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Which is worse, failing or never trying? - you can learn something from f... 10 Anime4evs LovesSarcasm 14 mins ago
If people are animals and/or biochemical machines then why is it a crime to kill them? 13 Q-T-PIE JustSmile 22 mins ago
Atheists: Did you discover that you were an atheist as a kid or as an adult? 4 emitchell Mat 1 hr ago
Firefox or Chrome? - Firefox. I`ve never used Chrome, but I feel like it`... 19 Tartarus88 spacepeanut 2 hrs ago
Which smartphone do you like better? - The Galaxy series are phenomenal f... 3 MourningSon emitchell 3 hrs ago
Do you think it's time for a new president NOW? - I`m thinking January of... 21 emitchell Inquizitor2 4 hrs ago
Have ''Meme'' Posts gone too far? - Memes are pretty dull. Sometimes it`s... 6 Frostgale Jessrond 5 hrs ago
Do you celebrate Diwali/Dipawali? - Yeah we call it christmas but it`s wh... 1 emitchell emitchell 5 hrs ago
Has anyone ever called you a genius? - Nope, not that I can remember. ... 30 cherryhaha Avant-garde 7 hrs ago
Do you still have the original avatar you had when you started on YouThink? 119 sticky666 emitchell 13 hrs ago
Religion? (Sorry for other religions) - Why? >.< ... 10 Tuurngeist9 DaveW 19 hrs ago
Is there an end number? - I`m going out on a limb and say no..... ... 38 69x amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Would you break the law to save a loved one? - It would be tough, but no.... 16 Tartarus88 Bluefirework 1 day ago
What band is better? - ONe of the most interesting bands of the last deca... 12 jealousblues skyfish 1 day ago
Would you rather read or watch anime? - It depends.. I mean, sometimes an... 9 totorocat143 emitchell 1 day ago
Lemonade or chocolate milk? - What if people don`t like any? ... 1 Hydra1829 Hydra1829 2 days ago
Do you own any Stephen King books? - Not at the moment, I don`t think so.... 74 CRYN_OUT LiJasMom 2 days ago
Do you think that God is one? - One what? ... 36 LovesSarcasm amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Do you remember who your first YT buddy was? - Yes, it was you and Supern... 68 GeekyPenguin amaqdrinker 2 days ago
Have you woke up during surgery before? - Twice - once I had a lump remo... 21 KikiPeepers oreo-rocks 2 days ago
Is CyanideCola a Pretty Girl when he's in Hallowe'en Drag? - Yes. Ye... 9 Spratacus Jessrond 3 days ago
Why do men lie? - I don`t buy the story, because I doubt you have a frie... 15 emitchell Jessrond 3 days ago
Do you know who Narendra Modi is ? - He`s a Prime minister - i know where... 2 99strme99 thisone1 3 days ago
Lays Or Utz? (Chips) - COME ON! UTZ KICKS SO MUCH ASS! ... 11 bgraham23 HardRocks 3 days ago
Starbucks or Chipotle? - Apples and oranges! Two totally different types ... 7 Tripper71 HardRocks 3 days ago

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