I was at my friends house. I`m not gonna say her name but ill make it start with the same letter. And since we`re both anime fans ill five the... Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Freaked out

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1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 11:51:34 AM EST (GMT-5)
I was at my friends house. I'm not gonna say her name but ill make it start with the same letter. And since we're both anime fans ill five the name of a girl from a fanfic I'm reading.

Ill call her Kiyoko. So I was at Kiyoko's house the other day right. So we had a sleep over. She has a stalker which she already informed me of. I didn't really care right. Her mom said it was ok that we stay up all night when Kiyoko asked. She let me play on her phone ok. She lives in basically a mini mansion of her and her mom. All the doors of the bedrooms have 15 panes of glass from top to bottom in a 3 x 5 manner. So the door is almost entirely glass. We were on a ft with my Brother from another Mother. Imma call him barstool since i gave him that nickname. We have lots of pet names. And we were in a ft since about 10. He added Mt ex who was his bff and how I met him so I didn't really care right.

1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 11:55:28 AM EST (GMT-5)
And I didn't go to bed until he fell asleep which was on the ft and it was really funny. My ex had already left since Barstool left. And then I called barstool back and he answered. My ex blew him up but he didn't answer him. We went to bed at 6:35 am. And we were on a ft since 10:30 ish. And multiple times I heard tapping on the GLASS door. He mom was down stairs with their new puppy. If you looked at the floor in front the door you could see the sillohette of a tall man
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 11:59:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
I went to bed putting all the electronics on her soured of the first bedroom. There were two beds. Last time I didn't like the glass door and I had to sleep in the bottom of her twin bed and she wanted the door open which I can't stand a door open when I'm trying to sleep. Or even in the day. Of gives me anxiety and idk why. So Kiyoko said if she can have the window side we can. Which I would have preferred anyways since at that angle you can't see me sleeping
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 12:03:39 PM EST (GMT-5)
When we woke up at about 5 PM now I still had 2 hours before I went home. She showed me a video on youtube. This girls dog went into the woods and came back different.

I have a decently large dog and a very tjick woods behind my house that you can't see through even in mid day.

The dog was very weird looking. Its barks and howls sounded off. Its body didnt fit in its skin and his bones were popping out. It didn't walk right either. Its eyes didn't look right either when I saw them. They weren't dog eyes. When the dog came out from behind the dresser it didn't walk right either. It looked strained.
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 12:11:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
When the dog opened the door to her room it sat barking and growling and howling. When she woke up it looked at her turning its body to the side. That's when it got in a decent position in the camera and I saw its legs. It wasn't a dog at all. Then right as I said it the "Dog" stood up. On its legs. She screamed then the two guys that set the cameras up while the "dog" slept came running in. The man went BOLTING out the back door back towards the woods. It shed the dog face that he used and there was blood everuwhere it walked when he ran out the house. You could tell it wasn't a prop or a mask. It was an actual dog head. When they got outside you could see the pale figure running away.

I live in a really old neighborhood and so there are lots of valueable items so its not uncommon to get robbed or have a stalker round this part of town. So now I'm super freaked and Im getting myself paranoid over it.
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 12:15:59 PM EST (GMT-5)
Is a dog man an enlightened centrist?
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 12:29:03 PM EST (GMT-5)
Is this basically what my attempts at creative writing were like? This whole website has become a parody house of distorted mirrors. Oh god. Just kill me now.
1 month ago - Thursday 6/4/20 - 1:27:18 PM EST (GMT-5)
28 days ago - Wednesday 6/10/20 - 3:02:45 AM EST (GMT-5)
Apparently dogs just don't like me. I'm over the dog-man thing. Kiyoko came over Friday for the day then went home at 7 aswell. We took a walk down towards the coldisack (I know for a fact that there is no way I spelled it right so just sound it out please. Col-Di-Sack. There) and we would stop multiple times and just laugh at something. At one point she jumped into a ditch and got her WHITE shoe all muddy. And then I reccomended we go to the park that is infront of the elementary school I used to go to. If you look towards the cane field then about a mile away you could see the school and then the pine trees infront of the park. And so on our way back to my house, I kid you not, EVERY dog on the way back barked like there was no tomorrow at me. Even the ones that liked me were in a fit of barking hysteria. It was honestly scary since a lot are big dogs. And I also found out my dog Roxie is a whore. Didn't know that 'til recently ._.
28 days ago - Wednesday 6/10/20 - 6:49:39 AM EST (GMT-5)
Did you call the cops on Dog man and tell them he was Black?
27 days ago - Wednesday 6/10/20 - 6:15:47 PM EST (GMT-5)
No. It had happened prior to Kiyoko and I finding out about it.
5 days ago - Thursday 7/2/20 - 9:21:00 PM EST (GMT-5)
We laugh over everything cause were f*cking crackheads
5 days ago - Thursday 7/2/20 - 9:22:34 PM EST (GMT-5)
And I didn’t jump into the ditch I SLOWLY slid into it.
5 days ago - Thursday 7/2/20 - 10:23:16 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah.... You just got in position and SLOWER than a SNAIL slid. It took at least a minute while you just inches about 4 feet into it.

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