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Dudes, how much does the fattest woman you ever slept with weigh? - Post ... 52 bgraham23 Wasp. 14 mins ago
Which She-Hulk do you prefer, Red She-Hulk or Green She-Hulk? - The green... 13 butterfly555 Fear Me 7 hrs ago
Which is heavier, a ton of bricks or a ton of gold? - seriously... is it ... 38 TheNewbie DoYouWash 7 hrs ago
If you were infected with clostriidium difficile, would you take the cure? 6 Wanderer Fear Me 8 hrs ago
Which is more annoying? - mosquitos are the insect embodiment of Satan ... 3 mimi1313 DoYouWash 9 hrs ago
Do you have a claim to fame? - I have not. ... 17 LadyMarbles DoYouWash 9 hrs ago
Is there someone you would vote off the YT island? - No one. Each ... 20 snarf DoYouWash 10 hrs ago
Do you think you are smart or stupid ? - ... ^.^ ... 4 Faolanworior amaqdrinker 19 hrs ago
If you kiss someone who is wearing lip gloss, do you like the taste or find it nasty? 7 ashwind DoYouWash 1 day ago
Do you think bringing guns to church is hypocritical? - no, it`s not hypo... 37 DragonWisprz griffin_wf 1 day ago
Do you fold your pizza? - Not,I don`t like the grease tho :-... 2 Faolanworior bookworm0812 1 day ago
Before placing a frozen pizza in the oven, do you redistribute the toppings? 14 menfearme15 amaqdrinker 1 day ago
Do you have any guns in your house? - Yes I do. I have a 12 guage shotgun... 69 jarhead Fear Me 1 day ago
Which would you rather be illegal? - guns hurt people more than most drug... 4 mimi1313 Fear Me 1 day ago
If airlines didn't let Arabs on a plane, would it be because of racism or safety? 132 KikiPeepers LiJasMom 2 days ago
Do you take advantage of the anonymity of this site to be a bigger jerk than you ordinarily would be in person? 55 vixen911 Fear Me 2 days ago
Do you believe that this site is moderated too harshly, or not harshly enough? 19 samsprinkle Fear Me 2 days ago
Would you castrate a rapist if you had the power? - I think that would be... 40 nahtee Fear Me 2 days ago
Are you Depressed? - I`m almost always depressed, hope is gone for me ... 1 vampirecara vampirecara 2 days ago
Have you ever found a four-leaf clover? - yep ... 10 sunlounger Faolanworior 2 days ago
Is Honey Comb cereal better with or without milk? - Lol I just tried this... 1 Faolanworior Faolanworior 2 days ago
Is dead? - My question is when did it die? ... 16 XCIII fearless1213 3 days ago
Is gay the new black? - WoW! Really? ... 62 chefcastano fearless1213 3 days ago
Are more Blacks being killed by cops or are we just paying attention for a change? 164 snarf fearless1213 3 days ago
Is it hypocrisy for people to believe in the existence of Satan without believing in the existence of God? 29 desie fearless1213 3 days ago

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