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From the Journal of womersley | mood: Good

Hey guys, my husband is the perfect husband.

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6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 11:37:40 AM EST (GMT-5)
He said if we get really rich we will buy a barge and build an island to go around it. It will be FABULOUS.
Who wants to join our barge community?
There will be room for 25 others besides the ones we are bringing.
Sign up sheet is below.
Also taking donations towards our goal of being super rich.
I wish I was so rich that I knew that money won't make me happy.
That's what one rich FB friend has told me. "Money doesn't make you happy."
Yeah, well, if you are that rich and still miserable, you would be miserable no matter what, so just give me all your money now. I'll take that misery off your hands and you can do some character-building suffering.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 11:44:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
He is getting more handsome by the day.
You know, I don't understand all you ladies who started drooling over Beiber the day he turned 18.
I'll see you in 30 years when you are a full grown man.
I have had a taste for men in their 30s, 40s, and up since I was in elementary school.
I never liked guys my own age.
Even now, I wouldn't go with a 42 year old.
I like men who are named Rob and are 15 years older than me.
Every time we have sex, I have multiple orgasms.
I love him so much that even straight fecking like animals feels like making love.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 11:48:36 AM EST (GMT-5)
I have my she-shed, it's in our bedroom.
Also, it is a blanket fort.
A permanent blanket fort she-shed in our bedroom.
Hahahahahahha, my life rules, and your lives drool.
Nobody is as lucky as me, and it's not luck.
Relationships take a lot of work and a lot of keeping your random thoughts to yourself.
Relationships are NOT 50/50.
Successful relationships are 100/100.
We each give ourselves to the relationship, and to one another, all day every day.
Always say, "I love you" with every interaction.
Always hug and kiss before you leave and when you come home.
You may go to bed upset as long as you wake up fresh in the morning and don't create drama about it.
Not everything has to be an argument, or a contest, or a fight.
Agree with your loved one sometimes.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 11:54:29 AM EST (GMT-5)
I gotta disagree with you on a few of these.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:01:46 PM EST (GMT-5)
Which ones? Essay form, please.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:06:46 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Monday 2/11/19 - 11:48:36 AM womersley wrote:

your lives drool.
Always say, "I love you" with every interaction.
You may go to bed upset as long as you wake up fresh in the morning and don't create drama about it.

6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:19:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
You don't believe in saying "I love you" to your mate as much as humanly possible???
In our house, every interaction ends with "love you" whether it is between me and Rob, or us and our kids.
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:19:20 PM EST (GMT-5)
My life doesn't drool!
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:20:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
Yeah maybe not but I guarantee you don't have a blanket fort she-shed for ragdoll in your bedroom, do you??
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 12:57:03 PM EST (GMT-5)
With or without locks?
6 days ago - Monday 2/11/19 - 1:19:21 PM EST (GMT-5)
I think every I love you should be said with intent. Not out of habit.
5 days ago - Tuesday 2/12/19 - 8:05:00 AM EST (GMT-5)
We say it with intent every time.
We do this thing where we make the "I love you" sign with our hands and then touch fingertips with each other.
We are just a very loving family.

Bored: no locks.

Also, just in case anyone misunderstood, when I said start fresh in the morning and don't cause drama I did NOT mean don't talk about it. I meant, talk about it in a polite, adult manner and don't fight.

What I mean to say is, mature couples have discussions, not arguments.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:20:15 AM EST (GMT-5)
Why do I see posts on Facebook saying things like, "I am not responsible for anyone's mental health but my own."
Then the same person will make posts clearly implying that it's everyone else's responsibility to make this person feel better.
What the actual?

Also, "If your partner tells you who you can or cannot hang out with, they are toxic."
Then, "I told you I don't want you to hang out with those guys because I don't like them, and then you went and bought them a beer."

I mean, really??? Really, come on.

Maybe everyone should feel a certain responsibility for themselves and others around them.

Maybe people should hold themselves to the same standard they hold everyone else.

How about instead of becoming angry at someone else for being human, figure out why you can't accept that other people are human.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:23:59 AM EST (GMT-5)
What I learned on Facebook.

