Do you know what you want out of life? - Not really. I have many thought... 5 Tartarus88 thisone1 55 mins ago
Which hair product? - Never tried wax before ... 6 69x thisone1 56 mins ago
Do you like puppys? - Ofcourse [image] ... 3 NachoNL thisone1 1 hr ago
Is the Bible true because the Bible says the Bible is true? - Because thi... 14 thisone1 thisone1 1 hr ago
Do you smoke marijuana? - I smoke it alllllllll the time. It`s so good. ... 7 thisone1 Tartarus88 1 hr ago
When was the last time you went out in public? - About six hours ago. ... 40 HaroldtheBat bgraham23 1 hr ago
Do you ever wish you were the opposite gender? - If I were a woman, I cou... 43 Tartarus88 amaqdrinker 5 hrs ago
Do you believe there is some sort of boundary at the edge of the universe or do you believe it just goes on forever? 12 TuesNight amaqdrinker 5 hrs ago
What do you think is cuter? A puppy or a kitten? - LIES! [link] ... 5 ModBot WaniMesteth 7 hrs ago
Are white people intimidated by black people? - Lots wont want to admit i... 78 UptownGuy IRLIteach 9 hrs ago
Should we get rid of colons and semicolins? - If we got rid of semicolon... 8 MelliWolf spacepeanut 9 hrs ago
Is there too much drama in your life? - Not really. There use to be a lot... 5 Tartarus88 thisone1 14 hrs ago
Have you had a Private Message with someone while talking to them on an Instant Messenger at the same time? 30 cutelilbunny thisone1 14 hrs ago
Have ''Meme'' Posts gone too far? - Memes are pretty dull. Sometimes it`s... 7 Frostgale thisone1 14 hrs ago
Which Came First: the Chicken or the Egg? - Weren`t there plenty of speci... 4 Djm984 thisone1 14 hrs ago
Do you eat turkey bacon or real bacon? - Non. My mom hasn`t bought turkey... 45 agent007 thisone1 14 hrs ago
Black Butler or Death Note? - WHY WOULD YOU ASK THAT? Don`t make me ch... 6 SavElle4ever thisone1 14 hrs ago
Atheists: Did you choose to be an atheist as a kid or as an adult? - It`s... 19 emitchell thisone1 15 hrs ago
Do you believe in aliens/UFOs? - There is a fair possibility that there a... 13 Abzurd Raisinman 15 hrs ago
if something bad happens to you, would you rather want it to be your fault or someone else's? 11 Tartarus88 Skaterhoff 15 hrs ago
If you were given an opportunity for a wish what would you ask for? - I`d... 15 catchall thisone1 16 hrs ago

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