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Scientists are going to send people on a one way trip to Mars to set up a colony AND NEVER RETURN!!!! Would you take the mission? 15 DaveW Original_Sin 2 hrs ago
Are you a vegetarian? - I`m mostly vegetarian. Except for the mea... 5 DaveW Original_Sin 2 hrs ago
If you got poop on your arm would you clean it off with just toilet paper or soap and water? 10 Beecher skyfish 16 hrs ago
Do you sleep on one side of the bed or in the middle of it? - i sleep the... 25 H3LLRAISER dacash 19 hrs ago
Do you like vegetable soup? - Depends on how it is prepared! It can be re... 14 hamalina bookworm0812 20 hrs ago
Is it warm or cold where you are living now? - Both. ... 8 starz1 LU26BMrambo 22 hrs ago
Dog owners: Do you like it when your dog humps your leg? - C`mon, don`t ... 11 sander sander 1 day ago
Should YouThink have an app? - It does! Why aren`t you using the A... 2 DaveW dacash 1 day ago
Do you eat turkey bacon or real bacon? - Non. My mom hasn`t bought turkey... 43 agent007 Abzurd 1 day ago
Would you rather date a nice, smart, understanding, passionate man who's ugly, or a mean, dull, stupid, arrogant man who's totally hot? 12 Frostgale bookworm0812 2 days ago
Are suspense thrillers better than horrors? - I like the blood and gore. ... 7 angelgirl14 Inquizitor2 2 days ago
America or England? - Why have you used the flag of the United Kingdom to... 18 DaveW dacash 3 days ago
Are guns or bows better for hunting? - Hunting with guns is for p*ssies, ... 38 Codex1 Floor Demon 3 days ago
Which Avatar is better/do you prefer? - Does the question refer to the sh... 9 Frostgale Critolis 3 days ago
Gray-Mane, or Battle-Born? - I sided with the Battle-Born because I fough... 6 Tartarus88 Kiowa 4 days ago
Summer Or winter? - I like Winter. I don`t like the heat and humidity of ... 17 Tartarus88 starz1 4 days ago
Which picture Is scarier? - Jeff the killer isnt scary anymore. ... 2 Chrisbankai starz1 4 days ago
Have you ever tried writing your own book, currently are writing your own book or already have written your own book? 19 bookworm0812 Mispelled 4 days ago
Which is better, Spider-man or Batman? - spider-man is da bomb woohoo ... 6 telle19 DaveW 4 days ago
Do you like Mountain Dew better than Pepsi? - I don`t drink soda. ... 11 mimiyay emitchell 4 days ago
Should capital punishment be legal? - All civilised nations have already... 240 DaveW IRLIteach 4 days ago
Has there ever been a movie that was so bad you literally would have preferred watching footage of paint drying? 50 TheHawksEye noided 4 days ago
Do you put bacon on your grilled cheese sandwiches? - Isn`t that the best... 33 falconwing DaveW 4 days ago
Do you ever wear socks two days in a row? - No. Socks and chonies go in ... 21 HaroldtheBat Mat 4 days ago
Do like Sam Pottorff? - I don`t even know who he is... lol ... 5 Blondie_xo Kraken 4 days ago

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