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Okay, so I got in trouble for shop lifting when I was 15 and I've smoked weed. Would this disqualify me from working for border patrol? 6 ashwind Atia 42 mins ago
Does trust mean that... - I think EVERYONE has secrets, but little ones d... 9 DoYouWash sunlounger 1 hr ago
Should businesses be allowed to refuse service to people based on religious beliefs? 6 ashwind Guilty_Spark 7 hrs ago
Do you know what you want to be in your next life? - I want to be sane. :... 19 thisone1 ashwind 14 hrs ago
Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush for president? - Of those two, probably Clint... 45 Atia ashwind 14 hrs ago
Do you like manga/anime? - OKATU ALL THE WAY ... 10 Galia Gaararl 18 hrs ago
Salty or Sweet? - Both ... 6 Oh_Olivia Gaararl 18 hrs ago
If Flippy from Happy Tree Friends and Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street were to fight,who do you think would win? 2 Tartarus88 ashwind 19 hrs ago
Would you rather be emo or hippy? - Tbh I think I`m already a bit of both... 10 pluviophilia ashwind 19 hrs ago
Are you happy with your health insurance? - No, I have health insurance t... 11 Atia ashwind 19 hrs ago
If you died today, would anyone really care? - a grain of sand ... 2 amaqdrinker WondrPanthr 20 hrs ago
Cats or dogs? - Cats all the way ... 1 ashwind ashwind 23 hrs ago
If you had to choose between your parents, would you choose your mom or your dad? 1 ashwind ashwind 1 day ago
Have you ever cried during an animated movie? - Chipmunk Christmas makes ... 116 bookworm.RLB skyfish 1 day ago
Candy Corn: Original or Starburst? - I know a lot of people don`t, but I... 5 butterfly555 ashwind 1 day ago
In your group of friends, do you have a nerdy friend? - Most of my friend... 14 catchall ashwind 1 day ago
What's your sexuality? - I`m attracted to attractive and intelligent peop... 24 Koto ashwind 1 day ago
If a cashier gives you too much change back at a store, do you give it back? 35 sasuke3.0 Mat 1 day ago
If you could work a job that pays you under the table and collect unemployment at the same time, would you do it even though it's technically defrauding the government? 14 butterfly555 DoYouWash 1 day ago
Are you actively trying to be a better person? - Not really. ... 16 butterfly555 spacepeanut 1 day ago
Would you let yourself be disfigured to save a complete stranger's life? 13 butterfly555 spacepeanut 1 day ago
If you could, would you change your gender? - Yes at least for awhile to ... 16 Atia CuriousGirl1 1 day ago
Are you happy with your life so far? - I change moods and opinions every ... 18 mimi1313 Avant-garde 1 day ago
Which baby Kiara is cuter? - ...What? ... 4 Koto werewolf357 2 days ago
Are you a fan of the Foxtrot comic strip? - I always loved that comic and... 24 bookworm.RLB Kraken 2 days ago

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