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From the Journal of SleepyJean | mood: Good

Y’all knew this was coming!

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12 days ago - Tuesday 1/8/19 - 7:31:13 PM EST (GMT-5)

12 days ago - Tuesday 1/8/19 - 7:33:04 PM EST (GMT-5)
Cutie!! What name did you end up going with?
12 days ago - Tuesday 1/8/19 - 7:34:04 PM EST (GMT-5)
I’ll post more pics when he’s more active.

Poor little guy has had the absolute worst day! He’s finally relaxed a bit, so I’m leaving him be for the night.

They chopped off his balls, then he took a two hour car ride and now he’s in a strange new world.

It’s probably for the best that he’s still a bit dopey from the surgery, though he did shake for the longest time once we got him in the cage.

Also, he farted like three times while we were driving and man did it smell bad.
12 days ago - Tuesday 1/8/19 - 7:38:19 PM EST (GMT-5)
We haven’t named him yet

I want to name him Burny, short for Rabbie Burns, but boyfriend mixed that
12 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 1:18:47 PM EST (GMT-5)
12 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 1:59:37 PM EST (GMT-5)
my grandmother had rabbits at one point and they had gotten loose somehow. they had baby rabbits underneath an old car in the front yard. we went out with flashlights and caught the baby bunnies under the car. baby bunnies may be the most adorable animals.
11 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 3:22:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
The people at the shelter said he’d been that size for a few months without growing, so we think that’s as big as he’s gonna get!

He’s pretty shy still, but not to the point of being terrorized if we go to touch him. He doesn’t like being picked up he he sits on your lap fine, and if I put him in my lap right next to the open cage door he will hang out a few minutes looking around (not doing the ‘I’m a tiny rock who doesn’t move don’t look at me!’ thing, actually looking around)

When we put him down, he did hop around the living room a bit before going back into his cage.

We catch him doing activities in his cage when we walk into the room or have been there for a while, but when he sees us he runs and hides under his porch.

So I think this as good as can be hoped for atm.

Him playing and going back to his pen from across the room I think means he feels safe inside of it,
11 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 3:26:15 PM EST (GMT-5)
And he’s not super friendly but he’s not intolerant of us and let’s us hold him without struggle (past the initial pick up)

I’m thinking of changing the lining in his cage to either cardboard or a rug, because he keeps moving around the paper pulp away from his favourite areas and digging.

I’m also thinking of leaving the radio on the news channel when we’re not there (low volume, and we have very thick walls) so he gets used to human voices.


I thought online resources would be more helpful but maybe I’m just bad at finding it
11 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 3:32:41 PM EST (GMT-5)
I’m doing contract cleaning for my ex roommate Atm.

He’s paying me two hundred to fix his gong-show of a bachelor pad.

It’s actually kinda fun, if you don’t mind getting down and dirty.

I think he likes me doing it because I’m already well acquainted with his filthy ways which he is rightfully ashamed of, but at the same time I’m not stranger.
11 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 8:14:55 PM EST (GMT-5)
Awesome. Does it eat cheeseburgers?
11 days ago - Wednesday 1/9/19 - 9:05:27 PM EST (GMT-5)
Congrats on the bunrabi
11 days ago - Thursday 1/10/19 - 3:11:54 AM EST (GMT-5)
Do not feed him chocolate.

And he's so cute. How old do they think he is?
7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:25:06 PM EST (GMT-5)
So this bunny is a real character.
There is only two places he is not allowed in this apartment; and so of course one of them is his favourite place.

Under the bed.

Bastard snuck into the bedroom when I was getting a sweater.

He has no fear of me or the flute I used as a poking device, and he frequently hops just close enough for pats but too far to grab.

7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:26:25 PM EST (GMT-5)
they're so cute that they must also be constantly terrified.
7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:29:09 PM EST (GMT-5)

They said when they first got him he was a little smaller, but that he hadn’t grown in several months.

I’m kind of amazed how fast he’s warmed up since he’d been in a cage for a few months.

He’s now hopping in and out of his cage on his own - we leave it open when we’re home, the apartment is very small so we can always see him.

He doesn’t like cuddles much but he headbutts us sometimes when he wants something.
7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:33:38 PM EST (GMT-5)
The vet tech said:

‘All bunnies have anxiety.’
7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:35:21 PM EST (GMT-5)
On Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:33:38 PM SleepyJean wrote:
The vet tech said: ‘All bunnies have anxiety.’

7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:44:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
Just hope he doesn't make that his mess area.
I was told about the constant anxiety as well.
One lady at a petting zoo type of farm I took my son to said that ginuea pigs are more like dogs in the sense that when you finally catch them, they love a good bit of attention, and rabbits are more like cats because they'll bother when they want to and then go on their merry way.
7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 3:47:00 PM EST (GMT-5)

Pet rabbits are dumb. Just sayin!

7 days ago - Sunday 1/13/19 - 5:12:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
Aren't bunnies social creatures?
6 days ago - Monday 1/14/19 - 10:54:38 PM EST (GMT-5)
He is a great proponent of ‘the flop’
6 days ago - Tuesday 1/15/19 - 1:51:17 AM EST (GMT-5)
Here is Bun climbing on my leg

And her she is just being absurdly cute.

It took her quite a while to get so social but she loves attention now. And just generally having people around.

She’s most relaxed flopped on the floor While we’re all watching a movie or chatting and eating and stuff like that.

She also like sitting in the sunshine. So I recommend that if possible. And if no one is home all day we do leave her free range and leave the radio on for her sometimes

Her favourite food is green beans

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