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Women: Would you be a surrogate mother? - For those who may not know, a s... 11 womersley kubeo88 3 days ago
Do you think craft beer is hipster nonsense? - I would say no, but that`s... 32 SterileMary kubeo88 3 days ago
Have you seen Michael Jackson's childhood? - Really? No one at all? It`s ... 4 thisone1 Boredofu 3 days ago
Do you know of Mr. Hands? - I have heard of such things ... 7 jealousblues funstuff 5 days ago
Does it annoy you when people use the word "rape" to describe actions that have nothing to do with actual rape? 24 ladiesfirst9 Abzurd 7 days ago
Do you demand that your significant other trust you 100% all of the time, no matter what? 17 QueenBurns erae 9 days ago
Blue and silver or red and gold : which is a better color combination ? 12 Banana_gurl bookworm0812 14 days ago
Are you more likely to respond to a question using the option with a random image, or where the response is the French for Yellow? 5 womersley peledavid16 14 days ago
Is it 2018? - It is not. ... 41 peledavid16 peledavid16 14 days ago
Have you ever bought a YT Key for another YT member? - I never have. ... 31 boomerang05 Spoonerism 14 days ago
Do you stalk anyone on YT? - lol. i dont stalk anyone. believe it or not.... 25 DragonWisprz Wolf_In_Jar 15 days ago
Have you ever failed a class? - I failed a Empathy and Empathetic Listeni... 37 LovesSarcasm Wolf_In_Jar 15 days ago
How long is your longest active PM? - 999 or less the longest one I have ... 88 Blondie... Orion 16 days ago
Do you think it is morally wrong for movie / tv productions to use real stock footage of catastrophes in their productions 16 Abzurd Boredofu 22 days ago
Would you call your husband Daddy? - i do all the time ... 16 womersley Boredofu 22 days ago
Do you ever put VapoRub on your feet? - I`ve never tried that before, but... 4 xgizmox Puller 23 days ago
Have you ever had sex in a kitchen? - No, I never did that. I had sex in ... 24 angeleyesgr Puller 24 days ago
Do you ever eat dessert before or during your dinner or supper? - Yep. I... 15 HaroldtheBat Puller 24 days ago
Should necrobumping be a bannable offence? - Nah, it`s entertaining. ... 7 Kraken Puller 24 days ago
When unwrapping presents, do you make sure that you do not rip the paper, or do you just tear it open? 18 timbo557 Puller 24 days ago
Do you have an innie or an outie? - innie!! <3 ... 18 XOtwilightXO Puller 24 days ago
Have you ever developed a crush or any kind of infatuation with someone you met online? 21 LadyMarbles Puller 24 days ago
Have you ever been in a fist fight? - I was in fights in high 15 Sammy Puller 24 days ago
Do you usually have ice in your drinks? - Ice just melts and waters down ... 13 Avery Puller 24 days ago
How do you p*rnounce "data"? - Dah-tuh or dey-ta. It`s weirdly interchang... 25 spacepeanut CowDung 24 days ago

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