I am not responsible for your happiness but you are responsible for mine.
I can tell you which friends to have but you have no say in mine.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:33:39 AM EST (GMT-5)
Another pet peeve of mine is, "Real couples fight because it makes them stronger."

No. A real couple is a pair of humans in a relationship. That's all it takes to be a couple.

To be a happy, successful couple also does not mean fighting and coming out stronger after.


A happy, successful relationship is based upon being determined to make life better for both of you in everything you do all the time.

Sounds like a lot of hard work, doesn't it?

Well, yes, successful relationships DO take a lot of hard work.

In a relationship, you ARE responsible for one another's happiness.

I'm so frustrated with the fact that people have such wrong ideas about how relationships should work.

They should be easy! Shouldn't take any effort at all! Fights make you stronger! Double standards rule the day! Don't say I love you too much! Don't spoil your kids with hugs! Let them cry!
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:35:38 AM EST (GMT-5)
People are shetbags.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:38:26 AM EST (GMT-5)
Don't buy your kids anything at the store, they'll be spoiled if you buy them something! If your kid wants one thing, then you'll have to buy them everything they want! And who wants a kid to have things that make them happy? They need to learn that they can never have anything they want. They need to learn to realize that only grown-ups can pick out stuff at the supermarket. They need to realize that just because their parents chose to bring them into this world doesn't mean they will love them. Children are miniature adults and need to learn to deal with things. They just need a pacifier until they are five years old, that's all a kid needs.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:41:02 AM EST (GMT-5)
On Wednesday 2/13/19 - 11:35:38 AM CuckingFunt wrote:
People are shetbags.

Yep. I can't help but think that other people just don't want to put in effort to their lives, so they use the excuse that it shouldn't take effort.

Fecking Valentine's Day.

Love each other Every Day of the Year.

We buy things for each other all the time, we don't wait until a holiday dictates we should show our love.

4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 12:13:18 PM EST (GMT-5)
My young daughter is fat, so I'm going to force her to eat everything I put in front of her even when she's not hungry.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 12:48:52 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'm a strong, independent woman, so I will call out any unacceptable male behavior on Facebook, all the while posting memes about murdering boys, because somehow that is acceptable.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 12:54:09 PM EST (GMT-5)
I am a strong, independent person, so I live with my rich parents and then tell people about how money doesn't make people happy. I don't realize that if I had been born into a poverty-stricken family, I would likely have been kicked out of the house during my formative teen years and been living on the streets or dead by now. I am so rich that I don't even see my own privilege, so I tell people that being rich isn't all that good so that they don't try to lift themselves up to my family's income level. Nothing feels better than keeping people below me in their place.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 1:03:39 PM EST (GMT-5)
I have consistently failed at every relationship in my life because I'm a raging alcoholic. I deny that my drinking has anything to do with it, because it's easier to blame the women in my life and to call them crazy bitches rather than to look at myself and figure out why I have a hard-on for my one drinking buddy. I haven't realized that I should just hook up with drinking buddy, and then nobody would fight with me about my drinking.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 1:06:47 PM EST (GMT-5)
I'm a shutbag jackass who goes into ladies rooms and takes pictures under bathroom stalls because the only thing that turns me on is lack of consent.
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 1:08:32 PM EST (GMT-5)
Careful- - that many posts in a row can get you banned around here...
4 days ago - Wednesday 2/13/19 - 3:00:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Monday 2/11/19 - 1:19:21 PM Spoonerism wrote:
I think every I love you should be said with intent. Not out of habit.

I go back and forth on this thought process.

I tell my husband I love him at least 3 times daily...When he goes to work...if we talk on the phone (when we say goodbye), and right before he goes to bed (although he always says it first...it's his cue that he is not cuddling anymore and turning over and going to sleep ) so I respond in kind.

On the one hand, it's something we do repetitively...but I also say it sincerely. I do mean it every time, and never feel as if he doesn't either.

I do feel as if I Love you's should be special, but sometimes I think the daily ones are just as important.

Maintenance lol

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