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What grade is better? 7th grade or 8th grade - Eighth grade is really co... 4 Catbug CowDung 5 hrs ago
what is the best steak. for eating. - ahem. ... 31 amaqdrinker CuckingFunt 21 hrs ago
If you see a YTer who says they are from Africa, do you assume they are an alter? 74 tinsley CowDung 1 day ago
Is there a time of the day when you feel more mentally/emotionally vulnerable? 11 orangefanta Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Do you think Africa is a scary place? - I did when I was growing up. But... 53 ang2pang Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Are you afraid of what may happen if Trump actually becomes the POTUS? 90 thisone1 Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Do you lift weights? - Not physically able to lift much ... 11 valgal Fear Me 1 day ago
If you were banned from YT would you go to another online community? - Me... 30 Staygold82 Hazen 1 day ago
Trump or Clinton? - Cuckingfunt 2016 ... 18 Ahmed redreine 3 days ago
If Facebook decided to charge 1 dollar per year to use, would you pay for it? 37 xd3m0nxgurlx dacash 4 days ago
Have you ever cried during an animated movie? - Chipmunk Christmas makes ... 134 bookworm.RLB Fear Me 4 days ago
Was Smokey and the Bandit better than Star Wars? - no contest: ``T... 17 jealousblues Fear Me 4 days ago
Are more Blacks being killed by cops or are we just paying attention for a change? 169 snarf Fear Me 4 days ago
Drake or Meek Mill? - Meek. ... 3 brandon00 Fear Me 4 days ago
Should Donald Trump run for president of the United States in 2012? - Sou... 15 buddy Fear Me 4 days ago
Is it racist to assume that all serial killers are white? - I thought mos... 35 angeleyesgr Fear Me 4 days ago
Do you think blacks make too much out of slavery in this day and age? - w... 217 maggot_666 Fear Me 4 days ago
Do you like socks that go over the knee? - Yes, especially during winter.... 31 HaroldtheBat bookworm0812 4 days ago
Are You Canadian or American? - Yo, i`m a Canadian! ... 15 Oshen thisone1 5 days ago
Have you ever revisited a game you played when you were younger out of nostalgia? 7 brandon00 bgraham23 7 days ago
Does bustin' make you feel good? - Of course it does. ... 7 LiJasMom _Ghoul_ 9 days ago
Dominoes or Pizza Hut? - Philly Cheese Steak FTW! ... 10 Duncan101 JungleVibe32 9 days ago
Should it be illegal to urinate on your front lawn? - NO! ... 24 bigirl123 postallbear 13 days ago
How do you p*rnounce "data"? - Dah-tuh or dey-ta. It`s weirdly interchang... 20 spacepeanut WigglesFT 14 days ago
Six hours in a car with a friend: fun or boring? - Its your friend it sh... 21 maralove22 WigglesFT 14 days ago

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