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Do you think Satan put fossils in the Earth to trick people into believing evolution? 70 juliewillard Frostgale 4 hrs ago
Can we change this world before our greed, desire for power and our thirst for violence consumes it? 10 Abzurd marc780 12 hrs ago
Are you afraid of what may happen if Trump actually becomes the POTUS? 78 thisone1 marc780 12 hrs ago
Do you have a fanfiction account? - I do. My username is thenessgirl ... 2 nessgirl marc780 12 hrs ago
Is it wrong for white people to name their child Ebony? - Now that you me... 27 spacepeanut Mispelled 12 hrs ago
If you wrote a successful book and a studio asked you if they could turn it into a movie, would you let them? 7 grumps1965 IRLIteach 14 hrs ago
Apocalypse Now or Full Metal Jacket? - Finally a decent question! ``Apoc... 20 marc780 Abzurd 17 hrs ago
Is schizophrenia real? - It`s not. :-) ... 34 Electric Abzurd 17 hrs ago
Is Quiztron or Youthink better? - Youthink but um what are the difference... 2 nessgirl Tutor 17 hrs ago
Which digital content should have the higher price, e-book files or music files? 5 JessaJ223 Abzurd 17 hrs ago
Do you like to ask / answer naughty questions ? - Always! Those are my fa... 6 Tripper71 nessgirl 20 hrs ago
Mac or PC? - I`ve used both (and multiple other options) extensively over... 15 jas88 IRLIteach 21 hrs ago
Do you sleep between seven and nine hours a night? - 3 - 4 ... 20 snowbdr88 bgraham23 21 hrs ago
Do you like children? - Nope. ... 5 nessgirl amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Would you date a man if he needed adult diapers, but was perfect in every other way? 11 menfearme15 skyfish 1 day ago
Quizzes or Qustions? - Questions are better. ... 1 nessgirl nessgirl 2 days ago
Should you hate someone just because they have different beliefs? - It ra... 16 Wanderer grumps1965 2 days ago
Do you have a youthink account? - DUDE ARE YOU KIDDING ME ... 11 SunnyShadow bookworm0812 2 days ago
Do you feel bad for people with disabilities that they were born with? 13 thisone1 CowDung 2 days ago
Who is better: Ness or Lucas? - I personally think ness is better. ... 6 nessgirl nessgirl 3 days ago
When attempting to learn another language, do you find it easier to speak or read/write? 19 ZeldaXx Mat 3 days ago
Chuck Norris vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger: who would win? - chuck noris, chu... 12 CocoCow grumps1965 3 days ago
Do you jaywalk? - I live in a really small town, so there are no crosswal... 3 Flute_rocks EhFahQ 3 days ago
Have you ever been banned from YouThink? - So far, no. ... 25 brandon00 EhFahQ 4 days ago
Do you think that being named 'Bill' makes a person more likely to assault people sexually? 19 menfearme15 Inquizitor2 4 days ago

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