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Ladies: Do you wear a bra to bed? - Sometimes I fall asleep on the couch ... 125 Clashrocker spacepeanut 5 hrs ago
Does your bra have to match your panties? - only special occasions ;-) ... 51 pandapooky butterfly555 5 hrs ago
When you make a sandwich, do you go past all the end slices and grab the bread from the middle? 31 Clashrocker butterfly555 6 hrs ago
Do you always wear a bra when you leave the house? - for a woman that`d b... 40 swimfan86 butterfly555 6 hrs ago
Do you mop your kitchen floor often? - Not as often as I should. See now ... 17 okeydoke butterfly555 6 hrs ago
Do you prefer that your underwear matches your outfit each day? - Half th... 13 sO_bOrEd butterfly555 6 hrs ago
Do You Like Fall Out Boy? - Lol I do ^.^ ... 4 Faolanworior butterfly555 6 hrs ago
Are you, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party? - No, Si... 18 sander BlackBird77 7 hrs ago
Is your cell phone really small? - It is kinda small, but compared to som... 19 fish bookworm0812 8 hrs ago
Are more or less than 50% of the artists in your music collection dead? 6 snarf bookworm0812 8 hrs ago
Is pot easier to buy than beer? - yes, way!!... 52 blinkywinky bookworm0812 9 hrs ago
Do people in the United States wear shoes around their house? - I sometim... 21 butterfly555 bookworm0812 9 hrs ago
If no one buys a ticket to a certain showing of a movie, does the cinema still run the movie? 5 bookworm0812 snowbdr88 14 hrs ago
If a window in your house was hard to reach, would you use a mop to clean it? 19 UptownGuy thisone1 1 day ago
Would you like to live in a world where everyone was above average? - if ... 7 sunlounger thisone1 1 day ago
Did you graduate college? - Yes and graduate school. For me it was worth ... 18 Atia Wasp. 1 day ago
Are you from Asia? - I`ve never been to Asia. ... 8 butterfly555 Inquizitor2 1 day ago
Do you like dogs?? - Yep! ;-) lol,Idk which type tho :-) ... 13 Faolanworior valgal 2 days ago
Christmas or your Birthday? - my birthday is always the same week as Chri... 13 mimi1313 valgal 2 days ago
Who was a better leader? - No opinion personally they`re kinda both not g... 6 hornyguy22 valgal 2 days ago
If you found a lost, and relatively new phone, would you.. - I`d try to f... 26 KikiPeepers sander 3 days ago
What's with the people who put carpeting on the lid of their toilet seat? Do they think that if they have a party there may not be enough standing room? 19 majickman Mat 3 days ago
Do you like cats or dogs better? - cats ... 1 XxEmoFeyxX XxEmoFeyxX 4 days ago
Smosh or Pewdiepie? - Pewdiepie and Tobuscus are the only youtubers I rea... 3 butterfly555 PayN8tention 6 days ago
Do any cabinets in your house have a glass front? - We don`t.. I like the... 19 ang2pang butterfly555 6 days ago

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