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Who will cause more heart attacks if they win the Presidential election? 1 snarf snarf 1 hr ago
Are you happy with your gender? - I am happy being a male but have questi... 41 oshajirachi1 DarkenedKage 19 hrs ago
Are there frustratingly few fictional characters out there that you can actually relate to? 36 hannah_h Avant-garde 2 days ago
Are all men/women the same way? - I haven`t met many women with a penis. ... 1 snarf snarf 2 days ago
Dominoes or Pizza Hut? - Philly Cheese Steak FTW! ... 8 Duncan101 Abzurd 3 days ago
Can something which can't happen happen? - No. ... 29 YellowStar Mat 3 days ago
Do you think it's cheating to store the edge pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a separate bag so you don't have to pick through all the pieces to find them? 20 Dominik28 bookworm0812 4 days ago
Have you been to all the states or countries bordering your own? - I`ve b... 23 snarf chips2001 5 days ago
Would you ever change who you are because someone fake doesn't like you? 11 psyndrone wolfchick123 10 days ago
This guy keeps leading me on, but he has a girlfriend. He's sent nudes, and kissed me. I don't know what to do. I really like him, I've liked him for almost 3 years now. Help!!!! 9 _Ghoul_ wolfchick123 10 days ago
Would you rather have no elbows or no knees? - I use my arms more than I ... 4 _Ghoul_ bookworm0812 10 days ago
Have you ever crapped your pants when farting? - Yes and it`s sucks getti... 5 Tripper71 bookworm0812 10 days ago
Are more Blacks being killed by cops or are we just paying attention for a change? 169 snarf Boredofu 11 days ago
Do you think Donald Trump will become the president of the United States? 37 valgal Abzurd 14 days ago
Which emotion better describes what you feel when you see cops? - Immedia... 12 JessaJ223 JungleVibe32 16 days ago
Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses? - wt... 25 Ahmed JungleVibe32 16 days ago
Do prefer talking or texting? - Depends on my relationship with the perso... 4 _Ghoul_ JungleVibe32 16 days ago
Do you care what other people think of your style, race, religion or sexual preference? 6 thisone1 JungleVibe32 16 days ago
When someone asks for your ''name'', do you tell them your first name or your surname? 30 menfearme15 JungleVibe32 16 days ago
Do you wish that people with disabilities could be ''cured''? - It`s a tr... 13 Floor Demon JungleVibe32 16 days ago
Have you ever been banned from YouThink? - So far, no. ... 30 brandon00 snarf 17 days ago
Would you consider an all corn diet? - I could not be on an all corn diet... 6 tessahaigh Boredofu 17 days ago
Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? - I follow my own fashion rules.... 13 thisone1 snarf 18 days ago
Do you think that being named 'Bill' makes a person more likely to assault people sexually? 20 menfearme15 LuckySmokey 20 days ago
Do you sleep between seven and nine hours a night? - 3 - 4 ... 30 snowbdr88 LuckySmokey 20 days ago

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