Our dog`s having trouble moving. I noticed it today for the first time. I haven`t seen him in over a year, so I guess that`s understandable. Dad found hime when... Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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From the Journal of sleepyhollow | mood: Good

Well. Buck is getting old.

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1 month ago - Sunday 11/11/18 - 11:51:26 PM EST (GMT-5)
Our dog's having trouble moving. I noticed it today for the first time. I haven't seen him in over a year, so I guess that's understandable.

Dad found hime when I was 19 and decided to keep him since it was pretty clear he'd been abused. Almost had to put him down because he was so terrified of everyone. One of his first nights here, he almost mauled me.

But he's happy now. He spends most of his time around dad when he can and he still has enough energy to beg me for treats every time I'm home - I think he knows I have a soft spot for him.

But it makes me sad seeing him start to struggle. He's been a good dog. He should've had a better life, but at least these last few years have been good for him. I hope he has a few more in him.

I'm going back to DC tomorrow. I... kind of don't want to go. I only have a few more weeks of school but it feels insurmountable.

1 month ago - Sunday 11/11/18 - 11:53:09 PM EST (GMT-5)
I know I can do it - my family is full of stubborn people and I DEFINITELY inherited that trait to a fault. But it's gonna be a shxt few weeks and my stress levels are going to be through the roof. I just have to find a way to hang on.

Anyway, on a less sad note, I'm watching Brooklyn 99 and it's really funny. The new season of Grey's is terrible so far and I can barely make myself watch it. Maybe they'll kill someone off soon, at least that would be kind of entertaining to watch.

I don't know what to talk about. Post pet pics if you got em, I guess.
1 month ago - Sunday 11/11/18 - 11:55:21 PM EST (GMT-5)
my whole family cried when our first family dog died. everyone who was there at least.

we got a new one. he's different. he wasn't a rescue though. neither was the first one. chocolate labs. the most generic popular stupid dog.
1 month ago - Sunday 11/11/18 - 11:58:01 PM EST (GMT-5)

1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:01:57 AM EST (GMT-5)
I think that when Buck dies, dad'll probably get another dog. I don't know if he could do without a dog. But he's gonna miss Buck. Dad always pretends it doesn't bother him when the dogs die, but it's pretty clear that he feels otherwise.

Cuck - that is the prettiest cat I have ever seen
1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:05:24 AM EST (GMT-5)
Thank you! She's a daddy's girl.

I hope your doggo's later years are happy ones.
1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:05:59 AM EST (GMT-5)

1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:12:04 AM EST (GMT-5)
i have uncles who'll take a dog out back and shoot em when they get too old and sick...

rag's probably just about ready to do that with you, right cuck?
1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:19:52 AM EST (GMT-5)
I saw this old man shuffling around the other day. I told her if I ever get like that to take me out back and shoot me.
1 month ago - Monday 11/12/18 - 12:25:47 AM EST (GMT-5)
My dad's one of those take-em-out-back men. He grew up on a farm and we live in a rural area with relatively few vets, so taking care of it yourself is the preferred method for most people around here. I didn't realize that was no longer the 'accepted convention' until I went to college, mentioned that dad had put down our dog, and saw horrified looks from all my friends... oops.

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