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Which renewable resource is better, and more efficient: Solar power, or Wind power? 13 marc780 Disappears 25 mins ago
Do you think you will ever stop watching Anime? - NEVER. I SHALL FOREVER ... 2 SavElle4ever Disappears 2 hrs ago
How Long Have You Been On YouThink - Far too long. For this question any... 17 catchall bgraham23 5 hrs ago
Do you believe in reincarnation? - In my past life I was an owl hoot hoo... 16 Frostgale Wanderer 5 hrs ago
Is it warm or cold where you are living now? - Both. ... 11 starz1 **Xanim** 6 hrs ago
Have you ever read a self-help book? - Me, I`m currently in the middle o... 63 Tartarus88 **Xanim** 6 hrs ago
Do you care what other people think about you or are you still pretending that you don't? 4 snarf emitchell 11 hrs ago
Are you grateful to be alive? - I honestly don`t know what I`d say if som... 31 Tartarus88 Inquizitor2 15 hrs ago
Is a polyandry relationship a good idea? - I am sure not everyone would ... 7 Inuyasha18 ZozoNoelle 19 hrs ago
When the aliens come to rescue us from the pole shift on December 21st, will they only take world leaders and their families? 13 womersley dacash 19 hrs ago
Are you a squid? - No but i look like one. I didn`t get marred til i was... 3 marc780 thisone1 21 hrs ago
Would you be flattered or creeped out if someone told you that you were too beautiful to be naturally occurring and believed you were actually a sexy robot? 11 hamletsghost thisone1 21 hrs ago
Which game is funnier: Deadpool, or South Park: Stick of Truth? - [spoil... 4 JassonM31 bgraham23 1 day ago
Huey or Riley? - I vote for Huey ... 2 DrSmug bookworm0812 1 day ago
Do you experience ASMR? - I know a couple of people who claim to. It`s ce... 12 Floor Demon kateummslala 1 day ago
Who would win? - Deadpool is immortal plus his healing factor is vastly s... 1 JassonM31 JassonM31 1 day ago
Would you work in a field you love but for minimum wage, or in a field you absolutely hate but at 10 times the minimum wage? 18 Frostgale Boredofu 2 days ago
Have you ever cried during an anime show or movie? - I cried when Jiraiya... 14 Tartarus88 dacash 2 days ago
Could you talk on a given subject for one minute without hesitation, repetition, or deviation? 31 DragonWisprz QuantumFish 2 days ago
Will any Atheists make it into heaven? - Or will god be so butthurt not b... 155 snarf Boredofu 3 days ago
Who would win? - Starfire, duh!!! ... 1 Wholikespie Wholikespie 3 days ago
If you got poop on your arm would you clean it off with just toilet paper or soap and water? 22 Beecher bookworm0812 4 days ago
Are you a vegetarian? - I`m mostly vegetarian. Except for the mea... 13 DaveW sander 5 days ago
True or false? In Japan, you can buy used girlie panties from vending machines. 15 sander sander 5 days ago
Hershey's Kisses or Reese's Peanutbutter cups? - Reese`s ... 13 Tartarus88 Damsel 5 days ago

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