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Do you know who Bing Crosby was? - [spoiler] ... 9 Noldor IncubiVerity 1 hr ago
Which is better, sweets or chocolate? - Chocolate! Chocolate is soooooo g... 6 ZeldaXx Niyapooh 3 hrs ago
If you were to die, would YT find out? - I`m pretty sure they would. My w... 36 VictoryRider Abzurd 6 hrs ago
Sex or music : If you had to give up one for the rest of your life, which would it be ? 29 CocoCow spacepeanut 7 hrs ago
Would you look better with a mohawk or an afro? - god, neither ... 21 juliewillard spacepeanut 7 hrs ago
Do you like that same-sex marriage is now legal in the U.S.A? - Yeah, I`m... 3 ZeldaXx spacepeanut 7 hrs ago
Dogs or cat? - Dogs all the way. ... 1 ZeldaXx ZeldaXx 9 hrs ago
If your life was made into a reality show would it get good ratings? - I ... 17 snarf 69x 13 hrs ago
Do you believe in God? - No, but maybe there is a God that works in very ... 22 Atia butterfly555 19 hrs ago
Do You Believe In The Waffle Fairy? - I believe in the blue waffle ... 4 theBSR orangefanta 23 hrs ago
Are you the youngest in your family? If so share your experience in the comments! 9 Luciandra Disappears 1 day ago
Which Major League Baseball team do you DISLIKE more, the Los Angeles Dodgers or the New York Yankees? 8 Tazwert aldod 1 day ago
California or New York? - I`ve never been to either, but I feel like I wo... 24 ladiesfirst9 aldod 1 day ago
Would you ever go to a clothing-optional beach? - I wouldn`t be against g... 31 HardRocks bookworm0812 1 day ago
When you do your hair, do you try to add volume or decrease volume? - Add... 34 dots IncubiVerity 1 day ago
Fall Out Boy or Imagine Dragons? - I`m in love with Fall Out Boy ^,^ ... 3 Faolanworior MJ4life 1 day ago
what is better ford or Chevy trucks - ford i guess? ... 5 XxEmoFeyxX Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Do you like dogs?? - Yep! ;-) lol,Idk which type tho :-) ... 17 Faolanworior CSINY04 1 day ago
Which is the better horror film? The original Evil Dead or the remake? 11 ladiesfirst9 thisone1 3 days ago
Did you ever see a demon in your life? - Ha. But I have seen unexp... 23 menfearme15 thisone1 3 days ago
Should I learn Chinese? - Yeah,!I mean,when I was younger I wanted 2lear... 6 Faolanworior snarf 4 days ago
Does it bother you that the animated Garfield in the movies looks nothing like the cartoon? 29 courtney7488 Frostgale 4 days ago
Does it annoy you when people don't use apostrophes online? - Wow it took... 34 Electric CowDung 5 days ago
Is your breakfast usually something hot like pancakes and sausage, or something cold like cereal or fruit? 30 kissme Avant-garde 6 days ago
Quizzes or Questions? - Questions are faster, and leave a lot more room f... 6 ZeldaXx Frostgale 6 days ago

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