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Do you work in the education system? - I don`t, but it sure seems like a ... 12 thisone1 psyndrone 3 hrs ago
Should I purchase a puppy now? I want to train it to be a psychiatric service dog to help me. 4 thisone1 MelliBoo 9 hrs ago
If America were involved in another war, who would you rather have as commander in chief? 12 funstuff Kungfullama 9 hrs ago
If your friend promised to be your roommate in school, and told you semi last minute they were going to be someone else's roommate, would you be mad? 5 menfearme15 _Jesse_ 9 hrs ago
Is it bad that I heavily commit to pretending to be a girl on social media and getting guys to talk to me? 6 menfearme15 _Jesse_ 9 hrs ago
is 30 really the new twenty? - i feel like i`m thirty already. ... 22 amaqdrinker IRLIteach 15 hrs ago
Would you ever change who you are because someone fake doesn't like you? 1 psyndrone psyndrone 1 day ago
Is Squidward's skin color blue or green? - Who tf thinks it`s blue? ... 4 wolfchick123 Dominik28 1 day ago
Batman or Superman? - Superman is in my opinion the most boring superhero... 13 Abzurd Dominik28 1 day ago
Are furries cool? - i don`t have a problem with em, a few of my friends a... 6 Jack-O Dominik28 1 day ago
Is someone weak for self harming? - No, I kinda think that people are st... 17 nessgirl amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Do you always keep some kind of beverage beside your bed when you go to sleep? 29 falconwing Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Do you believe religion was 'invented'? - Yeah.. by God. ... 42 ladiesfirst9 Boredofu 1 day ago
Do you want to give me sex and all the sexiness that comes with our sexy sex? 18 bgraham23 thisone1 2 days ago
Hey Girls! (and men with moobs): Which is bigger? - Now every chick, show... 20 theBSR thisone1 2 days ago
If you have a college degree but are unhappy in your job, would you consider switching to a blue collar occupation in the skilled trades, like plumbing or electrical? 9 Electric thisone1 2 days ago
Do you care what other people think of your style, race, religion or sexual preference? 2 thisone1 IRLIteach 2 days ago
Do you close your YT account every time you log out? - I`ve seen people d... 10 thisone1 thisone1 2 days ago
Can you link me to the very first question you ever submitted on this website? 24 Wight psyndrone 3 days ago
Have you ever been physically assaulted by a partner/spouse? - I can`t sa... 13 butterfly555 Mat 3 days ago
Which is better: Kim Possible or Phineas and Ferb? - Phineas & Ferb is on... 5 snowbdr88 FoolsConvert 3 days ago
Would you rather eat live worms or live spiders? - Depends. Are the spide... 4 wolfchick123 Kraken 4 days ago
Do you wish that people with disabilities could be ''cured''? - It`s a tr... 12 Floor Demon thisone1 5 days ago
Can you find Waldo? - F*ck Waldo and his microd*ck ... 4 wolfchick123 wolfchick123 6 days ago
Are you afraid of what may happen if Trump actually becomes the POTUS? 82 thisone1 bookworm0812 6 days ago

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