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Have you ever had fleas, ticks, scabies, lice, or bedbugs? - I`ve never h... 17 thisone1 WigglesFT 10 hrs ago
Would You Rather Be - Richness can`t buy ugliness happiness unless your p... 4 hornyguy22 WigglesFT 10 hrs ago
How do you p*rnounce pecan: pee-can or puh-khan? - Pee- con ... 41 fighttherain WigglesFT 10 hrs ago
Who wins: Hannibal Lecter vs Sherlock Holmes? - Go ... 13 spacepeanut Abzurd 12 hrs ago
Would you participate in a polyamorous relationship? - We booted our bfs.... 12 thisone1 WigglesFT 13 hrs ago
Vampires or Zombies - Vampires seem cooler, and I`m kinda scared to look ... 6 yxhee WigglesFT 13 hrs ago
Do you like getting drunk? - Only socially but usually I`m the most resp... 11 hornyguy22 bookworm0812 17 hrs ago
Should you give somebody more than a second chance? - It honestly depends... 12 JustSmile Frostgale 17 hrs ago
Are you your own Grampa? - Iiiii`m my own grampawwww. ... 8 thisone1 bookworm0812 1 day ago
Is humility perspective or truth? - It`s possible to be beaten down and s... 10 orangefanta Inquizitor2 1 day ago
If you were physically deformed, would you have children knowing they may come out deformed also? 8 thisone1 Mat 1 day ago
Star Wars takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. So how come there are humans there? 52 sander Mat 1 day ago
Are you living a dream? - My dreams came true!! ... 4 thisone1 orangefanta 1 day ago
Has anyone ever insulted you & it had the opposite effect? - Yes. reg... 14 theBSR amaqdrinker 1 day ago
If the perp is mentally challenged, is it still rape? - You tell me, peep... 13 thisone1 hornyguy22 1 day ago
Who is cuter? - Tell me your opinion, this is mighty important. ... 4 thisone1 hornyguy22 1 day ago
Do you have a phobia? - If so, what is it? Mine would most likely be deat... 25 thisone1 hornyguy22 1 day ago
how fragile perfect and godlike is a newborn child? - Fragile.. they are ... 9 misledyouth hornyguy22 1 day ago
Are more Blacks being killed by cops or are we just paying attention for a change? 161 snarf hornyguy22 1 day ago
Do you know of anyone who has never heard of Nirvana? - Sadly yes poor Ku... 7 hornyguy22 hornyguy22 1 day ago
Do you love your home country? - yeah I`m in England - it`s pretty good ... 28 glennh70 amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Who would make a better President of the U.S. : Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton? 26 mimi1313 hornyguy22 2 days ago
Do you suffer from intermittent bouts of stuttering? - Cause I do. ... 7 thisone1 hornyguy22 2 days ago
Would it be easy or hard to fake your death? - Knowing me, it would be ha... 11 mimi1313 hornyguy22 2 days ago
Would you date a fat, unemployed girl who lives at home with her parents? (She may also be insane) 23 thisone1 hornyguy22 2 days ago

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