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Do you have a phobia? - If so, what is it? Mine would most likely be deat... 14 thisone1 bookworm0812 6 hrs ago
Who would make a better President of the U.S. : Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton? 10 mimi1313 marc780 11 hrs ago
Can you read and listen to music at the same time? - if there is no lyric... 4 Abzurd skyfish 1 day ago
PewDiePie or Markiplier? - Who the hell are these people? ... 4 EhFahQ UberRoxor 1 day ago
Have you or would you ever live in a sustainable and partially off the grid community? 26 YellowStar snarf 1 day ago
How do you like your brownies? - I don`t like brownies ... 28 Banana_gurl boringtroll 2 days ago
Would it be easy or hard to fake your death? - Knowing me, it would be ha... 3 mimi1313 boringtroll 2 days ago
Do you suffer from intermittent bouts of stuttering? - Cause I do. ... 2 thisone1 bookworm0812 2 days ago
Do you hate homeless people? - I don`t because I used to be homeless and ... 15 thisone1 bookworm0812 2 days ago
Should Christians do yoga? - I`d say go to about 4 minutes in. ... 172 thisone1 boringtroll 2 days ago
Would you say that you have more art and decor on your walls or do you have more family pictures? 19 Banana_gurl spacepeanut 2 days ago
Do you love your home country? - yeah I`m in England - it`s pretty good ... 7 glennh70 skyfish 2 days ago
Do you like puppys? - Ofcourse [image] ... 9 NachoNL skyfish 2 days ago
Who would make a better President? - Just wondering!!! ... 7 thisone1 mimi1313 2 days ago
How do you read this shirt? - I read the exact lingo and words. ... 7 quizlover01 Mat 2 days ago
Would rather days be longer or shorter? - Shorter day, longer nights....... 16 LovesSarcasm sander 2 days ago
Would you rather date someone with a lot of confidence and self-esteem or someone who was shy and self-effacing? 24 krused00 Mat 2 days ago
Who would win? - OF CORSE WONDA WOMON ... 3 snowfur Guilty_Spark 3 days ago
Have you ever taken on a home remodeling project and actually finished it? 2 thisone1 emitchell 3 days ago
Have you ever missed an attempted high five? - One of my friends and I al... 26 kayawithpig blueblaze 3 days ago
Are you your own Grampa? - Iiiii`m my own grampawwww. ... 2 thisone1 Arbadacarba 4 days ago
If your sister was your wife was your aunt was your grandma, how many kids would you have with her? 3 thisone1 thisone1 4 days ago
Do you fear that Iraq is slowly becoming another Vietnam? - It has that s... 312 wiseNsexy aldod 4 days ago
Do the clothes you are wearing affect your mood? - no, the clothes that i... 8 DragonWisprz thisone1 4 days ago
Do you call your parents by any nicknames? - Daddykins, Pops, Poppa, Popp... 16 hannah_h thisone1 4 days ago

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