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In this day and age where YT is so dead all the time, should we remaining members band together to bring back the activity? 15 thisone1 snarf 55 mins ago
Which is cuter, the kitten or the puppy? - Puppies are cute, but you can`... 8 DoYouWash Menelwen 7 hrs ago
L or Light? - Who is smarter? Tough choice. Who is better looking? Li... 2 Tartarus88 MangakaChez 7 hrs ago
Does the constant bickering between Dacash and Irliteach help the Atheist recruitment drive? 64 snarf snarf 8 hrs ago
Strived or strove? - I strove to make a good question. Did I succeed? ... 2 thisone1 Wanderer 9 hrs ago
Is Thanksgiving the only time you eat pumpkin pie? - That is my favorite ... 22 jessica_146 bookworm0812 10 hrs ago
Have you ever had quinoa? - yes. I love it!! ... 17 chefcastano Wanderer 10 hrs ago
How far ahead would you start preparing Thanksgiving dinner? - i dont pre... 9 thanatos355 bookworm0812 10 hrs ago
Do you prefer even numbers to odd? - I would rather things be even. But w... 20 Courtney63 bookworm0812 10 hrs ago
Do the clothes you are wearing affect your mood? - no, the clothes that i... 17 DragonWisprz LadyMarbles 15 hrs ago
Do you prefer bacon as part of a sandwich or by itself? - Alone, but only... 34 HaroldtheBat dacash 1 day ago
Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? - I don`t suppose you got th... 17 Tartarus88 Kepi 1 day ago
Do you hate homeless people? - I don`t because I used to be homeless and ... 35 thisone1 Gulz 2 days ago
Are you bored? - SO bored. ... 19 spacepeanut Mat 2 days ago
Would you participate in a polyamorous relationship? - We booted our bfs.... 7 thisone1 spacepeanut 2 days ago
Do you miss the YT Baby? - Yeah, i remember coming here years ago, just t... 14 Frostgale CowDung 2 days ago
Religion? (Sorry for other religions) - Why? >.< ... 14 Tuurngeist9 Kraken 2 days ago
Do you read warriors by Erin Hunter? - I can`t read ... 4 69x Kraken 2 days ago
Have you heard, the Bird is the Word? - Bird is the word! ... 4 thisone1 Kraken 2 days ago
Is there extraterrestrial life? - Well, sometimes seeing is believing and... 22 emitchell Kraken 2 days ago
Are you going to answer this question? - Of course we`re going to answer ... 9 quizlover01 Kraken 2 days ago
Which is better: cats or dogs? - Both animals are wonderful but I`ve alwa... 3 mimi1313 skyfish 2 days ago
Have you ever had fleas, ticks, scabies, lice, or bedbugs? - I`ve never h... 11 thisone1 Kraken 2 days ago
Would it be easy or hard to fake your death? - Knowing me, it would be ha... 7 mimi1313 skyfish 2 days ago
Would you like to live forever? - I don`t know who wouldn`t. If not, why ... 15 thisone1 Kraken 2 days ago

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