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Are you currently menstruating? - Can`t wait until menopause kicks in. ... 8 QueenBurns Spoonerism 5 hrs ago
Have you lost any friends because of who they support this election? - ``... 12 aldod Noldor 3 days ago
Is sugar a drug? - Answer me, Plebes!! ... 21 thisone1 QueenBurns 3 days ago
When will you get your life together? - Dear Mods: Please do not ``correc... 1 QueenBurns QueenBurns 3 days ago
Are the mods overwhelmingly handsome? - I wouldn`t say I`m overwhelmingl... 11 Disappears EhFahQ 5 days ago
Do you think blacks make too much out of slavery in this day and age? - w... 238 maggot_666 EhFahQ 5 days ago
Do you care more about a car's performance, or how it looks? - I drive a ... 16 snowbdr88 QueenBurns 5 days ago
Are you Older or Younger than Cartoon Network? - Well, are ya? ... 40 Tazwert QueenBurns 5 days ago
Do you know of any simple recipes that are easy to make? - Does Kraft Mac... 20 yvetterene QueenBurns 5 days ago
Beekeeper or zookeeper : which job would you prefer ? - Zoo keeper. I`d ... 17 xgizmox QueenBurns 5 days ago
Have you ever played sports professionally? - I got paid to snowboard for... 7 snowbdr88 QueenBurns 5 days ago
Are you now, or have you ever been, a moderator of - holy m... 6 thisone1 3 mehs 7 days ago
Has the internet become boring yet? - How can the internet be boring?! It... 25 KikiPeepers QueenBurns 7 days ago
Do you remember dial-up modems? - I remember having a 1200 baud modem as ... 15 NinjaNetizen valgal 8 days ago
Are you all right? - Am I sick or am I gifted? ... 4 NinjaNetizen valgal 8 days ago
If there was a pill on the market that would take away your anger as soon as you took it, would you use it? 20 YoJango EhFahQ 11 days ago
Are you fluent in more than one language? - ESTOY HABLANDO ESPAƑOL!!!! ... 9 thisone1 aldod 12 days ago
Should athletes be required to stand for the National Anthem while playing for their national team? 75 Sammy aldod 12 days ago
who is better, Batman or Joker ? - How do you define ``better``? ... 1 Spoonerism Spoonerism 13 days ago
Have you ever walked 30 miles in a single day? - I have. Not like a hike ... 4 NinjaNetizen QueenBurns 13 days ago
If my body does things against my will,but I am fully aware of what I am doing,do I have some sort of disorder? 4 JungleVibe32 QueenBurns 13 days ago
Is there a such thing as ''politically correct''? - It basically means fo... 63 Fear Me IRLIteach 15 days ago
If you were to die today, would you die happy, believing that you had used your days wisely? 19 KikiPeepers thisone1 16 days ago
Do you get at least 60 minutes of exercise five or more days of the week? 33 4evame Inquizitor2 20 days ago
How do you take your coffee: With some sweetener and/or creme, or true black meaning absolutely nothing but the coffee? 25 JessaJ223 Sammy 22 days ago

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