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Have you ever dated someone just for their money? - I think that is almos... 5 marc780 Guilty_Spark 4 mins ago
Do you think we should get a retired questions list going again? - 5. No ... 23 imagination CowDung 3 hrs ago
What do foreigners think of when they hear ''Australia'' or ''Australians''? 13 Daein guccilover 4 hrs ago
Michigan or Michigan State (Sparties or Wolverines)? - Are Sparties like ... 2 catchall Electric 9 hrs ago
Is the fear of death the reason man created God? - I was watching the Sci... 4 snarf Inquizitor2 9 hrs ago
Is it more important in life to be better at math or spelling and grammar? 19 Adele21 QuantumFish 11 hrs ago
Are you happy or sad that my chemical romance split up? - Who? And coul... 5 marc780 Electric 18 hrs ago
Do you like 2014? - Yes! it`s been one of the best years ever. :-... 3 Beecher Avant-garde 19 hrs ago
Do you wear socks at home? - Ha... I love socks! I wear knee highs all th... 12 VampireSRush Avant-garde 19 hrs ago
Should Batman kill the Joker? - This question reminds me of under the red... 5 Daein WaniMesteth 23 hrs ago
Who's more stalwart: The Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery or The Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace? 3 Tartarus88 CowDung 1 day ago
Do you believe in what you can't see? - Eh, sometimes sometimes. Its just... 9 emitchell marc780 1 day ago
Who would win, the United States Marine Corps or Israeli Commandos? - Su... 1 marc780 marc780 1 day ago
Would you live underground? - I need daylight ... 30 sansarf spacepeanut 1 day ago
Which is better Twix or Milky way candy bars? - TWIX!!! ... 6 walleye25 Boredofu 1 day ago
Are Mondays your days? - They are for everyone. They aren`t for ... 3 Beecher Electric 1 day ago
Which is creepier: Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared, or Salad Fingers? - I haver ... 3 MangakaChez XxXSnowXxX 1 day ago
Which cookie is better: black chocolate chip or white chocolate chip? - I... 6 emitchell bookworm0812 1 day ago
Left Twix or right Twix? - Right Twix are always the right Twix to go fo... 7 Wooflezz bookworm0812 1 day ago
If you ask to borrow someone's phone and it has face oil and finger grease on the screen do you suck it up and use it because they were kind enough to offer or do you hand it back with a lame excuse? 3 Beecher peddlefish 1 day ago
Is the world ever going to end? - Yes. Just not in our lifetime. ... 6 Beecher Guilty_Spark 1 day ago
Outkast or Eminem? - I don`t know anything about Outkast, but I loathe Em... 61 Angi444 Electric 1 day ago
Which one of these quotes should be on a tee shirt? - [image] This... 8 Adele21 Guilty_Spark 1 day ago
Should actors/actresses have their salaries capped? - Um, no. W... 27 Beecher Boredofu 1 day ago
Which version of "Careless Whisper" do you prefer? - Anything by George M... 1 Beecher Beecher 1 day ago

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