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Do you have too many coffee mugs? - Never, ever, can you have too many. ... 35 Bored_Guy bookworm0812 55 mins ago
Spider-Man or Wolverine : who would win in a fight ? - wolverrine regene... 13 jasay1224 Abzurd 8 hrs ago
Would you kill someone you didn't know, if you got $1,000,000? - The movi... 31 snowbdr88 thisone1 17 hrs ago
Haggis or Headcheese, which one would you eat? - Who`s hungry now? ... 19 Tazwert thisone1 17 hrs ago
Do you? - Not in public. ... 27 peledavid16 QueenBurns 18 hrs ago
Have you ever ate while pooping? - nooooooooo ... 39 jealousblues QueenBurns 18 hrs ago
A: Is it fair that the son in question was successful at his suicide attempt after beheading his mom? B: Or should he have lived so he could be punished for his crime? 16 thisone1 QueenBurns 18 hrs ago
Who do you think is more attractive?? (Sorry if I spelled it wrong!! >0<) 10 CuckingFunt Morty44 1 day ago
Could wearing a straitjacket be calming? - Catch 22, you lose either way.... 5 psyndrone 7Sango 1 day ago
Do you ever wish everyone else on Earth would disappear? - My arch enemy.... 23 CocoCow QueenBurns 1 day ago
Do they sell the uncut version in Israel? - Questions like this keep me ... 2 snarf QueenBurns 1 day ago
Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker? - No, and I doubt I would ever. ... 28 YellowStar bookworm0812 2 days ago
Are you afraid of the dark? - No I am not. ... 31 princesss CowDung 2 days ago
When you put on deodorant, which armpit do you apply it to first ? - Lef... 10 HardRocks bookworm0812 2 days ago
Should Modbot be banned from YT for being under 13 years old? - His age i... 10 chips2001 QueenBurns 3 days ago
Has the current political climate made racism more socially acceptable? 16 IQ IQ 3 days ago
When did you stop beating your wife? - I still beat mine. ... 6 thisone1 QueenBurns 3 days ago
Do you work in the education system? - I don`t, but it sure seems like a ... 16 thisone1 QueenBurns 3 days ago
When you do wrong, do you normally end up getting your comeuppance? - No... 11 reb0rn4never QueenBurns 3 days ago
How many times a month do you lacrimate? - 0. I can`t even remember the ... 35 HaroldtheBat QueenBurns 3 days ago
Are you an ambi-turner? - Its a problem I`ve had since I was a baby ... 6 LovesSarcasm QueenBurns 3 days ago
I saw a sealed box in a hospital that said on the side 'If found do not open and call pathology on this number etc etc'. Would you open it? 13 HaroldtheBat QueenBurns 3 days ago
Would you microchip your child? - I have very strong feelings towards thi... 36 Coinvolta QueenBurns 3 days ago
Should a man be able to force a woman to get an abortion if she is carrying his child that he doesn't want? 1 QueenBurns QueenBurns 3 days ago
Rain or Shine? - How about both at the same time? ... 9 psyndrone bookworm0812 4 days ago

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