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Have you ever pretended somebody's baby was order to avoid offending the parent? 1 niccole niccole 10 hrs ago
Does it annoy you when people post first on their own questions? - of sam... 25 sheady womersley 18 hrs ago
Do you have ordinal linguistic personification? - I sure don`t! ... 6 QueenBurns mousepelled 22 hrs ago
Does God talk to you? - No, but the voices in my head do. ... 16 QueenBurns 2406 1 day ago
If you could reach your genitalia with your mouth, would you ever leave your house? 25 feelinlucky Disappears 1 day ago
Would you kill someone you didn't know, if you got $1,000,000? - The movi... 38 snowbdr88 3 mehs 2 days ago
Do you ever go through your wallet to make sure all the bills are facing in the same direction? 12 snarf Greg_Brady 3 days ago
Do you demand that your significant other trust you 100% all of the time, no matter what? 14 QueenBurns Noldor 3 days ago
If a defendant is found 'not guilty', do you assume that they are innocent? 24 Inquizitor2 Noldor 3 days ago
Does one's political beliefs say something about one's character? - I say... 6 QueenBurns Noldor 3 days ago
Does posting WORDS in CAPS add IMPACT to the word, or does it just make you look CRAZY? 7 EhFahQ Noldor 3 days ago
Is depression a disease? - I`d love to get opinions on this. ... 11 createauser createauser 4 days ago
Have you ever performed (or received) oral sex while the recipient was driving? 44 Coinvolta WigglesFT 5 days ago
If you use Netflix: Do you watch TV shows more frequently or movies? - TV... 27 Electric CowDung 5 days ago
Caramel or peanut butter: Which goes better with chocolate? - Peanut butt... 19 CatoFan1 psyndrone 6 days ago
Do you? - Not in public. ... 29 peledavid16 psyndrone 6 days ago
Baked beans or jelly beans : which do you prefer ? - Jelly beans ... 21 CatoFan1 griffin_wf 7 days ago
If a man pays you to rest his balls on your forehead, is it prostitution? 33 bgraham23 QueenBurns 8 days ago
Which Warner Bros character do you prefer, Elmer Fudd or Yosemite Sam? 7 Tazwert QueenBurns 8 days ago
Do you think posters who come in threads just to call others attention wh*res, are in fact attention wh*res themselves? 17 lossof_life Spratacus 8 days ago
Do you have the passwords to your partner's e-mail and online accounts? 40 yvetterene LordGolden 9 days ago
Does YT have too many moderators? - if anything there aren`t enough ... 5 Disappears QueenBurns 9 days ago
Simpsons or South Park? - Definitely South Park, it`s a lot smarter... 47 KikiPeepers EhFahQ 10 days ago
Should men be able to vote on issues concerning women's reproductive rights? 26 buddyloki dacash 11 days ago
Are you considering buying or leasing an electric car? - No, but maybe wh... 45 sezzee dacash 13 days ago

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