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Ladies: Do you ever use men's hygiene products? - I don`t care too much ... 3 Frostgale MeltyGirl 2 hrs ago
Do you ever wear socks two days in a row? - No. Socks and chonies go in ... 19 HaroldtheBat MeltyGirl 2 hrs ago
Which activity do you find more relaxing: Playing video games, or drinking? 5 Collegelovin MeltyGirl 2 hrs ago
Who is the worst person to have ever lived, Osama bin Laden or Hitler? 6 Frostgale hermioneron1 4 hrs ago
Do you like DC better than Marvel? - I like DC characters better ... 7 Nightmusic Daein 6 hrs ago
How long have you been on Youthink? - I`ve been here 5 months 4 days… wow... 11 EmoChick123 bookworm0812 8 hrs ago
Would you sue someone on the grounds that they caused you 'emotional distress'? 16 dimitri IRLIteach 10 hrs ago
HELP!!!! - I say go for it! I love youtube and watch vids all the time. A... 2 Collegelovin Original_Sin 16 hrs ago
What Keeps You healthier? Eating Right Or Exercising? - Depends on your ... 10 chips2001 Collegelovin 16 hrs ago
Do you believe that donating organs should be mandatory, unless you opt out? 10 Wanderer Wanderer 16 hrs ago
Would you rather A be able to fly as high as you want whenever you want. Or B be able to turn invisible for two minutes? 1 SoneRace SoneRace 17 hrs ago
Do you consider tomatoes to be a fruit or a vegetable? - Both really. ... 33 princesss bookworm0812 18 hrs ago
Would you forgive a betrayal by someone you love? - no, i can cut someone... 10 mer_359 bookworm0812 18 hrs ago
Should rice pudding be more rice and less pudding, or more pudding and less rice? 2 HarryNJ bookworm0812 19 hrs ago
Would you work in a field you love but for minimum wage, or in a field you absolutely hate but at 10 times the minimum wage? 13 Frostgale Socio 20 hrs ago
Have you ever purchased a share of stock yourself? - sup to all my peeps ... 4 maria529003 Socio 20 hrs ago
Dog owners: Do you like it when your dog humps your leg? - C`mon, don`t ... 6 sander XxXSnowXxX 22 hrs ago
Would You Rather Have A Cat Or Dog? - i wanna catdog ... 4 Frostgale maurice1 22 hrs ago
Are you in a long distance relationship? - I`m in one. I mean , I get to ... 21 EmoChick123 ResaCorona 1 day ago
Have you ever gone more than 20 miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit? 6 xViTAMiN22 Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Is Eric Cartman a complex character? - He can`t really be that complex as... 4 Ickleslimer SoneRace 1 day ago
Let's say you're standing on a bridge. Below you is a runaway train and up ahead is a group of workers that will almost certainly be hit. Next to you there is quite a fat man that will stop the train and save the workers if you push him over. Do you~ 31 Critolis Original_Sin 1 day ago
Can a point be said to exist? - What we get when we try to draw a point i... 10 sander JustSmile 1 day ago
Do you still have the original avatar you had when you started on YouThink? 107 sticky666 Mat 1 day ago
Have you ever tried writing your own book, currently are writing your own book or already have written your own book? 5 bookworm0812 Tartarus88 2 days ago

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