So I’m not home. I’m at my cousin’s house watching her dog. They went to Syracuse for a Christmas getaway. I spent the night last night. We watched Christmas Vacation... Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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From the Journal of Wolf_In_Jar | mood: Good

I’m sitting on a dog.

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1 month ago - Sunday 12/16/18 - 4:51:42 PM EST (GMT-5)
So I’m not home. I’m at my cousin’s house watching her dog. They went to Syracuse for a Christmas getaway. I spent the night last night. We watched Christmas Vacation and played an X-Box game called Ultimate Chicken horse. It’s been fine. The dog is very relaxed around me.

He was a shelter dog. He gets really nervous around strangers. Particularly men. I’ve been over here and there since they got him. He knows me.

I watched The Killing on his X-Box when they went to bed. I used a streaming site. I know he doesn’t usually do that. Are X-Boxes fairly secure? Did I give his X-Box a virus?

I listened to music all morning. Made a few cups of coffee in their percolator. Drinking beer now. Probably have another few hours of hanging with the sleepy dog.

He didn’t want to go out at three. It’s sleeting. I think I need to drag his miniature hypoallergenic ass out there...

1 month ago - Sunday 12/16/18 - 5:01:12 PM EST (GMT-5)
He peed reluctantly and then quickly scurried back inside. All he wants to do is curl up in his bed. He still seems happy. I still think I make him nervous.
1 month ago - Sunday 12/16/18 - 10:52:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
my cousin is worried about him. i tried to get him to eat. i tried to get him to play. he just didn't want to do anything other than sleep on his bed. i mean at first he wanted to just sleep on my lap. and then he just wanted to sleep on his bed.

she's not really worried. she thanked me. she said it was fine. but she had left a note saying that he likes his toys a lot. but i didn't look very hard to find them. she said when they got home he was off the walls happy to see them. that's nice.

sometimes i worry that i take too much of my parents' dog's affection. my dad is a dog person. but my dad and our dog have a weird relationship. they fight with each other sometimes. my dad will yell at him because he gets upset with people and starts sprinting around and spinning in circles.

then my dad picks up a pillow or a show and threatens to throw it at him. then he barks more
1 month ago - Sunday 12/16/18 - 10:55:31 PM EST (GMT-5)
the dog gets upset with people. not my dad. the dog will want something or steal or a sock or something, and when you tell him no or take it away he starts getting angry and will bark at you or start sprinting from the dining room into the living room. he's a very affectionate dog but also very emotional. he gets sad and happy and angry and lovey. sometimes he just sits right on your lap and just licks you right on the chin and as much as you fight he just keeps you pinned and keeps licking your face. then when you push him off he usually gets angry and spins in a few circles and then sprints around for a while before barking incessantly at you for what seems like an unnecessary amount of time.
1 month ago - Monday 12/17/18 - 11:39:04 AM EST (GMT-5)

speaking of dogs... i was dogging it taking three and four classes while working fifty hour weeks for about a year.

look at this neat picture i drew. and look at this weird pseudo scientific depiction of man as object.
1 month ago - Monday 12/17/18 - 11:41:51 AM EST (GMT-5)
hey guys...

that picture of that 45 degree elbow fixture...

it kind of looks like a ……


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